The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 12

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[012]The turbulent political situation 1.

Chairman Jin Yang-cheol sat in his study and threw down the newspaper he was reading. With a smile full of smiles on his lips.

The newspaper’s headlines were heading towards the outcome that Sun Tzu had predicted.

Yang Kim turned her back.

The photo shows the current affairs debate held at Korea University’s Democracy Square on October 27, which the two attended together.

The two people who were the main characters of the debate that day were sitting side by side on the podium, but they barely spoke with stern faces.

What was even more serious was the completely different reactions revealed in the two people’s speeches.

Kim Young-sam, who took the podium first, expressed his opinions on the current situation and democracy in a clear voice, when something unexpected happened.

There were shouts from the audience: “Woo!” right-!” There were boos. The booing got louder and louder: “Resign!” Resign! Resign! “Resign!” The same shout broke out, and Kim Young-sam walked out of the main gate of Korea University, trembling with humiliation for the first time in his 30 years as a politician.

On the other hand, when Kim Dae-jung, dressed in a black robe, took the stage, the debate hall was transformed into his personal campaign hall. “Kim Dae-jung! In front of people chanting “President!”, Kim Dae-jung leisurely finished his speech with a flushed expression.

Afterwards, supporters picked up a wooden horse and marched down Anam-ro in front of the school in the dusk. Kim Dae-jung shouted in an atmosphere that seemed as if he was holding a parade to celebrate his election as president.

“everyone! thank you. “Today I have decided to make a decision!”

There was no one who did not realize what this decision was.

Chairman Jin is not smiling because his grandson’s prediction came true.

Four months ago, when the current government declared surrender, all conglomerates wooed Yang Kim. I had no doubts about unification and firmly believed that one of the two would be the next president.

However, Chairman Jin of Sunyang Group gave the biggest gift to the ruling party and only gave Yang Kim pocket money.

This is because he listened to his grandson’s intelligent words.

When you’re having a hard time and suffering, when your worries pile up and the area under your eyes gets dark, it’s so nice to hear someone hold out a hand.

Moreover, having a huge amount of money in your hand gives you great power.

He will never forget that when most people ignored him, only one person, Sunyang Group, which leads the economy at the forefront of Korea, took care of him.

Chairman Jin’s smile was a natural reaction to thinking about all the benefits he would enjoy over the next five years.

As I was leaning back in my comfortable chair and trying to enjoy this good feeling, I heard a knock on the door and several people came rushing in.

Three sons, the group secretary, and finally one woman.

It was Jin Seo-yoon, the fourth and only daughter.

“Why did you come? “I didn’t even call you?”

“I am also the CEO of Sunyang. “How can you stay still?”

When Jin Seo-yoon got upset, Chairman Jin showed a hollow smile.

I raised her as an only daughter, but even as she got older, she seemed to be immature.

She was put in charge of the department store just because she was a woman. I thought she was terrible at management, but she’s doing really well.

From a young age, I ate, touched, and wore only the best quality products, so I transformed Sunyang Department Store into a premium department store. Sales decreased, but net profit increased, and Jin Seo-yoon’s arrogance became even higher.

“Everyone sit down first. “There’s no war, so why are you making such a fuss?”

“President. “Have you read the newspaper?”


“This is an unusual atmosphere. “It looks like the two noblemen will completely turn their backs on you.”

The eldest son Jinyoung-gi, the vice president, threw the newspaper and spoke urgently.

“If this happens, it will be a three-way war, and who will become president… … .”

“Today, DJ is said to be leaving the Unification Democratic Party. Of course, he will found a new party and run alone. He means to cut off the bridge of return.”

“I have received information that JP will also declare the formation of a party the day after tomorrow and run for office. It is called the New Democratic Republican Party.”

“Why is that guy installed, won… … . “I can only eat Chungcheong tickets anyway.”

“The president is strong. A lifelong comrade for democracy, seeing him turn his back in an instant no matter what… … .”

As everyone said something, Chairman Jin frowned and knocked on the desk.

“These… ! Are you a reporter? Are you a critic? “I thought I told you to gather together to listen to your commentary!”

Everyone fell silent at Chairman Jin’s shouting.

“Just tell me the conclusion. who is this? “Who is sitting in the phoenix chair?”

In times like this, the only person who has no choice but to come to the front is Jinyoung-gi, the eldest son.

“Gyeongnam, Gyeongbuk, Chungcheong, Jeolla. Divided into four regions, Gyeongnam has the largest population. “The remaining areas are the metropolitan area and Gangwon-do, but since JP will steal the votes from the ruling party, wouldn’t YS be the most likely?”

Several opinions were expressed, starting with Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki.

YS is the most likely candidate, followed by the ruling party’s return to power.

Of course, there was no need to rush yet. Anyway, the election is in December and there are still two months left. This means that it is not too late to keep an eye on the trend.

However, Chairman Jin is not a person who will be satisfied with not being late. Aren’t you a person who has to be faster than anyone else to be able to solve your problem?

“Listen carefully. “I plan to contribute about 10 billion won in campaign funds in this presidential election.”

Everyone’s eyes widened and they started stuttering when they heard the word 10 billion.

“Shoes, Chairman. It’s too big. “Wouldn’t even half of that be enough?”

These are the words of a guy who saves money.

“We have to be really careful this time. Isn’t this a bloody battle between the two extremes? “If you misrepresent it, you could be in big trouble.”

These are the words of a coward who fears retaliation.

Chairman Jin went one step further.

“We will deliver 10 billion won next week. “You guys have to come to a conclusion as to whose hands the 10 billion should go to.”

next week? Even though it is urgent, it is too urgent.

Unless you’re crazy, there’s no reason to rush like this, right?

“Chairman, that’s… .”

“Everyone shut your mouth!”

Everyone lowered their eyes as the chairman shouted again.

“You don’t know that when you feed money, you have to eat it first for it to be more effective, right? Don’t pout and move quickly. “It’s a gamble that risks the life and death of the group.”

The children, who did not know that all of this was just a test, thought that their father was being stubborn for no reason.

“What are you doing? The meeting is over. “Go out and work.”

Everyone let out a long sigh and left the study.

“Why aren’t you going out? Are there at least one politician’s wife among the department store’s customers? “You know, too.”


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Jin Seo-yoon was still sitting in the study and did not move. She looked at Chairman Jin’s complexion and smiled.

“father. “I have something to tell you.”

“Of course there is. “Isn’t that why you’re not going out?”

When Chairman Jin showed a faint smile, Jin Seo-yoon opened her mouth with a lot of courage.

“I think he wants to run in next year’s general election.”

“Seobang Choi?”

“yes. “My in-laws also seem to secretly hope for it.”

“hmm… … .”

“My in-laws are from a legal family with nothing to regret, but they seem to be a bit greedy about politics as well… . “What do you think, Dad?”

I’m not asking for your thoughts, I’m asking for permission.

“How old is Seobu Choi now?”

“You’re forty-four. “I’ll be 45 next year.”

Choi Seo-yoon’s eyes began to shine as soon as she couldn’t say no.

Her in-laws are one of the best legal families in Korea, having produced two Supreme Court Justices, a Prosecutor General, and more than a dozen judges and prosecutors. Naturally, these enormous connections helped the Sunyang Group, and his value as an in-law was enormous.

It is true that it is difficult to refuse easily because not only the son-in-law wants it, but also the in-laws.

A prosecutor who comes from a prestigious family and heads the special department of the Central District Prosecutors’ Office is a condition that most political parties would welcome. Necessarily seeking permission from Chairman Jin meant that the in-laws were paying close attention to Chairman Jin.

“The cash from the department store will be enough to fund the election, so what can I do to help?”

When her father gave permission, Jin Seo-yoon even clapped her hands in joy.

“They didn’t want an ordinary first-term lawmaker. After all, he is Sunyang’s son-in-law and the son of a prestigious legal family. Shouldn’t he run for the local district rather than the national district (currently proportional representation)?”

“If you win the constituency with a tremendous background, you may be calculating that even though you are a first-time elected member, you will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with leading party lawmakers, right?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Chairman Jin nodded, looking at his daughter smiling brightly.

“I will find a suitable constituency. And tell Seobu Choi. “If you run for office and fail, you will have to give up the thought of seeing my face again.”

Chairman Jin could not imagine the terrible situation of becoming a laughing stock in the business world if his son-in-law was defeated.


As the presidential election battle intensifies, regional sentiments run rampant. Eggs were thrown at Kim Young-sam in Gwangju, and Kim Dae-jung also faced difficulties during the Busan campaign.

“Some say they receive orders from Kim Il-sung,” “some say they have a secret daughter,” and with such petty black propaganda being spread, the status of the two Kims, who were once like symbols of democratization, is rapidly falling.

and… … .

A decisive tragedy has occurred that will decide the election.

On November 29, 1987, Flight KE858, a Boeing 707 operated by Korean Air, took off from Baghdad International Airport in Iraq and passed through Abu Dhabi International Airport in the UAE, while flying to Bangkok International Airport, the last stopover before returning to Seoul, over the Indian Ocean. An incident occurred where communication was lost and a person went missing.

The government concluded its investigation of the incident and concluded that ‘North Korean agent Kim Hyun-hee exploded the plane with a liquid bomb in the air under orders from North Korea.’

Also, on December 15, 1987, the image of KAL plane bomber Kim Hyun-hee gagged to prevent suicide appeared on TV news.

Because it was the evening just one day before the presidential election, it had a huge impact on the election.

Finally, on December 17th, an article like this appeared in the morning newspaper.

[Candidate Roh Tae-woo’s election confirmed]

The final votes were Roh Tae-woo with 8.28 million votes, or 37% of the total, Kim Young-sam with 6.33 million votes, Kim Dae-jung with 6.11 million votes, and Kim Jong-pil with 1.82 million votes. The combined votes of Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-jung exceeded 55%, but the victory went to Roh Tae-woo, the leading figure of December 12.

I finished reading the article and put down the newspaper.

This is how a new era begins. In the turbulent 10 years ahead, I must prepare the foundation to swallow up the Sunyang Group by the time I turn 20.

In 10 years, Chairman Jin Yang-cheol will be lying in a hospital bed, waiting for the day when he dies. Before that, I need to transfer as much of the stake as possible to me or my father so that we can begin a power struggle with my uncle Jin Young-gi.


We must also prevent incidents that must never be forgotten.

A traffic accident that occurred before my 20th birthday was the death of Jin Do-jun.


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