The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 104

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[104]Real Patient 1

“older brother. “Let’s talk for a moment.”

Jin Jin-gi said while glaring at Vice Chairman Jin Young-gi.

“OK. “I also have something I want to ask.”

Jin Yoongi sensed an unusual atmosphere and sighed.

“Brothers. Do you have to come all the way here and do this? “Please stop.”

“It’s not what you think. “Forget your unnecessary worries.”

Vibrator tapped his younger brother on the shoulder and walked to a rest area decorated like a small park.

The cool night breeze and the pleasant sound of insects chirping calmed the hearts of the two people.

“Brother, what about the above?”

“I am on a business trip to Europe. I haven’t contacted you yet. “If my father’s condition becomes serious, I will let you know.”

“You know too, right? There’s no way it was just me who contacted me… .”

“okay. heard. “Dojun was on his way to Gunsan with him.”

“What do you think?”

“Are you curious about what I think? Or do you want to say what you think?”

“Are you curious about what I think?”

“no. “I know what you’re thinking right now, so I have no questions.”

The corners of Vibrator’s eyes rose as he looked at Jinyoung-gi’s cool eyes.

“Are you now suspecting that I caused an accident? This is because I would be at the greatest advantage if my father suddenly passed away without succession of shares. “There’s no need to gossip with a guy like Dojun.”

“No one knows whether your brother will have the best advantage or not, right? “It will take half a year to re-figure the shareholding structure, right?”

“I am the eldest son. When my father dies, I will be the eldest mourner. My face will only appear in newspapers and on the news? Everyone will think Of course I will be the president. Then, shareholders and institutions will naturally take my side.”

Vibrator’s face crumpled. The eldest son of a family without one carries only the burden, but the eldest son of a family with a family carries such a premium.

All powerful people who come to the mourning house to pay their respects visit the eldest mourner and discuss the future. Group executives will also judge who is trending after seeing that.

The eldest son can definitely gain an advantage.

“So? “Did you really do something terrible?”

The words I wanted to ask so hard came out easily. Because it was you who set the stage.

Jinyoung-gi snorted and began to glance at his younger brother.

“I’m sure you already know my answer, right?”

“Don’t change your mind.”

“It would be unfortunate and sad if my father didn’t wake up like this, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing for me. “That is my answer.”

Well, no matter how stupid you are, it’s not enough to make a mistake like this. It is more reasonable to think that it was a coincidence.

“What are you going to do about Dojun?”

“Do you care?”

“It would be a lie if I said it wasn’t used.”

“do it yourself. Make use of your specialty. “You’re good at creating your own people.”

The vibrator was annoyed by my brother’s ticking tone, but I had no desire to fight.

“Promise me one thing. “They don’t touch children.”

“Don’t be nice, man. “If Dojun approaches you as a threat, you will be the first to take action, not me.”

Jinyoung-gi, who spoke with a stern expression, pointed to his younger brother’s bulging jacket pocket.

“I guess you’re nervous because you quit smoking so hard and started again. “Hehe.”

The vibrator started fiddling with the cigarette in his pocket.

* * *

I know my father is waiting impatiently outside, but there is nothing I can do about it now. Waiting to his grandfather’s rhythm isn’t a bad thing for me either.

When I continued to feel anxious and uneasy, my grandfather asked the same thing over and over again.

“What is that kid’s name?”

“Ock Joo-hyun.”

“Who is that kid with the bulging eyes?”

“Sung Yu-ri.”


Grandpa kept tilting his head.

“Well, what is there to think about? Of course it’s Lee Hyori. Both the face and the body are superior. “It’s a visual that overwhelms other kids.”

“But it’s really embarrassing to see. It’s not like grown kids having fun at kindergarten. What is that doing… .”

I guess you don’t like the idea of ​​jumping around in green and pink clothes. I wonder how they would react if I told them that girl groups have been working with the contradictory but effective concepts of sexiness and innocence for over 20 years.

“good night. “I decided.”

“Who are you?”

“I will play Ock Joo-hyun.”

My grandfather looked at my disappointed expression and laughed.

“why? “Do you look low on women?”

There was no halo effect for members who had just debuted because they had barely received any camera massage yet. Moreover, the main vocalist, Ock Joo-hyun, has a large sound box. It’s inevitable that he gets less attention than other members.

“Hey. The appearance on TV and the reality are completely different. I have met all the beauties in my country. “If you look closely, you will get an estimate.”

Well, how many beautiful women would turn down their grandfather when he asked them to meet him? But this is a different matter.

“Let’s just say that since my grandfather was an old man, the standards for beauty are different. lol.”

“What? I can’t believe this? good night. “When you see it for yourself, you too will realize that what you say is right.”

The grandfather tried to pick up the phone.

“grandfather! “I trust you, so put the phone down.”

I was so surprised that I grabbed the phone.

“What do you think will happen if I call you here now? Do you know how many people are waiting for us to wake up outside?”

“Oh, I see.”


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The grandfather put down the receiver as if he was disappointed.

“When I go up to Seoul, I’ll definitely call those guys. Let’s have a meal together and take a closer look. You too will be impressed by the aesthetics of this piece. “Uh-huh.”

Grandpa really seemed like a person who had forgotten everything and was enjoying his vacation. There are dozens of major agenda items that come up every day. How comfortable would it be for my grandfather, who used to spend time making decisions every day, to be having a fun time deciding which girl group member is better?

The smile on my grandfather’s face did not disappear as he had to spend this leisurely time for at least another week.

However, the fate of my grandfather, who was always making important decisions, did not allow him to spend even a moment of leisure time.

The expressions on the faces of the hospital director and one of the doctors who carefully opened the door with a knocking sound looked a little dark.

It’s not just my illusion. His grandfather’s smile suddenly disappeared when he looked at the hospital director’s face.

“Is there any bad news? “Has Kim Yun-seok’s condition gotten worse?”

“Oh, no. President.”

The embarrassed hospital director secretly glanced at the doctor accompanying him.

“Mr. Kim Yun-seok is recovering much faster than expected. Just looking at the bio-signals, I think he will regain consciousness soon.”

“Then why do you look so bad?”

The surgeon took a short breath and spoke slowly. I could feel that he was choosing his words very carefully, fearing that his words would be misunderstood.

“The chairman’s test results have been released. When you first had an accident, you were concentrating on the trauma and missed it, so they re-examined it to clarify… “We found a very small tumor.”

“tumor? “You mean it’s cancer?”

When I asked back in surprise, my grandfather calmly calmed me down.

“Dojun. “The doctor’s talk isn’t over yet.”


I bowed my head slightly and the doctor continued speaking.

“It’s nothing to worry about. Judging by its size, it appears to be in its early stages. “It can be completely removed surgically.”

“Then why do you look so bad?”

“The area where the tumor occurred is the brain. “It’s quite sensitive.”

The grandfather, who had been listening calmly to the news that it was a brain tumor, also darkened.

And I was speechless for a completely different reason.

There is still no way to know why the real Jin Do-jun of the past died. The only information I know is about the accident history.

This is still in progress. Because I’m still alive. You may die in an accident in the future.

But my grandfather’s brain tumor is a completely different problem.

Jin Yang-cheol, founder of Sunyang Group in his previous life, dies at the age of 78. It’s next year. From what I remember, it was a disease.

Could it be that he died of a brain tumor?

Couldn’t the car accident a few hours ago have changed my grandfather’s fate? This is assuming that the surgery is successful.

“There are currently no signs of metastasis, but the size of the tumor is so small that it is difficult to determine whether it is malignant or benign. But thank goodness. “Because we discovered it early.”

“I had a comprehensive checkup about a month ago, and I heard there was no tumor.”

The doctor seemed lost in thought for a moment as he tried to guess the size of the tumor and the time period of one month.

“hmm… . If so, it could be malicious. In any case, the sooner the surgery is performed, the better.”

“Then get ready. “I’m available anytime.”

Do you think the tumor is some sort of wart? He says it casually. It was the doctors who were taken aback by the grandfather’s reaction.

“You mean here?”

“okay. “Why is there a problem?”

The hospital director hastily confessed the difficulty.

“This is a local national medical center, so the facilities are a bit lacking. “Perfect care is difficult.”

“Also, we cannot ignore the weight of the name Sunyang Group Chairman. Our medical center has not yet experienced a VIP patient. “If you can’t withstand the pressure, you will make mistakes.”

The surgeon who came with the director also spoke frankly about the reality. If something goes wrong with the surgery, the Chairman of Sunyang Group may have to prepare for a medical malpractice lawsuit led by a huge team of lawyers.

It is difficult for local medical centers to take this risk.

In the end, you have to move to the hospital.

The grandfather looked back and forth between the two doctors for a moment and then showed a regretful expression.

“I tried to relax, but even that wasn’t possible. I can’t. So who is the best doctor in our country? “He has to live long enough for me to die watching him get married.”

My heart ached when I saw my grandfather smiling brightly at me.

“You said it was a simple surgery, right? “Don’t worry too much.”

It’s just a pity that talking about it like it’s no big deal is all I can do.

“No matter what anyone says, the best surgeon is Professor Jang Jun-hyuk of Myeongin University Hospital. If it were him, he would perform a perfect surgery without any risk of recurrence even if it was malignant.”

Even though he is not a doctor at Sunyang Medical Center, he speaks without notice. This means that he is an outstanding doctor who can be introduced with such confidence.

“I understand. “For more details, we can talk with Director Lee.”

When the director and surgeon left, my grandfather held my hand tightly.

“I guess you are lucky. “You save me many times.”

“yes? “Me?”

“Your loyal servant saved us, and didn’t you hug me tightly and protect me when an accident occurred? And how lucky am I that thanks to this accident, I was able to prevent my illness from reaching the point of irreversibility? haha.”

Whenever I see someone thinking that they are lucky because of me, my grandfather gets a big kick out of it.

“no. It was my grandfather’s fate to live a long time. “The surgery will be successful.”

“That’s right. “I haven’t even seen the real thing yet, but I can’t afford to fail.”


no way… ?

“grandfather. Are you really going to call me Fin.K.L.?”

“of course. Shouldn’t I develop your eyes for women? That will be the last lesson of this passage. “Uh-huh.”

Director Lee Hak-jae, who was contacted by the director, opened the door and came in without knocking.

And when I discovered my smile and that of my grandpa, my expression turned bewildered.


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