The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 103

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[103]Nalaly patient 3

I waited for the surgery to be over, unable to hear my dissatisfied grandfather’s rumblings.

16 hours after Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok lay on the operating table, the hospital director and surgical surgeon came in with bright expressions.

“President. I just finished surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was successful.”

When I heard that it was successful, I almost burst into tears.

Grandfather also clapped his hands and got out of bed.

“Thank goodness. “It was really hard.”

“thank you. teacher. thank you so much.”

When I held the surgeon’s hand tightly, I felt like I knew how hard it was for him. All the energy in his body was drained, and his hands were shaking, perhaps because of the overwhelming fatigue.

“no. “I just did what I had to do.”

“Mr. Kim Yun-seok was moved to the recovery room. Fortunately, the damage to the internal organs is minimal, so recovery is likely to be quick. We will monitor the progress and let you know again when we are able to visit you.

The surgeon was humble, and the hospital director was condescending. The role is clear.

“I will not express my gratitude separately. “You must be tired, so go ahead and get some rest.”

“By the way, Chairman. We did not contact the patient’s guardian… .”

“They should have already taken action. “My family is probably coming this way by now.”

As the two people bowed their heads and left the hospital room, I let out a deep breath.

“Aren’t you truly fortunate?”

“yes. “I almost lived with a heavy burden on my shoulders for the rest of my life.”

“It won’t be forever. haha.”


“Grace is easily forgotten and resentment lasts a long time. That’s the way it is to be human. “I will never forget the money I borrowed because a friend said it was urgent and I never received it, but I can’t even remember when and from whom I borrowed the money that I used up.”

Maybe so. But isn’t it also human to try to keep the memory of grace until the end so as not to forget it?

The grandfather stopped talking seriously and started talking again.

“Can I have a drink now? “How are you feeling?”

“yes. You should have a drink to celebrate the success of the surgery. “What would you like to eat?”

Grandfather licked his lips, thought for a moment, and then clapped his hands lightly.

“We didn’t eat anything today. Let’s eat something hearty. Shall we have boiled chicken and a glass of Dongdongju?”

“In hospitals, fried chicken is best, not wet chicken.”


The grandfather had a disapproving expression. Since he’s old, he probably doesn’t like being greasy.

“Then let’s eat both boiled rice and chicken. Instead, let’s just have a can of beer. Dongdongju is too heavy.”

I asked the staff guarding outside the hospital room to deliver it. Perhaps because of the boiled rice, the food took a long time to arrive. It’s past 10pm. Where do they get boiled rice? These people are amazing.

The grandfather just blinked when he saw the chicken brought to the hospital room.

“What is this? “What kind of chicken is so dark?”

“It’s soy sauce seasoned chicken. Is this your first time seeing this?”

“What kind of person would play a prank on a chicken like this? “Did you drop the chicken in the soy sauce?”

“This is a delicacy. Would you like to have a taste?”

The grandfather waved his hand reluctantly.

“done. You too, eat to your heart’s content. “I want to eat wet chicken.”

We toasted with cans of beer and started tearing at our respective chickens. But as the salty smell spread through the hospital room, his grandfather was unable to suppress his curiosity.

“Give me that one. It smells really… .”

He smiled and held out a chicken wing. I watched with curiosity to see what kind of reaction he would have, but it was the same.

As the salty taste stimulated my tongue, my expression changed.

For health reasons, I avoided spicy foods, so the taste now is like a whole new world.



“Let’s change.”


The taste of chicken after a glass of beer is irreplaceable.

The grandfather’s expression had already changed into that of a child.

“Don’t eat too much. “I can’t digest it well.”

When I handed out the seasoned chicken, a bowl of boiled rice came in front of me.


Boiled rice and beer do not go well together.

* * *

“Why don’t you stop pretending to be sick and be honest? “Who ordered it?”

“Who are you?”

“This is the victim’s family. why?”

“S-No way… . Dodo, have you passed away?”

The truck driver became contemplative due to the pressure radiating from the three men in suits.

“I do not know yet. There is something I want to hear more than that. “Is there anyone who told you to hit it with a truck?”

“Oh, no. It was really an accident. I just fell asleep while driving all night. Please believe me.”

“We decide whether to believe it or not. “If you tell the truth, it will end here as if nothing happened, and if there is even the slightest lie, your life will end.”

The truck driver suddenly got off the bed and fell to his knees.

“Please show leniency. There was so little work these days that I had to come up with an empty car. Since I couldn’t afford to pay for gas, I had a tantrum and drank half a bottle of soju after dinner. I feel drunk… . “I have committed a mortal sin.”

The truck driver hit his head on the floor and burst into tears.

Director Lee Hak-jae, who was watching this scene in silence, quietly left and spoke to the secretary who was following him.

“Try to the end. If you catch anything, report it immediately.”


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“yes. “Director.”

The truck driver’s words, which even showed tears, seemed plausible, but the doubts did not go away. That guy’s words are a bit awkward.

“By the way, was the guy who caused the accident dead when he first checked the victim’s condition? Are you hurt a lot? Don’t you ask this? Have you passed away? “Are you asking this?”

“hmm… . well. “If you feel intimidated, won’t respect naturally come out?”

“okay? okay. “Go and work.”

Leaving behind the bowing secretary, Lee Hak-jae went up to Chairman Jin’s hospital room.

“Your family came?”

“yes. Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok’s wife and mother came.”

“Let me ease your worries and find you a nice place to stay nearby, shall we?”

“I’ve booked a hotel. And one hospital room was left empty. We also assigned an employee to take care of errands for us.”

“good job.”

Chairman Jin nodded his head as if satisfied with Director Hakjae Lee’s detailed actions.

“By the way, Chairman.”


“I haven’t informed you of the chairman’s status yet, but I think it would be better to inform you of the details of the accident.”

Chairman Jin realized Hakjae Lee’s intention.

“Want to check the reaction?”

“yes. Surely someone will move. “What if it was planned and not an accident?”

“You have no idea this was just an accident.”

“sorry. “Wasn’t there some suspicion as to why the Chairman was moved to the intensive care unit?”

Looking at Hakjae Lee with his head down, Chairman Jin sighed softly.

“Let’s dance to your beat. Do that. Thanks to you, I can rest here for a few weeks.”

“I’ll tell Dojun too. “He’s a quick-witted kid, so he’ll understand.”

“okay. “Anyway, I’m going to rest here, so I need to make sure you don’t come into my kids’ hospital room.”

“yes. “We will take care of this so that there will be no inconvenience to the Chairman during his rest.”

* * *

The first to rush to the hospital was Jin Yoon-gi, Do-jun’s father. It is inevitable that a father who cares about his children will move the fastest.

“older brother!”

Jin Yoon-gi, who was in deep contemplation, found Lee Hak-jae blocking the intensive care unit and ran in, calling loudly.

“What about Dojun? Are you okay? “Are you seriously hurt?”

“calm down. Dojun is okay. “I’m recovering now, so please wait with peace of mind.”

“Then what about your father? “I’m sure your father will be okay, too, right?”

When Lee Hak-jae looked embarrassed to answer, Jin Yoongi’s complexion turned white.

“Yoongi! Manager Lee!”

The two people who came running after them were Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki and the second son, President Jin Jin-gi.

Hakjae Lee took the chairman’s sons outside to prevent the hospital from becoming a disturbance. And when I told him the details of today’s accident and the things I had dealt with so far, Jin Yoongi shouted.

“But father, why did you come here with your child?”

This is a question that only Jin Yoon, who does not know the meaning of Gunsan, can ask.

“Yoongi. “That’s not important now!”

Jin Yoongi’s face turned red as his eldest brother screamed loudly. Her father’s safety is more important now.

“The Chairman is currently in the recovery room after completing surgery. “The doctor said it would take about a day to know the results.”

Lee Hak-jae’s eyes shined as if he did not want to miss a single expression of his two sons.

“This can’t be happening in a rural hospital. Let’s move it. Sunyang Medical Center, no, I called all the best doctors… .”

“Vice Chairman. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s dangerous if you get even the slightest shock. “We will wait a little longer and when it is okay, we will take you to Seoul.”

“Then should I just suck my fingers and wait like this?”

Unlike Jinyoung-gi, who was excited, Vibrator calmly opened his mouth.

“Director Lee. What is the doctor’s opinion? “What do you say?”

“They couldn’t guarantee it either. “We have no choice but to watch for 48 hours.”

The three sons only sighed with gloomy expressions.

Lee Hak-jae’s eyes were constantly moving, examining their facial expressions and finger movements one by one.

“Director Lee. If you were contacted, why didn’t you report it immediately? What on earth is this? “Does it make sense for us, children, to know each other after half a day?”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki blushed and got angry, but Lee Hak-jae did not forget to remain calm.

“These are instructions from the Chairman. I just followed the guidelines for what to do when something goes wrong with the Chairman. “I’m sorry if you felt offended.”

The vice president had nothing to say to Hakjae Lee, who bowed his head, so he just swallowed his saliva. It’s my father’s order. What should I do?

“By the way, what about Dojun?”

I don’t know if he was trying to change the awkward atmosphere or if he was sincere, but the vibrator owner asked his younger brother.

“Dojun is fine. “They say he’s recovering.”

“Then let’s talk. I need to check the situation. “If a situation requires reporting, I will report it immediately.”

Lee Hak-jae, who gave particular strength to the words “report,” entered the hospital.

Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki just glared at him with a disapproving expression.

* * *

When I visited President Jin’s hospital room again, the employee guarding the door said,

“Chief. “The chairman is not here right now.”

“what? “Where have you been?”

“There is something to re-examine…” . Please follow me. “I will guide you.”

Hakjae Lee followed the employee and arrived at the MRI examination room.

“Ah, manager.”

When the director found Hakjae Lee, he came out into the hallway.

“Is there a problem? if?”

“no. It’s not something to worry about. There are some questionable parts in the CT results, so we are checking again. “The chairman also readily agreed.”

“You mean it’s not a big deal?”

“That’s right. “I’m just trying to make it clear because it’s just one thing.”

The hospital director spoke with a slightly dark expression to Director Lee, who was sighing in relief.

“It looks like your family has arrived?”

“I’ll block it, so the hospital will be quiet. Oh, if you happen to check on the Chairman’s condition, please just do as I tell you.”

“yes. The Chairman also said it, so I will believe it and do it. Please make sure there are no problems in the future.”

At this time, Chairman Jin, who had finished the inspection, walked out.

“I heard the kids came?”

“yes. “Everyone is very worried.”

“I guess so. “The reasons for concern may vary.”

As Chairman Jin chuckled, Hakjae Lee gave him a wink as if reminding him that there were many ears around him.

“let’s go. “Let’s talk in the hospital room.”


The hospital director said to the two people who turned around.

“I will come see you as soon as the results come out.”

Chairman Jin raised his hand and waved lightly without looking back.


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