The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 443

443. Upheaval (5)

In fact, it is not a story that can be called a lightning storm.

Well, the God of Creation feels that the orderly side is sure to be defeated, so it’s not strange if they become so desperate… … .

This side is already fighting the Dragon God, and I heard from her that the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and even an unknown being called the God of Time are joining together to turn the tables.

‘I know that the War of the Gods became a mess when four of the ancient gods stepped forward, but even so, I never thought there would be such a quick response.’

However, if the God of Creation knew that he came back from half-death after encountering the Dragon God, I just didn’t think he would immediately ask for help like that.

‘They must have been convinced that if they delayed any more time, the war between the gods would come to an end.’

Is that why?

‘And, it also means that this is a crisis situation where we need to borrow power without hesitation, even from outsiders like me who don’t even know where we’re coming from.’

In response, I touched the corner of my mouth as I looked at the divine sphere floating in the sky over the Western Front.

“… … .”

It was ambiguous.

‘Thanks to that, the God of Creation will no longer wonder where I came from and what I came here for… … .’

I wasn’t sure if I was lucky or bad.

‘Perhaps, on the contrary, the God of Creation might try to summon me and interrogate me under the pretext of borrowing power from us.’

It was worth it.

Seeing that the other side has become so desperate, I may have the opportunity to play an active role in the war of the gods without any suspicion as I had hoped.

However, despite this, they probably also know that it is almost an abnormality that big names like the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God do not express neutrality and go on a rampage in earnest.

━God of time. The eerie soothsayer said that there was an impurity in there somewhere. Did you say that it felt like space and time were distorted because of that? But now that I see it, I’m saying it because I think it’s because of you.

… … Suddenly, I remembered the words the Dragon God had said to me out of pure kindness.

━Isn’t that right? In fact, not only is it not enough to directly control the high concept of death itself in this universe, but it is impossible for everyone to be unaware of the being who has been reborn as an ancient deity… … . When I came here, I knew you for the first time.

All the words she heard were advice that reasonably predicted the worst situations that would happen in the future.

━Ahaha! Isn’t it strange? What would everyone think if an ancient god, not me, found out about this? Well, at least no one will look favorably on you or think you’re not suspicious. Worst case scenario, they’ll all come together to capture you and interrogate you.

I was worried.

‘… … There was nothing wrong with what the dragon god said back then. ‘It’s obvious what will happen when they return to the order camp’s main base and find out that the war between the gods has become a mess because of me.’

step… … .

‘… … However, it is also obvious that just because I don’t return to the lawful camp doesn’t mean there’s anything I can do about it.’

That too is only for a moment.

“The activation of Divine <Primary> will end due to the expiration of its usage time.”

[ … … I’ll be waiting for you to come back. ]


The moment I saw the sacred sphere floating high in the sky disappear after the activation of the sacred <Temple> ended.

【Folding vortex】

Chijijijijijijijijik… … !!

In an instant, space and space collided with each other and began to fold.

The scenery of the Western Front in front of me was distorted and I felt my body trying to move to a new location.

Anyway, no matter what we do, the abnormal phenomenon that occurred once during the War of the Gods due to the butterfly effect will not disappear.

If so, it wasn’t even something to worry about.

‘No matter where I go, if it becomes known that I am the main culprit of this abnormal phenomenon, I will have no choice but to be interrogated by the ancient gods in some way.’


‘In that case, it would be safer to join the orderly camp that needs my power and move.’

Of course, there is a possibility that the orderly camp will know that I am the main culprit of this abnormal phenomenon and will try to suppress me by force.

‘Well, even if that’s not the case, I’m not particularly worried if the orderly camp finds me suspicious or tries to forcibly take pictures of me.’

But why?

If I were to engage in a pure battle of strength, I didn’t think I would lose to anyone.

Unless a being outside the standard, such as a God of Darkness, a Demon God, or a Dragon God appears, it is unlikely that even if a few more people with a similar divinity hierarchy as the God of Creation gather, they will be defeated one-sidedly.

‘At best, they are not gods of darkness, demons, or dragon gods; they are just people with powers similar to or lower than the God of Creation, right?’

I wonder if the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles would all join forces to oppress me by force, and they wouldn’t be happy about it.

It was not unfounded confidence.

That’s right… … .

“Then there’s no way I can lose.”

Now, thanks to defeating the incarnation of the Dragon God, I am also trying to reach a new level of divinity that is different from the typical ancient godhead.

“Shall we go?”

That too for sure.



In the blink of an eye, he leapt over space by grafting space to space using black magic [Folding Vortex].

I had to be concerned about the numerous high-ranking deities and formal deities of the orderly camp that had been left behind on the Western Front.

However, in reality, in an emergency situation like the present, it is impossible to lead the gods on the Western Front and lead them here.

‘Well, all the high-ranking gods and regular gods who were on the Western Front in the first place were remnants of the defeated soldiers who ran away at least once, so it’s probably not worth worrying about.’

Presumably, while this side is doing this, the Northern Front, Southern Front, and Eastern Front are being destroyed by ancient gods.

‘Now we need to meet with the God of Creation and other ancient deities in the Order camp and come up with a solution on how to get through this mess.’

Then, I landed in an unknown forest and went to a secret place in the forest that I had visited before following the God of Proof.

Ugh… … !!

In an instant, a huge gray stone gate appeared in the middle of the forest and opened.

Originally, if the hidden door leading to the order camp’s main base did not appear, we had planned to use all our power to force it open… … .

Luckily, the God of Creation seemed to have noticed and made some kind of arrangement to allow me to come in at any time, so I went in without having to use any unnecessary effort.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

and… … .

[ Just as I thought, you’re back… … . ]

As we walked a bit into the main camp of the orderly camp, a familiar figure who looked somewhat exhausted came out to meet us.

“The God of Proof looks at you with eyes full of fatigue.”

[ … … After all, I thought that a strong person like you would be able to survive even in hell and come back. ]

He was the god of proof.

‘… … They say that ancient deities have appeared on the Northern, Southern, and Eastern fronts, and it seems like half of the Gods of Proof have come back from the dead.’

Unlike the last time I saw him, the holy relics all over his body were in tatters, and his eyes were shining with emptiness, as if his mind and body were somehow broken.

“… … yes. Well, I happened to encounter the Dragon God and barely survived and came back. The God of Proof seems to be no different from me.”

[ … … Tsk tsk. Well, that’s too much of a joke. You and I are not that different? Really, is that what I look like in your eyes? That won’t be the case. ]

The God of Proof continued speaking with his eyes filled with emptiness and fatigue.

[ … … Eastern Front. One of the two ancient gods who appeared there was interested in my power and only spared my life. He wasn’t even a match for me at all. It wasn’t even a fight. ]

“… … .”

[ … … I have already heard about you from the God of Creation and am familiar with it. I don’t know how they did it, but it seems like they succeeded in defeating the incarnation of the Dragon God. ]

“I also survived only because the Dragon God appeared as an incarnation rather than his original body.”

Actually, I wasn’t that different from them.

“… … “If the Dragon God had appeared in his original form rather than an incarnation or something, he would have been an ancient deity and that would have been the end of it.”

In the first place, if I hadn’t revealed that I was the one to be chosen as a ‘successor’ to the dragon god like that person, and if the dragon god hadn’t chosen the option of coming as an incarnation rather than the original body, everything would have ended.

“… … Rather, I want to hear stories about wars from places other than my own.”

However, just for a moment.

“You just told me that one of the two ancient deities that appeared on the Eastern Front survived by taking interest in the God of Proof. How did that happen?”

Instead of continuing this useless conversation, I changed the topic and asked what was happening elsewhere.

[ … … well. It wasn’t that meaningful. When the two ancient deities, the Time God and the Light God, appeared, the Time God took an interest in me. It is said that higher deities with the conceptual divinity of future foreknowledge are rare. ]

Foreknowledge of the future.

This person had already borrowed the power of ‘future prediction’ from the God of Proof once at the Tower of Trials, so they understood what he was saying.

Most of the ancient deities I have seen so far were superior in strength, but they did not have a concept divinity capable of predicting the future like the God of Proof.

‘Perhaps, the concept of divinity, the concept of future foreknowledge, possessed by the God of Proof, seems to have been rare even for that ancient god.’

Perhaps that’s why, of the two ancient deities that appeared on the Eastern Front, the author of the God of Time showed interest in the God of Proof… … .

[God of time. It is said that that ominous old monster can also predict the future. Yes, isn’t it? He is a divine being who has become immortal and controls the concept of ‘time’ itself. So he just survived. ]

“… … Can you guess what the God of Time said to /you/ at that time? Please be as detailed as possible. “I also want to know what the God of Time said.”

It appears that various ancient gods, including the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, are following his persuasion, led by the ‘God of Time’.

‘If I could tell you what the God of Time is, it would be better.’

When I narrowed my eyes and asked him that question, the God of Proof answered as if it was not a particularly difficult task.

[ … … well. They say that space and time are distorted. Everything is real and not real at the same time. Then, he forced me to use the concept of divinity, which is a future prediction system that I have. That’s what I did. For some reason, I couldn’t even see any future. ]

“In short, does this mean that it has become impossible to use divine supernormal abilities to predict the future?”

[ yes. And when I told that to the God of Time, he laughed like crazy… … . He said he didn’t do anything wrong. Then, he said those words to me. In the end, I said this was all a meaningless fight. ]

“… … .”


[ After that, the God of Time muttered various unknown things to himself like he was crazy, and then he told me something that I couldn’t tell if it was a guess or a prophecy… … . ]

Next moment.

[The war of the gods has already ended a long time ago, and everything is just a remnant of shadows that are real but not real, and is a false stage created for someone… … . ]

When I heard the words spoken by the god of proof, I automatically felt a chill creeping through my body.

[ –It was said that before the war of the gods divides the winners and losers, the seed of ascension will devour everything and quench the vessel of transcendence in chaos. ]

… … There was no need to worry about who the prophecy was meant to be, because I was able to recognize that it was me.

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