The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 444

444. God of Time (1)


What does the story I heard from the God of Proof actually mean?

I was deeply lost in thought and tried to find the right answer, but soon realized it was meaningless and gave up.

‘I don’t know if everything the God of Time said was speculation, or if it was a prophecy using conceptual divinity or special powers… … .’

There was no need to even worry.

‘… … ‘I can’t help but think that he was talking about me, not anyone else.’

God of time.

The unknown being, presumed to be one of the ancient deities that existed before the Tower of Trials appeared, seemed to have a vague understanding of who this was and what kind of place this was.

Such words could not have been said without realizing that, in fact, this war of gods was nothing more than a reenactment of a distant, old story told by the Tower of Trials.

‘… … The stories that the God of Time told to the God of Proof are all related to me.’

Before I knew it, I was feeling chills as I pondered the story, which I don’t know if it was a guess from the God of Time or a prophecy.

━The war of the gods has already ended a long time ago, and everything is real, but it is only a remnant of unreal shadows, and it is a false stage created for someone… … .

Somehow, the story told by the God of Proof seemed to be lingering in my head.

━It was said that in the war of the gods, before there were winners and losers, the Seed of Ascension would devour everything and quench the vessel of transcendence in chaos.

It was worth it.

I don’t know how much the ancient deity known as the God of Time knows, but doesn’t he know an awful lot about me?

At best, it was an entity so close to the truth that it gave me goosebumps to think that it was just an imitation made by the Tower of Trials.

‘… … Even though it sounds like the God of Time was telling a useless story, he actually said it by singling out me from the Tower of Trials.’

It was certain.

The war of the gods ended a long time ago, the remnants of shadows that are real but not real, a false stage created for someone, etc… … .

The God of Time already knew that this war of gods was not real, but was just a fake created by the Tower of Trials, so he said this.

‘How on earth does the God of Time know me?’

It’s not even just that.

And that’s not enough, aren’t they all stories such as ‘seed of ascension’ or ‘vessel of transcendence’ that cannot be seen as referring to anyone other than this side?

Moreover, since this side had not specifically decided what to do in the war of gods, the God of Time acted as if he already knew.

‘Before the war of the gods divides the winners and losers, the Seed of Ascension will devour everything and quench the vessel of the transcendental in chaos… … .’

It was strange.

‘How on earth do you know that?’

Perhaps the Lord of Time knows that I am willing to take some kind of gamble to become a transcendent in this war of gods… … .

‘It’s too detailed to be a guess.’

At this point, you can’t help but notice that what the God of Time said was closer to a ‘prophecy’ rather than a ‘guess’.

‘Even I haven’t yet planned how to prepare to become a transcendent in the war of gods… … .’

In the first place, I, the cause of the abnormal phenomenon in this war of gods, had not decided in detail what to do next.

‘Could it be that the God of Time directly saw the future and made a prophecy about what I would do?’

In that case, the God of Time acted as if he had judged how the war between the gods would end, which meant that he had foresight of the future.

‘I don’t know.’

step… … .

‘If I think about it right now, there’s no such thing as a decent income.’

That too was only for a moment.

Before I knew it, I had come to the conclusion that it would be meaningless to think any more about the God of Time, and I had come out of my thoughts.

This person was lost in thought for only about ten seconds, but even so, the God of Proof, one of the higher deities, seemed to feel a sense of strangeness.

“The God of Proof is looking at you and revealing his interest.”

[Why are you doing this? By any chance, do you have any guess as to what the God of Time said? If so, I’d like to hear it too… … . ]

However, even if they asked me if I had figured something out in my thoughts, I couldn’t give them the information.

“no. It’s not like that. I also don’t quite understand what the God of Time said. sorry.”

I just frowned and responded as if I could not guess anything.

[ … … hmm. It feels strange to be treated with respect by an ancient god like you, and to even hear an apology. I don’t even have to say I’m sorry. It’s not a very important story. ]

The God of Proof also answered indifferently, as if he knew that would happen.

However, despite this, the anxiety was still not completely resolved.

By any chance, if the God of Proof had told this to others, wouldn’t there be a problem in acting according to the scenario I had in mind?

I hesitated for a few seconds, then pretended like nothing was wrong and asked another question.

“yes. Anyway, I have one question to ask. By any chance, did you tell the God of Creation, the God of Law, or the God of Miracles about the prophecy made by the God of Time? Or—.”

But… … .

“The God of Proof heard you and frowned in displeasure.”

[─Is that possible? Why should I tell those foolish dreamers what the Lord of Time said? I have no intention of telling those foolish things. ]

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

[If you, too, are thinking of telling those foolish things a story related to the God of Time, you had better think about it a little more. ]

The sight of the other person almost getting angry, as if they had just heard something extremely unpleasant.

‘… … I’m not sure why, but I have tremendous ill feelings toward the God of Creation, the God of Miracles, and the God of Law, so you don’t have to worry about what the God of Time said leaking out.’

It didn’t seem like there would be any disruption to the existing plan like we thought.

“… … Then, I understand.”

It was heavenly luck.

If an ancient god like the God of Creation had listened to what the God of Time said, he would have had many difficulties in his future actions.

Seeing that the other side was showing such a negative reaction, it didn’t seem like what the God of Time said would spread everywhere even if I didn’t say anything.

“God of time. Besides that, it would have been said that another ancient deity appeared. “Can you also tell us about that ancient deity?”

I wondered if anyone other than the God of Time had realized that the War of the Gods was fake and not real, so I asked a series of questions, but when I heard the answers that came back right away, it didn’t seem like that was the case.

[ hmm… … . ]


[ well. If it’s an ancient deity other than the God of Time, it seems like that’s the case… … . I don’t really have anything to say about him. He also had to be brutal, but he was so passive. ]


[ In fact, it can be said that what the God of Light has done is nothing compared to the God of Time. ]

… … The other day, the name of an ancient deity that I had only seen once was mentioned.


God of light.

When the name of an ancient deity that I had never thought of was suddenly mentioned, I couldn’t help but widen my eyes and be surprised.

I had encountered the God of Light during an event in the Giant Tree Labyrinth held by the Tower of Trials, but I had not had much contact with him since then.

‘Why is the God of Light being mentioned here all of a sudden?’

however… … .

‘It’s random.’

When I heard the story of the God of Light running wild during the War of the Gods, I felt somewhat puzzled.

‘For what reason did the God of Light go on a rampage in the War of the Gods?’

Originally, the God of Light that we saw in the Giant Tree Labyrinth was quite rational and even moderate, unlike an ancient god.

‘I don’t think the God of Light I saw had any disposition to show ferocity… … .’

Of course, this is just what I felt about the God of Light, and even if the God of Light actually has a warlike personality, there is nothing to say.

‘That’s strange.’

At that, I shook off the embarrassment rising in my heart and parted my lips.

“For what reason did the God of Light run rampant with the God of Time on the Eastern Front?”

[It’s no big deal. Only, the God of Light protested against the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles. It was a warning that he would not stay still if he forced himself into the war of the gods any longer. ]

“… … By any chance, did you mean the God of Light, the ancient deity who belonged to the neutral camp but suddenly went on a rampage, as you mentioned when you guided me here last time?”

[That’s right. Rather than actively slaughtering the gods belonging to the lawful camp, the God of Light acted passively, claiming to be the gatekeeper to prevent the gods belonging to the lawful camp from increasing their power. So I guess I have nothing to say. ]

“I guess the God of Time and the God of Light joined forces to shake up the Eastern Front.”

[God of time. I don’t know what that crazy monster wants… … .

I can clearly see what the God of Light wants. Unlike others, he has a tendency to pursue peace of mind. He doesn’t listen to what the god of time says; he just does his own thing. ]

“Is that so… … .”

However, after listening to what they said, the God of Light is not as ferocious as I felt.

‘There is no need to worry about how to exclude the God of Light from the war of gods just yet.’

Moreover, after listening to what the God of Proof said, the God of Light seemed to value his own peace of mind the most, so it seemed unlikely that he would have much to do with the war between the gods.

“Are there any other unusual news about the gods and demons of darkness who have appeared on the northern or southern fronts?”

[ well. I don’t know much about those places. However, since I left the Eastern Front two days ago, the God of Time has gone down to the Southern Front, and the Demon God has come up to the Eastern Front. I also couldn’t give a definite answer because I didn’t look at it closely, but only vaguely saw it… … . For now, yes. ]

“You mean two days ago…? … .”

[ hmm. Don’t blindly trust me. As I just said, I only found out this information based on the direction in which the divine energy moves and the presence of enormous demonic energy that can rival the ocean. If there was a mistake on my part, there is a possibility that the information was incorrect. ]

“Probably not.”

I asked this question as a cross-verification because the information I knew could be wrong, but there was no mistake.

━Don’t get your hopes up. The Northern Front is the God of Darkness, the Eastern Front is the Demon God, and the Southern Front is the God of Time. There were ancient deities with a similar level of divinity to me who went there.

When I thought about the things the Dragon God had told me, I could see that most of what he said was correct.

As she said, the God of Time went to the Southern Front, and the Demon God went up to the Eastern Front, so the God of Darkness would also be on the Northern Front.

Perhaps, if we listen to what the God of Proof said, it seems that the positions of the ancient gods have moved back and forth somewhat, contrary to what we know… … .

Still, one thing was certain.

‘The war of the gods has practically become impossible to fight any longer.’

In fact, the war between the gods is virtually over.

In the War of the Gods, the law side can no longer maintain the balance of power.

Isn’t this a situation where not only the three ancient gods, but also an unknown powerhouse from a distant, ancient era called the God of Time are wandering around and stirring up the battlefield?

‘Whether it is the God of Creation, the God of Law, or the God of Miracles, there is no way that it can handle the appearance of the three ancient gods and the powerful God of Time.’

I thought that the war of the gods had reached a point where it could be said that there was little chance of the lawful side winning.

‘If you still called me, it means that you can come up with a solution.’

However, if the God of Creation, who knows this fact, even used his divine <Temple> to call us, then it would not be the case that there is no solution to this problem at all.

“… … Anyway, thank you for answering my question. Now I think I need to go to the place where the God of Creation is. “See you later.”

After finishing my conversation with the God of Proof, I prepared to go to the sacred realm <Model Garden> where the God of Creation resides.

[ … … God of creation. To that foolish ancient god? I understand. Anyway, even without you, I also have work to do here. Let’s go. ]

And accordingly, the God of Proof also headed to an unknown place, and I walked as I had been guided by the God of Proof last time.


‘Let’s go.’

Now, it was time to go into the tiger’s den on my own in order to decide what this side wanted in the war of gods.

「… … .」

“You have entered the sacred realm <Model Garden>.”

“Due to the exclusive effect ‘Base of Creation’ in the sacred area <Miniature Garden>, the divinity and souls that have lost their master flow into the caster.”

Next moment.


In an instant, the air passing by my skin became cool, and at the same time, a sacred space separated from reality unfolded.



A familiar scenery of a grassland that I have seen before unfolds before my eyes.

The unidentifiable ‘tower’ built on an infinitely wide meadow also did not change from the last time I saw it.

In addition to its shape still resembling the Tower of Trials, I felt a strange feeling irritating my mind.

“… … .”

To dismiss it as nothing more than a decoration for the sacred realm <Miniature Garden>, doesn’t it look like it was blatantly copied from the Tower of Trials?

‘No matter where I look, it doesn’t look like it’s anything like an ornament… … .’

I frowned and looked straight ahead, feeling uncomfortable.

‘What on earth is that?’

step… … .

That too is only for a moment.

Suddenly, I stopped thinking when I saw three ancient gods gathered under an unknown ‘tower’ that reminded me of the Tower of Trials.

‘The one standing at the forefront is the God of Creation, and the rest seem to be ancient deities who have achieved a hierarchy of divinity at a similar level to the God of Creation… … .’

It was obvious who they were.

‘Then are those two ancient gods who stand behind the God of Creation the God of Law and the God of Miracles?’

Aren’t they the three ancient gods of the lawful camp who are considered the culprits that started the War of the Gods?

“… … .”

I was intrigued because it was my first time seeing the God of Law and the God of Miracles, who stand behind the God of Creation.

‘that’s interesting.’

So, I looked at the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles in turn.

As I saw here once before, the God of Creation is wearing brown robes with a hood all the way down… … .

The two ancient gods standing behind her had their bodies covered in all kinds of holy relics, as if they had just been fighting.

‘Is that the God of Law and the God of Miracles who follows the God of Creation?’

The God of Law was a wizard like a middle-aged man, wearing not only a huge staff, but also a lot of accessories imbued with divinity and mana, while the God of Miracles looked like a young nun, with his eyes covered with an eye patch, and his palms pressed together as if in prayer.

‘It’s strong.’

Not only the God of Creation, but also the God of Law and the God of Miracles do not seem to be suitable for battle as concept divinity. Although they belong to the high hierarchy of divinity and are not the owners of concept divinity that helps in direct combat, they seem to be good at fighting in their own way. .

‘Perhaps if the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles join forces, wouldn’t they be able to deal with at least one of the Gods of Darkness, Demon Gods, or Dragon Gods?’

But that was it.

‘It may be impossible to win the war of the gods.’

At best, even if the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles join forces to fight, they can barely achieve a draw with beings like the God of Darkness, Demon God, or Dragon God.

‘Nevertheless, if you called me here in such a hurry, it could have been one of two things.’

At that, I narrowed my eyes and walked forward towards the place where the three ancient gods were standing.

‘They either realized that I was the culprit for all of these incidents that occurred in the war of gods and called me in for interrogation or torture, or… … .’

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

‘—In the war of the gods, even if strong powers other than the standard, such as the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, run rampant like this, there is probably one last move left that can lead to victory.’

and… … .

“The God of Creation looks at you with a bitter smile.”

[ … … I thought he would come back late because he got injured in the aftermath of the fight with the Dragon God, but he came faster than I expected. ]

“The God of Law frowns upon you.”

[ hmm. Is that ancient deity the one who belatedly entered the war of gods, ignoring even the realm of divine confrontation? Indeed, he is a man of such power and stature. ]

“The God of Miracles is looking at you and praying.”

[Welcome. Dear saint, I heard that you have the same intentions as us. Let us get along well in the future as we serve the God of Creation together. ]

They seemed closer to the latter than the former.

Even after seeing this person come, they didn’t really try to fight or anything, but just gave a pure evaluation and greeting.

When I saw that, I knew that they had a hidden agenda, so I tried to ask them a direct question, but there was no need.

“The God of Creation looks around at those standing by his side, and his eyes are filled with determination.”

[ … … Thank you for coming quickly. Actually, I’d like to share my thoughts with everyone for a long time, but unfortunately, I don’t have time for that anymore. know? ]

Before I knew it, the God of Creation looked at me and the other ancient gods standing around and spoke faster than me.

[So, let’s get started. ]

I didn’t even have time to think or ask what on earth that meant.



It’s no different… … .


Suddenly, as soon as the God of Creation declared that he would start something, the power of divinity and soul began to swirl around the unidentified ‘tower’ like a storm.

‘What is this?’

The divine energy and soul fragments that seemed to be somehow damaged here and there were swirling around the unknown ‘tower’.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

And, as the vortex of divinity and soul echoed across the grassland, the God of Creation was heard speaking next.

[As everyone knows, the main stage of the war of gods is surrounded by the ‘Confrontation Realm’ created by me, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles together. ]

She glanced at me and parted her lips as if to explain further.

[This means that the ‘Great Battle Realm’ surrounding the main stage where the war of gods takes place can be interpreted as my sacred realm… … . ]


[ In other words, the divinity and souls of those who died in the war of the gods can be harvested through the unique effect ‘Base of Creation’ of my sacred area <Miniature Garden>, and recycled at will. ]

The God of Creation spoke while creating a pure white sphere of divinity in the palm of his right hand.

[From the beginning, until now… … . ]

[ In fact, the factional conflict between the lawful camp and the chaotic camp was just an excuse. ]

[ In order to collect the ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ that had lost their owner in the sacred realm <Miniature Garden>, not only the upper deity but also the formal deity had to lose their lives. ]


‘What on earth am I listening to?’

I felt dizzy.

In fact, doesn’t the war of gods mean that it was necessary to fight in order to collect ‘divinity’ and ‘souls’ into the sacred realm <Model Garden>?

If that alone was enough to confuse my mind, the sudden remarks of the God of Creation continued without even giving me a chance to come to my senses.

[That’s why I waited and cut it down. ]

“… … .”

[I didn’t think about things like the chaos camp from the beginning. All I could do was wait for many higher-ranking gods and formal gods to die in the war of gods. Until one day, when enough ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ come together. ]

“you… … .”

I widened my eyes and glared at the God of Creation, but she did not stop speaking.

[But that too is coming to an end now… … . ]

Rather, the God of Creation spoke with a mischievous smile on his lips.

[ It can be said that there is only one step left until we can all create a utopia through divine <Creation>. ]

After speaking to that point, the God of Creation looked at me blankly and spoke in a heavy tone.

[God of transcendence and death. ]

It’s no different… … .

[I will make the ‘reward’ you want from me right now, so I would like you to do me a favor in return. ]

At the same time as the unprecedented proposal, an unbelievable sound was heard.

[Ancient Godhead. Among them, the God of Time, the owner of the concept of divinity that can manipulate time itself. kill him ]


The God of Creation said so and suddenly placed his hand on that unknown tower.

[The result of collecting and accumulating countless ‘divinity’ and ‘souls’ from the war of the gods is contained in this ‘tower’… … . ]

and… … .

[ If you consume the power of the ‘Tower’ through divine <Creation>, it is not impossible to even provide a miracle that cannot and should not exist in the first place. ]

Next moment.

[I can give you the ‘power’ to destroy even the immortality of the ancient godhead. ]

I couldn’t even say anything, but I was able to clearly realize one fact.

[ how is it? ]

The truth is, the war of the gods was nothing more than a false fight created by them from the beginning, with no winner or loser.

[What would it be like to join me and become an unprecedented god-slayer who destroyed even the notional immortality of an ancient godhead in exchange for creating the utopia everyone desires? ]

In the midst of chaos where I couldn’t see an inch ahead, I was given a choice I had never thought of.

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