The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 440

440. Upheaval (2)

「… … .」

“The special conditions have been met by absorbing the spirits of the dragon?■ ‘Three■?’.”

「You can acquire one of the divinity possessed by the dragon?■ ‘Three■?’ spirits.」

「The potential divinity that can currently be acquired is <Dragon God>, <Yongeon>, <Yongun>, <Yonggak>, <Yongpo>, <Yeokrin>, <Yongoreum>, <Thunder Rain>, <Yeouiju>, and <Deungyongmun>. .」

「※At this time, the uneven potential divinity will not appear as an option in the future.」

It was spectacular.

I feel overwhelmed by the number of deities that cannot even be compared to the ancient deities or higher deities that I have seen so far.

Even if he was a dragon god, one of the three ancient deities known as the lords of this universe, I would never have imagined that he would possess so many divine abilities.

‘… … At best, the scariest thing is that these are nothing more than the divinity possessed by the incarnation of the Dragon God.’

It’s not even just that.

Aren’t all of these options for acquiring divinity that appear before our eyes derived from the incarnation of the Dragon God?

Perhaps, since it is an incarnation rather than the original body of the Dragon God, the divinity and conceptual power of the Dragon God could have been greater than this.

‘… … Well, the God of Darkness, the God of Demons, and the God of Dragons are powerful people in this universe that even the ancient gods are in awe of, so isn’t it such a strange thing?’

After transforming into a concept that exists in the universe and divinity itself, and achieving immortality, how long did it take on earth to accumulate this much power?

‘No one really knows how long those three ancient gods actually existed in this universe.’

And, despite its power exceeding even that ancient godhead, what does it mean that it has reached the borderline of transcendence and has not been able to take even a single step beyond it?

“… … .”

It was simple.

This meant that it was impossible to surpass the boundary of transcendence simply by accumulating infinite divine power.

However, vaguely accumulating divine or mythical supernormal abilities is not the only solution. In order to become a transcendent, some special opportunity that can overturn providence may be needed.

‘… … I guess becoming a transcendent is more difficult than I think.’

However, if you think about what it would take to become a transcendent here, it would not be very meaningful.

So, after putting aside useless thoughts, I decided to choose which of the divine supernormal abilities the Dragon God possessed.

Looking at the ancient gods, higher-ranking gods, and formal gods that I saw while climbing the Tower of Trials, there has never been a being with such diverse divinity and concepts.

So, I was looking forward to it.

‘… … Perhaps, even if you cannot become a transcendent, the key to shortening the time and process to get there may lie in the divine supernormal abilities possessed by the Dragon God.’

In fact, depending on which concept divinity you choose among the remaining concept divinity in the incarnation of the Dragon God, you may be able to have a level of strength that is different from before.

“… … .”

Isn’t the War of the Gods also a situation that shows the same uneasiness as just before a storm breaks out?

Beyond this, we cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no possibility of fighting the God of Darkness, the Demon God, or the Dragon God again.

Therefore, the ideal thing to do was to swallow up all the power obtained from the incarnation of the Dragon God without wasting any of it.

step… … .

‘… … Anyway, I don’t know what to choose.’

It was not easy to decide which divine abilities to obtain from the incarnation of the Dragon God.

―… … I’m really in trouble.


―The fact that there are many divine abilities is definitely a good thing… … . Because of that, I am now confused as to what kind of divine ability I should acquire. I have no idea which one is best.

In fact, Dam Cheon-woo also said that, as if this was something worth worrying about.

-hmm… … . The divine abilities used by the incarnation of the Dragon God are the divine <Dragon> and the divine <Thunder Rain>. Those two were everything. Not only the divine <Dragon God>, but also the divine <Dragon Cannon> and the divine <Yeokrin>, I don’t even know where those powers are used.

“… … The divinity <Yongsin> can be seen as a core concept divinity that symbolizes the ‘Dragon God’ itself, but I don’t know what all the other divinity are used for. “Not all of them are styles in which unique abilities are intuitively revealed in the name of the concept of divinity.”

At those words, the hilt of the blood-cheon demon sword rang, and at the same time, Dam Cheon-woo continued his words.

-in other words… … . In short, it means that it is an adventure to choose a divine ability other than the divine <Dragon> or the divine <Thunder Rain>, which the incarnation of the Dragon God has already demonstrated how to use.

“… … Well, it’s just as it says. Here, choosing any other divinity other than those two is nothing short of an insane gamble.”

―In that case, I will advise you that there is no need to gamble like a gambler. Indeed, it is a great fortune that only happens once in 10,000 years. Choosing something wrong here wouldn’t even be a trivial joke.

“I guess so.”

But for some reason, Dam Cheon-woo’s words did not end there.

―And, even though you may have already guessed that this was a foolish choice, I am telling you this because I think you will do something truly useless… … .

He spoke words of advice in a voice full of worry, as if he was somehow worried that something would happen here.

―… … No matter what happens, don’t even think about choosing the divine <Dragon God>. If you gain the divine <Dragon God>, you never know what kind of disaster will come your way. Do you understand?

“… … .”

Since they have been spending a long time together within the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword, they seem to be able to figure out what kind of thoughts and concerns I have.

―… … her. I don’t know if he has no real thoughts, or if he is so blinded by his power that he ignores even the facts he already knows.

“… … It’s a misunderstanding. “What on earth do you think I was thinking when you say that?”

-what the. Should I even tell you in detail what you imagined? I can’t believe how broad a person like you has a wide range of thoughts. Well, the divinity <Dragon God> is a power that refers to the ancient deity itself called the Dragon God, so if you obtain the concept of divinity, isn’t it an expectation of how much transcendent power you will gain?

“… … .”

… … It was the perfect answer.

-Tsk tsk. Why were you surprised that there wasn’t a single mistake? Once you realize how obsessed you are with power and how crazy you are, your true intentions are clearly visible. How could you not know?

To be honest, I saw it as a tremendous opportunity to obtain the divinity <Dragon God>, which represents the Dragon God itself.

‘… … I don’t know what power the sacred <Dragon God> actually has, but one thing is certain: it implicitly embodies the existence of the Dragon God itself.’

Perhaps, as can be seen from the intuitive name of its unique concept, the divine <Dragon God> has a very high probability of obtaining elements that are directly related to the foundation of the existence of the Dragon God.

‘Mo or do. It’s kind of a gamble, but it’s worth a try. If it goes well, I might be able to inherit the power of the Dragon God.’

Did it look like hitting an egg against a rock from the other side?

-Foolish guy.

A cold voice.

-under! what? In the sacred <Dragon God>, you want to obtain an element that is directly related to the Dragon God itself? Are you sane? Have we forgotten that divinity is not a force made up of pure concepts? This is ridiculous.

A cold scolding followed.

―Divinity <Dragon God> is the same concept of divinity as the Dragon God itself, and accordingly, the Dragon God’s ego and subjectivity will be mixed together. Just as you maintain your ego through divine <transcendence> and divine <death> rather than the brain, which is a part of your body, the dragon god’s gigantic ego will also have its roots spreading deep.

“… … .”

―How would you respond if the divinity <Dragon God> conversely erodes your divinity and divinity, shaking or swallowing up your individual self as ‘Han Seong-yoon’?

“I can solve that somehow… … .”

―Or, even if that is not the case, if the divinity <Dragon God> is a concept divinity that solely represents the existence of the ‘Dragon God’, then the extreme existential contradiction that there are two beings called the ‘Dragon God’ in this universe will inevitably follow. How are you going to overcome that inevitable contradiction of existence and the replication deterioration that may occur as a result?

“… … “Wouldn’t we be able to do that somehow?”


It was firm.

-I can’t say anything. It’s excessive greed. In fact, since it is impossible to obtain a high benefit compared to the risk in the first place, it is not even considered gambling and is just an act of suicide. It has no value at all.

“… … .”

-It would be better to give up this time.

“Is that so… … .”

They didn’t seem to have even the slightest intention of reacting positively to my choice of the divine <Dragon God>.

“… … yes. I know roughly what you mean. Well, even if that’s the case, there seems to be one misunderstanding.”

-Is it an illusion?


however… … .

“Why, just because I said this was a gamble with little chance of success, do you think I would stop here?”


What does that mean?

“Whether or not to choose the divine <Dragon God> in the first place is entirely based on my thoughts and judgment.”

In fact, Dam Cheon-woo, who is nothing more than the weapon ego of the highest-level item called the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword, cannot affect anything they do.

-What, what? Now, wait a minute! this person… … ! Crazy guy!? Well, can’t you stop it! Well, I knew what would happen and I did it!!

Nothing to worry about.


Now, I didn’t care at all what kind of shout I heard from the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword.

I just confirmed that I would obtain the divine <Dragon God> in that split second.

step… … .

「… … .」

“Selection complete.”

“The divinity <Dragon God> is replaced with potential.”

What they said wasn’t wrong.

The divinity <Dragon God> was a concept divinity and the essence of the self that contained the existence of the ‘Dragon God’, a strong man with a different path among ancient deities.

It was time for the concept and essence of divinity, which contains the one and only ‘Dragon God’ in this universe, to dwell not only in the Dragon God but also in me and be engraved deep into my soul.



Somewhere, it was twisted.

「… … .」

“An error occurred.”

“Were there any serious flaws found in the sacred <Dragon God> being put to sleep?”

In the blink of an eye, I felt the enormous divine power spread throughout my body running wild, turning my mind white with terrible pain.

‘It might be impossible to endure this anymore with pure willpower…’ … .’

At that moment, following the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement>, the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>, and other powers that could prevent the divinity and soul from being twisted, I instinctively gathered and activated them.

Damn it… … !!

But is that not enough?


Unfortunately, the divine power was frantically fluttering in all directions throughout the body, turning into divine starlight, and in the end, it was completely uncontrolled and spewed out not only from the eyes but also from the inside of the mouth, overflowing outside.


My consciousness was shaking.

It was the moment when I made hasty adjustments just to keep my consciousness from disappearing with the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement> and the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>.

Now, I could no longer suppress the divinity <Dragon God> swelling within my body and the backlash between divinity and divinity, and I felt the limit coming.

“Conditions satisfied.”

“The sacred <Dragon God>’s divine runaway is temporarily suspended due to an error caused by user Han Seong-yoon.”

“The divine <Dragon God> attempts to unify the ego and memories in order to synchronize with the user Han Seong-yoon.”

Absolutely desperate.

My physical senses have long been paralyzed, and not only my divine power but even my magical power is out of control.

However, the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement> as well as the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability> ensured that divinity and ego were not fundamentally polluted or eroded.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo… … !

‘The level of divinity and soul is increasing enormously… … .’

Still, I vaguely noticed it.

All of a sudden, not only the level of divinity but also the level of the soul is going through a synergistic process, achieving tremendous growth.

Perhaps, if this divinity <Dragon God> could endure without completely destroying divinity and ego, it would be able to become stronger than imagined.

‘You have to hold on more, do it…’ … .’

In order to survive until the end in the War of the Gods, to see for myself where the Tower of Trials began, and to be reborn as a transcendent, I endured everything.


However, it was impossible.


My consciousness flowed somewhere and was cut off.


The dragon of the beginning.

[The dragon of the beginning… … . Pure, supreme… … . You are an immortal being who was completely complete from the moment that life was given to you. All dragons, including me, wherever they are in this universe, will worship and serve you. ]

Ancient deity.

[Dragon God! Please, please! Please allow me to receive the dragon god’s sacred blessings! Give yourself the power to defeat the devil and demons who are throwing the world into chaos! The hero-! I want to become a hero! ]

The end of the universe.

[ ha ha ha!! Did you say dragon god? It’s beyond your imagination! The poor earthworms who call themselves dragons come all the way to the demon world and raise their heads stiffly, so I don’t know what to believe, but… … . There was a reason. It’s worthy of being called a family rival!! ]

From the moment he opened his eyes until nearly hundreds of years later, he was revered and revered by all dragons, and has now been acknowledged by the two ancient gods in turn.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo… … .

Not only was an unknown planet devastated by the aftermath of ancient gods fighting each other with all their might, but the star’s life ended.

“… … .”

The nameless planet announced the end of the world and died, turning black as if to signal the end of the star’s life.

‘… … ah.’

And, at the place where the nameless planet turned black and died, the race of the universe, born as the primordial dragon and ancient deity, looked into the distance.

‘… … stuffy.’

The silver-haired girl looked up at the universe with lifeless, pitch-black eyes and closed her eyes after a few seconds.

‘Why does no one ever ask me my proper name?’

Even though hundreds of years have passed, he is still worshiped as a dragon god, and he hopes for a being close to the transcendental who is now recognized as the lord of the universe.

‘Dragon God. Just, that’s all. Could that be me? or not… … .’

For some it is easy, but for others it is difficult.

‘… … What am I?’

For her, it was a wish closer to the latter.

‘… … ‘I want to have a name that is truly my own, not a cold, hard god name like Dragon God.’

I’m just saying that anyone would like to have their own name that others can call them.

‘… … Now, I don’t want to do something like Dragon God.’

And going further than that, I want to throw away the stigma of divinity and the eternal fate of this ‘dragon god’ and live as myself.

It was a desire to spend my life as an ordinary being, not as a divine <dragon god>, not as the ‘primordial dragon’, not as a cosmic being born with perfect power from the beginning.

‘… … It’s boring and boring.’

That was the dragon god’s first and last wish that could never come true.


A lot of time has passed.

Dragon God’s life did not change at all, and after being recognized as the absolute ruler of the universe, he had to overcome even more terrible boredom.

Then, one day, she went there to make some apostles on a planet and saw something interesting.

‘Have you passed down your divinity from your predecessors to your successors?’

I saw an apostle of a religion serving a dragon god pass on the power of an ‘apostle’ to a saint under his command.

‘Is that even possible for me?’

It was a light of hope.

‘If, as a dragon god, he has the same qualifications and qualities as me, wouldn’t he be able to pass on all the power I have since he is the successor?’

The Dragon God’s eyes shone brightly, like those of a child dreaming.

‘It can happen.’

Perhaps, the Dragon God has never been seen since birth, and there may be at least one person somewhere who can inherit the brand of his divinity and soul.

‘It’s not impossible at all.’

And, if you find someone who can do that, you might be able to build a friendship with that person by calling them by their names.

You will be able to build a relationship that can relieve your loneliness, whether it is like a parent and child, a friend, or anything else.

The wish comes true.

‘heir… … .’

The Dragon God burst into laughter as he inflated his hopes and happy imagination.

‘Then maybe we can become teacher and disciple!’

That’s how the hopeful adventure began.


How much time has passed?

“… … .”

The Dragon God’s eyes were filled with indescribable fatigue.

“… … Let’s stop. Now, it’s okay. “There is no need for a successor.”

She decided to no longer be confused and accept reality.

“… … “Because I’ve been alone from the beginning until now.”

… … The successor to the Dragon God does not exist anywhere in this universe.

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