The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 441

441. Upheaval (3)


The Dragon God wandered in search of a being who could pass on the power he gained as the divine <Dragon God> and the ‘original dragon’.

The power she possessed in the first place was not something she wanted, so if she could find just one successor, she would be able to drop everything and leave.

But it is impossible.

‘… … ‘There is no being anywhere in this universe who can inherit the power I have.’

A lot of time has passed.

Traveling throughout the universe, she searched for a being who could pass on her divinity and spiritual power, but there was no one she could choose as a successor who met all the conditions.

Even just one person.

‘… … The answer was predetermined from the beginning.’

I was resigned.

As the Dragon God gained life and became immortal at the same time, not only did he gain overflowing conceptual divinity, but he also inherited the noble soul qualifications of the primordial dragon and became an absolute powerhouse.

Now she also knew how much of a miracle it was, created by the overlapping of countless seemingly absurd possibilities.

‘… … In the first place, there was no successor other than me who could inherit the power of the Dragon God.’

A look of disappointment fell on the Dragon God’s eyes.

Originally, a dragon was a being born with a strong body, a noble soul, and enormous magical power among the many living creatures.

Just by being born as a dragon, you are one step away from being mortal, and if you gain divinity, you can easily reach the level of higher or formal godhood, assuming you have enough time and resources.

“… … .”

But… … .

Isn’t the current dragon god the representative of the dragon species itself, to which the overwhelming power of the dragon is given as a default value?

From the beginning, he was born as a race god who leads a species called dragon, born with overwhelming racial abilities that made him inevitably become stronger just by breathing.

The divinity of the Dragon God, <Dragon God>, and the uniqueness of the soul as the ‘primordial dragon’ were enough to raise the level of divinity and soul to that of an ancient god.

So, it was a problem.

‘The divine <Dragon God>, and a being who can inherit the power of the soul born with the primordial dragon, and who can be considered a later race god, cannot appear in the first place.’


Even the birth of the Dragon God was the product of a combination of all kinds of rare possibilities, one of the few miracles in the entire long history of the universe.

In fact, in order to be able to inherit the power of the dragon god, one must not only have the soul qualities necessary to become a dragon god, but also have the divine potential to be reborn as an ancient god.

“… … “The successor is an illusion.”

… … It was impossible.

“… … So, let’s give up.”

The dragon god returned to the temple that numerous dragons had built to worship him and sat down on the throne.



Anyway, she knows that nothing she wishes for will come true, but isn’t it possible if she just has a wish?

‘… … Sometimes, wouldn’t it be okay to at least dream?’

She finished her thoughts by slowly closing her eyes on a huge throne made just for the Dragon God.

‘… … One day, I will pass on the power of the Dragon God to my successor and be called an ordinary person.’

… … I decided to wait for someone’s call while holding in my hands a wish that would never come true.



The ego stops shaking.

In the sacred <Dragon God>, the memories and emotions of the Dragon God that flooded in like a flood were forcibly cut off.

Since the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement> and the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability> have been activated, although one may temporarily lose consciousness, the unfortunate event of the ego disappearing does not occur.

‘It was a gamble with divinity and ego as collateral… … .’

In fact, neither the divine abilities nor the self-identity have fundamentally changed at all.

Because of the divinity <Dragon God>, the power of divinity and divinity had to collide and generate frequent repulsion… … .

In the end, none of the numerous divine supernormal abilities shows any signs of damage to the concept or ability of divinity.

Although the most important concepts such as divinity <transcendence> and divinity <death>, as well as all divinity, seem unstable, their fundamentals have not changed.

‘Divinity and ego are not completely destroyed as expected.’

At best, because of the divine <Dragon God>, the divine power was not controlled throughout the body and was transformed into divine starlight, spewing out like crazy.


However, if the divine power continues to be discharged to the outside by the divine <Dragon God> like this, the divine power will not be able to escape from the state of exhaustion for a while.


In an instant, I strongly activated the Transcendental Myth <Spirit Attunement> and forcibly struck down and oppressed the divine <Dragon God>.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo… … .

Then, as this side withdrew their sacred power all at once, even the divine starlight that was overflowing from my entire body slowly stopped, as if a faucet had been turned off.

“The divine <Dragon God> attempted to unify the ego and memories to synchronize with the user Han Seong-yoon, but failed.”

A system message appeared before my eyes, and the sacred <Dragon God> stopped completely, no longer showing any movement.

“The achievement ‘Heir of the Dragon God’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 100.”

It’s not even just that.

The achievement system also seems to have judged that obtaining the sacred <Dragon God> itself was meaningful, and the achievement ‘Successor of the Dragon God’ was also achieved.

So, looking at it up to this point, it wouldn’t be particularly strange to say that I completely obtained the divine <Dragon God>.

‘Is it a success?’

But… … .

「… … .」


“The divine <Dragon God> will not be completely absorbed until it meets the necessary qualifications to be replaced with potential.”


A strange thing happened.

‘What is this… … .’

What do you mean pause?

‘What happened?’

This was something I had never seen before while absorbing divine abilities through necromancy.

Unlike in the past when he was merely a mortal, he has now become an ancient god, so once he obtains divine abilities, he should be able to use them right away.

In that case, for some reason, the power of the sacred <Dragon God> obtained through necromancy was converted to an unusable state, apart from being stabilized.

“shit… … .”


Unable to hide his absurdity, he cursed and at the same time his legs lost strength and he fell to the ground.

It wasn’t enough that divine power constantly erupted from my entire body until I obtained the divine <Dragon God>, and even though I was essentially fine, many divine supernormal abilities rebelled and I suffered damage. As I was lying on the ground, panting. A faint vibration rang out from the main Blood Heavenly Demon Sword on my waist.

―… … Wow, how on earth did this happen? Could it be that he succeeded in gaining the concept of divinity as a dragon god? Well, it couldn’t have been this fine otherwise.

Perhaps this person has realized that not only their divinity but also their ego has not been damaged at all by the divinity <Dragon God>, and they are speaking like that… … .

“… … “Actually, I don’t even know what happened.”


“… … “It is unclear whether I should say that I succeeded in obtaining the divine <Dragon God>, or that I failed.”

―… … .

To be honest, I thought I could say I succeeded in obtaining the divine <Dragon God> or I could say I failed.

“no. If I were to be honest, it’s closer to failure than success. Because the divine <Dragon God> could not melt into me.”

-Failure? Are you saying that the divine <Dragon God> no longer exists in you? To say that… … . That’s strange.

Similarly, Dam Cheon-woo spoke drooling as if he felt something.

―It is nothing compared to beings outside the standard, such as the God of Darkness, the Demon God, or the Dragon God… … . I can feel that not only the status of divinity but also my spiritual status has risen like crazy. Didn’t the divinity <Dragon God> influence the concept of the dragon god as a divinity?

I took a breath, nodded, and answered.

“… … you’re right. However, even though you have the divine <Dragon God>, you have not been able to obtain the same divine status or spiritual status as the Dragon God. “It’s incomplete.”

Somehow, even though I obtained the divine <Dragon God> through necromancy, I seemed to understand why the divine supernormal abilities were not fully converted to potential.

“… … Actually, wasn’t there something that Dam Cheon-woo told me earlier, before I obtained the divine <Dragon God>?”

I smiled bitterly, remembering what Dam Cheon-woo said.

━Or, even if that is not the case, if the divinity <Dragon God> is a concept divinity that exclusively represents the existence of the ‘Dragon God’, then the extreme existential contradiction that there are two beings called the ‘Dragon God’ in this universe will inevitably follow. How are you going to overcome that inevitable contradiction of existence and the replication deterioration that may occur as a result?

Existential contradiction, or replication deterioration.

I briefly wondered which of the two could be the cause, but it seemed closer to the former than the latter.

Among the memories of the Dragon God seen in the sacred <Dragon God> earlier, wasn’t there information about the identity of the ‘Dragon God’?

“I guess, because there are two ‘Dragon Gods’ in this universe, the divine <Dragon God> is not completely engraved on me.”

―That couldn’t be… … .

“Perhaps, if there are no other beings left in this universe who can become the ‘Dragon God’ other than me, the divine <Dragon God> will also become perfect.”

―… … ,

In fact, as long as the Dragon God does not lose the original divinity <Dragon God> or disappears, nothing will change.

-in other words… … . It means that you were just trying in vain, just like I said. What a foolish guy. In the end, isn’t there even a sense of reward for gaining divine supernormal abilities?

Dam Cheon-woo, who heard those words, sent a message with a sigh, but did not particularly agree.



Just like that, I stretched my right hand up to the sky, clenched my fist, and burst out laughing.

“Haven’t the level of divinity and soul increased thanks to the divine <Dragon God> being engraved on me, albeit clumsily?”

We benefited greatly thanks to the divine <Dragon God>’s efforts to adjust our divinity and soul status to a level befitting that of the ‘Dragon God’.

‘Because the divine <Dragon God> was not completely replaced by potential, it did not reach the same level as the real Dragon God, but it caught up much of the power gap.’

Before I knew it, I was feeling the presence of divinity and spirit rushing through my entire body.

“Perhaps we may now be able to defeat most ancient deities purely based on differences in power and status.”

At this point, I feel like I can easily push down an ancient deity of the same level as the epiphytic god I saw last time.

“Isn’t that enough for now?”

The qualifications of divinity and soul that must be met in order to survive in the war of gods have been met to some extent.

―… … Well, when you fight an ancient god, you are essentially at a disadvantage due to the difference in weight and power output, so if that is also an advantage, it would be an advantage.

and… … .


That’s not all.

“I don’t think the power of this divine <Dragon God> will stop here.”

―… … what the. So what are you going to do? What, are you really going to kill the dragon god outside the Tower of Trials? This is ridiculous.

“no. That’s not it, I plan to make the Dragon God’s wish come true.”

―It’s a wish… … ?


I smiled and spoke meaningfully.

“I got to see something interesting thanks to the divinity <Dragon God> trying to devour my divinity and ego.”

It’s almost like you’re really looking forward to what’s going to happen next.

“Perhaps, if the Dragon God’s wish comes true faster than I thought, I might be able to get what I want without the Dragon God losing his power or dying.”

-What on earth does that mean? Assuming that the Dragon God neither dies nor loses its power, what if it would be impossible to completely obtain the divine <Dragon God>? That’s nonsense.

“There is such a thing.”

Well, it seemed like they didn’t really know what I was thinking, but I didn’t really care.

“However, if things go as I think, we will see something very interesting soon.”



Next moment.

“Until then, I think I’ll have to make my own preparations in advance.”

Just like that, my eyes lit up as I looked at one of the system messages floating in the corner of my vision.

「… … .」

“Unlock conditions met.”

“The unique skill ‘Elementary Dragon’ has been unlocked.”

“… … “Even if it’s to become the Dragon God’s successor.”

And very brightly.

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