The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 422

422. Chapter of Choice (4)

In an instant, I parted my lips and answered.

“-I accept.”

Actually, there was no need to worry.

The choice was decided from the beginning.

The War of the Gods would be a situation in which a kind of factional fight continues, with the lawful camp and the chaotic camp opposing each other.

In that case, belonging to any camp was essential.

‘It was said that after the God of Creation and the God of Laws, he is the God of Miracles… … .’


━… … The God of Creation, and the ancient gods gathered around her, said that they would make one thing they wanted based on each person’s contribution.

That’s not all.

━… … Whatever it is.

In case of victory, there were rewards according to each contribution.

One thing is that, at first glance, the story of creating what an individual wants does not seem a bit vague.

However, if anyone understands what the three ancient gods said, they will have no choice but to accept the orderly faction’s recruitment offer.

‘If you know the divine abilities of the three ancient gods, there is no way you can refuse the recruitment offer.’

It was natural.

‘The only thing is, offering to make you what you want is not a metaphorical offer.’

It’s no different… … .

‘It’s like making your wish come true.’

In fact, it means that we will create whatever you want based on divine <creation>, divine <laws>, and divine <miracles>.

‘Assuming it’s true, it’s a big hit, right?’

But… … .「

“The God of Proofs is perplexed by your bold answer.”

[ … … Are you willing to accept it? ]

Did he ever know that I could make such a quick decision without any hesitation?

[ … … Are you serious? If you responded to my proposal with a light heart-]

The God of Proof seemed dumbfounded and suggested that it be better to think about it more.

“no. I gave my answer after thinking about it myself. “There is nothing to worry about.”


“It’s real.”

[ … … . ]

Since this side indicated that they would not retract what they said, the other side also stopped persuading them.

“The God of Proof is looking at you blankly, as if he cannot understand you.”

[ … … hmm. If the person in question says so, I won’t care anymore. Well, no matter what, the power of a being like you is always needed. ]

Just like that, the God of Proof turned his head and continued.

[ Let’s go. In fact, there is no way the orderly camp would refuse to recruit an ancient deity like you. Still, you have to get permission from higher-ups. ]


[ hmm. Isn’t it obvious? God of creation. Or the god of laws, or the god of miracles. That means I must introduce you to one of the three ancient deities. ]

“… … .”


[Moreover, luckily, one of the three ancient deities is at the base, so it won’t take that long. ]


[Follow me. ]

The God of Proof walked lightly and continued speaking.

[From now on, I will guide you to the God of Creation. ]



God of creation.

In the time zone where the Tower of Trials did not appear, it would have been said to be a being with the divine <Creation> and one of the three ancient deities of the Order camp that started the War of the Gods.

Moreover, among the powers this side possesses is the sacred <Creation> obtained through the ‘Ancient Book of Divine Cloning (EX)’, so I couldn’t help but feel very interested.

“… … .”

It’s not even just that.

In this time period of the distant past, when the Tower of Trials did not even appear, there were many ancient gods like them who have never been seen in the modern era.

In short, even though he became an ancient deity and had immortality, he was extinguished or sealed.

‘At least in the realm of what I know, I’ve never heard of any ancient deities like the God of Creation, the God of Law, or the God of Miracles.’

Is that why?

‘Considering that the Tower of Trials has divine <Creation>, divine <Laws>, and divine <Miracles>, all three ancient gods will be extinct or sealed.’

It was heterogeneous.

‘It’s something unusual.’

I continued to think as I walked into the forest, following the God of Proof.

‘There will be a need to find out about this at least once in the war of the gods.’


“The God of Proof notices that he has reached his destination and stops.”

[ -You have arrived. ]

Kagagak… … !!

It was then.

Suddenly, the God of Proof entered a certain point in the forest, and at the same time, a weak divine light was scattered, and some spaces changed.

In the blink of an eye, a huge gray stone gate appeared in the middle of the forest, revealing its presence.

Ugh… … !!


“The entrance to the main base was hidden in the forest thanks to the divine supernormal ability and the activation effect of myth.”

Since it was a familiar method, I wasn’t particularly surprised.

Is it because I have seen various techniques based on divinity while crossing countless diagonals?

Before I knew it, I could understand what kind of device the giant gray stone gate made of nova was.

“After concealing the location of the stone gate using divinity, the sacred power is identified and the shape is not revealed to anyone other than registration.”

Simply put.

“It seems that the location of the stone gate also changes randomly at certain intervals, creating confusion so that it cannot be traced from the outside… … .”

I looked at the huge gray stone gate and spoke calmly.

“It’s common, but it’s okay.”

[ … … No, I don’t think it’s a good thing in terms of security at all since you noticed it right here. What tricks did he use to figure it out right away? By any chance, he even wrote a divinity of that type-]

“no. I just have a good feeling about it. That’s it.”

[ … … . ]

It was possible to find out through pure senses, without even needing to use powers such as divinity or mythology.

‘Because just by looking at it once, you can find out what most sacred abilities are made of.’

If I were to be honest, it felt like an extension of my talent.

This person’s natural talent will allow them to perfectly understand and imitate any technique just by looking at it once.

Moreover, from the moment he was reborn as one of the ancient deities and became even stronger, didn’t his basic understanding of divinity itself increase?

By using not only his natural talent, but also the overwhelming sense he gained from becoming an ancient god, he could easily see through techniques that applied divinity.

“Because I am also one of the ancient gods in my own way.”

But maybe they don’t think that way?

[ … … her. well. I don’t think even ancient deities would be able to recognize everyone so quickly. At least, it’s rare for someone like you to know everything through intuition. ]

When the God of Proof heard those words, he frowned and continued speaking in bewilderment.

[ … … However, even so, some security improvements may be needed. You never know when and where the enemy faction’s gods will invade. There will be more work to do. ]

It’s almost as if the number of troubles has increased.

[But that’s for later. ]

However, just for a moment.

[For now, just follow me. ]

The God of Proof muttered with a sigh, opened the huge gray stone gate, and strode forward.


In an instant, a new scenery unfolded beyond the gray stone gate.

It looks like a variety of colorful buildings are lined up on a land made of pure white clouds.

However, even though I was walking around the main camp of the lawful camp, I did not feel any gaze from the gods.

“It’s quiet.”

At this point, it even feels strange.

“Does everyone in the orderly camp tend to be this quiet?”

[ no. If it had been the same originally, it wouldn’t have been this bleak… … . There’s a reason. Due to the emergency, the number of people deployed has increased, so most of them are active on the front line. ]


[They say that one of the ancient gods, who was not originally a member of the Chaos faction and had maintained a nearly neutral attitude, has revealed his hostile intentions. ]

“… … .”

I understood.

If one of the ancient gods, not just a higher level god or a formal god, had revealed hostile intentions, it would be close to a natural disaster.

Therefore, it is not surprising that all the gods within the lawful camp were sent to the external front.

[Well, from what I heard, the ancient gods have also entered a lull to some extent, and they are all scheduled to return in the near future, so I think things will return to normal within a few days. ]

But that doesn’t mean it’s the worst.

[ In fact, I heard that the God of Creation also returned here after successfully recovering to some extent. ]

Fortunately, it seems that the problem was successfully resolved.

[Perhaps, unlike the God of Creation, the God of Miracles or the God of Law will take time to return, but it won’t matter if we never meet them. ]

Just like that, the God of Proof tsk clicked his tongue and continued.

[ In reality, the God of Creation is no different from the one who leads the orderly camp. ]


[Let me give you some advice. ]


[Three ancient deities. Beware of the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles. I don’t know what kind of dirty things they will do. ]

“… … .”

A temple built on the land of white clouds.

[Actually, although I belong to the lawful camp because I think it is better than the chaos camp in many ways, I don’t really like them. ]

The God of Proof, standing in front of the white temple filled with majesty amidst its splendor, let out a gloomy voice.

[They are dreamers who even started a war of gods for an unrealistic goal that is no more than a sand castle in front of the waves. ]

It’s almost as if he’s making some ominous guess.

[Maybe they… … . ]


[ … … . ]

And that is only for a moment.

[ … … no. In the end, one way or another, it’s just a pointless story. It was a mistake. It doesn’t matter if you forget what I just said. Because it was nonsense. ]

The God of Proof shook his head and walked inside the temple, his eyes shining again as clear as a mirror.

[Let’s go in now. ]



The moment I followed the God of Proof and walked deep into the temple, which felt brilliant and majestic.

「… … .」

“You have entered the sacred realm <Model Garden>.”

“Due to the exclusive effect ‘Base of Creation’ in the sacred area <Miniature Garden>, the divinity and souls that have lost their master flow into the caster.”

It was then.


In an instant, it turned into a space made of divinity.

As soon as you walk into the deepest part of the temple, you are transported to a new space from a certain point in time.

However, the reason why they expressed feelings close to astonishment upon seeing the sacred realm <Model Garden> was not because they had unintentionally ended up in a new place.

‘What is this… … .’

It was natural.

When it came to entering the sacred realm <Miniature Garden>, you could choose to accept or reject it as you pleased.

In the first place, there was no reason to be so shocked as entering this sacred realm <Miniature Garden> was something we had accepted.

“… … .”


‘You’re lying, right?’

In fact, the familiar pillar-shaped gray structure erected in the center of the sacred area <Model Garden> is an image that cannot help but be astounding.

‘That can’t be-.’

It’s no different-.

‘It’s the Tower of Trials… … ?’

The familiar gray pillars of the sacred area <model garden> reflected in this view were very similar to the appearance of the Tower of Trials seen in the ‘Brilliant Divine Catalog (SSS+)’ the other day.

[ -You are an uninvited guest. ]

The surprise is not over.

[ … … I think I told everyone last time that no one should enter my sacred realm unless it was a serious matter for the time being. furthermore-. ]

Suddenly, a woman of mysterious age walked out from the sacred area <Model Garden> next to a gray pillar resembling the Tower of Trials, emitting a gruff voice.

[ … … God of proof. You probably didn’t even want to see me in the first place, right? You will have to explain to me in a way that I can understand why you came into this divine realm. ]


[ … … by the way-. ]

For some reason, I felt like I had seen that mysterious woman with that brown robe and long blonde hair somewhere before.

I remembered.

Originally, when we acquired the sacred <Harmony> from the sacred relic we received from the Light Sword Emperor, we must have seen the Tower of Trials indirectly, based on the residual thoughts contained in the sacred.

You would have seen the Tower of Trials there, and a mysterious woman standing in front of it who argued that the existence of God should disappear from this universe.

So, I was sure.

[ … … I wish you would explain it to me instead of just standing there blankly. ]

The many questions I have accumulated while climbing the Tower of Trials so far will be answered here.

“The God of Creation looks at you with interest.”

[ -Who the hell are you to come all the way here? ]

A new turning point was beginning.

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