The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 421

421. Chapter of Choice (3)

It was an unexpected answer.

‘… … You don’t know anything about the Tower of Trials and causality?’

It was worth it.

In essence, there is no way that strong people who are high level gods like the God of Proof would not know the Tower of Trials and the law of causality.

The Tower of Trials is a transcendental structure that imposes mandatory behavioral restrictions on all gods in this universe through the creation law of causality.

So it was difficult to understand.

‘… … ‘I didn’t intentionally lie or do anything vague.’

From the beginning until now, the God of Proof has never lied, either directly or indirectly.

“The skill ‘Fire Dragon Eye’ detects that there is no lie in the opponent’s words.”

Moreover, even though we used our skills to check whether the other person’s words and actions were true, nothing changed.

‘… … In fact, that god of proof has no idea what the Tower of Trials is or what causality is.’

What that meant was decided.

‘in other words-.’

It’s no different-.

‘-You could say it was a time period when the Tower of Trials didn’t even appear.’

In the first place, the background of this stage itself was before the appearance of the transcendental structure called the Tower of Trials.

‘In fact, there was no need for justification for the war of gods to occur… … .’

Since there was no Tower of Trials and no system of causality, the law of creation, there was nothing strange about what the gods did among themselves.

‘Well, unlike modern times, this is the heyday of the gods, where there is no tower of trials or causality, the law of creation, so no deity is subject to any restrictions.’

Whether the gods destroy an entire planet or gain their faith by dominating the countless mortals below, there will be no restraint.

‘It must be close to a lawless zone.’

It was not difficult to guess what meaning it would have on the countless worlds and mortals in this universe.

“… … .”


“If you don’t know about the Tower of Trials and the law of causality, you don’t have to answer any further.”

Anyway, even if I thought about what kind of hell is unfolding in this universe, I didn’t get any answers, so there was no need to think deeply.

“At this point, I think I’ve gotten some of the answers I wanted.”

In response, I narrowed my eyes and gave a calm, composed look.

“At least in the Tower of Trials and the story of causality, I have no further questions.”

I meant it.

They must have already been convinced that this 36th floor trial stage was a time when the Tower of Trials did not appear.

So, I realized that it would be meaningless to express further curiosity about the Tower of Trials or causality to the God of Proof.

[ … … hmm. I’m just sorry. Since this is my first time hearing these stories, I don’t know anything about them. I don’t think I gave you a satisfactory answer. ]

The God of Proof spoke as if he was disappointed that he could not give a proper answer to this story.

[ … … However, I know quite a bit about the war between the gods, so if you still have any questions, feel free to ask. ]

At this point, the God of Proof seems to have realized that he will not be able to provide meaningful answers to stories such as the Tower of Trials or causality.


In fact, I was curious about what kind of people would reign as ancient gods in the time period that appeared to be before the Tower of Trials was built.

“Then can you tell me how the War of the Gods took place and which of the ancient gods participated in the War of the Gods?”


[ … … Is this when the war of the gods began? ]

Before he knew it, he was filled with shallow anger, and with his eyes frowning as if he felt discomfort, he told the story of the enemy when the war of the gods began.

[ … … The beginning is-. ]

Slowly, but powerfully.

[ -It was a trap I never thought of. ]

The God of Proof said, his dark eyes flashing as if reflecting past memories into his mirror-clear eyes.

[ … … Ten years ago, when numerous gods in this universe gathered on one planet to coordinate each god’s jurisdiction, a confrontational system consisting of that divine realm unfolded and became trapped. ]

The God of Proof continued speaking as if he did not like every single thing that happened in the past.

[Moreover, even those ancient gods who are praised as the lords of this universe, none of them were any different. ]


[Not only the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God called Cheonoecheon, but also the God of Time, the God of Eternity, and the God of Arrogance are also trapped here. ]

It was then.

[It was no different from the three ancient gods who were called representatives of the lawful camp, who caused the war of the gods by spreading it from the sacred realm to the confrontational realm. ]

The moment when the God of Proof looked in this direction and kissed his lips.

[The God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles. ]

I had a hunch.

[Those who preside over and handle the high-level concepts of divine <creation>, divine <law>, and divine <miracle>, respectively. ]

It’s no different-.

[The war of the gods is a fight that will not end until the three ancient gods achieve their desired goal or are defeated. ]

War of the Gods.

The story of the Tower of Trials and a time period when causality did not exist anywhere else in this universe… … .

This means that it will cover the origins of the Tower of Trials in greater depth than any other trial I’ve ever seen.


Is it a coincidence or is it inevitable?

“… … .”

I have never forgotten the list of divinity, the concept of the Tower of Trials, which I once saw as the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+)’.

━… … .

━1000. ‘Divine <Creation>’ :: [Owner] :: [Tower of Trials]

━1001. ‘Divine <Law>’ :: [Owner] :: [Tower of Trials]

━1002. ‘Divine <Miracle>’ :: [Owner] :: [Tower of Trials]


‘Divine <Creation>, Divine <Laws>, and Divine <Miracles>… … .’

Is that why?

‘It is no longer at a level that can be dismissed as an illusion or coincidence.’

Somehow, it felt closer to necessity rather than coincidence that the names of the divinity of the Tower of Trials were the same as those of the three ancient gods.

‘The three ancient gods, the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles, are most likely connected to the Tower of Trials.’


‘then… … .’



The moment I quickly tried to continue my thoughts.

“I express that the God of Proof has told you everything he has to say.”

[ … … This is the whole story I can tell you. ]

I suddenly heard the divine voice of the God of Proof and raised my head.

[ … … In fact, it would be strange to even explain this story to you. ]

Before I knew it, the God of Proof was narrowing his eyes and smiling as if he was interested.

[It can be said that all the gods in this universe participated in the war of the gods, and the ancient gods who were the lords of this universe were no different. ]

The god of proof continued speaking with full of interest.

[Moreover, this planet where the war of gods takes place is equipped with a sacred barrier so that not a single one of the ancient gods can escape, and external invasion is also close to impossible. ]

Unlike before, when I didn’t know anything about the war between the gods, it’s easy to understand now that I’ve received some explanation from the God of Proof.

[So, let me ask. ]

It’s no different… … .

[You, where did this being come from? ]

“… … .”

At some point, the God of Proof realized that this was an ancient god who did not originally exist in this universe.

‘I’m embarrassed.’

In response, I slowly raised the divinity within me with a bitter smile on my face.

‘No way, I would have thought that showing off that I knew nothing about the war of gods would have been such a suspicious act.’

Even if the God of Proof has no hostile intentions toward me, if he harbors any more doubts about this side, variables may arise.

‘Shall we handle it?’

If we are to be honest, it is better to immediately kill the God of Proof without having to keep him alive, so that we can definitely prevent unexpected situations from occurring.

‘There’s no need to hesitate in the first place.’

It is up to you to decide which is the wisest choice.

‘At best, the God of Proof is a fake that is infinitely close to the real thing.’

In an instant, based on the divine <Death> and the divine <Spirit>, the power to kill the opponent without their knowledge is secretly concentrated.


step… … .

[Since you don’t seem to want to answer where you came from or why you came here, I’ll change the question. ]

In fact, this side did not activate the sacred <Death> and the sacred <Spirit>.

[You seem to have come here without even knowing what this war of gods is like, so I can assume you don’t belong to any faction, right? ]

“… … .”

[Let me make a suggestion. ]


A strange thing happened.

[Actually, I don’t like it that much, but I happen to be one of the gods who ended up belonging to the lawful camp. ]

Before I knew it, the god of proof had smiled and made an interesting proposal.

[From the perspective of hoping that the War of the Gods will end as quickly as possible, it would be a great thing if an ancient god like you were to join the lawful camp. ]

Really… … .

“The God of Proof looks at you with expectant eyes.”

[Won’t you join the lawful camp? ]

It was an unexpected suggestion.


Lawful camp.

Earlier, the God of Proof said that it was a group represented by three ancient deities: the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles.

After hearing the proposal given by the God of Proof, I changed my mind instead of activating the supernormal abilities of the divine <Death> and the divine <Spirit of Words>.

“Are you sure they are scouting me?”

[That’s right. Depending on which faction an ancient deity like you joins, the outcome of the war will change in an instant. Whatever it is, I don’t want to leave someone like you behind. ]

“So, you’re saying it’s no different for me to be someone who can’t even guess where I came from?”

[ well. At least it doesn’t seem to be that important to me. If I can end the war of the gods, it doesn’t matter where someone like you appeared. So, what is it like? ]

“… … .”


“One thing, if you answer my question, I will decide after listening to it.”

[ ? ]

“What benefit will I gain by joining the lawful side in the war of the gods?”

[ … … The God of Creation, and the ancient gods gathered around her, said they would make one thing they wanted based on each person’s contribution. ]

The worries didn’t last long.

[ … … Whatever it is. ]

Because I know what it means to create something that those who have divine <creation>, and divine <laws> and divine <miracles> desire.

“-I accept.”

That too for sure.

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