The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 410

410. Upper Tier (2)

Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+).

Being able to observe the supernormal abilities of a divinity by selecting one of the countless divinity records.

Even if the Tower of Trials gave it to me with some intention, there is no reason not to use it.

‘Actually, I don’t really need to worry anymore about what the Tower of Trials wants from me.’


‘Even so, it doesn’t work out the way the tower wants.’

Haven’t you seen that even the Tower of Trials cannot easily break the strength gained by becoming an ancient god?

‘therefore… … .’

That too for sure.

‘There is no need to choose between means and methods anymore.’


‘That way, I will be able to gain the strength I want even a day faster.’

Accordingly, this is the moment when the effect was activated while holding the ‘Brilliant Sacred Catalog (SSS+)’ in one hand.

「… … .」

“The Brilliant Divine Catalog (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’ is activated.”

“The Brilliant Divine Catalog (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’ allows you to view numerous sacred records for the item.”

「With the Brilliant Divine Catalog (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’, you can select one of the numerous sacred records of the item and get a complete understanding of it.」

“When the Brilliant Divine Catalog (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’ is deactivated, it disappears completely.”

An unexpected event occurred in an instant.


In the blink of an eye, the pages of the ‘Brilliant Sacred Catalog (SSS+)’ were opened in the air by themselves.


It’s not even just that.

「… … .」

「147. ‘Divine <Fine>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Flame]」

「… … .」

「248. ‘Divinity <Yeongjong>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Lord’s Clothing]」

「… … .」

「389. ‘Divine <Freeze>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Winter]」

Before I knew it, the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+)’ was showing the name of the divinity on each page, followed by the owner of that divinity.

“… … .”

But… … .


Is it really possible that they will let us see each and every one of the many novae in this universe?

The pages turn quickly without me even having time to look at any of them.

It seemed like I could understand why the description of the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinities (SSS+)’ said that countless divinities were recorded.

「… … .」

「443. ‘Divine <Dawn>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Dawn]」

「… … .」

「644. ‘Divinity <Sunstream>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Flow]」

「… … .」

「725. ‘Divine <Secret Love>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Heavenly Destiny]」

… … Well, if you see the records of divinity increasing one by one and easily exceeding hundreds, you can’t help but notice that something is not unusual.

‘I’m a little embarrassed… … .’

However, just for a moment.

‘Well, I guess it’s not that big of a deal?’

This side had no intention of examining each and every one of those numerous divinity in detail.

‘Well, there’s only one thing to do.’

It was worth it.

At most, there is no need to find out about the divinity of formal deities or higher deities.

Knowing that anything other than the Tower of Trials or the divine supernormal abilities possessed by ancient deities is not worth thinking about, the selection process was not that difficult.

‘Tower of Trials. Or, obtaining the divinity of a dark god, demon god, or dragon god. That’s it.’

In reality, there was no difference.

As it was, I flicked through the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinities (SSS+)’ and searched for the divinities I had prioritized.

It’s just a tedious, repetitive task of reading each and every deity within one page.

Tsutsutsu… … .

Time passed steadily.

This is until, after turning hundreds or nearly thousands of pages, we arrive at a result that is no different from what was already determined.

And, finally… … .

Before I knew it, I was able to discover notable novae engraved on the final page of the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Sacred Catalogs (SSS+)’.

“Ha.” That means only one thing.

「… … .」

「1000. ‘Divine <Creation>’ :: [Owner] :: [Tower of Trials]」

「1001. ‘Divine <Law>’ :: [Owner] :: [Tower of Trials]」

「1002. ‘Divine <Miracle>’ :: [Owner] :: [Tower of Trials]」

It was simple.

“okay… … .”

Tower of Trials.

Foreign matter outside of specifications.

Even if it were an ancient deity with immortality after inscribing the concept of divinity in this universe, it could be crushed by transcendental power.

“This is it.”

… … Doesn’t that mean that we have been able to copy at least part of the power of the Tower of Trials, one of the strongest beings in this universe?

“This is-.”

step… … .

That’s not all.

Originally, what this side was trying to obtain from the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+)’ was not just the divinities of the Tower of Trials.

Accordingly, the moment I looked at the bottom of the ‘Brilliant Sacred Catalog (SSS+)’ and my eyes filled with interest.

Finally, I saw it.

「… … .」

「1003. ‘Divinity <Darkness>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Darkness]」

「1004. ‘Divine <Demon World>’ :: [Owner] :: [Demon God]」

「1005. ‘Divine <Dragon God>’ :: [Owner] :: [Dragon God]」

“-Is this the power of the Tower of Trials and the ancient gods?”

In an instant, a feast of brilliant gods unfolded.


It was huge.

“… … .”

At this point, just looking at each of the divinity engraved in the final page of the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+)’ can be enough to feel something close to a thrill.

‘really… … .’

In fact, aren’t they monsters who must have the greatest power over anyone else in this universe?

‘They’re all amazing from the beginning.’

Is that why?

“Divine <Creation>, Divine <Laws>, and Divine <Miracles>… … .”

Before I knew it, I had laughed out loud when I saw what concept the divine abilities of the Tower of Trials were based on.

“Is it just a formal deity, or is it different from the divinity possessed by those who say it is a higher level deity?”

It was worth it.

The divinity of the Tower of Trials is all close to the auxiliary system or production system.

Additionally, because I had to face countless enemies and countless hardships, I did not place much value on divine supernormal abilities that could not be used in battle.

That’s right, every time we climbed the Tower of Trials, what we felt the need to gain was purely overwhelming power.

‘… … Unless the divine supernormal ability was a growth support effect or a system that could be used as the final hand, I didn’t pay much attention to it.’

In a fight for each other’s lives, aren’t divine supernormal abilities a means of greatly increasing the chances of survival?

‘… … Anyway, when climbing the tower and defeating numerous enemies, there was no place to use the power of the auxiliary systems.’

It was the best.

I have no regrets whatsoever.

If he had obtained the power of the auxiliary system of divine abilities through the supernormal abilities of necromancy, he could not have become this strong.

‘… … I never knew that I would now covet the power of the auxiliary system among the divine supernormal abilities so much.’

But this time was different.

“… … .”

It was certain.

The divinity of the Tower of Trials in front of me was all worth coveting.

Of course, most of the supernormal abilities of divinity vary greatly depending on the interpretation of the concept made during the genesis of divinity, but not that much.

‘… … Somehow, I think I now know what effects some of the divinity of the Tower of Trials had.’

At this point, I’m starting to understand.

What value do the sacred <Creation>, sacred <laws>, and sacred <miracles> of the Tower of Trials have?

It wasn’t difficult to guess.

That’s right, the Tower of Trials has established a huge binding law called causality, and in addition, hasn’t it given unique system benefits to numerous challengers belonging to the Tower of Trials?

Because of that, I was sure.

“creation. And, the law.”


“System and causality… … .”

That means only one thing.

“… … “Creating new laws in this universe.”

Creating new laws that do not exist in this universe.

“… … That was the essence of the power of the Tower of Trials.”

… … It was truly the power of the Creator.


I understood.

Why have so many gods in this universe shown so much hostility toward the Tower of Trials?

I completely understood and agreed.

In a similar way, after much thought, I was able to fit one of the remaining puzzle pieces into the key part, and it felt like I had a vague idea of ​​how the puzzle would be completed in the end.

I got the answer unintentionally.

‘Now I understand everything.’

If the Tower of Trials did not exist, each of the gods would have been free to roam freely without any restrictions.

‘The Tower of Trials created a new law called causality in this universe, which placed restrictions on the actions of many gods.’


‘… … And, as a result, numerous gods inevitably became unable to interfere with mortals on their own without following the law of causality.’

That is, simply because the Tower of Trials had established a huge law of causality, countless gods would have been unable to flourish.

“… … .”

It’s not even just that.

For a god, divinity and faith are powers gained by receiving feelings close to worship from many people.

It is nearly impossible to achieve divinity and faith while being restricted in action by the enormous law of causality created by the Tower of Trials.

Of course, unlike faith, divine supernormal abilities or the amount of divine power can be developed through an independent route… … .

Isn’t that limited to divinity?

‘It is also possible to develop divinity on one’s own under certain conditions, but it cannot bring about that much of a change in divinity.’

In fact, it was impossible to gain faith from so many people under the enormous law of cause and effect created by the Tower of Trials.

‘What’s more, for a god, faith is something that is gained by being worshiped by countless people in the world.’

Suddenly, the Tower of Trials made it nearly impossible for many gods to easily refine their divinity and faith.

‘I can’t really guess what kind of reaction that would have had.’

For the original higher godhead, or formal godhead, faith has a value comparable to the supernormal abilities of divinity.

‘It must have been a catastrophe.’

It was worth it.

The power of myth is truly that, depending on the underlying tale and the level of faith, it can form a high value close to the concept of divinity.

Isn’t it possible to understand this by looking at the myth of this side, <Possibility of Transcendence>, or the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement>, or the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>?

That too for sure.

“… … .”

Is that why?

━Do you know what TOP wants from you?

━Becoming a god. That’s what the TOP wants from a challenger.

━But I expect a higher level from a candidate selected by a top company like you.

Giant tree labyrinth.

If I were to be specific, it was one of the large-scale events that the Tower of Trials had held in the past, which felt like the distant past from what I felt.

Before I knew it, I was able to recall a conversation with an ancient deity called the God of Light as I approached the final floor of the Giant Tree Labyrinth.

━There is only one thing the Tower wants from the Transcendant.

━To destroy all the gods without leaving a single one behind.

━… … That’s why TOP makes you grow.

… … Somehow, after learning that the Tower of Trials had consistently shown hostile behavior towards Shingeuk, I felt a sharp foreign sensation in my mouth, as if I had chewed on countless grains of sand.

━The Tower of Trials gives great praise to challenger Han Seong-yoon for his work.

It must have been the Tower of Trials’ wish to destroy all the gods in this universe without leaving a single one behind.

‘No way, this-.’


‘Actually, isn’t everything that the Tower of Trials wishes for coming true one by one?’

Wouldn’t it be strange to know that in fact, as the Tower of Trials had hoped, this side had obtained the ultimate power that could tear even an ancient god to death?


At that, I narrowed my eyes with a cold smile on my lips.

‘Is that why?’

That means only one thing.

‘I understand why the Tower of Trials said it would no longer exclude me.’

It’s no different… … .

‘I can control this side’s behavior without having to do those annoying tricks anymore.’

It was simple.

‘You decided that it was possible, right?’

In fact, the Tower of Trials concluded that it could control me without using any tricks.

‘That’s quite interesting.’



However, just for a moment.

“It’s more interesting than I imagined.”

Following that, the moment I saw each and every divinity engraved on the final page of the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinities (SSS+)’.

「… … .」

「1003. ‘Divinity <Darkness>’ :: [Owner] :: [God of Darkness]」

「1004. ‘Divine <Demon World>’ :: [Owner] :: [Demon God]」

「1005. ‘Divine <Dragon God>’ :: [Owner] :: [Dragon God]」

After thinking about it in an instant, I made a decision.

Which of the options in front of you is best?

From the beginning, there was only one answer.

“okay… … .”

Mo or do.

“Let’s do it.”

It was time to raise the stakes.

“It was a slightly interesting part.”

In a flashy way.

“Are you curious?”

and… … .

“The god of transcendence and death sends a twisted smile to the Tower of Trials, who is probably watching from somewhere.”

[ Even if that is the divinity that the Tower of Trials possesses, will it be possible to obtain it through necromancy? ]

In an instant, a bunch of system messages appeared.

“Selection completed.”

“I chose one of the numerous sacred records seen through the Brilliant Divine Catalog (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’.”

“The Brilliant Catalog of Divinity (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’ allows you to fully understand the divinity in question.”

“I’ll see you later.”

Next moment.

「… … .」

“Starting nova observation.”

「With the Brilliant Divine Catalog (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’, you will gain a complete understanding of the divine <Creation>.」

“-That way, you too will be able to see the new laws I will create in this universe.”

The Creator’s supernormal ability, the only one among many divinity, was revealed.

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