The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 409

409. Upper Tier (1)

In an instant, space twists and changes.

“I entered the waiting room on the 28th floor.”

That means only one thing.

‘You’re back in the Tower of Trials.’

Before we knew it, we had moved to the waiting room on the 28th floor of the Tower of Trials.

In fact, I definitely received the additional breakthrough reward given by the Pantheon.

Anyway, the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God in the pantheon can meet again in the future and talk, so I have no regrets, but there was one thing that was disappointing.


That’s right… … .

“It’s a little disappointing… … .”

It was natural.

I wanted to see how the many ancient gods on the Pantheon side would react to the mockery uttered by this side.

Among the ancient gods of the pantheon, the God of Arrogance, the God of Arrogance, and the God of Permanence openly despised me and opposed me.


“Well, I should have seen how angry those not-quite-ancient-gods would have been.”

But… … .

Even after seeing that, this side declared war just before returning to the tower.

The next time they meet again, it is with tremendous murderous intent that they will rip apart the God of Arrogance, the God of Arrogance, and the God of Eternity one by one.

Many of those ancient gods must be glowing with unimaginable feelings of anger and humiliation towards me right now.

It felt like I was missing out on an extremely sweet dessert right in front of me.

‘Ah, but I guess I don’t have to be so sad?’

However, just for a moment.

‘Well, since I returned to the tower right away, there would have been no place to vent my anger.’

Somehow, when I thought about the fact that the ancient gods were unable to express their anger because this was from the pantheon, it wasn’t that bad.

“I look forward to the next time we meet again.”

Only then, with a shallow smile on my face, did I open my inventory and do what I had to do one by one.

‘There’s no need to waste time.’

It was worth it.

Since your goal is to reach the final floor after climbing the Tower of Trials, it would be desirable to act as efficiently as possible within the Tower of Trials.

Beyond this, those who belong to the Tower of Trials or ancient gods who are eagerly waiting for us will be waiting.

In that case, resting was a luxury.

‘First, let’s finish what needs to be done.’

As it was, I took out the rewards for clearing the 27th floor of the Tower of Trials in my inventory and checked them one by one.

“Catalog of Brilliant Divinity”

「Grade: SSS+」

“A catalog containing special records of countless deities.”

“When you select one of the divinity recorded in the item, you can activate the exclusive effect ‘Divine Observation’.”

“When observing one of the novae, it is possible to completely understand the nova and observe how it is used.”

“Before selecting one of the divinity within the item and observing it, you can find out who the owner of that divinity is.”

「※However, once you select one of the novae and complete the observation, the item will completely disappear.」

“… … .”


‘You can choose one of the divinity and observe how it is used… … .’

The moment I saw the ‘Splendid Sacred Catalog (SSS+)’, a book with a gorgeous appearance immersed in a brilliant golden light.

‘Is this… … .’

In an instant, I realized how to use the ‘Brilliant Sacred Catalog (SSS+)’ that the Tower of Trials gave me as a reward for clearing the 27th floor trial.

“Surely, we can see the Tower of Trials and the concept of divinity possessed by ancient deities…? … ?”

It was simple.

In this ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+)’, the concept of divinity possessed by the ancient deity, or Tower of Trials, must be recorded.

Of course, it’s still more of a guess than a fact… … .

Doesn’t that mean that we can perfectly understand the divinity of those with tremendous power, such as the Tower of Trials or the ancient gods?

‘… … ‘It’s a great benefit to be able to find out about the supernormal abilities they have and how they use them.’

Perhaps, if we could find out the power of ancient gods such as the God of Arrogance, the God of Arrogance, or the God of Eternity somewhere in this universe, we would have a great advantage in information warfare.

‘… … That’s because I can find out in advance what divinity the target I’m going to fight uses and prepare for it.’

However, that is only a story about when this ‘Catalog of Brilliant Sacredness (SSS+)’ will be generally used.

‘But that’s not all.’

This had real value.

‘The purpose varies depending on how you use it.’

It’s no different─.

‘like now.’

Before I knew it, I was smiling with excitement as I pulled out a top-tier item from somewhere in my inventory.

「Ancient Book of Sacred Cloning」

「Grade: EX」

“An old book containing a very small amount of ‘re-presentation’, one of the powers possessed by the Tower of Trials.”

“It is possible to arbitrarily reproduce and acquire one of the divinity that challenger Han Seong-yoon desires.”

「※However, once you acquire one of the divinity by duplicating it, the item itself disappears.」

Tome of Holy Cloning (EX).

It was a top-level item obtained after clearing the secret wish of the Lord of Sangvis, one of the administrators with whom we had a deep relationship.

One of the most valuable items among the rewards obtained from the Tower of Trials, which can be acquired after recreating one of the divinity.

At this point, I started to feel it.

“… … .”

This time, I wonder what I will be able to achieve after writing this ‘Ancient Book of Divine Cloning (EX)’ and ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+)’.

“Actually, this… … .”

Now that I have a clear understanding of what it means, paradoxically, I am increasingly aware of what I can achieve for myself.

“Well, at this point, isn’t this a benefit that the Tower of Trials gave me to become a transcendent?”

… … Yes, this is the Tower of Trials with the greatest power in this universe, or an opportunity for an ancient god to gain the concept of divinity.


My consciousness became blurred.

If I were to be specific, it would be to the point where my entire body became so dazed as if submerged in water and I was unable to continue thinking.

Even though I was looking at the ‘Ancient Book of Divine Cloning (EX)’ and the ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinities (SSS+)’ in front of me for over ten minutes, I didn’t feel it at all.

“… … .”

For some reason, I felt a psychological shock dozens of times greater than when I had succeeded in killing the god of birth so that he could no longer survive.


It was worth it.


this is… … .

“this is right?”

This is a situation that is literally on the verge of a collapse of balance.

By using this ‘Catalog of Brilliant Divinity (SSS+)’, you can find out the concept of Divinity of the Tower of Trials or the Ancient Godhead.

However, if the item had all the ability to observe divinity, this person would not have received such a big psychological shock.

But that wasn’t the case.

‘If you find out one of the concept divinity of the Tower of Trials or the Ancient Godhead, you can obtain that concept divinity without any restrictions.’

Not only that, but if I write this ‘Ancient Book of Divinity Replication (EX)’, I can obtain the concept of divinity discovered through ‘observation of divinity’.

‘Purely, this is an extra-standard power… … .’


‘I think I fully expected the Tower of Trials to end up like this… … .’

There are also questions about that.

‘Then for what reason did the Tower of Trials give me such an enormous benefit?’

Haven’t they already acquired enough power to not be controlled by the Tower of Trials?

‘That’s strange.’

Even if the Tower of Trials were to give me more compensation than expected to help me become stronger, I wouldn’t benefit much from it.

‘Anyway, even if I did that, they would know that I have no intention of following anyone’s intentions anymore.’

That’s right, I’m one of the ancient gods in this universe who hasn’t suffered damage or been put on a leash by the Tower of Trials.

“… … .”

step… … .

━The Tower of Trials gives great praise to challenger Han Seong-yoon for his work.

Still, one thing was certain.

━I am confident that Tower of Trials challenger Han Seong-yoon has overwhelming qualifications among several candidates.

━The Tower of Trials acknowledges that challenger Han Seong-yoon is someone that no one can replace.

━We believe that there is a possibility that challenger Han Seong-yoon will reach the final level of the Tower of Trials.

A mistake or coincidence.

━The Tower of Trials no longer excludes or denies challenger Han Seong-yoon.

This is nothing like that.

━The Tower of Trials selects challenger Han Seong-yoon as the final candidate, and all restrictions are lifted accordingly.


“… … .”

I don’t know why, but I was certain that the Tower of Trials saw new possibilities in my killing of the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities.

‘Yes, the Tower of Trials still wants something from me.’

However, other than that one fact, I can’t find out anything right now, so any guesses are meaningless.

‘That’s okay.’

There was no need to rush to answer.

‘It’s nothing to worry about right now.’

That’s right… … .


Anyway, there is only one thing I wish for.

‘Because that’s the only goal I care about.’

After being reborn as the only transcendent person in this universe, no one can oppose me.

‘That’s all.’

That’s it, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter what the Tower of Trials wants from me.

Anyway, I have no intention of letting anything go according to other people’s intentions.

Only then did I cut off the endless thoughts and finished checking the other items left in my inventory one by one.

「Special ability increase potion」

「Grade: SS-」

“A potion created by the tower for numerous challengers with special abilities.”

「When taking it, you can randomly select one of the special abilities and increase it by +100.」

A slightly light gray colored potion.

“A ring full of darkness”

「Grade: SS-」

“A defensive relic created with great care by the God of Darkness just for one person.”

「When challenger Han Seong-yoon uses it, the exclusive effect ‘Deep Night Curtain’ can be activated.」

“It is activated at the cost of the user’s divine power, and can be consumed by designating one of the divine supernormal abilities.”

「※However, the item disappears immediately after activation and cannot be used further.」

A bracelet that looks as if the abstract concept of darkness has been transformed into a tangible substance and turned into a sacred relic.

‘Is this the end of the ordeal clear reward?’


「… … .」

“Concept increases by +100.”

In the blink of an eye, I used the grayish ‘Special Ability Raising Potion (SS-)’ and then put the ‘Ring Filled with Darkness (SS-)’ on my wrist.

‘Exclusion of divinity. There’s nothing wrong with it even if it’s just a one time thing. Well, the relic effect itself is definitely worth using as a hidden card.’

At this point, it can be said that all but one of the rewards for clearing the 27th floor of the Tower of Trials have been confirmed.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

That means only one thing.

“The god of transcendence and death sparkles with anticipation.”

[ -Which one will I obtain from the Tower of Trials and the divinity possessed by the ancient gods? ]

The moment to acquire a new concept, divinity, has arrived.

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