The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 388

388. Dimensional competition (4)

In an instant, their gazes crossed.

“… … .”

The relaxed-looking man in front of me was showing off his infinitely high status.

‘We’re getting close to the end of the higher level of godhood… … .’

As if the power received from the tower had raised the level of divinity itself.

At that, I frowned and looked at the man I assumed to be Emperor Pacheon.

Compared to this side, it was still at a high level of godhood, so it was at a level that could be easily dealt with.

‘The best thing to do would be to kill that guy before he perfects his ability to compete with an ancient god.’

It was worth a try.

Even if they are receiving power from the tower, isn’t that person just a challenger?

However, on the other hand, this one became an ancient god even though it did not receive that much direct power from the tower, and not only that, it even had the potential to surpass the ancient god.

Just by winning this battle, you will be able to reach the level of ordinary ancient gods based on the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>.

In response, I prepared for a fight and glared at Emperor Pacheon, holding the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and the Pacheon Sword in both hands.

But is that something that bothers you?

“The Void God looks at you as if he is disappointed.”

[ hmm. He is truly a bastard. You’re already getting ready to fight like a scared dog. What a disappointment. ]

Before I knew it, Emperor Pacheon was looking down and stroking his chin, and then he spoke as if he was lamenting.

[Well, he is an uncivilized person who knows nothing about martial arts, so I will ask you to understand this. Let’s doze off. ]

And I nodded and sneered at him.

Do you really want to make it known that you are a challenger from Moorim?

That person is completely unlucky, starting with the way they speak.

At this point, I don’t feel it’s worth having any more conversations about the challengers from Moorim.

However, regardless of that, I responded to what he said with a light chuckle.

“That’s great understanding.”

and… … .

“But do you know that?”

Next moment.


As it was, I smiled coldly, all the divinity within me expelling to the outside like an active volcano.

“Doing it that way won’t make any difference to me dying.”


A truly overwhelming force shakes outwards.

Suddenly, floating rocks all over the island or streams of water flowing in the air were distorted unstable and splashed in all directions.

It’s as if he couldn’t withstand the divinity and spirit that I emit.

Now, just by purely expressing my bad mood, various physical phenomena occur.

Emperor Pacheon, who saw this, let out an exclamation as if he was surprised.

[ haha! How dare you have the spirit to discuss my death? That’s great! Excellent! Doesn’t it make you want to gouge out your own eyes with your own hands? ]

But… … .

[However, it turned out to be unfortunate. ]

For some reason, Emperor Pacheon shrugged his shoulders as if he had no intention of fighting with this side and then spoke.

[–I thought you were a talent too precious to tear down and kill with my own hands. ]

That was also a very absurd statement.



What kind of talent did this guy from Moorim think he was?

Before we had time to wonder about this, Emperor Pacheon stood on the floating rock and extended his hand filled with goodwill.

[ Hunter. ]


[Help me climb the tower. ]

I listened quietly for a moment without doing anything.

[So, join with the will of the throne and help achieve the grand wish of the throne from the top of that tower. ]

At this point, I’m starting to wonder how far this bullshit will go.

[This is an order, not a suggestion, so please know that this is a genius opportunity personally given to you, you idiot. ]

But even that didn’t last long.

“… … Well, since you kept saying difficult things earlier, I was wondering what you wanted from me, but it’s not a particularly difficult request.”

It was simple.

“In short, you’re saying you want me to die right now, right?”

I think it means that the Emperor in front of me is a suicidal person.

In that case, it was enough to do as you wish.

That’s right… … .

“The god of transcendence and death laughs at the inferior god and expresses his murderous intent.”

[It’s a bug. ]

If I had to be honest, they are skilled at treating suicidal people.


The passage of time seemed to be swallowed up in silence.

“… … .”

It was natural.

After hearing what this person said, Emperor Pacheon’s face became completely expressionless, and anyway, I just stood there without any problem.

Should I say that it is the tension before the storm, as if they are about to engage in a decisive battle at any moment?

But I didn’t have many regrets.

Anyway, based on countless experiences, don’t you know that you can’t have a normal conversation with challengers from Moorim?

‘There is no need to have further conversations and find room for compromise.’

It’s not even just that.

‘… … Well, even if that’s not the case, I still covet the power that they have.’

I was curious.

In fact, what power does Emperor Pacheon, the challenger who is regarded as the strongest among the martial arts people, have?

And at the end, my anticipation was growing as to what kind of unique skill, or concept of divinity, I would extract from Emperor Pacheon’s command.

‘… … Well, I’m looking forward to it.’


[ okay. It’s a rejection… … . Indeed, it’s a foolish choice. Foolishly. ]

Does that mean it’s no different over there?

[Well, actually, I think I may have been secretly hoping that it would be like this. ]

Before I knew it, Emperor Pacheon withdrew his outstretched hand and said that, then smiled.

[Don’t you think that there is too much power in a trash topic that is just chosen by TOP? ]

As if it should have been this way from the beginning without any need for persuasion.

“The God of Void shows his hostility towards you and expresses his divinity.”

[You will have to face death cursing your own foolishness. ]



Next moment.

「The deity-exclusive power ‘List’ is activated.」

“You can designate up to 100 of all beings within 1,000 meters.”

“The beings listed on the Shinigami list get closer to death every minute and become greatly weakened.”

“Anyone who continues the battle for more than 44 minutes while listed in the list of Shinigami will be eroded by sacred <death>.”

[You are the one who will meet such an end. ]

As it was, I activated the list, a power exclusive to godhood acquired as the god of death, and began the countdown to death.

Of course, this does not necessarily guarantee victory… … .

Even so, if you can hit the Holy <Death> on the Emperor of Heaven based on the power exclusive to the Godhead, the fight will be greatly easier.

“Skill ‘Battle Acceleration’ is activated.”

“Skill ‘Shock Block’ is activated… … .」

“Skill ‘Instantaneous Acceleration’ is active… … .」

‘First, let’s see what kind of concept divinity it has.’

I was just about to kick my feet by activating various reinforcement skills.


Suddenly, something like a beam of light passed through my vision and then struck my entire body.

It’s as if they won’t even allow any response from this side.

The attack stopped only after he fell onto one of the rocks floating around the floating island.

I was embarrassed and spit out blood from my mouth.


An invisible attack?

It was not an advanced applied technique that utilized sacred power, such as deep sword or attack fist, so it was clearly strange that it could not detect the opponent’s attack.


That wasn’t all.

Doesn’t this person have the ability to see and dodge anything, even if it is a deep sword or a sharp attack fist?

If so, this was not a combo using divinity.

‘I’m going to be amazed.’

That means only one thing.

‘It’s just that I am overwhelmed in terms of pure physical ability?’

The physical capabilities of the man in front of me are far superior to this level of physical capabilities.

[Hahaha—! Indeed, he is truly a sleepyhead! Isn’t it like that because it depends on the divinity, skills, etc. that you get from being chosen by the tower? Foolishly! ]

And was that guess really not that different?

Before I knew it, Emperor Pacheon was smiling hollowly and giving a mocking look from the upper level of the floating island.

After hearing those words, I used the power skill ‘Ashen Blood’ to remove the damage from my body and stood up.

“well. Aren’t you the one chosen by Top, not me? “If only to be granted that level of divinity.”

But… … .

[ under. ]

Emperor Pacheon let out a cold sneer as if he couldn’t agree with that statement.

[How dare you compare me to this lucky bastard who was only chosen by the Tower? ]


[If so, let me know. ]

At the end, Emperor Pacheon’s two hands made different movements and became three or four rays of light.

[The difference between you and me. ]

In an instant, the Emperor Pacheon’s fist poured down like a storm in this direction, leaving three or four afterimages.

“The myth <The Hero of Reversal> is activated.”

“All abilities increase by +1,000.”

“The special buff <Best Compatibility> is activated.”

「All abilities increase by 10%, limited to when dealing with the challenger ‘Bacheon Emperor’.」

In response, I immediately activated the myth <The Hero of Reversal> and continued to respond correctly.

“The conditions for exclusive spell activation have been met.”

“The exclusive spell <Contempt of the Strong> is activated.”

“All abilities and all skill efficiency increase by 100% until the end of the battle.”


“Skill ‘Battle Focus’ is activated.”

“The user’s concentration increases tenfold.”

Suddenly, I felt as if my physical abilities had become dozens of times stronger and I smiled.

‘What… … .’

I was shocked.

All of Emperor Pacheon’s movements can still be seen to be infinitely fast.

If they had at least used the myth <Hero of Reversal> and the exclusive spell <Strong Self-Contempt>, they should not have been defeated even if they faced the other side, but that was not the case.

‘What is this again?’

However, just for a moment.


In the blink of an eye, I saw the power of the Emperor Pacheon shoot out, and I gently channeled the power with my dual swords.

Oh my gosh!

Just by releasing that overwhelming power, parts of the floating island are unable to withstand the remnants of the power and break apart.

“… … .”

After seeing that, I laughed again as I landed on one of the rocks floating around the floating island.

“It’s really absurd.”

At this point, it was no longer a coincidence.


Only then did I glare at Emperor Pacheon as if I had realized something and said with a mocking tone.

“That’s a unique trait, right?”

It was worth it.

Before I knew it, the divine power flowing from Emperor Pacheon’s entire body had become much weaker.

And that’s not the end.

The concept of divinity of the Pacheon Emperor, who had originally reached the end of the upper divinity, was losing its shine.

It was like this every time Emperor Pacheon’s physical abilities became stronger.

“I never would have thought that as a high-ranking god, I would devote all of my accumulated divine power and status to physical abilities and such.”

After I said that, Emperor Pacheon laughed loudly and responded.

[ ha ha ha! Yeah! The main seat! Don’t rely on trivial powers like divinity! Unlike bastards like you, I am not deceived by the tower’s tricks! ]

Emperor Pacheon continued speaking with a look of madness on his face.

[Do you think that’s all?───! ]

Next moment.

“Divinity <Void> is activated and the concept nova within a 100m radius is converted to ‘Void’ state.”

… … Before I knew it, I was able to notice that I could not fully manifest the supernormal abilities of the concept of divinity.

“… … .”

It was heterogeneous.

If the concept of divinity and the soul status accumulated by becoming an ancient god remain, should it be said that it is difficult to fully manifest divine power?

It seems like some kind of sacred seal… … .

Even if activating the concept of divinity has become difficult due to the divinity <Void>, this is not particularly confusing or embarrassing.

“The transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability> is activated.”

“From now on, challenger Han Seong-yoon’s actions will be subject to the divinity effect of <Denial of Transformation>.”

“You can deny all negative changes about you that are brought about by external interference.”

“From now on, the divinity effect of <The One and Only> will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“External phenomena can never imitate the power that is yours without permission.”

In fact, as long as there is the transcendent myth of <absolute immutability>, I will never lose my power.

Still, does this mean that it is considered sacred in its own way?

The effect of the sacred <Void> has not completely disappeared.

But it wasn’t frustrating.

‘It’s worth it.’

Even with the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>, it is a bit difficult to operate the divinity… … .

Unlike the original concept of the divine <Void>, the divine ability is not completely sealed.

However, the person on the other side did not seem to know that fact and continued to rave as if they were absorbed in themselves.

[Now—! With this, all the powers you were lucky enough to acquire will be gone! Don’t rely on that fake power, you bastard! ]

I looked at Emperor Pacheon with a strange expression and asked him a question.

“Excluding the true divinity <Void>, did you devote all your conceptual divinity to one physical ability?”


[ okay-! All divinity except the divinity <Void> was dedicated to my martial arts! Come on! Come, Moribae—! Bow before my power! ]

When I heard that, I had to burst out in uncontrollable laughter and smile with great joy.

[ … … ? ]

Emperor Pacheon’s face frowned strangely, as if he couldn’t understand it from the other side, and shallow anger and doubt flowed from his mouth.

[ you… … . This bastard. Why is he smiling so much? How dare you say what I said sounded so ridiculous? On the topic of dozing off. ]

But it wasn’t scary.

“ah… … .”


“Is it funny?”

If I had to be honest, should I say that I feel happy now, as if I was watching a funny comedy?

“That’s right, isn’t it funny?”

Before I knew it, I saw that Emperor Fa’s divine power had decreased to an infinitely low level, and I said with a big smile:

“really… … .”

It’s not even just that.

Is the sacred <Void> a sacred effect that even I cannot avoid?

The divinity of the Emperor Pacheon has become weaker than before.

“I owe you thanks.”

[What on earth is that… … . ]


[ … … . ]


“Probably, I will never see a foolish godhead like you who is so eager to give away his power again.”

Then, I whetted my appetite by looking at Emperor Pacheon, who had foolishly become a weakling.


As if there was no longer any need to just look at the exquisitely prepared meal.

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