The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 387

387. Dimensional competition (3)

A system message appeared before my eyes, announcing the end of my break.

「Time ends.」

“It’s time to move on to the next stage.”

“The next stage will be a competition between multiple dimensions.”

“Prepare for a large-scale battle.”

Originally, the stages within the dimensional cradle consisted of competitions with challengers from other worlds.

Of course, these are not worlds where names such as Ares or Murim are widely known… … .

Still, I have fought against challengers from other worlds who have enough experience to climb to the top in their own way.

If so, something was different this time.

“… … .”

At that, I narrowed my eyes and became lost in thought.

‘In short, this means that I will be fighting with numerous challengers from another world.’

Should I really call it a kind of death match?

This means that a large-scale battle must be fought not against challengers from one world, but against challengers from numerous other worlds.

however… … .

I didn’t feel any pressure about it.

Anyway, didn’t this side have the best compatibility in large-scale fights even before they became ancient gods?

Even if it is a fierce battle with challengers who have no unique divinity, there is no way there will be tension.

‘That’s okay.’

It’s not even just that.

A situation in which all abilities are completely preserved based on the transcendental myth of <absolute immutability>.

In fact, there was no way that the game could be changed unless an ancient god or someone with abilities equivalent to a higher god appeared from the other side.

‘If a challenger like Emperor Pacheon appears, it might be worth fighting.’

Of course, I was looking forward to the confrontation with the martial artist known as Emperor Pacheon.

In any case, he was the person who was said to be the closest to the strongest in the martial arts world, and not only that, he was feared by many challengers.

However, in other words, it means that unless you are a challenger like Emperor Pacheon, you are not worth dealing with here.

‘Now that I think about it, did you say that even Emperor Pacheon doesn’t come out of his dimensional cradle?’

Is that why?

‘Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to meet Emperor Pacheon here.’

I stood there without any particular expectations or thoughts.

「※You will enter the next stage immediately after 10 seconds.」

「※You will enter the next stage immediately after 7 seconds… … .」

「※Enter the next stage immediately after 4 seconds… … .」

However, just for a moment.

“You have entered the dimensional cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]>.”

The moment when the countdown that foreshadows moving to the next stage is completely over.

“A challenge for Dimension Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> has occurred.”

「Challenge description: Cooperate with challengers from Earth to obtain more than 10 ‘Tokens of Selection’, then enter the ‘Floating Island’ and steal the ‘Void Stone’.」

「Challenge Feature: This is the final stage. Every time you kill 10 challengers from another world, you can obtain a ‘Token of Selection’.”

「Challenge success condition: Completely dominate the Void Stone (0/1)」

「Challenge success reward: Dimensional barrier (EX), skill proficiency increase potion (A+), bracelet of sorting and floating (A+)」

In an instant, the space changed from a splendid blood-red fortress to a vast island.

‘It’s the final stage… … ?’

And that’s not the end.

Before I knew it, a system message appeared in my field of vision, informing me that this was the final stage in the dimensional cradle.

If you don’t win this final stage, you may face the worst possible outcome… … .

Only then did I notice a certain fact.

‘So that means all challengers from other worlds will also gather here?’

The fact is that this is not a stage that can be overcome as easily as I thought.

「… … .」


“Conditions satisfied.”

“All official climbing levels recognized by the Tower of Trials have reached the final stage.”

“The ‘Void Stone’ of Dimensional Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> grants the owner tremendous power depending on the percentage of dominance.”

That means only one thing.

“The challenge ends when the control rate of the ‘Void Stone’ on the floating island reaches 100%.”

“However, you can steal it from your opponent until the control rate of the ‘Void Stone’ reaches 100%.”

“The ‘Void Stone’ of the Dimensional Cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]> is occupied by the challenger ‘Pacheon Emperor’.”

Emperor Pacheon (破天皇).

In fact, he is a challenger who is treated as the strongest among the martial arts figures.

It gained tremendous power in this final stage and became something of a final boss.

“The Tower of Trials is supplying power to the challenger ‘Emperor of Heaven’ according to the Void Stone dominance rate.”

That’s also huge.


Before I knew it, I was clenching my fists as I read the system messages.

“… … .”

It was the worst.

Originally, this was supposed to be a situation where an overwhelming massacre was carried out on this side.

However, if the Tower of Trials was directly providing power, many things were bound to change.

‘Just like in the Battle of the Gods, the tower directly intervenes and provides strength… … .’

It was worth it.

The Tower of Trials is a structure with transcendental power equal to or greater than that of an ancient deity.

On the battlefield of the gods, didn’t you see that one of the high-ranking gods who received the power given by the tower gained power close to that of an ancient god?

If so, this can no longer be a one-sided massacre.


This side also had no choice but to assume the worst case.

-What is this again?

And did Dam Cheon-woo also realize that?

―The Tower of Trials is directly supplying power to the challenger… … .

Suddenly, Dam Cheon-woo expressed his anger by shaking the blade of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword.

―Isn’t this a real foul…? … !!

And, unlike before, when nothing much was said, it was extremely loud.

―Actually, isn’t this trick aimed directly at you? As it was, Dam Cheon-Woo continued to use the Blood Heaven Demon Sword and spoke while trembling.

―Only in the battlefield of the gods was it possible to understand that it was the tower’s testing ground, but is there any corner of this that can be understood?

It’s as if even Dam Cheon-woo’s common sense couldn’t tolerate it.

―This is a competition between challengers! It’s a decisive battle for both worlds! But you undermine the fairness of the duel? How dare you ask, what kind of evil is this!

Is it because he was originally a martial arts challenger himself?

Somehow, Dam Cheon-woo seemed more angry than this person about this situation.

Well, since he is a martial arts challenger who even has a tendency to worship dueling, there must be something like that.

As I felt my anger gradually cooling down, I placed my hand on the blade of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword and spoke with a cold sneer on my lips.

“It doesn’t matter.”

It’s no different… … .

“Anyway, we’re used to TOP making vain attempts now.”

Since the Tower of Trials had been involved in such maneuvers several times, I was now somewhat used to it.

“Rather than being needlessly angry, it would be more effective to think about the other side now.”

Before I knew it, my eyes were shining with a mixture of anger and anticipation.

“Things like how we can get at least one more thing from the tower.”

―… … flaw. okay. That would suit you better. I’m just worried about your henchmen.

“What a henchman… … ?”

-The challengers from Earth that you lead.

“… … .”

It was absurd.

How dare you describe the challengers from Earth as my lackeys?

In response, I stared at the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword, sighed, and answered.

“… … That is also true. “There is a need to protect challengers from Earth.”

And Dam Cheon-woo said that he liked it.

-okay. therefore… … . You better hurry up and take care of the henchmen that are following you around. That way, you won’t have to worry about them anymore. Do you understand?

The expression is a bit rough, but… … .

If we had to be honest, it was safe to say that nothing was wrong.

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the level of challengers from Earth is much lower than that of other dimensions.

‘It could be dangerous if you meet challengers from Ares or martial arts, such as a sword master or a supreme expert.’

Even if the challengers from Earth knew better how to use the skills or powers they obtained from the Tower, that fact did not change.

‘I can’t help it.’

I looked at the challengers from Earth whispering in the background and made a plan.

‘I just have no choice but to eliminate all elements that threaten challengers from Earth.’


“I have something to tell you. Could you come here for a moment?”

As it was, I called Lee Ha-yeon and Catherine Bennett, whom I am close friends with, and told them about this.

He preached that it would be more efficient to stay in the safest place possible until this side eliminates all challengers from other worlds.

Just by doing so, you will help me overcome the challenge given to me in this final stage.

After hearing that, Lee Ha-yeon and Catherine Bennett each nodded in agreement.

“Mr. Seongyoon. Even if it wasn’t, I was going to tell you about that… … . thank god. I felt relieved. As you said, we will make safety our top priority.”

“… … what. I thought it would be you. I will do the persuasion for the remaining challengers, so come back. Well, don’t get hurt too badly.”


“Then let’s go now.”

After leaving it up to those two to persuade the remaining challengers.

Just like that, I stepped into the air and flew up, activating the authority ‘Wings of Steel’ and expanding my senses.

This is to track down and kill all powerful enemies that are located somewhere in the dimensional cradle <Island of Sort and Floating [A-?]>.

‘Is there a thin dome-like protective shield spread out in the center of the island?’

As I flew through the sky, I completely understood the structure of the island.

The final stage could be said to be a kind of donut-shaped island.

If we had to be honest, we would have to say that the middle of the island is open.

‘Is that the place where Emperor Pacheon is located?’

And in the middle of that donut-like island, there was a floating island.

‘I just haven’t met the entry conditions yet.’

Perhaps that is a floating island that contains the ‘void stone’ referred to in the system message… … .

“Did you say that you can obtain a ‘Token of Selection’ every time you kill 10 challengers from another world?”

After figuring out where the challengers from the other world were, I smiled cruelly.

“There’s no need to wait.”

It’s no different.

“At best, if all you have to do is kill 100 challengers from another world, it will be quick.”

Isn’t this the most ideal way for the vanguard to protect their teammates from the enemy in front of them?

In the first place, all enemies on the front line are killed before team members even face them.

That was the most efficient way to protect team members.

“Then there will no longer be a need to protect challengers from Earth… … .”

and… … .

“The god of transcendence and death sentences death.”

[Let’s end the game of tag right now. ]

Next moment.

“The power skill ‘Holy Light’ is activated, creating starlight imbued with divine <death>.”


In the blink of an eye, black starlight swept over every corner of the island, bringing it to an end.


The fight itself went exactly as expected.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon has become 0.61% closer to [transcendence] by winning against multiple challengers.”

“I have absorbed the spirit of challenger ‘Katram’.”

“I have absorbed the spirit of the challenger ‘Lirigrick’… … .」

“I absorbed the spirit of the challenger ‘Airak’… … .」

「… … .」


Is there really a need to call this a fight?

Before I knew it, I was searching for and killing challengers from other worlds who had not been killed by the divine starlight, one by one.

‘It’s annoying because there are people who have the ability to protect or withstand divinity.’

But even that didn’t last long.



The level of ancient godhood that we have reached was not achieved through gambling.

As I continued my high-speed flight, I took the breath away from the challengers who were surviving on various parts of the island.

It wasn’t that difficult.

Anyway, the only strong challengers here are the sword masters of the Ares dimension and the martial arts masters.

only… … .


“You monster! The Empire’s 91st Sword Master, Karmian von Eugraus, will deal with you… … !! Huh-!?”

“Time, time, take the time!! As long as that guy is human, he’ll get tired! “Don’t give that guy a chance to recover and use all his abilities!”

The one-sided massacre was literally repeated.

Somehow, there were some challengers from this world who looked at me and hoped that they would get tired, but they soon realized that too.

The fact that this side never gets tired.

And that’s not enough, I can overwhelm them purely with my physical ability alone, without having to show any cards in my hand.

「Slay 10 challengers from another world and obtain 1 ‘Token of Selection.」

“Slay 10 challengers from another world and obtain 1 ‘Token of Selection’… … .」

“Slay 10 challengers from another world and obtain 1 ‘Token of Selection’… … .」

How much time has passed since then?

「… … .」

“Slay more than 100 challengers from other worlds and collect a total of 10 ‘Tokens of Selection’.”

“It is now possible to enter the ‘Floating Island’ located in the center of the dimensional cradle <Island of Sorting and Floating [A-?]>.”

“It’s simple.”

When I saw the system message that appeared in front of me, I mumbled, shook the blood off my sword, and kicked the ground.


and… … .

“Is this the point now?”

Just like that, I landed in front of the entrance to the floating island in the center of the island and walked beyond it.

“… … .”

Is it because the entry conditions were met in the final stage?

The shield constructed by the Tower of Trials could be easily passed through without any obstacles.

And so, I remained silent and continued to make some observations about this place named Floating Island.

‘It’s light.’

Everything I could see was floating.

It’s as if gravity itself is weak on this floating island.

However, the weakened gravity did not apply to humans, so there was no particular inspiration from this perspective.

It is obvious that even the weakening gravity would have been erased by the transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability> anyway, so there is no need to attach meaning to it.

‘Anyway, where is Emperor Pacheon… … .’

However, just for a moment.


!Suddenly, a huge shock sounded from the upper levels of the floating island, followed by a system message.


But… … .

What appeared before my eyes was not just a system message.

Suddenly, as I was looking up at the upper part of the floating island, a man with a relaxed look appeared there.

“The Void God looks into your eyes with interest.”

[ you… … . ]


[You can tell right away just by looking at it. ]

The relaxed-looking man was dressed in black military uniform and had his hair tied back.

Just like most challengers from martial arts backgrounds do.

That means only one thing.

[ That level of stature, that level of power. It’s not common. Among the challengers who come here, it’s even more rare. ]

It’s no different… … .

[Are you the one called ‘Hunter’? ]

That man was none other than Pacheonwang.

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