The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 339

339. Fake (5)

“Jewel to keep”

「Grade: SS+」

“A gem that an unknown god created to store the divinity of a close friend, but it failed to do so.”

Jewel of Preservation (SS+).

As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t help but widen my eyes.

That’s because I had no idea that SS+ level items could be obtained so easily.

‘I don’t think I have any special abilities… … .’

Of course, unlike the rank, the relic ‘Jewel of Preservation (SS+)’ does not have any special effects.

The only explanation is that it was created by an unknown god to store the divinity of a close friend.

No matter where I looked, there didn’t seem to be any special effects on the item itself, as if there was more meaning to it than that.

‘Still, this is a huge benefit.’

But that didn’t matter in the first place.


To put it bluntly, the relic ‘Jewel of Preservation (SS+)’ can be said to be good because it does not have any effect.

In any case, rather than using the relic for its own power, I wanted a vessel that could contain the power of the divinity.

‘If it is an SS+ level relic, it can imbue it with divine <transcendence> or divine <fighting spirit>.’

Divine <fighting spirit> or divine <transcendence>.

By enchanting one of the two divinity onto a relic, activating a stack of divinity.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been searching for and trying to obtain high-grade relics.

Therefore, if the relic itself had no function, it could be said to be the icing on the cake.

―What is this…? … .

even… … .

―This is how you get an SS+ level relic… … ?

Before I knew it, Dam Cheon-woo also said that as if he was dumbfounded.

―And a holy relic that hasn’t even been infused with divinity yet?

It was as if he had seen a conman openly committing fraud in gambling.

But I didn’t care whether that was the case or not.

I knew I would get the relic anyway, it’s just that getting it happened faster than I thought.

And as I was feeling satisfied with that, the God of Fury noticed me and spoke to me.

“The God of Fury breaks into a cold sweat as he looks at challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

[ Above, great one… … . Well, did you like the relic I gave you? … . ]

Maybe I think the relics are bad and know how to act viciously… … .

‘Honestly, I also have a conscience, so there’s no need to go that far.’

Contrary to her worries, I didn’t really think about killing the God of Fury with this.

Of course, as the saying goes, gathering dust creates a mountain… … .

The divinity that the God of Fury would have had, and the [transcendence] that could be obtained through the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>, were disappointing.

But she still had work to do, so she postponed taking it until later.

“Now that I think about it, I have something to ask… … .”

That’s right… … .

“Are you confident in architecture?”

Isn’t there still more work to be done on the battlefield of the gods?

[ Oh, architecture? ]

“Are you not confident?”

[ … … Oh, it’s not that I don’t know how to do it at all, so why do you ask that? ]

“That’s it then.”

And then I smiled at her and pointed to a place in the desert with my thumb.


“Build it.”

[ … … yes? ]

“Build it.”

[ … … ah. ]

Did he finally realize what I was talking about?

Before I knew it, the God of Fury looked at me, his eyes shaking violently.

As if he wanted to deny what he just heard.

But I didn’t hesitate at all.

“If you want to move on to the next area in the Battlefield of the Gods, you have to build a temple here, right?”

It was worth it.

─Entered the battlefield of the gods <#C9-001>.

─This is a historic site where numerous lost relics of many gods are scattered.

─Condition 1: Kill or conquer a certain number of gods and build a temple.

─Condition 2: Build a temple and install a relic greater than that of other gods to prove your status.

The conditions for clearing Battlefield of the Gods <#C9-001> are the construction of a temple and the installation of relics.

Although it is an art that only gods can do, I cannot do what ordinary gods can do.

In the first place, unlike other gods, I developed my strength solely by climbing the tower.

There was no way he would be familiar with things like building temples like a normal deity.

so… … .

“So, you guys should build a temple in my place.”

[ uh… … . Well, that might be a bit difficult… … . ]

“Don’t say something weak like you can’t do it.”

[ … … . ]

I said with a smile as I looked at the God of Fury and many other gods.

“That’s something that could all lead to death.”


“The god of transcendence and death reveals his status while looking at the fly-like gods.”

[ Understand? ]

Next moment.

“Skill ‘Proof of Divinity’ is activated.”

“Depending on the level of divinity, a formless pressure develops externally.”

[Wouldn’t that make you feel more inclined to save me? ]

With that, the gods quickly began building a temple.


Literally in the blink of an eye, the gods began construction of the temple.

He looks so excited, as if he could die if he doesn’t succeed.

People who could be worshiped in any world are clinging to a mere building.

Of course, there had to be some who didn’t.

[Use, rotten… … ! Ugh, why do I have to do this! ]

Should I say that I am making a fuss about the topic of building a temple in compliance with my orders?

[ Ugh! I am… … , Godhood! Why should I build a temple that only mortals can build? ]

But that dissatisfaction did not last long.

[ Shut up and do it, you bastard! Is there anyone here who is not a god? ]

[But that doesn’t mean we can all be together. Just shut up and do it. Okay then. ]

[Hey, there! If you get caught making a shrine with authority, you’ll get it from me! okay!? ]

That’s because the gods who became serious about the construction of the temple gave such a scolding.

Thanks to that, there was no need for me to silence their complaints.

Is this the kind of friendship that blossoms through collaboration?

“It looks efficient.”

And as I lowered my head and hummed to that sight, a lamentation was heard in my ears.

-Huh… … .

It was Dam Cheon-woo.

―But where has the once innocent guy gone? Only one devil remains here… … .

“Let’s just say it has become more efficient.”

―… … .

“It’s actually like that.”

But I didn’t pay any attention to what he said.

I don’t think I’ve ever been that naive, but it’s actually the most efficient move.

I don’t know why, but building a temple of godliness was not that easy.

Isn’t that why the gods over there are sweating and putting all their effort into building a temple?

And looking at that, I was able to confirm once again that this was the right choice.

‘If I had had to build the temple myself without divine power, it would have been a huge waste of time.’

If the building itself is not imbued with faith and sincerity, is it not treated as a temple?

The gods, who seemed to know a lot about temples, got very angry when people tried to build a temple roughly.

It’s as if that’s why it can’t be recognized as a temple.

And in the process, I was able to build my own theory about temples by watching the process of gods creating temples.

‘I never thought that a temple would be like building a building at best.’

A temple is a kind of collection of beliefs and worship.

If it was roughly built, it could not be recognized as a temple.

If I had tried to build a temple using a power like the divine spirit, I would have had a lot of trouble.

‘The battlefield of the gods is a very troublesome place.’

But it didn’t really matter now.

Anyway, things like temples will be built by the gods beyond.

So, I turned my eyes away from there and then looked at the relic ‘Jewel of Preservation (SS+)’ in my hand.


I have never before created a relic.

So, I briefly wondered what I should do to create an alternative relic.

However, such distracting thoughts were bound to disappear as soon as I focused my attention on the creation of the sacred relic.

‘I think I instinctively know how to make a holy relic.’

Still, wasn’t it in vain that we reached the level of ancient godhood?

Before I knew it, I was unconsciously thinking about what I should do to create a holy relic.

Perhaps it would be possible if I engraved sacred <transcendence> or sacred <fighting spirit> into the relic ‘Jewel of Preservation (SS+)’ accordingly.

only… … .

‘I’m worried.’

There is only one problem with that.

It is necessary to decide whether to imprint on the relic between the sacred <transcendence> and the sacred <fighting spirit>.

If there was another item like the relic ‘Jewel of Preservation (SS+)’, there would be no need to worry.

However, in reality, shouldn’t divinity be imprinted on just one holy relic?

“… … .”

And after some thought, I was able to decide what to include.

‘Still, it would be better to just use sacred <fighting spirit>.’

It was worth it.

Even though divinity <transcendence> is a concept divinity and is great, overlapping it will only increase the growth rate.

It will not guarantee victory against the powerful enemy in front of us.

However, on the other hand, the divine <fighting spirit> was able to raise not only divinity and magical power, but also physical abilities to a transcendent level.

So I did not change my decision.

“I think this might be the best option.”


「The authority ‘Sacred Power’ is activated and sacred <fighting spirit> is imprinted on the ‘preserved jewel (SS+)’.”


In the blink of an eye, the divinity within the body shines and is engraved in the sacred relic, ‘Jewel of Preservation (SS+)’.

It looks as if it has gone through an elaborate engraving process by a craftsman who has reached the pinnacle of technology.

And at the same time, the appearance of the relic ‘Jewel of Preservation (SS+)’ changed.

It’s no different… … .

Kazizik… … !

‘This… … .’

Suddenly, the pink gem changed into a passionate red color.

And the red gem had geometric patterns engraved on it.

Not only that, there was something else that changed.

as soon as… … .

「A jewel with deep fighting spirit」

「Grade: SSS+」

“Only challenger Han Seong-yoon can use it.”

“A gem that allowed an ancient deity to preserve his own divinity.”

「When injecting divine power, the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’ can be activated.」

「When activating the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’, sacred <Fighting Spirit> is activated.」

“Has it turned into a holy relic optimized for me?”

Like this.

“That’s fun.”


“I never thought it would turn out the way I thought.”

The moment I finished reading the system message explaining the relic in front of me.

「… … “Only once, the user can stack the divinity <Fighting Spirit> with external divinity.”

As it was, I couldn’t help but smile.

“I could use this as a last resort.”

And that too with a smile full of deep anticipation.

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