The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 340

340. Real (1)

「A jewel with deep fighting spirit」

「Grade: SSS+」

“Only challenger Han Seong-yoon can use it.”

“A gem that allowed an ancient deity to preserve his own divinity.”

「When injecting divine power, the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’ can be activated.」

「When activating the exclusive effect ‘Will to Fight’, sacred <Fighting Spirit> is activated.」

「※Limited to once only, the user can overlap the Holy Spirit <Fighting Spirit> with an external Holy Spirit.」

A jewel that seems to have trapped the light of a pulsating flame.

I smiled deeply as I looked at the relic, ‘Jewel with Deep Fighting Spirit (SSS+)’.

The effect of the sacred <fighting spirit> enchanted inside the relic was an income beyond imagination.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

The relic ‘Gem of Deep Fighting Spirit (SSS+)’ is an item that only I can use.

Even if that wasn’t enough, by using this, sacred <Fighting Spirit> could be used in stacks, although it was limited to one use.

‘I got the best results.’

The meaning of that is not small.

Considering the exact effect of divine <fighting spirit>, this is bound to be enormous.

That’s because the sacred <Fighting Spirit> has a truly crazy effect that increases various abilities by 100 times.

‘In fact, if you have this, you won’t be too far behind when fighting an ancient god.’

Attack speed, muscle strength, magic concentration, divine power, etc… … .

Numerous abilities directly or indirectly involved in life-or-death battles could be strengthened 100 times by the divine <fighting spirit>.

It’s not even just that.

The divine <fighting spirit> had an indirect effect on all abilities over time, and because of this, physical abilities were able to increase dramatically.

It was literally one of the strongest cards I had.

―What is this…? … !

And Dam Cheon-woo also spoke as if he was dumbfounded.

-What kind of nonsense is this? … !

It was worth it.

―You can stack Divine <Fighting Spirit> only once… … .

In fact, the relic ‘Jewel with Deep Fighting Spirit (SSS+)’ would be close to the level of balance collapse.

―Even if SS+ level relics were used, isn’t this a result that exceeds expectations?

Indeed, if seen from the perspective of others, the result would have been astounding.

But that doesn’t mean I thought it was all-powerful.

That’s because there are some restrictions on sacred <fighting spirit>.

Then, I touched my chin and spoke as if I were adding an explanation to Dam Cheon-woo.

“So, isn’t it clear that the sacred <fighting spirit> has its limits?”

-maximum… … ?

“No, to be precise, should I say that it is a chronic problem with the sacred <fighting spirit>?”

―A chronic problem? What does that mean? There’s no way something like that exists… … .

“You know.”

It’s no different… … .

“Performance proportional to activation conditions and post-activation constraints.”

The activation conditions of sacred <fighting spirit> and the proportional conditions of its performance can be said to be constraints.

“Divine <Fighting Spirit> is activated when there is an enemy you cannot handle.”

Usually, divine activation styles are largely divided into two.

The first is ‘arbitrary activation’, which is activated according to the user’s will, and the second is ‘conditional activation’, which requires certain conditions to be met.

It was a structure no different from a skill or authority.

And the sacred <fighting spirit> belonged to the latter.

Even in the process, sacred <fighting spirit> had to have ‘enemies’ to deal with, and not only that, there were restrictions on the level of buffs obtained through sacred <fighting spirit>.

And I explained that to Dam Cheon-woo.

“Divine <fighting spirit> cannot be useful unless it is a one-on-one fight, and you must first be able to define it as an ‘enemy.’”


“If we have to be honest, we cannot deal with ambiguous structures or concepts that cannot be defined as ‘enemies’ like the Tower of Trials.”

-that… … . hmm. It may be a difference in perception, but… … . Right. I can’t deny it. This is true to some extent.

“That’s roughly the story.”

Therefore, it was difficult to activate the sacred <fighting spirit> immediately.

This is even more true if it is an ambiguous transcendental structure such as a tower.

There’s no way I can fight against a tower that isn’t right in front of me.

Of course, the story may be different if we can recognize the essence of the Tower of Trials and, by extension, what it is. … .

That’s probably not something that can be discussed now.

“And for divine <fighting spirit>, the buff level is determined in proportion to the user’s fighting spirit.”


“If that happens, but I lose my will to fight or break, my sacred <fighting spirit> will be useless.”

-hmm… … .

“Even the upper limit of the buff is determined by emotions, so there will be a strong tendency for it to be random.”

-That’s true too.

Of course, I could solve this problem.

In any case, if the level of divine <fighting spirit> changes depending on emotions, shouldn’t I just elevate my spirit accordingly?

However, even so, the chronic problems of the sacred <fighting spirit> could not be fixed.

That is, the sacred <fighting spirit> is specialized for dueling with a certain opponent.

Because of this, it was impossible to fight against enemies that were not within its cognitive range, and even a duel situation had to be created to use it properly.

That is a basic limitation that cannot be erased.

‘Still, it cannot be denied that the stack of Holy <Fighting Spirit> is one of the strongest cards.’

First of all, it means that you need to know that there are certain places where you can use sacred <fighting spirit>.

Only then did Dam Cheon-Woo tremble the blade of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword as if he had not even thought about it.

As if he realized what I meant.

And he immediately spoke with admiration.

―Are you sure that I am a bastard? … .


-Uncharacteristic of you, you used your brain for the first time in a long time to point out a loophole.

“… … That’s not like me. “I just did what I was supposed to do.”

But still, I wasn’t particularly impressed.

If I hadn’t been able to think about this, I probably wouldn’t have been able to come here in the first place.

Shouldn’t we be aware of the essence of sacred <fighting spirit> and its shortcomings in order to be able to use it at the right time?

‘Sacred <Fighting Spirit> cannot be used on towers or unrecognized enemies.’

In fact, the places where divinity can be used are determined… … .

‘But it doesn’t matter.’

It didn’t seem to matter much.

Anyway, I had no intention of using the sacred <Fighting Spirit> on an unrecognizable enemy like a tower.

Even if that were not the case, there would be a mountain of enemies to face in the future, and at that time, the overlap of divine <fighting spirit> would shine.

It was even more so when I thought about the god of despair, fall, and madness.

A deadly means of defeating only one overwhelming enemy.

How this will be used is up to me.

The moment I imprinted that fact in my mind and placed the sacred relic ‘Jewel with Deep Fighting Spirit (SSS+)’ in my arms.

“The God of Fury looks at challenger Han Seong-yoon with tired eyes.”

[Huh, huh. Great man. The construction of the temple has been completed… … . Is this enough? ]

Before I knew it, the God of Fury, a woman with pink hair and slit eyes, spoke to me, breaking into a cold sweat.

And only then did I realize that quite a bit of time had passed.

It’s no different… … .

“The achievement ‘Building a Temple’ has been achieved.”

“All abilities increase by 1.”

“Still, it was built in its own way.”

Now I have built a temple just for me.

Even in a desert where there is nothing.

Perhaps the gods came together and built the temple using the best means possible.

And I nodded, looking at the antique temple with an appropriate mix of gold and black.

“It’s not a temple I would personally use, but it looks like it was built very well.”

[ … … Well, I’m just grateful that you think so. ]

The God of Fury then smiled brightly and looked much more relaxed.

And she’s not the only one with such a relaxed face.

It’s no different… … .

[I lived! Well, I finally did it! Haha! ]

[ Huh, huuu-. For now, I guess I can take a breather. ]

[I never thought the day would come when I would have to build a temple like this… … . ]

As it was, the gods other than her also expressed relief and showed hope that they could survive.

‘It’s a little sad that it’s come to this.’

However, even if that were the case, there was no way for them to survive.

Anyway, I have no intention of keeping the gods alive.

[Transcendence] in the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>, and the rewards that can be obtained through necromancy, encourage killing rather than saving.

‘Honestly, considering the fight that will occur later, it would be right to focus on high efficiency here.’

however… … .

“Conditions satisfied.”

It was then.

“The God of Transcendence and Death satisfies the conditions and acquires ancient divine powers appropriate for the level.”

“… … ?”

Just as he was about to pull out his Blood Heaven Demon Sword and kill the gods in one go.

Suddenly, a system message appeared before my eyes, announcing something unusual.

even… … .

「※Acquired the ancient sacred power ‘Apostle Godhead Designation (SSS-)’.」

“What is this again… … ?”

That was a very unusual turn of events.


『Designation of Apostle Godhood』

『Category: Ancient』

『Grade: SSS-』

『A qualification that only ancient gods who are worshiped by gods can have.』

『Even if he is a god, he can be made an apostle. And, if the conditions are met, a believer who is not a god can be made into an ‘apostle of godhood.’ If you wish, you can reach the level of compulsory godhood by bestowing one of the divinity possessed by ancient godhood.』

『The more gods you worship, the more directly you can help them reach the compulsory level of godhood of the ‘Apostle Godhead’. Myths created through faith received from the godhead are classified as ‘ancient myths’ and are created only through faith gained through the worship of the godhead.』

“… … .”

Designated as an apostle deity.

A power classified into a new category called ‘ancient divine power’.

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the power I had acquired by subjugating the God of Fury and many other gods.

‘It’s an ancient divine power… … .’

First hearing ever.

I’ve never heard of this before.

However, that does not mean that there is nothing left to guess.

Suddenly, in a corner of my mind, I was thinking of the God in the sky I saw on Earth.

‘This is probably a type of power used by the God of Despair, Fall, and Madness.’

It was worth it.

At that time, it was the god of the sky who was chosen by that ancient god and suffered hardships on Earth.

But I narrowed my eyes as I read the explanation of the system message that appeared before my eyes.

‘But there are definitely many differences.’

It wasn’t that strange in itself to be able to make a godhead an apostle.

However, the content written beyond that was extremely heterogeneous.

That is, the phrase ‘If you wish, you can achieve forced godhood by bestowing one of the divinity possessed by the ancient godhood.’

That means only one thing.

‘Could it be possible to force Catherine Bennett or Lee Ha-yeon to become gods?’

There was a place to use the useless divinity accumulated on the battlefield of the gods.

Even that is a very efficient route.

What if Catherine Bennett and Lee Ha-yeon could be made into deities with little value like the deity <Iron Wall> or the deity <Swift>?

It will reveal ridiculous utility.

‘This is why there are gods who worship ancient gods… … .’

I understand.

Why do gods worship ancient gods and want to be chosen?

It was possible for ancient deities to share their divinity with believers under them.

That is why so many gods and believers worshiped the ancient deity.

“so… … .”

Only then did I turn my head and saw the gods kneeling all at once.

“The god of transcendence and death looks at the formal gods and smiles.”

[Are you saying you want me to take you away? ]

It’s no different… … .

“The God of Fury lowers his head and forces a smile, as if he is slightly embarrassed.”

[ that is… … . Hehe, hehe… … . Well, should I say that’s the case… … . Yes, yes… … . ]

Immediately after building a temple that only I can have.

Before I knew it, the God of Fury had prostrated himself in front of me and was saying that.

Looks like a subject meeting a king.

And when I looked at her, I was dumbfounded.

‘For some reason, he follows what I say.’

It was probably as if the gods in front of him were waiting for just this moment.

At the very least, they wanted me to accept them as believers, if not as apostles.

That way, even if it is later, he will be selected as an apostle godhead and will be able to reach the level of higher godhood, even if only by force.

‘But it’s not a bad thing.’

But even so, it’s not a bad thing.

Even if it is impossible to obtain deities through mythology and necromancy, the worship of deities is worthwhile.

It is unclear how much benefit it will bring.

Nevertheless, the instinct that became even stronger after becoming an ancient god told me that it was right to accept the gods as believers.

That’s right… … .

─The more gods you worship, the more directly you can help them reach the compulsory level of godhood of the ‘Apostle Godhead’. Myths created through faith received from a deity are classified as ‘ancient myths’ and are created only through faith obtained through worship of a deity.

Part of the contents of the ancient sacred authority ‘Apostle Godhead Designation (SSS-)’.

This is because the new possibilities that lie beyond that have caught my eye.

A reward that can only be obtained through worship of the godhead.

They somehow feel necessary.

‘The worship of many gods will soon lead to opportunities to gain new power.’

Therefore, they nodded and allowed the worship of the gods.

“In that case, it doesn’t matter.”

[ ah… … ? ]

“It means that I will allow you to become my followers.”

[ hot… … ! Okay, thank you─. ]

“But you still can’t leave out the condition, right?”

[ … … yes? ]

For a moment, the God of Fury made a dazed expression that did not match his sharp expression.

As if I had no idea what he was talking about.

She raised her head with a dazed look on her face, her pink hair flowing down.

It was no different for not only her, but also the gods beyond.

Each of the gods had a look of curiosity on their faces.


“It’s simple.”

Looking at their dumbfounded faces, I said as if it was nothing.

“Because it means showing your sincerity.”

[What sincerity… … ? ]

“Your believers. Or, relics or similar items. “Show sincerity with that.”

[What is that… … . ]


[Well, I think that would be a bit difficult given the circumstances─. ]

The God of Fury took notice, shrinking his body like a small animal… … .

“Do you really think so?”

Even that only lasted a moment.

“For your information, I can select one person as a divine apostle on a first-come-first-served basis.”

[ … … yes? ]

“I’ll give you one minute.”

[ … … . ]

“Let’s make the choice ourselves.”

Next moment.

“Anyway, any one of you can become my divine apostle.”

In an instant, the gods’ eyes were colored with infinitely deep greed.

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