The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 354

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Episode 354

354. Absolute God

12 hours before killing Kronos.

Ryu Min, who was reborn as a transcendent, was able to naturally learn how to use the system.

Clairvoyance, Time Stop, Rewind, Soul Possession, Soul Return, etc.

I learned how to use more than 100 different functions, and among them, Dojun Min recommended using one.

[Would you like to try Phantom Prison?]

[okay. I’ve read Kronos’ thoughts, and he’s targeting you. They are preparing to stab you in the back.]

[Is that really true?]

[I don’t lie to people I like. So, go to the illusion prison and reveal his true feelings. Just to check if what I said is true.]

Certainly, if you catch Kronos with the Illusion Prison, you can hunt down the traitor.

Conversely, you can kill him and steal the power of time.

This is assuming that Kronos is a traitor.

[But does the illusion prison also work for gods in other dimensions?]

[It doesn’t work. Elsis looks down on all beings except the Transcendent. It means there is no opponent you can’t beat.]

[Uhm… … .]

[There is nothing to lose. Don’t you want to know Kronos’ true intentions?]

[Yes, but… … .]

Ryumin, who was hesitant to answer, looked alternately at the two blinking windows.

[Feature – Welcome Prison]

-Description: Creates a phantom prison trap in a certain area. Any soul that steps into the trap immediately sees an illusion designed by the installer. You cannot leave the illusion prison until the installer releases it.

– Consumes 10,000,000 Divine Force upon installation

-If applied to Transcendant, consumes 10 times when installed

-Name: Ryumin

-Existence: Transcendent

-Privilege level: Administrator

-Holding Divine Force: 0

‘I don’t have the Divine Force, so I can’t use Illusion Prison even if I want to.’

Min Do-jun laughed, as if he had read Ryu Min’s thoughts.

[Could it be possible that I recommended it to you without knowing that I didn’t have Divine Force?]

[then… … .]

[I will give you the Divine Force, so don’t worry, use it. ah! You’re not just giving it, you’re lending it?]

[Are you lending it?]

[okay. Did you really try to eat it?]

[no. I never thought of it like that. People are shameless… … .]

How can you say that you don’t know the benefactor who made you transcendent and helped you?

[I passed the test. Okay, I feel good. You don’t have to pay it back. Divine Force will give me as much as I need.]

[Is that true? thank you.]

Ryu Min soon received the Divine Force from Min Do-jun.

However, the amount is larger than expected.

[uh? One more 0 came in. Didn’t you give it to me wrong?]

[I gave it to you especially because I met someone I liked. I’ve become a transcendent at best, but isn’t it a shame to only use the illusion prison? Think of it as a gift.]

[ah… … .]

Ryu Min looked at the unconditional favor with moved eyes.

[It’s disgusting, so don’t look at me like that.]

[I will definitely pay you back someday.]

[okay. I’ll see you again when work is over.]


* * *

[These little lizards don’t know how to do anything. Tsk!]

Chaos, who was next to Gaia, glanced at her grumbling.

[Do you think something went wrong?]

[I told you to protect Terra because the Black Scythe might come, but it was taken away right then?]

[Are you saying 10 billion tera was stolen right before my eyes?]

[is it so.]

[What is the whereabouts of the black scythe?]

[I don’t know. After killing all the dragons there, he disappeared.]

Considering that Gaia, the goddess of the earth, couldn’t find it, it seemed like it wasn’t on earth at least.

[Sigh, the Dragon Emperor died, Terra was taken away by the Black Scythe, and I wonder how it ended up like this… … .]

[There’s nothing to worry about, right? Because I am there.]

There was nothing to be afraid of as the two authorities of creation and destruction joined hands.

Even if the opponent is a black scythe with 10 billion tera.

[Besides, he says all he has is eternal items?]

[That’s true, but Terra was taken away. It’s a means that can touch your body… … .]

[doesn’t care. Even if I get hurt, it’s okay if you heal me, so why worry?]

[But you can’t just be at ease. You may be receiving help from the God of Slaughter and Kronos, right?]

[Oh, those guys were there, right?]

[Seeing as he is in an unknown location even from the Akashic Records, Kronos must be with the God of Massacre. The reason the Black Scythe killed the Dragon Emperor and disappeared was probably due to the design of the God of Slaughter.]


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[Tsk, I shouldn’t have gotten involved with that guy called the God of Massacre in the first place.]

[There was no other way at that time!]

Gaia shouted and turned her head with a huff.

I was more embarrassed than angry.

A situation in which the advisor who sought help was instead stabbed.

This wouldn’t have happened even if he hadn’t opened his hands to Dojun Min to save Kronos.

Besides, isn’t he now collaborating with Chaos, whom he hated so much, to capture Kronos?

Although it is only a temporary alliance.

Chaos seemed to know that feeling and let out a bitter laugh.

[How do you feel now that you have merged with the being you hated so much?]

[Don’t talk to me! Don’t get me wrong! Because being with you doesn’t mean we’ve reconciled.]

[I know, I know. I asked for help purely because I needed my strength. If you want to catch Kronos, you have no choice. yes?]

[…] … We only met for business reasons.]

[You know? I don’t want anything to do with you anymore. After sharing Kronos’ power, he will quietly disappear. Those are the terms of our contract, right?]

[…] … .]

[Perhaps you are having other thoughts?]

[What are you thinking?]

[Something like a foolish delusion about monopolizing Kronos’ power… … .]

[That can’t be possible, right? I even signed a soul contract.]

[Hehe, yes. Since there is a contract, there will be no problem.]

Chaos smiled, but it was not a smile of relief.

It was a mockery of someone whose true feelings were clearly visible.

‘You clever bitch. Do you think anyone would know that he is trying to monopolize Kronos’ power to turn back time and break the contract? Of course I will do the same.’

They made a contract to share Kronos’ power in half, but they both know that it is only a superficial contract.

If you turn everything around with the power of time, even that will become nothing.

‘I have to kill Kronos first and absorb his power before that bitch gets it. And you will be reborn as a true god.’

Chaos was giggling and laughing, but Gaia was no different.

‘The moment Chaos kills Kronos, we must quickly intercept his power. Then, we must turn back time, break his contract, and destroy Chaos. Then I can become the only absolute god without anyone’s interference!’

They were two gods who only wanted to stab each other.

[Who did you say was the one who introduced you to the God of Carnage?]


[When I get back, I’m going to tell you to get rid of that bastard first.]

[I’m still going to do that. Once you find the black scythe.]

[Are you looking for the Akashic Records?]

[that’s right. Rubuahi will contact you as soon as the record appears in the Akashic Records. I’m looking for it with all my senses, so there’s nothing to worry about… … .]

Gaia stopped mid-sentence.

Because the object I was looking for appeared on its own.

Even Chaos looked straight ahead with eyes that found it hard to believe.

There stood a man holding a scythe.

[Who is this? Isn’t it Gaia’s toy?]

Ryumin ignored the scoffing Chaos and glared at Gaia.

[Gaia. Why are you with Chaos? Did the two of you reconcile?]

Gaia made no excuses.

Since you are seen with Chaos, you no longer need to wear a mask.

[What are you asking when you know everything?]

[I want to hear a definite answer.]

[Can’t you see it? You foolish human being.]

Gaia no longer spoke politely.

It just revealed its true colors.

[How dare you kill the Dragon Emperor and stab me in the back? Also, are you going to steal the Terra I hid?]

[Wasn’t it you who stabbed me in the back first?]

[Shut up! What a shameless human being! Where is Kronos!]


When Ryumin asked a question, Gaia’s eyebrows twitched.

[Everyone knows that you fell in love with the God of Slaughter and hid him in Paradise! There is no use pretending not to know!]

It seems like he thought he was being flirtatious.

But Ryumin had no intention of hiding it.

[You didn’t pretend not to know? I already tried to tell you.]


[Because it’s right here.]

When I tapped their chests, Gaia and Chaos’ expressions changed strangely.

[Seo, no way… … ?]

[Strength… … ?]

At that moment, the world changed.

The world turned upside down and the gods of the beginning, who had been sucked into the world of time and space, looked left and right with wide eyes.

[Well, only Kronos can open this place… … .]

[…] … Gaps in construction?]

Ryumin smiled in front of the two confused gods.

[As you can see, I absorbed Kronos’ power.]

[Not only did they steal my Terra, but they also stole the power of Kronos… … ?]

Life flashed in the eyes of the trembling couple.

Chaos’s eyeballs were fluttering as if they were going to tear it out and kill him at any moment, and Gaia no longer maintained her human form.

It just returned to its original giant eyeballs and glared at Ryumin as if he were going to kill him.

[That is my power! This is the power I should have had!]

[I’ll kill you, human!]

A spear of instant death created by Chaos flew out, but Ryumin responded calmly.

Because he knows that he will never lose once he has the power of Kronos.

Haven’t you already run a simulation in the Phantom Prison?


After turning back time and lightly neutralizing the spear of instant death, he drew back his scythe and took a stance.

[The Four Gods. Red Moon. Moonlight Island.]

As the skills were used one after another, light flashed and Moonlight Island flew towards Chaos.


Destructive power enough to shake the world of space and time.

Of course, Chaos tried to avoid it by folding space, but it was not enough to block Terra’s tracking ability and the power of time.


The Terra-filled Moonlight Island hit me right in the eyeball.

Chaos’ eyeballs were shattered by the unimaginable pain.

No matter how much I tried to escape through space, it was impossible to escape from someone who could manipulate time at will.

‘Seven shots, six shots. And five shots.’

Chaos, which was hit directly by five Moonlight Islands, is already disappearing.

Therefore, the remaining five shots were fired at Gaia.


Only after a total of ten Moonlight Islands shook the world did the extinction come to an end.

There were no surprises as planned.

[Experience +10,000,000,000,000]

[Experience points are replaced with 100,000,000 stat points.]

[Experience +10,000,000,000,000]

[Experience points are replaced with 100,000,000 stat points.]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[Level 3,930 has been achieved!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 386!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[Level 7,120 has been achieved!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 705!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[You have reached level 10,000!]

[The set limit has been reached.]

[The level no longer increases.]

[The Soul Gauntlet absorbs the souls of slain gods.]

[Soul ‘Chaos’ has been saved in the gauntlet.]

[Learned the new temporary skill ‘Power of Destruction’!]

[Soul ‘Gaia’ has been saved in the gauntlet.]

[Learned the new temporary skill ‘Power of Creation’!]

[Terra is absorbed from the spirit body of the slain god.]

[25,213,320,950 Terra has been absorbed from the soul ‘Chaos’.]

[29,291,830,934 Terra has been absorbed from the soul ‘Gaia’.]

‘It’s all over.’

Ryumin, who defeated the primordial god, gained all power and became a god.

The one and only absolute god of human origin.

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