The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 340

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Episode 340

340. Episode 101 (4)

Four days later, 2:40 a.m.

Ryumin, who had been spending time lying in bed, woke up.

It’s time for everyone to sleep, but he has work to do.

‘Kill Nyx.’

I already told my younger brother, so there was no need to say goodbye.

Ryumin, who instantly moved to the demon world, waited for Nyx to appear like a hunter waiting for a trap.

‘You said you’d show up between 3 and 6, right?’

If you wait, Nyx, who is puzzled by Plunictos’ absence, will come to you.

‘Rubuahi said that he is a god just below Chaos, right?’

Rubuahi said that although it was Artaros level, there was nothing to worry about.

From the beginning, the weapons of Chaos were designed to defeat all gods except Chaos.

‘The more I think about it, the worse I feel. It’s like being treated like nothing more than a weapon.’

As Gaia’s messenger and toy, it was unpleasant to hear, but in order to kill Chaos, we had to cooperate with Gaia.

Even if I don’t like it, I can’t help it.

‘Use the advantage of a surprise attack to finish early.’

Ryumin hid himself in the dark, preparing to use Moonlight Island if the situation arises.

It was around 4 o’clock in the morning.

Ttogak- Ttogak-

Nyx, the goddess of the night, appeared in the Demon King’s Castle.

[Huh, seeing the gatekeeper makes me feel like I’m in a castle. Why are you avoiding contact?]

Nyx, who was muttering with a snort, stopped walking at some point.

[A human being in the devil’s castle… … under! Is this the only way I can treat guests?]

In an instant, Nyx’s eyes turned black and the darkness around them moved.

‘this! ‘I’ve been found out!’

Ryumin tried to run away, but it was already too late to escape the darkness.


I couldn’t move as the darkness constricted my entire body.

Hiding in the dark actually became toxic.


As Nyx lifted his finger, Ryumin, caught in the darkness, was dragged away like a criminal.

[You seem like a less developed person. I am the goddess of the night. Did you think I wouldn’t find you if you were hiding in the dark?]

Nyx glared at Ryumin with scary eyes.

[Say. Why did you try to ambush me? Did Plunictos order it?]

“… … .”

[You won’t answer?]


Darkness penetrated Ryumin’s entire body as if squeezing it.

[Will you come to your senses if your limbs are twisted? Whose order is it to move?]

“… … .”

[Still feeling heavy? under! It looks like your life is not a waste!]


Ryumin’s arms and legs turned in strange directions.

However, Ryumin did not scream once.

Nicks was impressed by that sight without even realizing it.

[Ho, you’re great at human subjects. Enduring the pain of having your limbs twisted.]

“I couldn’t bear it.”

The answer came from behind, not from in front.

At the same time, the person caught in front of me disappeared like a mirage.

‘Boo, alter ego?’

Nix was startled and tried to turn his head.


I stopped moving when I felt a cold touch at the base of my neck.

“If you move, you die.”

[Threatening someone on a human subject… … .]

Nyx, who was about to shout, was startled.

Scarlet blood flowed down my neck along with a stinging pain.

‘How could a human subject hurt me?’

Nix’s doubts were answered through Ryu Min’s words.

“You must have been surprised when a lowly human hurt you. But even though I look like this on the outside, I’m not human.”

[Seo, are you saying that we are gods?]

“Maybe so. “When you see blood of the same color flowing.”

Nicks couldn’t help but believe it.

The pain I immediately felt in my neck was proof of that.

[Seo, I wonder why Plunictos couldn’t contact me… … .]

“Yes, I killed him. Killed and sprained.”

[…] … .]


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There were more gods killed after that, but killing Plunictos alone seems to have been a shock to Nyx.

If you see him trembling like a scared puppy.

[What is the reason for doing this? Did you covet the position of the Demon King?]

“It’s coveted. “I didn’t know he would become the devil.”

[Then why? Why are you trying to kill me too?]

‘Why are you killing me?’

There are many reasons.

In the past, Nyx gave orders to Artaros.

Kill Ryumin.

Chaos was behind him, but listening to Chaos’ orders was enough reason to kill him.

The fact that Nicks is the only god I know of at the moment also played a part.

‘You have to kill him to complete the soul binding quest.’

But there is no need to state such facts straight away.

“The reason is simple. Because you are a servant of Chaos.”

[Ka, Chaos?]

Nyx quickly turned his head.

Since your life is on the line, you will want to find a way to survive.

[You seem to be a person with a grudge against Chaos.]


[If that’s the case, you shouldn’t kill me even more. There’s no way Chaos wouldn’t notice that I’m gone! I will definitely take revenge on you… … .]

“doesn’t care. Rather, it would be better because it could alert Chaos.”


Ryumin whispered in a cold voice.

“Do you think I’m afraid of Chaos?”

[You, you do not know His strength.]

‘I don’t know. ‘I’ve already been through enough.’

Ryumin knows very well that he cannot deal with Chaos yet.

The disastrous results so far have been proof of that.

But if you kill Nyx, the story is different.

By completing the Soul Binding quest, you can grow one level further and fight against Chaos.

That’s why we have to kill Nyx right here.

“I’m not afraid. If you’re going to come, come. Well, I don’t know if they know if I killed him.”

[…] … .]

“Am I wrong? Even if I kill you here, how will Chaos know? “How could anyone possibly think that humans killed God?”

It was as he said.

Even if Nix dies here, it is difficult to identify the culprit.

In other words, the probability of being killed is high.

Nyx, who had been silent for a while as if realizing that fact, opened his mouth.

[Well, a deal… … I would like to make a suggestion.]


[Your goal is to eliminate the limbs of Chaos, right?]

“That’s right.”

[If you save me, I will take you to where the minions of Chaos are.]

“You’re going to sell out your colleagues?”

[If only I can live, it doesn’t matter whether those guys die or not.]

Ryu Min secretly raised the corner of his mouth from behind.

It would be great if he could kill other gods as well.

“good. “Guide me.”

[Well, before that, let’s write a soul contract. On the condition that you save me… … Ah!]

As he applied force to the scythe, blood flowed from Nyx’s neck.

“I told you to guide me. “If we determine that what you say is not a lie, then we will consider whether or not to save your life.”

[Well, that’s… … .]

Nyx, who was trying to argue that it was too much, had no choice but to cry and agree to eat the mustard as the force of the scythe was applied again.

[Ah, I got it. Don’t do that.]

There was no use making a verbal promise, but the Knicks had no choice.

Is there room for negotiation when a knife is about to be inserted into one’s throat?

[No, I will warp to where they are.]


After a while, darkness covered the two people in the Demon King’s Castle and disappeared.

* * *

Ryumin, who warped while holding Nyx’s hand, frowned from the beginning.

The smell of sulfur and rotting corpses simultaneously irritated my nose.

“Where am I?”

[It is Tartarus, a dungeon in the deepest part of the underworld.]

“prison? “Are you bringing me to prison?”

Nyx was taken aback when Ryumin’s sharp blue scythe touched his neck.

[Yes, I came because you said you wanted to become Chaos’ servant, but I didn’t come with the intention of doing anything. It’s true.]

“There’s someone here.”

[Erebus, the god of darkness. That guy is guarding down here.]

“Why are you in prison? Have you committed a sin?”

[no. This guy is just in charge of managing Tartarus. Those imprisoned are insignificant creatures.]

“Do you think it would be very inconvenient to be captured by that insignificant creature?”

[…] … .]

Ryumin’s barbed words left Nicks in a state of despair.

I just swallow curses in my mind.

– Damn it! You look like a human being who will be torn apart and killed! Hehe, let’s hold on a little longer. If I have just a little patience, I will be free.

Nyx turns his head and speaks with an awkward expression.

[Ta, follow me. I will guide you to Erebos.]

Ryumin followed her in silence.

Although it was my first time coming to this place, I wasn’t anxious.

I have already figured out what the Knicks are planning by reading their inner thoughts.

‘They may be planning to put me in a dungeon, but there’s no way around it.’

Nyx knew he wouldn’t survive.

He was convinced that humans would kill him if he brought him to the meeting place.

Isn’t she the one who suggested writing a soul contract in the first place because she doesn’t trust humans?

That’s why I came up with this last-minute solution, but as long as I can hear his inner thoughts, it’s in the palm of Ryu Min’s hand.

[Well, we have arrived. It’s here.]

In front of the huge iron cage, Nyx gestured for him to follow.

But Ryumin did not take any steps.

Just swing the scythe and take Nyx’s heart.


[Wow! Uh, why… … .]

“Do you think I don’t know that your plan is to lock me in a cage and then escape on my own?”

[Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … .]

Nyx, who was trembling, finally lowered her head.

Then the message I was waiting for appeared.

[Experience +6,000,000,000]

[The experience gained has exceeded 100,000.]

[Experience points are replaced with 60,000 stat points.]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[You have reached level 400!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 33!]

With 6 billion experience points, the level has increased significantly.

‘I’ve reached level 403.’

Stat points also increased to nearly 63,000 at once.

This is not the only good news.

[The Soul Gauntlet absorbs the souls of slain gods.]

[Soul ‘Nix’ has been saved in the gauntlet.]

[The abilities of the soul ‘Nix’ are being extracted.]

[…] … Extraction successful!]

[Learned a new temporary skill ‘Dark Lord’!]

[Temporary Skill – Ruler of Darkness]

-Effect: Passive skill, completely dominates the darkness. You can use darkness to exercise various physical powers.

I also gained a skill that allows me to control the darkness and use it like telekinesis.

But all of this is just secondary compensation.

There was a separate reward that Ryumin really wanted.

<Soul Binding Quest>

└Kill God

└Number of gods currently defeated (4/4)

└If successful ▶ 2nd deification proceeds

Ryumin smiled after seeing the reward.

I knew it from Lubuahi, but deification did not just happen once.

Gaia designed the second deification to proceed after confirming the ability and motivation to stand up to the gods by killing four gods.

In a way, Ryu Min was only half a god until now.

‘They said that he could become a perfect god only after the second round.’

This was the reason why I could not feel the Terra energy, which is said to be something that all gods can feel.

[You have completed the Soul Binding quest.]

[‘Second Deification’ will be given as a reward for the Soul Bonding Quest.]

[Analyzing user’s soul… … .]

[This is a soul that has already been deified once.]

[Second deification changes the soul’s attributes to complete deity.]

[Synchro tuning… … .]

[Changing the attributes of the soul to godhood… … .]

[5% in progress… … .]

[26% in progress… … .]

[47% in progress… … .]

[68% in progress… … .]

[89% in progress… … .]

[100% in progress… … .]

[The second deification conversion process has been completed.]

[Infinite divine power resides in the user’s soul.]

[From now on, you can use ‘Terra’, the basis of God.]

The second deification process was uneventful.

Just like the first time, it was carried out quietly without any noise or rumors.

But there was a clear difference.

‘I feel it. Terra energy.’

The energy that amplifies the power of God was filling Ryumin’s soul.

‘How much is my Terra?’

Ryumin focused his mind with anticipation.

Then, the amount of energy filling the body was converted into numbers.

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