The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 330

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Episode 330

330. Gate of Heaven

Ryumin, who warped to the Demon King Castle, sighed.

[You left your seat during the round.]

[If the player does not return to the venue within 1 hour, the player will be disqualified.]

[Time remaining until disqualification: 00:59:59]

‘I still haven’t escaped this damn game of survival.’

The fact that the message appears is proof that you are still caught up in the game of survival.

Of course, if Ryumin does not return for one hour, he will be free.

Because being disqualified as a player meant going back to being an ordinary person.

‘But you can’t stop after coming this far.’

Would you be crazy enough to give up with only one round left?

The Wish Stone, which is said to grant any wish, is right in front of you.

‘More than anything, I have a reason to seek the Wish Stone.’

Now, I don’t like it even if they make me a normal person.

I will gladly participate as a mercenary in the Battle of Heavenly Demon and lead the war to victory.

‘I have work to do before then.’

Ryumin closed his eyes and summoned the remaining demon nobles.

Then Sitri, the only surviving demon noble, appeared through the warp.

[Did you call me, King? It’s nice to see you again.]

“uh. “How are you?”

[More, thanks to you, I had a good time… … .]

Sitri was shaking as if she was afraid of something.

If anyone saw it, they would think he was trying to kill him.

‘Is it because you feel sorry for leaving the boss room alone? Surprisingly, there is loyalty.’

Ryumin, who realized that it was because of guilt, looked at him, and Sitri, who misunderstood, fell flat on his face.

[Sorry! Well, if it’s a punishment, I’ll take it happily!]

“What are you sorry for?”

[The one that went first during the round.]

“I told you to go.”

[Well, I still shouldn’t have gone. How dare you leave the king for a lowly servant. A bastard like me doesn’t deserve to be alive… … .]

“It’s out of the question, let me ask you something.”

[yes? Well, what… … ?]

“You know how to get to heaven, right?”

Sitri’s eyes widened at Ryumin’s question.

[Are you going to heaven?]

“uh. I can go back and forth to the demon world, but I don’t know how to go to heaven. “Do you know anything?”

[I know, but… … You cannot enter through the normal route.]

“So you’re saying it’s possible through an abnormal route?”

[yes. There is one way to get to the gates of heaven. However, the gatekeeper will not let you in.]

“are you okay. “You can threaten me.”

[…] … .]

“Just guide me to the entrance. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

[no. There is a better way.]

Ryumin read Sitri’s thoughts and smiled along with him.

“good. “Guide me.”

* * *

The heavenly world and the demonic world are in different dimensions.

Since the territories are different, it is almost impossible to come and go or invade them.

Because moving between dimensions consumes so much energy.

However, in the final round, they can meet each other even if they do not have to pay the price of energy.

This otherworldly system acts as a bridge between the two dimensions.

However, that is not necessarily the only way.

Wherever you go, there are bound to be unofficial routes.

“Is that it? “The door to heaven?”

[yes. you’re right. If you go through that door, you can enter heaven, even if it is not another world.]

Ryumin looked back at Sitri in front of the huge gate, hundreds of meters high, built on the clouds.

“Are you sure you can do it?”

[of course. Do you not believe in my abilities?]

“You should have shown it to me.”

[Don’t worry, just leave it to us. I have a lot of experience using it on Elyos.]

“Then try it.”

When the command was given, Sitri nodded and changed her appearance.

From the appearance of a winged leopard to the appearance of a beautiful angel.

It was the ability to change appearance that Sitri had.

“It seems very sensible.”

[Then I will come back.]

Smiling, Sitri confidently approached the gatekeeper of Heaven.


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The two gatekeepers looked at Sitri and looked wary.


[Reveal who you are.]

Even though they appeared to be members of the same race, the gatekeepers did not let down their guard.

If there is any suspicion, they will immediately send out a signal and lock the door so that no one can open it.

[Ho-ho-ho, gatekeepers. Thank you for your hard work. Don’t be too stiff, take a look here.]

Sitri smiled brightly, imitating an angel’s unique laugh, and her eyes sparkled.

The pupils, which were shining purple, immediately stole the gatekeepers’ minds.

[Ah, it can’t be this beautiful.]

[What do you want? I will listen to anything.]

The two gatekeepers looked on with fascinated eyes, but Sitri waved her hand at the lord as if she was not interested.

[It is done, King!]

“Is this a similar ability to Yamti? “It’s effective.”

Sitri’s other ability is Seduction.

It can be used as is, but it is said that there is a higher chance of getting caught if you tempt it with its appearance changed like this.

It’s enough to give away everything, including the liver and gallbladder.

As Ryumin approached, Sitri smiled brightly.

[Now all you have to do is tell them to do anything. What should I order?]

“Ask them to open the door first.”

[All right. Hey, gatekeepers? Could you please open the door?]

[oh! Look at my mind. Of course you have to open it.]

[You can’t leave a beautiful lady standing.]

They were the gatekeepers who didn’t even care about Ryumin, as they only saw Sitri with their eyes.

ugh ugh ugh-

The sight of the huge door opening by itself was truly spectacular.

Ryumin entered heaven and saw the time on his retina.

[Time remaining until disqualification: 00:39:42]

‘We don’t have much time.’

I have to finish my business quickly and go back within the remaining time.

[You have entered heaven. What are you going to do now?]

“There’s someone I need to find.”

[Who should I look for?]

“It’s a god race I saw in the heavens before, and it’s probably here. “I heard from Plunictos that he often appears in the Hall of Heaven.”

Sitri’s eyes widened as if she didn’t know that she had come to look for God.

“You go back to the demon world. “I’ll take care of it from now on.”

[Is that okay? Here’s what I can do to help… … .]

“doesn’t exist. So don’t make that guilty face and go back. “I just need to find God on my own.”

[How can you find it in this vast heaven… … .]

“There is a way.”

As Ryumin uses the skill, a happy reminder comes to mind.

[The face and name match. Tracks the location of the target.]

[The location of the target ‘Nemesis’ has been discovered.]

[It is currently 4,431m away.]

[To track the target, follow the arrows in front of you.]

“Luckily I was in heaven.”

The corners of Ryumin’s mouth curled up happily.

* * *

‘What’s going on?’

Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance, who was sitting in the hall, was very embarrassed by the current situation.

Even when Michael lost the black scythe and heard the news that he was killed by the black scythe, I was embarrassed.

That was nothing compared to the news I just heard.

‘I can’t believe you survived even though Chaos himself came forward. ‘How on earth did you become a human being?’

When I heard that Chaos, the god of chaos and destruction, had personally come forward, I thought that Black Scythe would finally die.

But somehow, the survival game is not over, and Black Scythe is designated as the only survivor and is heading into the final round.

‘In a way, is it a good thing? If the Black Scythe continues like this, the victory of the Elyos will be certain.’

If Plunictos had advanced the war as planned, the Elyos would have been defeated.

However, for some reason, contact was lost after round 18, and the war did not start even if the black scythe was not handed over.

‘At that time, defeat was certain if I did not hand over the black scythe to Plunictos, but now the situation has changed.’

Rather, keeping the black scythe alive became a shortcut for the Elyos to win the bet.

‘The problem is that Chaos wants Black Scythe dead.’

In the Battle of the Heavenly Demons, held once every 100 years, the Heavenly Clan only won once.

We lost in the first round and also lost in the second.

Then, the gods, who thought it was no fun if only one side won, established a system to use humans as mercenaries.

And in the third round, when the Elyos were defeated, a program was introduced for the first time to train humans as mercenaries.

However, perhaps because the difficulty level was so high, no human made it to the final round, and the 4th Heavenly Demon War ended in defeat for the Elyos.

The Elyos, who suffered consecutive losses from the 1st to the 4th round, achieved a miraculous victory in the 5th round, but it was not because of human help.

Because I couldn’t even raise it to round 20.

He achieved victory solely on his own.

‘Well, we ended up losing again in the 6th round.’

And now, the 7th Heavenly Demon War is about to take place.

The gods naturally expected that the Elyos would be defeated.

It was expected that human mercenaries would not be a variable.

So far, no human has made it to the final round under the Elyos’ guidance.

‘But it came up. Breaking all the gods’ expectations.’

He also showed overwhelming prowess to the point of defeating Elyos and Demons, earning him the right to participate in the battlefield.

If such a black scythe fights with them, the victory of the Elyos is a sure bet.

‘Then you will be able to win a huge amount of [Terra] through betting. Because defeat is expected, the odds are stacked against the demons.’

However, Nemesis soon showed a disappointed expression.

At this rate, the victory of the Elyos was obvious, but the problem was that Chaos changed his words.

I decided to kill Nabal and Black Scythe.

‘You decided to stand on the side of the Elyos, but why did you suddenly change your mind?’

Because the energy of Chaos was also at stake, he was probably hoping that the Elyos would win.

But why do you want to kill the black scythe, which is like a victory card?

‘I really don’t know even if I know… … .’



Nemesis suddenly turned around in surprise at the sound of a voice coming from behind.

Then I checked the other person’s face and was surprised once more.

[Huh, black scythe?]

“We’re spherical, right?”

[How could you be here!]


Ryumin suddenly hung the sickle around Nemesis’ neck.

“There’s no need to know that. “I only answer when asked.”


Nemesis became angry as if he were not afraid of the scythe that touched his neck.

[How dare you come into heaven without permission and threaten God! You’re out of your mind! Do you know who I am!]

“You’re Nemesis, the goddess of revenge.”

[You know you’re doing this!]

“You know that too, right? “I am the one who brought Artaros to submission and killed Plunictos.”

[What? Who dies?]

“Artaros and Plunictos.”

When the two surprising names came out, Nemesis sighed.

[How dare you try to make fun of me over a human being!]

“I don’t mean to do that?”

[Speak nonsense as much as you can!]

“Surely you didn’t know? That’s surprising. I thought gods with clairvoyance would be quick to obtain information… … “Is it because Chaos intervened?”

[You are completely out of your mind! How could a human being kill a god!]

“I may be a player, but I’m not human.”


“Shall I show you?”

As soon as I finished speaking, I felt a stinging pain in my neck.

When I look down, I see scarlet blood flowing down Nemesis’ neck.

“Did you see it? “Would a human being be able to cut a god’s neck like this?”

[…] … .]

“So, from now on, listen to me carefully. “If you mess up, you’ll die right here.”

Nemesis trembled with a nervous look on her face as she pulled the scythe closer as if it were not just empty words.

The fear that was visible only when dealing with Chaos appeared in her eyes.

[Woah, what do you want?]

Ryumin smiled as if he had been waiting for those words.

“Tell me everything you know about Chaos.”

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