The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 329

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Episode 329

329. Eternal Weapon

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From the podium with the camera shutter rolling, Ryumin spoke to the people with a heavy face.

What happened in round 20?

“Round 20 was a mission to defeat the final boss. 72 players, including me, faced the boss after fully preparing, but… … .”

Ryumin paused for a moment.

The image of my dying colleague clearly came to mind.

“In the end, I was the only one who survived.”

“So, are you saying that you were finally able to make your wish come true?”

The reporter who couldn’t hold back the question shouted like that.

But Ryumin shook his head.

“no. It turns out that round 20 was not the final round. “I heard that you can only achieve your wish by winning the final round, the true final round.”

“Final round?”

“There was one more round?”

The reporters who were buzzing quickly tapped away at their laptops.

“When is the final round?”

In response to the reporter’s question that had been asked a moment ago, Ryu Min spoke in a low voice.

“One month later, at midnight on September 1st, the final round will begin.”

* * *

[Out of the 72 people who entered the 20th round, there was only one survivor, Black Scythe.]

[Black Scythe said, 20 rounds was not the end. There is a final round… … .]

[The last survivor, the black scythe. Expressing condolences over the deaths of 71 people who fought against the boss… … .]

An unprecedented incident in which 71 people died and only 1 survived.

The deceased’s family was in tears at this unexpected situation.

“Hehehehe, Juri… … My daughter… … .”

Min Do-hoon, who confirmed his daughter’s death even before hearing the news through a news article, shed tears endlessly.

I felt even more emotional because I remembered the image of him smiling brightly and telling me not to worry before entering the other world.

“What happened? How can that be? You left Dad alone and went away first… … “How am I supposed to live now, Dad?”

Min Do-hoon, who cried until dawn, was inwardly surprised to learn that he was a person who could cry so much.

And I was surprised again that I depended on my daughter more than I thought.

After shedding tears to the point of exhaustion, his next action was denial of reality.

“You’re lying, right? This is all a dream, right? A dream made to be plausible. I fell asleep without realizing it and am now having a nightmare. Somehow, I thought so. I didn’t think so… … .”

Tears fell from Min Do-hoon’s eyes as he mumbled.

“Please tell me it was a dream. Wake up like nothing happened and say you slept well. huh? I’ll ask you this… … Oh God… … .”

Now I was pleading with God, but I knew that the dead would never come back.

There was no case of anyone surviving after the round ended.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard the doorbell.

Ding dong- Ding dong-

Freed from his sadness for a moment, he went out to the front door.

I see a familiar face through the door peephole.

“black… … sickle?”

“Hello, mister. “Can I come in for a moment?”

Min Do-hoon opened the door, nodded and let Ryu Min in.

When he won the lottery ticket he bought at his convenience store, he thought he was just a lucky young man, but now he knows.

His true identity is the Black Scythe.

He’s Min-ri Min’s high school classmate.

“Did you hear the news?”

“… … “It was on the news.”

“sorry. Because I couldn’t protect you… … .”

Min Do-hoon shook his head at Ryu Min’s apology.

“There’s nothing to apologize for. “I probably did my best.”

Of course.

Ryumin nodded and then asked vaguely.

“… … “What about Juri?”

“It’s in this room.”

Min-ri Min was lying on the bed in the room that Do-hoon Min pointed to.

As if he was sleeping soundly.

“If you look at it like this, it looks like you’re sleeping… … “You’re not breathing.”

“… … .”

“Is there any way to save him?”

Min Do-hoon asked with expectant eyes, but Ryu Min’s answer was like a knife.

“It’s impossible. Because it was destroyed after the soul transfer, no matter what we do, we cannot save it. “Now I’m not a player and resurrection doesn’t work.”

Even if it wasn’t you, other people have already tried it.

Is it possible to save someone who was eliminated from the round in real life?

However, it was impossible to revive a non-player with a potion of life.

The resurrection skill didn’t work either.

“I guess so… … ?”


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I asked knowingly, but it was still the same.

Min Do-hoon, who was sighing deeply, asked vaguely.

“How did my daughter go…” … ? Did she go in pain?”

“no. “That wouldn’t have happened.”

“That’s a good thing… … .”

Strictly speaking, it was not an instant death, but Ryumin had no choice but to lie.

Because I knew better than anyone else how painful it was to lose a family member.

“If you look at me like this, it looks like you’re sleeping soundly, but I can’t believe you’re dead. I still can’t believe it… … .”

Ryu Min quietly placed his hand on the shoulder of Min Do-hoon, who was immersed in sadness.

Then he took his hand off his shaking shoulder and quietly turned around.

“I’m sorry dad. If he had known it would turn out like this, he would have done better… … “Hehehehe.”

Min-ri’s father needs to cry more.

I’m not ready to let my daughter go yet.

‘I shouldn’t disturb you.’


Ryumin opened the front door and left the house and sighed.

My heart aches.

I came here to comfort Min-ri’s family, but it was still painful to see other people’s sadness.

‘Still, it would be good to tell you what the last moments were like. Even if it’s a white lie.’

That was the reason Ryumin visited the family of the deceased.

* * *

71 people died.

There were a lot of people, but thanks to the memory rune, I could clearly remember who was who.

“Have you heard any news about Christine?”

“I heard.”

At first glance, he seems blunt, but Ryumin knows.

Nathan is grieving the loss of his child.

“I heard Jeffrey died too?”


“I’m sure they both went to a good place. So I won’t worry anymore.”

Nathan spoke as if he had made a promise, but his puffy eyes showed how much he had cried.

‘But you don’t say you would have gone to heaven.’

I found out after reading your thoughts.

His faith in God was already broken.

It was only natural that I was stabbed in the foot by an ax I trusted.

I can hear you feeling confused about what to believe.

Ryu Min, sensing that it was time to leave, lowered his head.

“Then let’s go.”

“okay. “Thank you for coming.”

For three days, Ryumin traveled around the world and met with the families of the deceased.

And he personally conveyed the news of his colleague’s death and offered deep words of consolation.

I also attended the ongoing funeral.

‘Whew. ‘After hearing the sound of crying for three days, I can’t even do this.’

Still, you have to do it.

If you at least think about your dead comrades.

“Brother, are you here?”

“Uh huh.”

Ryu Min returned home, said hello briefly, and then went into his room.

In the meantime, he saw his younger brother looking at him pitifully, but he didn’t care.

Because I understand why you see it that way.

‘I guess you think I’m feeling guilty for surviving alone… … .’

Ryumin was not as depressed as he looked.

It’s certainly sad to lose a colleague, but that doesn’t help you by being downcast.

‘I have to move on. Somehow on my own.’

And I will take revenge.

He will do anything to kill the god Chaos.

‘Anger is better than sadness. At least it becomes a driving force toward the goal.’

I don’t know how to take revenge.

First of all, I plan to kill more gods and complete the Soul Binding quest.

‘Artaros is now dead, and we must find Nyx, the goddess of the night… … Oh, I have to find that guy named Moros and kill him too.’

Any god who cooperated with Chaos will be found and killed.

I don’t know how to find it.

I sighed, but that doesn’t mean it’s all depressing news.

‘Maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy moving around that I’m finally checking it out.’

Because Ryumin had an item he received as a reward for round 20.

‘What will come out of this special reward selection box?’

I tried the box with expectant eyes.

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

[Please touch the reward you want.]

└ 1. Stat 50% increase buff (final round only)

└ 2. Temporary skill – Invincible (final round only)

└ 3. Temporary skill – Sweep (final round only)

When I opened the box, there was nothing special about it.

‘No, since I’m invincible, it’s not a big deal, right?’

If it’s a final round mission, you already know.

Stand on the side of the Elyos and lead the Elyos to victory.

In that situation, stat buffs and sweeps would definitely be helpful, but Ryumin couldn’t help but keep that in mind.

The assumption is that chaos may emerge.

‘Stats are meaningless in the face of Chaos. ‘I have an instant death weapon that can kill me unconditionally.’

Therefore, Ryumin had only one option.

‘Number 2, invincible. There’s nothing more useful than this.’

Ryumin, who had chosen invincibility as a temporary skill this time, looked at his inventory.

You can see the purified ether received as a reward.

‘Thanks to receiving one this time, two pieces of purified ether were collected. Now I can make an eternal weapon.’

There is a branch of fire that I received to commemorate becoming the Demon Lord, but wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one more weapon?

‘Let’s put it together right away.’

I placed the ingredients in the combination window and pressed the combination button.

[Combining Eternal grade items.]

[The item is of high quality and takes time to make. Please be patient.]

[Combining ingredients… … .]

[Analyzing user’s soul… … .]

[Synchro tuning… … .]

[Combination successful!]

[I created a ‘scythe that cuts through the darkness.’]

[Scythe that cuts the darkness]

-Category: Weapon

-Grade: Eternal

-Attack power: 9,999

-Effect: Inflicts guaranteed damage to beings with the dark attribute.

-Durability: Infinite

-Restrictions on use: Black Scythe (soul bound)

-Description: It is a weapon that can kill gods.

Ryumin, who was looking at the information, opened his eyes wide.

‘This… … To deal with Chaos?’

When it comes to the cancer attribute, Chaos comes to mind like no other.

Can you inflict guaranteed damage to him like that?

‘This is a completely customized weapon, right?’

Of course, we cannot know whether this weapon will work against Chaos until we test it ourselves.

‘But if, as I think, Chaos is a cancer attribute and guaranteed damage means that it will hit unconditionally… … .’

It’s worth dealing with.

It would be able to inflict significant damage on Chaos.

Ryumin grinned as there seemed to be hope.

‘Good thing you tried making a weapon.’

On the other hand, I also felt disappointed.

What if I had set aside other Eternal equipment and made this weapon right away?

Wouldn’t there have been a different result from now?

‘I’m looking forward to meeting Chaos.’

I raise my eyebrows at the thought that I can finally get revenge, but I have no intention of just waiting for the final round.


Ryu Min, who opened the door, told his younger brother.

“Wonah. “I’m going to go somewhere for a moment.”

“huh? Uh, where are you going?”

Ryumin smiled and said to his younger brother, who looked worried for some reason.


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