The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 328

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Episode 328

328. End of round 20

Ryumin’s reason for trying to save Sophia was no different.

Because he was the most healthy among the dead.

Because other people died so horribly that it was difficult to resurrect them.

‘Those who can be saved should be saved. There is no other way.’

Chaos declared that he would attack as soon as his invincibility ended, but he didn’t know that.

If you’re lucky, the round might end earlier than that?

‘Then Chaos will be driven out by the system and those who are now resurrected can survive.’

Therefore, Ryumin had to use the one remaining life potion right away.

If the round ended, the chance to save even one more person would have been lost.

‘We need to save him immediately before it’s too late.’

Ryumin immediately ran to the person that came to mind and used the life potion without even checking the condition of the corpse.

Fortunately, the potion was effective as it was not damaged by more than 30%.

“Ugh… … .”

“Minju-ri! “Are you awake?”

“min… this?”

Ryumin trembled at the familiar tone of voice.

‘memory… … ‘Are you back?’

Min-ri Min, whose memory has been erased, does not call herself Oe-ja.

Call me Mr. Ryumin or Mr. Black Scythe.

“Minah, hehehehe, Minah… … Sorry.”

“… … .”

The first thing I said as soon as my memories came back was that I was sorry.

While she was standing there with a face that didn’t know what to say, Christine revived Sophia using the resurrection skill she had saved.


Sophia’s pierced heart is repaired, and she lifts her eyelids as if waking up.

“Hmm. “Chrissy?”


After the order was carried out and control was lifted, Christine came to her senses belatedly.

Then the two looked at Ryumin as if they had made a promise.

As if asking me to explain what the current situation is.

But there is no time for that right now.

It looks like the invincibility will wear off in a little while.

‘Please end it… … !’

I was hoping the round would end before Chaos attacked, but my hopes were dashed.

As soon as the golden invincibility effect protecting Ryumin’s body disappeared, Chaos opened four spaces.

[I guess your luck ends here.]

A dark red spear was summoned from four spaces.

The spear is aimed at Ryu Min, Min Joo-ri, Christine, and Sophia.

At that time, Chaos’s eyes began to blur.

It seems that the rules of the system are pushing him out.

[I regret not being able to see you die, but I have no regrets. Since my intention has been achieved… … .]

The voice that receded like an echo disappeared completely along with the Eye of Chaos.

It looks like he was forced out by the Gearco round end system.

However, the four windows targeting the player did not disappear.

‘It’s a big deal. ‘I can’t think of any way to stop that.’

In just a moment, the spear of instant death left behind by Chaos will take the lives of four people, including Ryumin, at once.

If even one of the four had a life potion, there might have been a way, but it was all used up.



“You haven’t used the sacrifice skill yet, have you?”

Ryumin shouted, reading Sophia’s thoughts before she even nodded.

“Please use it to protect Kṛṣṇa’s democracy! “I’m sorry, but this is the only way to save at least one more person!”

“What about Black Scythe?”

“Don’t worry about me!”

There’s really no need to worry.

I have a title that can be said to be the last bastion.

‘I can be resurrected with the title of last time retrograde.’

The decision was quick, but fate was inevitable.


The spear came down, almost simultaneously.


An eerie sound rang out.

The sound of three people being stabbed by spears.

“ah… … .”

Ryumin looked at Sophia with an expression of incomprehension.

“why… … Why me… … .”


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Sophia, who took all the damage Ryumin would receive with her sacrifice skill, smiled faintly and then lowered her head.

-Debt… … I paid it back.

I know what she was feeling because I heard her thoughts right before she died.

He offered to sacrifice himself in return for saving Sophia last time.

But Ryumin was not grateful at all.

“I told you to save someone else’s life because I’m fine… … .”

Even if he had left it alone, he could have lived with the title.

If we had saved Christine or Min-ri Min, at least one more person could have been saved.

“Black scythe… … sir.”

“Min-ah… … .”

When I turned my head to hear a small voice, I saw that Christine and Min-ri Min were dying.

I tried to approach him thinking I might be able to save him, but at that moment he stopped breathing.

Both are dead.

‘If I hadn’t used the life potion… … .’

I regretted it.

I didn’t bring people to round 20 hoping for this kind of ending… … .

How did it end up like this?

‘The tower that had been built so tenaciously collapsed in an instant. ‘Everyone who was with me died due to the appearance of Chaos.’


I chewed my lip so hard that blood came out.

Everyone dies except yourself.

Ryu Min looked around the audience as if he would never forget this terrible scene.

As I faced the faces of the people I cared about one after another, my fists trembled with anger.

At that time, an annoying message came up later.

[Round 20 has ended.]

[The results are tallied.]

“You fucking bastard! Are you kidding me? “How can you end a round this late!”

Ryumin complained to the sky.

It’s not that it’s not, but if the round had ended quickly, people wouldn’t have died so much.

Either way, the message simply displayed the system results on the retina according to the procedure.

★ 20 round results tally ★

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└1st place. Black Scythe (Lv111 Reaper) Contribution 291,001,920 points

└2nd place. doesn’t exist

└3rd place. doesn’t exist

[The criteria for ranking in the 20th round is the contribution involved in defeating the boss.]

[congratulations! You have completed the quest as first place in the area!]

[Currently, ‘Black Scythe’ is ranked 1st in the area.]

[‘Refined Ether’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

[A ‘Special Reward Selection Box’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

“Fuck, I don’t need this anymore!”

Ryumin shouted, but the system just continued to repeat its own words.

[The person who achieved round 20 is ‘Black Scythe’.]

[Congratulations. You are eligible to compete in the final final round.]

[You must complete the missions of the final round to reach the ‘Wish Stone’ that will make your wish come true.]

‘Final round?’

I already knew that round 20 was not the end.

Finally, I heard from Michael that the 7th Heavenly Demon War was going on and that I would be participating as a mercenary.

‘Are you saying I’m going to fight alone? What about my colleagues?’

My hopes of being with my colleagues have already been shattered.

Just when my mentality was about to break.

Ryu Min’s eyes suddenly turned bright.

‘Now that it’s like this… … I will definitely take the wish stone. certainly!’

◀ ROUND 20 ends ▶

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└Survivors: 1

[After a while, the soul is transferred to the body in the existing dimension.]

[The final round begins at midnight on September 1, 2023. Well then, see you in the next round. Congratulations on your survival.]

* * *

It’s already been 1 year and 7 months since the survival game began.

Players have become so popular that no one knows that they fall into narcolepsy on the first day of every month.

Is that why?

‘Play Gallery’, an anonymous community where players share stories, is usually quiet, but becomes active on the 1st of every month.

Because it was the day when the life or death of the player was decided.

└We have finally entered the final round.

└I see. Good luck to the players.

└I don’t know what the 20th round mission is, but I hope everyone comes back safely.

└72 players, fighting!

Just before midnight, it is overflowing with comments from ordinary people cheering on the players.

However, even after just 30 minutes, anxious posts are posted.

└My little brother is doing well in his last round, right?

└Check if you are breathing.

└Luckily, I’m breathing.

└Then don’t worry because it hasn’t disappeared yet.

└How many hours will this round take?

└Well, I don’t know. The last round was 72 hours, so maybe a week this time?

└Is it that long?

└Then does my brother have to lie in bed for a week without being able to eat? ㅠㅠ

└It won’t be that neat.

└I am a 52-year-old father who runs a convenience store. I hope my daughter comes back soon… … .

└I will be back. I pray every night for everyone to be safe.

└Don’t worry and sleep well, father.

Since there was no information about the round and no idea what was going on, family and friends had no choice but to feel anxious.

All they could do was stay up all night with their eyes open and desperately hope that the player would come back alive.

Ryu Won also felt the same way.

“brother… … come back quickly.”

Ryu Won waited for his brother at the bedside, hoping he would open his eyes like always.

However, after an hour and 10 minutes, the community heated up.

└If you have a family of players, please check immediately. My brother is not breathing. Is this correct? Is it really like this?

└Wow, aren’t you breathing? Then they say it’s gone… … .

└That’s a dead deal… … .;;

└Ah… … this.

└May the deceased rest in peace… … .

└Ah… … What should I do? I checked on my brother too, but he isn’t breathing. ㅠㅠ

└Are they all dead?

└Is my daughter breathing?

└Everyone, check it out!!!

“Well, there’s already been a death?”

Ryu Won, who was surprised to see the posts, hurriedly put his hand to his brother’s nose.

Fortunately, he is breathing.

Just in case, I put my ear to the chest and could hear the heartbeat just fine.

“Ha, thank goodness… … .”

Ryu Won, who was sighing with a face that had suffered for ten years, looked at his cell phone again.

There was a lot of chaos in the early morning.

The community is on fire due to the unexpected occurrence of deaths.

└There are so many dead players… … .

└What on earth is going on?

└The round hasn’t already ended, right?

└No. My daughter is breathing, but she hasn’t woken up yet.

└It doesn’t end like this, does it? Even if you die, you can come back to life, right?

└It’s probably possible. Don’t worry too much because they say you have a resurrection skill and a potion.

└Please let my brother breathe again… … .

The more he looked at the worrying posts, the more anxious Ryu Won became.

Not only has there never been a round with such a rapid increase in deaths, but isn’t this the final round?

No matter how big of a brother you are, you never know when an opponent you can’t beat will appear.

‘please… … Please bro. Please come back alive.’

Ryu Won’s wish, which he had been praying with his eyes closed, finally came true.

Around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Because Ryumin slowly lifted his closed eyelids.

“Tongue, bro!”

Ryumin, who had been looking up at the ceiling blankly, belatedly looked away.

“You weren’t sleeping.”


Ryu Won, who was suddenly held in his arms, cried like a three-year-old child.

“I really thought you were going to die! “Aaaah!”

“Who dies?”

Ryu Min spoke casually, patted his younger brother on the back, and then stood up.

Did you notice something strange in your voice and expression?

Ryu Won wiped away his tears and asked with a serious face.

“what’s the matter? What’s going on?”

“… … .”

“Anyone else? “How many people survived?”

Although he didn’t answer, Ryu Won could tell by looking at his brother’s expression.

A lot of people didn’t make it past the final round.

“S-No way… … .”


Ryumin said as if he were lamenting.

“I was the only one who survived.”

“… … what? “Is that really true?”

“Then it must be a lie?”

Phew – Ryu Won sighed and then realized that it wasn’t a joke.

“Well, then Arin, Juri, and Yamti are all… … ?”

“Everyone is dead. “Everything, no one left behind.”

Ryu Won’s mouth slowly opened.

The fact that his older brother was the only survivor of round 20.

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