The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 322

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Episode 322

322. Celestial Fury


The scythe, filled with flames from the burning branch, tore Artaros’ limbs.

The body of Artaros, who died without being able to react, moves back in time and clings to him as if he were watching.

[It’s fast. Faster and stronger than before. I guess it’s because of the buffs my colleagues gave me, right?]

Artaros, who was fumbling, instantly turned the surrounding area into a pure white space.

[You have entered a space of nothingness.]

[No external buffs are applied in this space.]

[What if it were like this?]

“W-what is it?”

“Where am I?”

“Why has the hall turned completely white?”

“Well, what is this message? “The buff is not applied.”

“I got a lock mark on the buff that was on me!”

“Me too!”

“The buff is not being applied!”

Ignoring the panicked voices of the people, Ryumin opened the status window.

Bless, Swift, Safety Barrier, Saint’s Blessing, Double Buff, etc.

All the applied buffs were locked.

The stats have decreased four times compared to the beginning.

[You’ve experienced this before, right? No buffs are applied in this place I created.]

“of course.”

[Then you know very well that you cannot escape until I disarm it.]

“know. But what happened to that?”

Although the buff became useless and he was trapped in a void, Ryumin’s momentum did not die.

“Anyway, if I can’t kill you, I have no chance of winning. What’s the big deal about being trapped in a barrier like that? and… … .”

[The energy of death is activated.]

[All of the target’s stats decrease by 50%.]

Ryumin, who had reduced Artaros’ stats by half, dug in in the blink of an eye.

“What if I don’t have a buff?”


The scythe completely pierced Artaros’ heart.

“Do you think you can beat me?”

Artaros, who was revived again, looks a little surprised.

[This is amazing. Even without the buff, he is several times stronger than when I saw him before.]

He had no choice but to be strong.

Because I built up my stats by killing Michael and the angels.

[I know you are stronger than me. There’s no way he wouldn’t know since he’s already lost 31 times. And I’ve already died twice in a short period of time. It’s bittersweet that the 10% penalty has already been applied. but… … .]

Artaros’ eyes glowed purple.

[It was you who gave me time to talk to you… … .]

“Pae what?”

Artaros opened his eyes in surprise and quickly turned his head.

Ryumin, who had already moved behind his back using the blink skill, decapitated Artaros.

“You tried to slow down time again, right? But what about this? “I learned that if you don’t make eye contact, it won’t work.”

Ryumin, who was caught by the technique during the last battle, almost had his memory erased.

However, Ryumin was not the kind of person who would be hit again by a technique that had hit him once.

‘This isn’t a time stop or anything. It’s a technique that extremely slows down time for the person making eye contact.’

In other words, if you just avoid your eyes, you won’t get caught.

It wasn’t difficult to deal with it because I knew when to cast a skill using the future vision rune.

“Did you think I would get hurt again like last time?”

[You can see through the essence of technology after experiencing it once. You are definitely not an ordinary human being.]

Artaros, who had already finished restoring his body, smiled as if praising him.

But it didn’t take long to realize that it was not a compliment but a ridicule.

[You can’t defeat me. Do you somehow know?]

Ryumin cut down Artaros as if he didn’t want to know the reason.

He who has already died four times comes back to life, wrapped in brilliant light.

[It’s because you’re a weak-willed person.]

Artaros cast a spell.

I already knew what the spell was by reading his thoughts.

Large-scale AoE spell [Celestial Fury].

It was a spell that burned living creatures within a 100m radius.

‘You bastard, since you can’t kill me, your intention is to kill the people around you.’

Ryumin, who immediately realized his intention, killed Artaros once more.

Although the spell was interrupted midway, the resurrected Artaros was relaxed.

[The skill I’m about to cast can be continued even if you die. And that’s the same even if you memorize it at a time of resurrection like now.]

Kaan-! Kang!

Ryumin swung his scythe, but he could not cut down Artaros.


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Even Ryumin cannot touch it for the three seconds it takes for it to resurrect from the dead and its body to reorganize.

[During these 3 seconds of resurrection… … .]


[If you continue to memorize the spell… … .]


[No matter how much you kill me… … .]


[You won’t be able to stop the spell from being cast.]

Even though he had already killed eight times, he could not stop Artaros.

The guy who was ready to cast the skill was licking his lips.

Ryumin shouted at Christine with an urgent look on his face.


[Receive the wrath of the Heavenly God.]

As Ryumin shouted, light radiated from Artaros’ body.

The light that spread like that was so strong that it seemed as if it would burn all living things.


It was enough damage to destroy all living things within a 100m radius.


[…] … !]

Artaros could not help but look around in surprise.

[What happened?]

Not a single human was left standing without dying.

A situation where you have no choice but to doubt your own eyes.

At that time, Artaros saw golden light sparkling on the humans’ bodies and then extinguishing.

And then I realized.

[Wide area invincibility?]

The priest’s max level skill, [Protect Cell], protected all party members.

“Thank you, Chrissy.”

“If I had been just a little bit late, I would have been in big trouble.”

People each expressed their gratitude to Christine.

Ryu Min also praised him for a job well done with a glance.

If his signal had been late or if Christine had reacted just a little later, a catastrophe would have occurred.

‘But I only saved my life once.’

Artaros will attempt AoE again.

However, Protect Cell is a skill with a cooldown of 60 minutes.

It cannot be used twice.

‘You must kill Artaros as much as possible to stack the penalty.’

So, you need to reduce the power to the extent that the damage of the wide-area attack is weakened.

With that thought in mind, Ryumin swung his scythe again.


[The intention is to reduce the damage as much as possible by killing me. one.]

Artaros did not lose his smile even when his head was blown off and he died.

[Well, it’s only a matter of time before you and your colleagues die. You probably know that well, right?]

Instead of answering, Ryumin took Artaros’ life.

Yes, he was resurrected, but there was only this he could do.

Take away the guy’s power by stacking penalties as much as possible.

But that doesn’t guarantee that your colleagues won’t be in danger.

‘Artaros’ estimated stats are around 200 million. No matter how much we reduce the stats by imposing penalties, we cannot guarantee the safety of our allies.’

At 200 million, even if the stats are reduced by 1%, it is still 2 million.

Players with stats in the hundreds at most cannot handle Artaros’ damage.

Even if you just brush against it, you die.

So why not just keep killing them?

Wouldn’t it be okay to reduce the stats by 0.0001% instead of 1%?

Of course, if Artaros is weakened enough to allow other players to deal with him, he will no longer be a threat.

But Ryumin, who had already done the calculations in his head, was skeptical.

‘This guy’s stats are reduced by 0.0001%. In other words, the calculation shows that to make it 1 in a million, you have to kill 122 more times.’

But will our allies be safe while killing number 122?

Even if you kill them as soon as they are revived, you have to wait 3 seconds because of the body reconstruction time.

If you memorize the spell during that time, you will have time to cast AoE at least ten times.

‘So there is only one way.’

Just when I thought of a way to block Artaros’ spell, his second spell was completed.

[Perish. The Celestial God’s Wrath.]

The moment when light was about to emit.


Ryumin kicked Artaros and pushed him out 100m.

That’s scary.


Although the Celestial God’s anger was released with the power to melt all living things within its range.

Fortunately, no players came within range.

[This is a hit. I was surprised that they didn’t kill him even though his body was completely formed, but I never thought he would have kept him alive to intentionally push him away.]

“… … .”

[But you know very well that there are no more chances. From now on, I will cast the technique when the body is formed.]

Ryumin knows too.

You can only push once.

If you use a spell while invincible, even Ryumin can’t stop it.

‘That doesn’t mean I can’t help but kill him. Because if he doesn’t kill him, he can get close to his comrades as much as he wants.’

Like now, it is important to kill them as much as possible to separate them from their colleagues.

Then you can tie your feet to some extent.

It is impossible to completely separate it because it can cast spells or move during the 3 seconds it takes to restore its body.

‘So that’s the only way to attack him.’

Ryumin swung his sickle and cut out Artaros’ eyes with precision.

He must have felt pain, but he didn’t scream even once.

[I can see your movements even without eyes. This is not something that can be solved by blocking my view.]

Artaros is definitely a god.

There is no way that clairvoyance, which is a unique characteristic of God, does not exist.

[It is no use cutting off the wings or the legs. It is not difficult to levitate a body using telekinesis.]

As he said, even if you cut off its limbs, you can’t make it move.

Since it is not a spell that is recited with the mouth, it cannot be stopped even if the tongue is cut off.

The best we can do now is kill him and buy time.

[The third order will soon be completed.]

Although Artaros hesitated, he moved his body to approach his ally.


Artaros, who was killed as soon as the invincibility ended, but came back to life with a relaxed expression, memorized the completed spell.

[The Celestial God’s Wrath.]

The third wide area device exploded.

Unlike before, it was cast in an invincible state, so it was impossible to push it away.


Before the skill exploded, Ryumin was already flying out of the range.

No matter how high your stats are, your defense isn’t that high, so if you get caught, you won’t be safe either.


Before Ryumin could speak, people were already distancing themselves from Artaros.

They weren’t fools either, so they knew they had to stay away from the angel.

But not everyone is like that.



Because it was a dead end, 10 players who were unable to escape the range burned alive and disappeared.

‘Damn it.’

Since he died without leaving a body, he cannot be resurrected.

It may not be helpful to revive them, but they were still brought in to round 20.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bitter.

[How does it feel to have a colleague die before your eyes?]

“shut up!”

Ryumin’s scythe cut off Artaros’ head.

The fallen head quickly fell back into place and its lips touched.

[I will prophesy one thing.]

“I told you to shut up!”

[You will witness the death of all your colleagues here.]

A rare smile appeared on Artaros’ face as he fell again.

* * *

‘Black Scythe… … .’

Min-ri Min looked worriedly at the black scythe fighting to the death with the angel.

In fact, the situation was too one-sided to be a fight to the death.

Because the situation was repeated over and over again as the black scythe decapitated the angel with overwhelming force.

‘Still, I feel like we’re at a disadvantage. There’s nothing you can do.’

That’s probably why the buff he applied was useless.

The problem is that angels are resurrected indefinitely and occasionally use wide-area skills.

‘I’m trying my best to kill Black Scythe so he can’t use his skills… … .’

In the three seconds between resurrection, the angel formed a body, moved to some extent, and narrowed the distance.

Players keep their distance each time to avoid getting caught up in the AOE, but even that has its limits.

‘This white space is not that wide. In the end, everyone will die.’

How can you help the Black Scythe?

Do we have no choice but to helplessly avoid wide-area deception and survive like this?

At that time, a bright idea passed through Minjoo-ri’s mind.

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