The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 321

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Episode 321

321. Confirmed defeat


Carmyugas’ face was cut off from the skull.


Rather, it was such a vain death that Ryumin, who attacked him, was surprised.


As soon as Ryumin landed on the floor, the dragon’s body fell sideways.

‘He died this easily?’

Still, even though he was a boss, I never thought he would die from a single hit.

Maybe that’s why Ryumin’s expression was completely blank even as the message appeared in front of him.

[Experience +10,000,000]

[The experience gained has exceeded 100,000.]

[Experience points are replaced with 100 stat points.]

[Your level has risen!]

I killed a boss and became level 111.

No, it’s useless to be a boss, just kill a dragon.

‘I knew my damage was strong, but… … But I never thought it would be able to withstand a single normal hit.’

Ryumin looked at the disappearing body of Carmyugas with dumbfounded eyes.

Other players’ gazes were the same.

“Are you really dead? “And that in one room?”

“haha… … “The boss guy wasn’t as big a deal as you thought, right?”

“I feel relieved.”

I prepared various strategies to deal with the boss, but the results were frustratingly futile.

“Black Scythe, thank you for your hard work! It was so easy that I was embarrassed to say I did a good job, haha… … .”

“We’ve finally reached round 20! Everyone, get ready to make a wish!”

“Oh, I didn’t think of a wish… … “What do you wish for?”

“Ask me to make you rich like me. “You will become a richer person who surpasses Bill Gates.”

“I will ask that I and my family all receive eternal life. “So you can live happily without getting sick for the rest of your life.”

“uh? Does it overlap with me? “I was planning to make that wish too.”

“What happens when wishes overlap?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to listen to both of them?”

“Then what if we ask everyone to gain eternal life together?”

“ha ha ha! “That would be great!”

Although the people were chatting happily about their worries, Ryumin’s expression was not good.

‘no. There’s no way it’s going to end like this.’

Judging from the experience gained, it is true that Carmyugas was defeated.

But somehow it felt cheap.

At a time when Ryu Min was still tensed, Min Joo-ri approached.

“Thank you for your hard work, Black Scythe.”

“… … .”

“Black Scythe?”

“Uh, okay.”

“What’s going on? You don’t look good… … .”

“It’s not over yet.”

“yes? “You mean it’s not over?”

“The message isn’t showing up.”

People’s voices quietened as if they had heard Ryumin’s words.

“uh? Now that I think about it, why doesn’t the shutdown message appear?”

“You defeated the boss, so the round is over, right?”

“You said the round ends immediately if you kill it?”

“Is something strange?”

“Angel! Come out quickly! “I made it through 20 rounds!”

The angel did not appear even when people called.

It was only then that people looked around and became nervous, as if they had sensed something strange.

“Black Scythe. What is this… … .”

“for a moment.”

Ryumin raised his hand as if he sensed a change.

That moment.

Slurp slurp-

All the torches that had been lit went out.

As darkness came in an instant, people panicked.

But there was something more embarrassing than that.


A pure white light that glows in the dark.

There was a being that appeared with that light.


The being that appeared with its huge wings spread was none other than an angel.


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An angel with the most beautiful and large wings I’ve ever seen.


He appeared.

“I called an angel and he really appeared?”

“But it’s not the angel you saw earlier, it’s a different angel, right?”

“Are you an angel giving rewards?”

The people who were whispering could not take their eyes off the amazing appearance of the self-luminous angel.

Some even looked ecstatic.

Some people were filled with anticipation, thinking it was an angel giving compensation, but Ryu Min, who knew who the opponent was, could only look at him with cold eyes.

‘You finally showed up. Artaros.’

I expected it to come out before the end of round 20.

So it wasn’t surprising.

‘I thought we might meet in the boss room, but you actually came out.’

The opponent was the only one who pushed him whose stats exceeded hundreds of millions.

Of course he should have been nervous, but Ryu Min actually felt calm.

It felt like the problem I had been reviewing like crazy came up.

‘I would have been disappointed if I didn’t come out.’

In reality, the strategy I planned with my teammates was all to prepare for the decisive battle with Artaros.

Because he was the guy who had targeted me once, I expected to run into him.

‘Good. If it’s an opponent you can’t avoid anyway, it would be better to take this opportunity to finish it off.’

Even though he struggled a bit during the last fight, Ryu Min was confident that he would not lose.

Not only has he become stronger than before, he is receiving buffs from his colleagues.

In particular, thanks to Min Joo-ri’s max level skill, ‘double buff’, being applied to her, the effect of Bless is being applied repeatedly.

‘In short, the stats increased four times with just Bless.’

So, if this guy’s skills didn’t change, it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to touch even a single hair of his own.

[See you again. Mortal Black Scythe.]

At Artaros’ words, people all turned to look at Ryumin.

“Do you two know each other? Black Scythe?”

“know. “Because he’s a guy who’s been with me before.”

Ryumin asked without taking his eyes off Artaros.

“You guy. “What’s going on here?”

[What is happening? I came to wipe out all of you humans.]

The players’ expressions hardened when they heard the word annihilation.

Some even realized that they were enemies and took revenge on them.

[That’s funny. These worms are sharpening their blades without even knowing who their opponents are.]

“Who was the guy who got ripped off by that bastard?”

Artaros did not react even to Ryumin’s frown.

I just look at them with emotionless eyes.

[I admit that you are strong, Black Scythe. Skills are good, but I was honestly surprised to see you walking around fine, even though I thought you had erased your memories at the time. It seems like he has much more abilities than I thought.]

“so. Did you study a little more this time? “To get revenge?”

[The feeling of revenge is a luxury to me. There is nothing more meaningless than harboring petty feelings for someone.]

“Then why are you disturbing us? Weren’t you looking for human mercenaries to win the Heavenly Demon War? If we don’t pass the 20th round, not only will we not be able to help, but the gods who bet on the Elyos will lose their bets?”

[War doesn’t matter anymore. The Higher One wants to destroy you and the humans here and turn the tables.]

“… … .”

[That’s the only reason I move. I have no personal feelings or complaints against you. Honestly, it has nothing to do with me whether you humans die or not. but… … .]

“Are you saying that we only carry out orders given by a higher person?”


“The guy who gave that order is the bastard God of the beginning?

Artaros’ eyebrows, which had not changed his expression, twitched slightly.

[The tone of your speech is annoying. You are not the kind of person to talk carelessly.]

“Are you going to speak carelessly? “The god of the beginning is a piece of shit, a god of trash.”

Insulting your superiors was definitely effective.

Artaros, who had said he was emotionless, showed an angry expression that had never been seen before.

[Nothing good will come of provoking me, right?]

“I don’t think that’s something a guy who died 30 times would say, right?”

[I admit that I was pushed out of power. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that I’m afraid of you. The reason I stepped down at that time was because I thought your memory had been erased. I didn’t run away because I was scared.]

“know. That you are an immortal being. But you can’t bring me to my knees by force, right?”

A relationship of equals where one cannot kill the other.

It was the Black Scythe and Artaros.

But Artaros smiled.

Because it didn’t appear without any measures in place.

[Still, I can tie the feet of you and the humans here.]

“what are you talking about.”

[Why do you think round 20 never ends?]

Ryumin read Artaros’ thoughts and frowned.

“no way… … .”

[With the help of the primordial god, the 20th round boss was changed to me. It’s not like the weak red dragon that died in one hit a while ago.]

“That means… … .”

Artaros smiled in remorse.

[okay. You have to kill me to pass the round. But can it be killed? Even if I die, will I be resurrected indefinitely?]

“… … .”

You have to kill Artaros, who is cursed with immortality, to pass the round?

There was no way it was possible.

As the guy said, it was perfect for tying his ankles.

[You may not be able to pass by killing me, but even if I stay still, you will be destroyed according to the rules after the time limit has elapsed. So your defeat is no different.]

Ryumin nodded and obediently acknowledged.

“okay. You’re right. but.”


As he aims the scythe, Artaros’ eyes change strangely.

“You should try everything you can.”

[That’s foolish. Mortal. Even though I know it’s a dead end, I’m going to go for it.]

“Rather, it’s a dead end, so shouldn’t we try everything we can?”

[That’s why I’m saying it’s foolish, human. No matter how hard you try, the result will not change… … .]

Before he could finish speaking, Artaros’ head fell.


The players who were nervous about the boss’s death opened their eyes wide.

“Lord, did you kill him?”

“Hey, I won. Black Scythe won!”

“Not yet!”

At Ryumin’s shout, the people who were cheering looked back with puzzled eyes.

“This is not the time to be happy. Look over there.”


Everyone who looked away held their breath.

Strangely enough, Artaros’ fallen neck was being glued back into place.

“That guy is immortal. Even if you kill him, he will continue to live even if you kill him.”

“yes? Boo, immortal?”

“Well, then how do I kill him?”

“You idiot! “You can’t kill me because I’m immortal!”

“Wow, crazy. “Is this what you meant when you said earlier that defeat was confirmed?”

Ryumin shouted again at the panicked people.

“Do not panic! Keep calm and stay relaxed! “As long as you keep your head straight, a path will come out.”

[What road is it?]

Artaros, who was fully resurrected, sneered slightly.

[You can’t pass the round if you don’t kill me, so what are you going to do?]

“But you can’t just sit back and let it go.”

[It would be less painful to just let go. I have no intention of staying silent.]

“Is that so?”

Ryumin pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“Then let’s give it a try.”

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