The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 300

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Episode 300

300. What were you planning to do?

Christine was not the only one who froze at the appearance of the black scythe.

The three players, including the scholar, were as stiff as stone and rolled their eyes.

“What were you talking about?”

“Ah, Black Scythe… … .”

Ryumin looked at Jeffrey without asking anyone else.

Then, like a slave, a report was immediately issued in a businesslike tone.

“While protecting Kryssi as ordered by Black Scythe, three people over there approached Kryssi with unpleasant intentions.”

“Boo, what unpleasant intentions!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

The furious scholar quickly looked back at the black scythe.

“Oh, hello. Black Scythe. You remember me, right? During the interview at Sashingyo, we even shook hands… … .”

“I don’t know who it is.”

“yes? Mo, don’t you know? There’s no way you wouldn’t know because I made the faces in real life and the other world look the same… … .”

“Because I don’t memorize minnow’s face.”


The scholar’s eyebrows twitched, but only for a moment.

I wasn’t so stupid that I couldn’t even manage my facial expression in front of a black scythe at max level.

“haha… … I guess you don’t remember because there were a lot of people you were interviewing… … . Well, that can happen.”

“That’s enough, what do you want to say?”

“Oh, yes, yes. Don’t believe anything this guy named Jeffy says. It’s a pure lie. “They’re just talking nonsense that comes from their brain’s delusions as if it were the truth.”

“You didn’t approach me with bad intentions?”

“sure. We only came here to protect Chrissy because we were afraid she might be in danger because we had received help from her. “I never approached you with unpleasant intentions like that bastard.”

“That’s right, that’s right. That bastard is talking nonsense without any evidence. “You can’t believe it.”

“It’s just that our faces look like

“you’re right. “You can’t judge people just by their appearance!”

The three desperately tried to explain to Black Scythe.

There was never any bad intention.

I didn’t actually do anything like that.

“… … .”

Ryumin, who had been watching quietly, looked at Jeffrey and asked.

“Is there a lie in what these people say?”

“… … no. It’s all true. I decided it was dangerous just based on my personal feelings. sorry.”

Jeffrey neatly admitted.

It was the slave’s heart that he did not want to make lame excuses in front of his master.

“You saw it, right? “It’s not true.”

“That bastard was rolling his eyes like he was going to kill him just now, but in front of Black Scythe, he became a gentle sheep.”

“You bastard, you can’t live like that! “You pull out a knife at a strict person, tsk.”

“Don’t do that next time! okay?”

The three people, who had gained momentum, threw a word at Jeffrey and then turned their backs.

I was uncomfortable with the black scythe, so I felt like I wanted to leave quickly.


“for a moment.”

Black Scythe had no intention of letting them go.

“Why, why are you like that… … ?”

“Who said it was okay to go?”

“… … .”

“No one can go without my permission.”

The three could no longer take steps at the command of the black scythe.

The three people did not have the courage to refuse the orders of the number one person in the rankings.

“Hey, do you have any business for us… … .”

“… … .”

The scholar spoke courageously as a representative, but the black scythe did not respond.

They just stare at me in silence, as if trying to see through what’s inside.

“no. “Get out of here.”

“Yes, yes!”

The three people quickly left the place, as if they were happy to see the fallen guest.

Ryumin, who had been staring at the three people disappearing in a hurry for a while, turned his attention to Christine.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, it’s okay.”

“Did anything else happen?”

“that is… … .”

The answer came out of Geoffrey’s mouth instead.

“Chrissy was being chased by an ogre. She almost lost her life… … .”

Geoffrey, who was reporting, lowered his head and spoke as if he had no shame.

If he had arrived a little earlier, Christine wouldn’t have been in danger.

Actually, Christine didn’t seem to mind at all.


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“I’m fine. Why are you sorry, Jeffy? Anyway, you saved my life. “It’s late to say hello, but thank you very much.”

In response to Chrisitine’s words, Jeffrey also said no more.

“by the way… … Let’s say Jeffy came because of my instructions, but what’s going on with Dorothy?”

“yes? Oh, I… … .”

Dorothy, who felt intimidated by the black scythe’s eyes, explained the situation.

“There was such a situation. I came to return the favor. i get it. Anyway, thank you for coming to help.”


Why does Black Scythe say thank you when she came to help Christine?

The reason came straight from the mouth of the black scythe.

“Chrissy is exactly what I need.”

“Ah, yes.”

Christine’s face turned red when she said out loud that she was needed in front of people.

“Well, anyway, Black Scythe, what are you doing here?”

“That’s right, I came to protect you.”

I asked in an attempt to change the subject, but instead got a direct hit.

With her face burning, Christine couldn’t do anything.

“It’s a dangerous round for you, who has no fighting ability, to survive.”

“Yeah, that’s right. She was almost killed by ogres three times… … .”

Even though Ryumin had a calm expression even when he was told that he almost died, his insides were the exact opposite.

‘Three times? So you’re saying I would have died already if I didn’t have God grade armor?’

I almost lost Christine for nothing.

Ryumin chewed his lip, thinking that he had been too complacent.

‘It wasn’t the time to go hunting. Supporters may be in danger.’

At least they should have secured their safety while hunting, but it was true that they felt complacent at the thought of sending slaves.

‘I need to reflect.’

Instead of staying like this, I thought I should meet another supporter.

“Don’t worry now. Dorothy and Jeffy will protect you. Dorothy, please.”

“Oh, of course. Don’t worry, Black Scythe. “I will protect Chrissy even if it means losing my life.”

When Dorothy spoke confidently, Ryumin also felt relieved.

Jeffrey, since he was a slave, there was no need to say more and he was trustworthy.

At that time, Christine’s inner thoughts were heard in Ryumin’s head.

-It would be better if Black Scythe protected it… … .

They say that two people will protect them, but who can be more reliable than Ryu Min?

It wasn’t that Christine’s thoughts were incomprehensible.

But Ryumin has work to do.

Not only do you have to protect not only Christine but others, you also have to secure a large amount of stats in this round through hunting.

Because this was my only chance to become enormously stronger.

“This round has a lot of risk factors everywhere. So, in order to survive, it is important to unite with trustworthy people.”

“How do you distinguish between trustworthy people?”

“I will sort it out for you, so don’t worry and move in the direction I decided.”

Ryumin pointed to one place with his finger.

“If you go straight that way, you will come across a twin canyon. “I’ll send other colleagues there too, so we’ll meet there.”

“Black Scythe, will you come too?”

“I’ll come visit you when I’m done with work.”

Ryumin, who had decided on the place to gather, put on his invisibility and disappeared.

Dorothy was surprised when even her presence was completely hidden, but the others turned their heads and looked in one direction as if they were familiar with it.

In the direction Ryumin pointed.

“Let’s go.”

* * *

“Whew. “Fuck you.”

“It almost happened.”

When they thought they had gotten some distance away, the scholars and other players breathed a sigh of relief.

“Suddenly a black scythe appears and shit.”

“That’s right. “If we had fought, we would have been completely ruined.”

“Why did that bitch named Dorothy suddenly appear, tsk?”

“If only that bitch hadn’t shown up, it would have been 3-2.”

Honestly, they were planning on killing Jeffy and robbing Christine.

Because their goal from the beginning was Christine.

“Fuck it, all we had to do was kill that guy named Zephyr. “Dorothy intervenes.”

“But wasn’t Dorothy enough to do it? “If it was 3 to 3, there was some chance of winning.”

“yes. “It was worth fighting until the black scythe appeared.”

The moment a being that the three of them couldn’t defeat appeared, only one thought came to their minds.

You must leave quickly.

Before the Black Scythe realizes our purpose.

“Luckily I guess you didn’t notice?”

“Uh, I guess so.”

“I didn’t know you would send me off so coolly. “Tsk tsk.”

“What do you do when you’re strong? “My head was empty.”

“Puhup, you poor reaper.”

The three people who were flirting while sharpening their black scythes soon licked their lips as if they were regretful.

“It’s a shame. “If it weren’t for someone else, I could have stripped and eaten her virginity like I planned.”

“I know. “If we had gone together in the name of protecting you, you could have been healed and buffed for 72 hours and enjoyed it.”

“Then, when you no longer need it, just kill it. yes?”

“No, it would be a waste to just kill him. “If possible, it’s better to enjoy things and kill, right?”

“Then how do we decide the order?”

“That’s right, I come first, bastard.”

“What are you saying, you eunuch?”


While the three people were laughing and talking, an ogre appeared.


However, as soon as he appeared, he was stabbed in the neck and had wounds all over his body.

As if to vent their anger, the three of them cut him to pieces, and a fountain of blood soaked their entire bodies.

“Whoa, whoo. Fuck you, but you missed all those good opportunities.”

“What a bitch. “I thought you were innocent, but I never thought you were already hanging out with a guy named Jeffy.”

“If it weren’t for the black scythe, it would have been worth fighting.

“Anyway, Jeffy, what is he? “You’re acting like you’ve been given orders by the Black Scythe?”

“Is it a black scythe?”

While I was taking a deep breath and wiping the blood from my face, a thought suddenly occurred to me.

“Hey, but why do we have to run away from the black scythe?”

“I know. Honestly, what did we do wrong? Did you rape a saint with harsh words? Or did you start an argument first?”

“It was a bastard named Zephyr who started the fight first.”

“I see. Thinking about it makes me angry.”

“I didn’t do anything, so why are you telling me to go away? “Fuck you, you bastard.”

“Is it all about the black scythe? A dog like a dog. ”

The three people who were grumbling and complaining suddenly smiled bitterly.

“Well, if that bastard hadn’t shown up, I was going to rape him. Tsk tsk.”

But it was only for a moment that I smiled.

“What were you planning to do?”

The three people turned their heads in horror at the sound of a third party’s voice in their ears.

There, standing there with a smiling face, was someone they did not want to encounter.

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