The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 301

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Episode 301

301. Command function

“Try again what you said earlier. “What were you planning to do?”

The three hesitated to answer Black Scythe’s question.

“Why are you silent like a mute? “Doesn’t that sound like what I’m saying?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

The scholar finally opened his mouth after spilling a little blood, but he was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to say.

‘Fuck, why does a black scythe suddenly appear?’

It was not detected even by presence detection.

I couldn’t even hear small footsteps.

I just turned my head and saw that he was just standing there like a ghost.

‘I’m sure you didn’t hear that, right?’

Despite his heart pounding, the scholar came to his senses and finally opened his mouth.

The words he came up with in order to survive were none other than excuses.

“Ah, what do you think we said earlier…?” … haha.”

“I thought I heard that you were planning to do something terrible to Chrissy.”

“Haha, you must have heard wrong.”

“Are you blaming my ears now?”

The scholar’s heart sank at the harsh tone of his voice, but he could not back down like this.

It was obvious that the moment they admitted it, their heads would be taken away.

Isn’t there a possibility that the black scythe couldn’t reach it?

“Well, that’s not true, we never really said that… … .”

“Did you think I didn’t know that you were planning to take advantage of Chrissie, who has no combat skills, by pretending to be friendly and approaching her using the pretext of getting help, and then eventually throwing her away?”

The eyes of the three turned cold at the words that hit the nail on the head.

The face that had been confused just a moment ago had disappeared and only a scary expression remained, as if he was about to commit murder.


As the three men, who had drawn their swords at the same time as if they had made a promise, glared at him with murderous eyes, Ryumin chuckled.

“There’s nothing to be so nervous about. “Because I have no intention of killing you.”

“… … .”

“Honestly, you didn’t do anything wrong, right? “I planned to commit a crime, but I didn’t actually commit it.”

“then… … “Are you saying you won’t attack me?”

“of course. Do I look like a murderer who just kills anyone?”

They waved their hands as if to calmly lower their weapons, but the players could not easily let down their guard.

I thought that he might suddenly attack me by saying that.

“Stop lowering your weapon, right? “You three don’t even have the confidence to beat me.”

“You don’t know that. It’s long and short… … .”

It was then.


The ogre, which found multiple prey, rushed at Ryumin from behind.


When Ryumin turned his head, the guy who was running behind him raised his hand as if he was going to rip out his head.

A moment of desperation.

Huh, wow?

The ogre stopped its actions as soon as it caught Ryumin’s gaze.

He slowly lowers his raised hand and even takes a step back.

He looked absolutely frightened.

The players present looked surprised at the strange sight.

I saw it for the first time.

The sight of monsters being scared of humans.

Only Ryu Min, who knew the reason, had a calm expression.

‘I feel comfortable because I have the Dragon Slayer title.’

A title that makes monsters instinctively feel fear.

Thanks to this, Ryumin was able to easily kill the ogre.


With just one swing of the scythe, the ogre was cut in half.

It was only one swing, but the effect was great.

Because the three people swallowed their saliva out of tension.


The damage done by cutting down the ogre in one go was surprising, but more than that, there was no preparatory movement for the attack at all.

This was why the three people were nervous.

“What did you say earlier? “You just have to tell me what’s long and short?”

“… … .”

“If you want to challenge me, I’ll accept it. I don’t want to kill you if possible, but if your wish is to die… … .”

“Oh, no.”

“no. “I want to live.”

When he took the form of approaching with a sickle, the three people became disgusted.

“I will do anything if you let me live.”

“Yes, that’s right. “Please just order me anything.”


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When Ryu Min came out in a low posture, he just snorted.

“What do I trust you to entrust me with?”

“Please believe me. If you let me live, I will even lick the soles of your feet… … .”

“Stop talking dirty. If you have ear openings, listen. When did I say I was going to kill you? You said you would save my life. “I also don’t want to kill senselessly.”

The eyes of the three people sparkled when they heard that they would save their lives.

“Is that true?”


Ryumin’s eyes suddenly turned purple.

[Use the command function.]

“All three of you will have to do as I say.”

* * *

After giving the command, the players nodded.

“All right.”

“I will do as you command.”

“I will do my best.”

“okay. That’s enough, let’s go. “Do what I tell you to do.”

“All right.”

He added it out of anger, but Ryu Min knows.

That he will properly carry out the orders he gives.

It’s because they used [Command], a function unlocked at max level.

‘The command function is quite useful when commanding disobedient players.’

Like dominance, the command function allows you to make anyone follow your orders.

In some ways, it has the same effect as dominance, but there is a clear difference.

‘The biggest difference is that it doesn’t work on opponents of the same level.’

While dominance also applies to the same level, commands can only be given to lower levels.

Other than that, it can be considered to have the same effect.

‘It’s like a downward compatibility of governance.’

As of now, Ryumin is the only one at max level, so he can give orders to anyone without using control.

That was good, but since everyone would be at max level in the last 20 rounds, mandatory orders were impossible.

‘That’s why he became the district representative and has control. That’s why we save on the number of rulings.’

Dominance was essential because you never knew what situation would arise in the final round.

‘Anyway, you don’t have to worry about Christine anymore. ‘I now have strong support.’

I didn’t expect that Dorothy would follow Jeffrey, but it worked out anyway.

Even if other players come after us, the three of us will be able to get through it.

There were also three people he planted.

‘I’ll put off the hunting until later and go see if my other colleagues are safe.’

It hasn’t appeared on the list of deaths yet, so it may be safe, but it would be better to see it with your own eyes.

I’ll tell you to gather at the meeting place.

After looking at the tracking list and checking who to go to, Ryumin stepped into the air and leaped.

Soon after.


A sonic boom that shook the forest exploded into the sky.

* * *

Creep – Creep!

While hanging out with Seo A-rin, Min Joo-ri felt one thing.

‘The thing called a summoner… … ‘You’re stronger than I thought.’

Seeing the Soul Knight handling the Dark Ancient Tree alone made me feel intimidated.

It is so strong that there really is no one-man army.

Maybe it’s because he got stronger thanks to his own buffs.

At that time, Min-ri Min and Seo-rin’s eyes met in the air.

However, the two avoided eye contact in silence.

Although they formed a temporary alliance, they still seemed wary of each other.

It was then.

[A tenth death has occurred.]

[The nickname of the deceased is ‘Bulgeum’.]

[Now that 10 minutes have passed, we will destroy the player.]

[Current remaining players: 133]

[Extinct players: 10]

[Time remaining until round end: 70:52:08]

It was already the tenth death.

It’s incomprehensible that so many people died in one hour.

Minju-ri muttered in frustration.

“We had each other’s backs and depended on each other, so I don’t know why they want to kill us like that.”

“I don’t know? “I think I know.”

Min Joo-ri looked at Seo A-rin’s words as if demanding an answer.

“You think you know?”

“Don’t you know Min-ri Min? Just looking at our relationship, it’s like that. He was a colleague until a month ago, how is it now? “You’re just blowing away the cold, aren’t you?”

“Still, I don’t understand killing them.”

“It’s probably proof that we haven’t been able to trust each other all this time.”

“That’s right. “I, too, was hit in the foot by the ax I trusted.”

When Min-ri Min continued to speak, Seo-arin looked at her venomously.

“Are you saying I stabbed you in the foot?”

“no? “I was relieved that they were neighbors, but they stabbed me in the back.”

“Ryu Min isn’t even his, really… … “Anyone who sees me will think that I am an adulterous woman who touched her husband.”

“what… … ?”

At that time, when the cold atmosphere was flowing, an unexpected voice was heard.

“The atmosphere is scary.”

The entity that lightly fell from the sky was the black scythe that the two had been trying so hard to possess.

Of course, Min-ri Min did not yet know that the black scythe was Ryumin.

“Black Scythe?”

“Oh, it’s a surprise.”

The two people, who were surprised by the sudden appearance, soon looked happy, but Ryumin couldn’t help but smile.

‘Why are you two together?’

Like Christine, Ryu Min felt the need to protect democracy and brought in slaves.

However, the person Ryu Min attached to Min Joo-ri was not Seo A-rin.

It’s so obvious that they’re going to fight over you, so how can you do it?

We were already worried that they might point their knives at each other.

‘As soon as the round started, I told him to protect Minjoo-ri, but where is he? ‘Could it be that they haven’t arrived yet?’

I couldn’t see the slave who gave the order, so I looked at the tracking list and sure enough, I found out.

I see the distance getting closer and closer.

Because the starting location was far away, it seems that it has only arrived now.

“Black Scythe. “What brings you here?”

“Did you come to get a buff?”

“That too, but I’m a little worried.”

Even though he had doubts about Ryu Min’s words, Min Joo-ri gave him a buff.

Seo A-rin, who felt a hint of jealousy at his kind appearance, approached Ryu Min with a smile.

“Are you here because you’re worried about me?”

“That’s not it.”

“… … “Then you’re worried about democracy?”

Ryu Min looked at Seo A-rin before speaking.

I stared at him with deer-like eyes as if begging me to say no, but I had no intention of lying.

“As a supporter, I can’t help but be worried. “If you meet an ogre, you’re sure to have a hard time.”

“ah… … okay.”

Seo A-rin lowered her head as if disappointed, but it wasn’t like she didn’t understand.

Minjoo-ri, who has a morale skill called Bless, would be an incredibly important force for Black Scythe.

“Anyway, what happened to you two?”

“sure. “There was none.”

“Why do you think something is wrong?”

It was natural to question the democracy.

Because I did not equate the Black Scythe with Ryumin.

However, Ryu Min, who knew that Min-ri Min and Seo A-rin liked the same person, knew that their relationship was bad.

“Because things don’t seem to be going well between the two.”

“are you okay. “Black Scythe had nothing to worry about.”

As Seo A-rin reassured, Ryu Min also nodded.

However, I couldn’t avoid getting insurance.

Just then, his insurance came up.

“Ah, there he comes.”

At Ryu Min’s gesture, the two women turned their heads at once.

There was none other than Slave No. 1, Yamti.

“Haha, haha. sorry. “I’m a little late, right?”

“It’s not a little late, it’s a lot late.”

“Why is Yamti here?”

“Did Black Scythe call you?”

Ryumin nodded to the two women’s questions.

“The more friends you have, the safer you will be.”

“then… … “You want the three of us to go?”

“What about Black Scythe?”

“I have work to do so I have to go back.”

Although Yamti was a colleague, in fact, Yamti took on the role of watchdog between the two.

Ryumin whispered to Yamti.

-Yamti. Coordinate well in the middle so that the two do not fight.

-Don’t worry.

Ryumin, who said that, looked at the two people with disapproving expressions.

“If you walk straight that way, you will come across the twin canyons. “I’m planning to meet other colleagues there, so don’t go the other way and keep going.”

“Ah, I get it.”

“yes… … .”

“I’ve confirmed that the two of you are safe, so I guess I’ll go now. “Yamti, please take care of the two of them.”

“I understand, Black Scythe.”

Ryumin, smiling as if he had just had a blast, flew into the sky and disappeared with a sonic boom.

“Sisters. Shall we leave now?”

When Yamti smiled, Minjoo-ri and Seo-rin looked shocked.

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