The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 288

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Episode 288

288. Plunictus


Plunictos hit Sprain’s armrest hard.

His face, which could easily be called a handsome man, changed to look like that of an evil spirit.

[A human bastard the size of X! How dare you say something like that to me?]

A little while ago, Plunictos, who shared Baal’s vision, had to face a daunting situation.

-Demon Archduke, take a close look. What happens if you try to stab me in the back?

The black scythe is when a human cut off Baal’s head for pride.

I don’t know how he realized his betrayal.

I don’t know how he even realized that he was sharing his view through his subordinates.

None of that mattered to Plunictos right now.

‘What matters is that the damn human dared to challenge me.’

He openly kills his own subordinate while making provocative remarks.

It was safe to say that this was a challenge to God.

‘How dare you deal with a human being who is worthless?’

Even if the devil’s authority falls to the ground, something like this cannot happen.

Of course, Plunictos’ title is not that of a demon king.

He is clearly a demon archduke who assists the demon king.

However, now that the Demon King’s throne was empty, he was no different from the Demon King.

He himself is the actual ruler of the demon world.

Isn’t he in a position similar to that of a god in the Demon King’s Castle?

What if there is a human being who despises such a great being?

‘It must be killed. ‘We must rip out that brat’s neck, take out its soul, and place it in flames for eons, and make it experience eternal pain.’

Plunictos, who vowed that it would definitely happen, immediately shared his vision with the battlefield commander.

It was Agarose that was second in line.

-I sang as much as I could… … Should I sing more?

-no. This is enough. Good job.

‘huh? ‘What is this bastard doing now?’

As soon as the view was shared, Plunictos had a question.

Agaroth was talking to someone.

The second-highest-ranking guy, who else can he treat with respect other than himself?

I had doubts, but there was no time to resolve them.

In a flash of light, nearly 2,000 demons disappeared without a trace.

Immediately after seeing that absurd sight, Plunictos was speechless for a while.

‘My, my precious subordinates…’ … .’

Soon, a grinning human figure came into Agaroth’s field of vision.

It was a black scythe.

-Now the numbers are roughly correct. How do you feel? Plunictos. Do you feel a bit of a sense of crisis because your favorite soldier died?

Plunictos came to his senses at those words.

He killed 2,000 soldiers expecting them to be watching?

The meaning was clear.


The black scythe was threatening now.

He told me to watch carefully what would happen if I touched him.

[this person… … A human being who wouldn’t mind changing his drink… … !]

Plunictos could not hold back his anger, but there was nothing he could do but watch.

If you leave the Demon King’s Castle, your power comparable to that of a god will disappear.

This means that no matter how powerful he is, he can be dangerous from attacks from creatures.

‘But you can’t just sit still. ‘We have to kill that guy right now!’

I tried to use the power of God to immediately send a message to Agaroth, but the voice of the black scythe was faster than that.

-Are you upset because you can’t do anything? There’s nothing to fuss about. I will go there as you wish. So, just sit in the Demon King’s Castle and wait.

After saying those words, my vision began to spin.

Agarose’s head was cut off.

[…] … .]

Like Baal, Plunictos, whose vision was cut off, looked a little dazed.

The Black Scythe’s words I had just heard were so absurd.

‘You’re coming this way? So you want me to wait?’

It was so absurd that I burst out laughing without even realizing it.

Doesn’t that mean that the rat will enter the tiger’s den on its own feet?

[A person who doesn’t even know the topic gets fed up with bravado… … .]

Plunictos did not expect the Black Scythe to actually come.

The moment you enter the Demon King’s Castle, you are no different from a rat in a poison.

Because no one can leave the territory without their permission.

‘You can come in as you wish, but you can’t go out. ‘You idiot.’

If he really came to me on his own, there was no way to explain it other than that he was an asshole.

Therefore, Plunictos did not believe it.

I thought it was just a bluff.


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Until I saw the black scythe with my own eyes.

“Did you wait long?”

[…] … .]

Plunictos looked down in bewilderment at the small human that only reached his knees.

“Did your reputation go down because you killed 2,000 demons? When you came in, the gatekeepers were furious and attacked you. “With that bastard named Cerberus.”

[…] … So what did you do?]

“Whatever. I killed them all. You call yourself a god, so you know that, right? I heard you know all the movements of your subordinates at the Demon King’s Castle? Was it really a joke? “I guess that’s what it looks like from the look on your face?”

[…] … No, it’s just a little absurd. I didn’t know you would actually come to visit me.]

Plunictos was so dumbfounded that he could not feel his anger.

[Did you hurt your head on the way there? No, was he a crazy person from the beginning? How can he be so calm in front of such a great being?]

“Your self-esteem is truly god-level. “Aren’t you embarrassed when you praise yourself for being great?”

[You are arrogant. And stupid at the same time. You haven’t forgotten who I am, right?]

“How could you forget? “The bastard who wants to kill me and use me as material.”

It was only for a moment, but Plunictos’ eyebrows twitched.

I have never seen such a fearless person in my life.

[There is no need to say much. Now, let me make you with ingredients.]

As soon as he finished saying those words, the Demon Archduke moved his feet.


If he had been distracted for a moment, he would have been stepped on, but Ryu Min easily avoided it.

But as if that wasn’t the end, the Demon Archduke’s other foot moved.


It was Plunictos who suddenly tried to kick it but failed.

[Hmph, you avoid it like a fly.]

“Because I’m not relaxed enough to be hit by a slow attack.”

[I can’t believe you’re making a fuss just because I played with you for a while. That won’t work.]

The demon archduke’s eyes glowed red.

At that moment, an intangible force tightened Ryumin’s body.

[It is telekinetic power based on divine power. It is completely different from the telekinesis used by ordinary angels.]

“Hoo. It definitely feels different, right?”

As Ryumin stuttered as if he still didn’t understand the situation, Plunictos sighed.

[Whoa, there’s a lot of chatter on a topic I can’t even begin to understand. I’m tired of playing now.]

Plunictos’ huge hand draped over Ryumin’s head.

[Stop being a mess.]


A striking sound, as if a bomb had exploded, echoed throughout the castle.

It was easy.

Turning an opponent who can’t move into a blood clot.

It was as simple as hitting a fixed nail with a hammer.


[…] … !]

Plunictos was shocked by the fact that he could not even do such a simple task.

“You talk about psychic powers and all that, but it’s nothing special.”

Plunictos’s palm was pressed against the floor.

Ryumin was standing on the back of his hand as if showing off.

[When did you move? Did you use teleportation at all? No, rather, how did I unlock my telekinesis?]

“I thought it would come loose if I just applied a lot of force?”

[Don’t say nonsense. No one can solve divine power. Unless they are the same god.]

“Then I guess I am God.”


“If you don’t believe it, try it again.”

Plunictos’ eyes sparkled as if he had already planned to do so.

This time, rather than pressing it with my hands, I planned to compress it with telekinesis.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

An intangible force pressed down on the small human body.

But that only ends there.

The telekinesis that Plunictos boasted was being pushed aside by some force.

By none other than Ryu Min’s force.

“What are you doing? “Is this it?”

[…] … Uh, how? How do you move?]

“I told you earlier. “You just have to work hard and everything will work out.”

[Don’t be ridiculous. No matter how high the stats are, a mere human cannot resist divine power… … .]

When Ryumin raised the corner of his mouth, Plunictos was startled.

[Seo, are you really saying you are a god?]

“Did you have a drink during the day? “What nonsense?”

[Well, then how… … .]

“I want to know?”

Ryumin jumped up and said.

“First of all, get hit from behind. “Then think about whether or not you should tell me.”

The extended scythe struck like a thunderbolt.

The scythe aimed at the demon archduke’s head was ultimately unable to reach it and was blocked by an intangible shield.

With a huge roar.


A crack occurred.

Blah blah blah-!

‘Bo, the shield in one blow?’

Plunictos, embarrassed, suddenly stood up.

It was not the time to sit carefree.

I don’t know how it happened, but that guy’s attack worked on me.

‘How can a mere human?’

My pride was hurt, but it was not the time to save face.

Because the second attack had already come in, aiming for the gap where the shield was broken.



While I was caught off guard, I got cut on my shoulder.

Scarlet blood flows along with unfamiliar pain.

The scarlet blood was evidence that his body had accepted divine power.

‘But why!?’

Normally, humans would not be able to inflict even a scratch on themselves.

But to tear the skin and make it bleed?

This was only one possibility.

‘She, she uses the same magical powers as me.’

Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

[Do you think I will be treated like this!]


Plunictos pulled out a whip of fire from the air.

It was the [Branch of Deterioration], a weapon that was rarely taken out.

Grrrr! Sigh-! Sigh-!

Every time that huge whip hits the floor, sparks that melt your skin fly.

[Come in and see! You insolent human being! At this point, I’ll even melt your soul!]

Plunictos’ loud shout shook the castle.

* * *

‘That guy is nervous.’

Ryumin sneered as he looked at the demon archduke holding a whip and going crazy.

When I took a step back and observed the situation, I was able to understand.

The demon archduke was scared.

‘The protective shield that was previously impenetrable under any circumstances suddenly broke open, so it’s probably worth being scared.’

Ryumin also didn’t think his attack would work.

No matter how high his stats were, he was just a human being who couldn’t escape the shackles of the system.

Because humans cannot defeat God.

That’s what I thought.

Until you see the reward.

<Soul Binding Quest>

└Defeat the 7 Archangels

└Number of Archangels currently defeated (7/7)

└If successful ▶ Deification proceeds

[You have completed the Soul Binding quest.]

[‘Deification’ will be given as a reward for the Soul Bonding quest.]

[Analyzing user’s soul… … .]

[Synchro tuning… … .]

[Changing the attributes of the soul to godhood… … .]

[5% in progress… … .]

[26% in progress… … .]

[47% in progress… … .]

[68% in progress… … .]

[89% in progress… … .]

[100% in progress… … .]

[The deification conversion process has been completed.]

[The user’s soul is imbued with divine power.]

[From now on, you can stand on equal footing with God.]

[There is a new Soul Binding quest.]

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