The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 287

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Episode 287

287. The death of Michael

[Seven Archangels ‘Michael’ have been defeated!]

[Stat points+9,161,948]

[Additional stat points+4,580,974]


[‘Purified Ether’ was given as a reward for killing Archangel Michael.]

[‘Purified Ether’ was given as a reward for killing Archangel Michael.]

[The ‘Battle Rune’ was given as a reward for killing Archangel Michael.]

[The acquired runes are automatically imprinted on the player’s body!]

[It was confirmed that he was the first player to kill seven archangels.]

[Obtain the title ‘Ruler of the Sky’.]

[The ‘Akashic Record Admission Ticket’ was given as a reward for killing the first seven archangels.]

It was only one swing.

Still, Michael could not block the blow.

I couldn’t see or recognize the speed.

All he could do was recognize his own death during the few seconds his head fell and he remained conscious.

‘This is Archangel No. 1. I’ve already dealt with you, but you’re really weak.’

Is it because I didn’t expect it?

Ryumin was not disappointed even after seeing Michael dead without much counterattack.

I couldn’t be disappointed.

Contrary to expectations, the enormous rewards were a delight to Ryumin’s eyes.

[Battle Rune]

-Effect: When a battle occurs, you can use all of your capabilities and potential at 100%.

Always maintain your best condition during battle.

Additionally, all attack power is doubled, and intelligence related to combat increases rapidly.

Ryumin’s eyes widened after seeing the explanation.

‘Well, are there all these runes? ‘You always maintain your best condition during battle?’

This means that in a combat situation, the output can be maximized.

Just doubling the attack power is incredible, but there is an option like this.

Honestly, it’s amazing.

‘Maybe it’s because I caught Michael, who calls himself the god of battle, that I gave him these runes.’

This is not the only surprising thing.

[Akashic Records Admission Ticket]

– Category: Consumables

-Grade: Eternal

-Effect: Allows entry to Akashic Records

-Restrictions on use: Black Scythe (soul bound)

-Description: When used, you have the authority to enter the Akashic Records, a library of extradimensional information that only qualified people can enter. Since it is of eternal grade, it can be used even in spirit state.

‘Eternal grade consumables have been released?’

It would be surprising even if it was God grade, but it was given Eternal grade.

Of course, if you had killed just one Michael, you wouldn’t have received it.

This is none other than the reward for killing all seven archangels.

Maybe that’s why the title also came in.

[Title – Ruler of the Sky]

– Conditions for acquisition: Obtained by first defeating all 7 archangels.

-Effect: Has the same status as an archangel.

‘I don’t know if this title is good or bad.’

It only says that it has the same status as an archangel.

It was not a title worth being completely happy about, as there was nothing written about its merits.

‘I’m glad that purified ether came in.’

This was expected from the time they killed Gabriel and Raphael.

If you kill Michael, you will receive purified ether.

‘But I didn’t know there would be two coming in?’

It was proof that he was a strong opponent, but Ryu Min didn’t really feel it.

It was no different from Michael or the 6th rank angels in that one swing would kill them.

‘Didn’t you get that reward?’

Ryumin looked at the message window and found the reward he had been looking forward to.

It is none other than the reward obtained from the Soul Binding quest.

‘I killed the last remaining archangel, so the quest is complete… … .’

Ryumin, who discovered the instantaneous completion message, widened his eyes when he saw the reward.

‘What the hell is this…? … .’

He, who was half-opening his mouth in surprise, suddenly turned his head.

There was nothing in that direction, but someone hiding could not help but flinch.

Because he was looking directly in his direction.

* * *

Baal, who was hiding in a state of invisibility, broke into a cold sweat.

‘I knew it was stronger than expected, but I didn’t expect it to be this much… … .’


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When I first heard from my lord that there was a human who killed the incarnation in one go, I laughed it off, thinking it was a fluke.

It was because I thought about how strong a human can be.

However, the skill of the black scythe that I saw in person was hard to believe even with my own eyes.

‘They really slaughtered the angels. ‘I thought you would break your promise and run away.’

I haven’t counted exactly, but the number killed so far is roughly over 800.

If we continue like this, we will exceed 1,000 people.

‘What is a thousand people? They are ready to annihilate everyone.’

For the demons, winning or losing in the 18th round is not important.

Because it is a friendly match and the real war comes after 20 rounds.

Even so, it is better to win than to lose.

If we can reduce the number of Elyos even just a little, victory in the Elyos War will be more certain.

Therefore, if the Black Scythe is active like that, it can only be good for the demons.

Moreover, if you kill Michael at once like that.

‘her… … ‘Killing with one blow.’

He did not kill Michael, whose strength had been reduced by 1/100.

The Michael I just saw had released his restraints and was running forward with his true strength.

‘The speed is such that Michael can’t react.’

Baal swallowed his saliva out of tension.

If it were you, would you have been able to react to that attack?

You would probably be in the same situation.

Because Michael was a man of equal skill to himself.

‘I have a slight advantage, though.’

Anyway, Baal couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Because he remembered the mission he had to do.

‘Can I really stab that guy in the back?’

The lord probably didn’t know that the black scythe had that level of skill.

If he had known, he couldn’t have sent it alone.

‘He must have tried to take care of it himself.’

The Black Scythe’s skills were beyond imagination.

‘What should I do? Should I contact Your Excellency right now? ‘I’m not the person you can handle?’

It’s embarrassing to do that.

It doesn’t stand up to being number one in the ranking of demon nobles.

‘When the black scythe annihilates the Elyos, you must seize the opportunity to kill them. Anyway… … .’

At that time, as Baal was making his resolve, a voice came into Baal’s head.

[Baal. Be quiet and listen. You are now seeing a black scythe through your vision.]

It was a message from the lord.

Although they could not talk, Baal was happy.

If he saw what he saw, he would probably rescind his order.

[The opponent is too strong. I didn’t know you could kill Michael with one hit. So, when the opportunity comes, do it right away. If you wait until all the Elyos are annihilated, you will miss the opportunity.]

‘what? I beg your pardon?’

For a moment, Baal suspected that he had heard an auditory hallucination.

‘Are you telling me to kill that monster?’

[Michael is also a monster that was killed in one fell swoop. If he survives until the 20th round and becomes a mercenary for the Elyos, it is difficult to guarantee victory in the Elyos’ battle. So he should be killed when he gets the chance. Execute as planned.]

‘Oh, no. How do you tell me to kill that thing? yes?’

Baal shouted, but there was no way the god who used messages could hear him.

As the one-sided conversation ended, Baal became nervous.

‘If this happens, I have to kill him. Even if it means risking my life.’

The future of the demon race depends on it.

When I thought about it like that, I felt much relieved.

What could be more wonderful than sacrificing yourself for a greater cause?

But even for a moment.


Baal trembled in fear as he looked directly into the predator’s eyes.

‘Ji, it seems like you’re looking in my direction… … ‘I guess it’s just my mood, right?’

It’s definitely more than 30m away.

There was no way it could be detected.

But how exactly do you see this way?

‘Ooh, it must be a coincidence. Accident.’

As I was holding my breath out of tension, a black scythe flew towards me.

“I know you’re there, so show yourself, Baal.”

[…] … .]

“Before I get angry.”

The threat seemed to have worked as Baal slowly removed his invisibility.

[Did you find me?]

“Come closer this way.”

As I snapped my fingers like a gangster trying to extort money, Baal slowly approached me with a wrinkled face.

[What’s going on, human?]

“You were going to kill me after work, right?”

Baal’s heart seemed to stop at those words that hit the nail on the head.

[What, what, what, nonsense, nonsense… … .]

“Unexpectedly, you can’t lie, huh?”

[Well, it’s not a lie… … .]

“I’m not here to listen to excuses. “It means having an honest conversation.”

Ryumin said, glaring with a rather serious look on his face.

“The Demon Archduke ordered it, right? “When you’re done, hit me in the back.”

[…] … .]

“Why can’t you speak? “Is it okay to be honest since the demon archduke shares your vision?”

[Well, how did you do that… … ?]

“It looks like you can’t have a conversation. “Then I guess I should at least give you a message.”

Ryumin raised his sickle as if showing off.

“Demon Grand Duke, take a good look. “What happens if you try to stab me in the back?”

[Now, wait a minute… … !]

Baal urgently raised his hand, but it was already too late.

The scythe that Ryumin wielded cut it off entirely.

Like Michael, Baal died without being able to resist, but there was one difference.

‘There is no compensation.’

I expected some kind of message to appear, but unlike the Elyos, the demons gave me nothing.

‘But that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to kill him.’

Currently, there are only 4,000 Demons and 2,000 Elyos left.

If this continues, it is clear that the demons will win the war.

Ryumin, who had no intention of leaving it like that, had to move.

By using one temporary skill.

[You have used a temporary skill faction change ticket.]

[Player ‘Black Scythe’’s faction changes from ‘Asmodian’ to ‘Elyos’.]

[From now on, the demons will recognize you as their enemy.]

[Quest victory conditions change depending on the faction change.]

* * *

‘My, Michael is dead?’

Agaroth, second in rank, opened his mouth and watched the sky.

The human whose body was stained black took off Michael’s head in one fell swoop.

‘Kihahaha! If this continues, the demons will win this round!’

Agarose was giggling, but that laughter lasted only for a moment.

Isn’t the Black Man going to kill Baal by cutting his body off this time?

‘Ba, even Baal?’

I don’t know why Baal, who guards the demon archduke’s side, came to the battlefield.

I had no idea that I would die in vain like that.

‘Well, Michael got hit too, but there’s no guarantee that Baal won’t get hit.’

Although his allies were defeated, Agaroth twisted his lips and laughed.

It was hard to hold back the laughter that came out.

‘Kihehehe, now, now I’m number one!’

Now that Baal is dead, he will be able to protect the demon prince’s side!

Although Agarose was expressing joy on his face at that thought.


When I saw the black person who suddenly appeared in front of me, I couldn’t help but close my mouth like a zipper.

“Are you the commander?”

[Yeah, that’s right, but… … .]

Agaroth looked at the human figure with a nervous face.

As if the duration had ended, the black figure disappeared and its face was revealed.

“Did you just see it? “I am going to kill Baal.”

[Yes, yes.]

Agaroth answered as politely as possible.

He was not stupid enough to go against the human will to kill Baal at once.

“If you want to die, tell me now. “I will send you to your friend.”

[Oh, no. Could that be possible? And that’s not my friend. It’s none of my business, hahaha… … .]

“Anyway, you don’t want to die? “Then can you do me a favor?”

[Of course, of course. Please feel free to say anything.]

“Gather your men. “As much as possible.”

[Oh, I understand.]

Agarose tilted his head as he answered, but there was no time to think.

Because a scary person was glaring at me as if I was going to kill him.

[All troops! Gather in front of me!]

The demons gathered together under the command of the corps commander.

The number gathered like that was 2,000.

The space is too tight to call more.

[I sang as much as I could… … Shall I sing more?]

“no. This is enough. Good job.”

Ryu Min responded by pulling back his scythe and taking a stance.


I heard an ominous sound and looked up to see a human scythe trembling as if vibrating.


The moment the light passed.

Agarose closed his eyes and opened them with a devastated expression.

Because the 2,000 troops he had gathered disappeared in an instant.

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