The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 285

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Episode 285

285. Ryumin’s proposal

[proposal? dare?]

It was not Plunictus who took offense at the human’s suggestion.

It was Baal who was guarding next to him wearing invisibility.

A devil appeared out of nowhere, but Ryumin wasn’t too embarrassed.

Because I was already aware of their presence through presence detection.

[How dare you suggest a human subject to His Excellency the Grand Duke? You’re a human being who doesn’t even know the topic!]


Plunictos scolded the loyalist with a calm yet dignified expression.

[Calm your excitement. And who told you to remove invisibility at will?]

[sorry. But that scum of a human being said such absurd things… … .]

[However, there was no order to intervene. Also the command to talk back.]

Baal, who belatedly recognized his mistake, bowed his head.

[I apologize. The punishment will be sweet… … .]

[That’s enough. I can’t believe I’m making money for something like this. It’s not even possible. If you think about it, you didn’t say anything wrong.]

After saying that, Plunictos looked down at the small human in front of him.

With a more absurd and insignificant look than ever before.

[I can’t believe a mere human was making a suggestion to me. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it becomes. Are you forgetting your own situation?]

“Won’t you know whether that’s the case or not when you hear it?”

[good night. Please tell me. What do you want to suggest?]

“I will kill the angels for you. Especially Michael, I’ll definitely kill him. “The rules say you can’t come forward anyway, right?”


Plunictos snorted.

[You want to kill the angels? Is that all?]

“It won’t be anything bad, right? “If we kill Michael and other angels, won’t we be able to win the war more clearly?”

[The war can be won even without killing Michael.]

“Are you sure? Michael, I heard you think there is a chance if you take the time? So he tried to delay the war by handing over the authority of the Akashic Records.”

[Even so, the defeat is only delayed. Whether in terms of numbers or skills, our demons are currently far superior.]

“But since you handed me over as promised, won’t the war be delayed? As a demon archduke, it would have been a mistake for you to manifest yourself. Then wouldn’t there be room for a rebound for the Elyos too?”

[It is safe to say that there is no room for that.]

“No matter what, the probability of winning the war is not 100%, right? “If it had been a game where victory was certain, the gods wouldn’t have made bets on who would win or lose.”

[…] … .]

“And in a big fight like war, you can’t help but think about variables. In such a situation, if there was a way to increase the winning rate even a little, wouldn’t it be wise to try it? “I think it would be me.”

[That means you should accept the offer.]

As Ryumin nodded, Plunictos looked worried.

It was a completely different attitude from the snort he had given a moment ago.

[I didn’t look at it like that, but my tongue is longer than I thought.]

“If it’s a compliment, accept it gratefully.”

[If Michael and some angels disappear as you said, the victory in the war will definitely be on our side. The more you think about it, the better it is.]

“Is that so?”

[But can you kill Michael?]

“Are you doubting my skills? “Me, the one who killed six archangels?”

[Apart from that, I’m asking if we can pull Michael out. If I release you from the Demon King’s Castle, unless you’re a fool, they’ll think you have a plot, right?]

“What else is there to do but drag it out? All you have to do is join the battlefield right now and kill him.”

[You want to kill me now? Not after the 19th round?]

It seems that he thought it was impossible to kill him right away.

As Ryumin nodded, Plunictos laughed.

[Do you not know the rules of the system? Or am I stupid? You are now a mercenary hired by the angels. They are recognized as a party and cannot kill each other. So don’t even think about asking me for a favor. No matter how unaffected a country is by the system, unless you are a developer, you can’t change the rules… … .]

“You call yourself a god, but you don’t know more than me?”

[You are cruel, human! Where am I… … !]

Baal got angry, but Plunictos raised his hand to stop him.

[What are you talking about, black scythe? What do I not know?]

“There is no need to change the rules. “Because there is an item that changes sides.”

[An item that changes sides?]

“Have you heard of the right to change camp?”

Plunictos tilts his head slightly.

The response was that they had never heard of it.

“If you rank first, you can choose a special reward. “I chose a temporary skill called Faction Change.”

[I know about special rewards. But this is my first time hearing that there is a reward called a faction change ticket?]

A tone of disbelief.

Ryumin chuckled and opened the skill window.

“good. So do I have to do this to believe it? [Sharing skill information].”

After selecting the skill to share and memorizing the command, an information window appeared.

[Temporary Skill – Faction Change Ticket]

-Effect: You can change your faction from Elyos to Demons.

When changed, demons are recognized as allies and Elyos as enemies, and demons and Elyos are also recognized with the caster reversed.

The quest conditions are also changed to victory for the demons.


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When reused, you can return to the Elyos camp.

This is a temporary skill that can only be used in round 18.

The information window that no one else could see was being shared with demons for obvious reasons.

[I can’t believe there was such a temporary skill… … .]

“With this, there will be no problem killing Michael and other Elyos, right?”

[I guess so. If you have this, you can team kill the Elyos.]

“Then will you accept my offer?”

[I haven’t heard what you want in return yet. Aren’t you making this suggestion without any benefit?]

“of course.”

Ryumin, who was smiling, immediately said what he wanted.

“Instead of killing Michael, release me. “That is the price I ask for.”

[I am asking you not to use it as material.]

“There are still a lot of things I want to do.”

Life is precious even to mere creatures.

Plunictos nodded as if it wasn’t that difficult.

[good night. If it can increase the odds of winning the war, give up your soul.]

“And there is more.”


“I want you to give me a reward for killing the angels. Things like strengthening the devil’s blessing or providing additional rewards when killed. “If you call yourself a god, you can give me that much, right?”

Although he came because he wanted to talk to the demon archduke, this was the reward Ryumin really wanted.

To get additional rewards from the devil.

This was the reason why he obediently entered the Demon King’s Castle even though he could have killed Michael on the way.

I thought that if I negotiated with the demon archduke, I would definitely be able to receive additional compensation.

[I can’t thank you enough for just saving my life, but it’s an additional reward. Hehe, this is the first time in my life I’ve seen such a big human being.]

“You’re not changing the story because you don’t have the ability to give compensation, are you?”

[No way. In the Demon King’s Castle, my abilities rival those of a god. It can’t mess with the system, but it does have the ability to give players additional rewards. but.]

Plunictos, with a somewhat dignified expression, looked down at Ryumin.

[There is no reward to be given to a small human being. Be grateful just for being obediently saved and sent away.]

“I regret this. “If I do this, I might not be able to keep my promise because I don’t feel like killing an angel?”

[If you let me go, I will run away, is this what you mean?]

“I just don’t have the motivation, that is. If the owner, who often threatens to turn you into a body stew, releases a hunting dog to catch its prey, will you obediently catch it? They say it’s their chance and they’ll just run away. Even if you catch your prey, shouldn’t there be some kind of reward? “Compensation.”

[Uhm… … .]

Plunictos had a worried look on his face, as if he thought Ryumin’s request was reasonable.

[I’m sure there needs to be compensation to make you move. I will also be able to spend my time with peace of mind.]

Then, he nodded slightly as if he had decided.

[i get it. Let me give you additional compensation. However, there are conditions.]


[You must kill Michael within this round.]

“Don’t worry about that. “Even if you don’t tell me, I’m going to kill him first.”

[And take my subordinate, Baal, with you.]

The person who was surprised by those words was Baal, not anyone else.

[Your Excellency the Grand Duke? Why did you give me to someone like that… … ?]

[Please accompany the Black Scythe to monitor whether it is carrying out its duties properly. As you said, isn’t there a possibility that you might break your promise and run away?]

“That’s because you said you won’t run away. Tsk.”

Ryumin clicked his tongue, but it was Baal who looked at him with a frown as if he disliked even that sight.

[dismissal. I have a duty to protect His Excellency the Archduke. Please send another devil… … .]

[I can’t trust the other guy. You are the one giving me this mission. It would be more certain that you, who are number one in rank, would go.]

[ah… … .]

Baal, perhaps moved by the words of faith, opened his mouth for a moment and then took a prostration position.

[I will follow your orders.]

* * *

Ryumin followed Baal out of the Demon King’s Castle.

Then, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the message that came to mind.

[We have returned to the round venue.]

[Disqualification will be cancelled.]

‘I’m glad we got out within an hour.’

If I stayed in the Demon King’s Castle a little longer, the efforts I had made so far would have been in vain.

‘I can’t end my life in a place like this.’

Fortunately, the negotiations with Plunictos ended well.

As proof, Ryumin had a buff applied to him.

[The buff ‘Deputy of the Demon Archduke’ is in effect.]

[As a buff effect, when killing an Elyos, a certain amount of stat points is given depending on the opponent.]

[This is a 18-round limited buff effect.]

‘I don’t know how much the stats will increase, but it’s better than nothing.’

If you use the devil’s blessing here, you will be able to get more stat points than before.

‘Shall we change the camp first?’

Ryumin used a temporary skill.

[You have used a temporary skill faction change ticket.]

[Player ‘Black Scythe’’s faction changes from ‘Elyos’ to ‘Asmodians’.]

[From now on, the Elyos will recognize you as their enemy.]

[Quest victory conditions change depending on the faction change.]

After seeing the message and opening the quest window, it was as expected.

<Main Quest>

└Win the war against the Elyos

The quest conditions have been changed to dealing with Elyos.

Now all that remains is to use the devil’s blessing in front of the angel and then extort the stat points.

‘The preparations are all over. Perfect.’

It would be perfect if it weren’t for the watcher named Baal next to him.

[Go to the battlefield right now and annihilate the Elyos as promised to His Excellency the Grand Duke. In particular, you will have to kill Michael first. Although I doubt whether someone like you can kill him.]

“If you’re in doubt, would you like to check now?”

Although Ryumin provoked him, Baal was ranked first among the 72 demon nobles.

Even though he looked stupid, he was not an easy opponent.

[I have no intention of getting involved in a useless fight. Because you are a contractor hired by His Excellency.]

“So you’re saying you’re just going to turn your back and watch?”

[It has to be that way. I don’t know if it’s after the 20th round, but according to the rules, I can’t get involved in the war right now. If I participate, all of you players will be finished.]

“Ah, is that so?”

[So, without further ado, just carry out what you promised. If you break your promise and run away… … .]

Baal’s eyes became red with murderous intent.

[Know that you will never survive.]

“Ah, so you’re not running away?”

[Get things done properly. I will watch in a state of invisibility, human.]

After saying those words and disappearing, Ryumin grumbled.

“You’ve been nagging me a lot.”

After saying that, Ryumin spread his wings and flew up.

Although he couldn’t see it, he felt the presence of Baal following him.


A mockery suddenly flowed from Ryumin’s mouth.

‘I was wondering what the demon prince was thinking when he assigned Baal, and it turns out there was a reason.’

It was because, by reading Baal’s thoughts, he was able to figure out the plans of the demon prince.

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