The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 284

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Episode 284

284. Meeting with the Demon Archduke

At Ryumin’s consent, Michael’s expression widened like a flower in full bloom.

[Thank you! I can’t believe you accepted a request that could have been burdensome so easily.]

“It’s a difficult request to ask you to look at the demon archduke’s face for a moment. Besides, aren’t we comrades in the same boat? “It’s not difficult to ask this much to receive your support until the 20th round.”

[Thank you for thinking that way! After all, unlike other humans, you are an awake human!]

Haha, Michael was smiling and praising me, but his true intentions were different.

-Kkkkkk, it looks like a bug that hasn’t fallen. You don’t even know you’re falling into a trap, but you easily accept it. The moment you step into the Demon Castle, you will not be able to escape.

Michael smiled with a slightly different meaning, but Ryumin, who could read thoughts, couldn’t have known that fact.

‘It’s you who’s stupid, Michael. ‘Are you afraid that I am not a fool and will meet the demon archduke without any countermeasures?’

Ryumin made a mocking mockery, but in Michael’s eyes, it seemed like nothing more than an idiot laughing.

[Then shall we go right away? I think now is a good time as the gods are watching.]

“Of course. Take the lead.”

Michael nodded and flew up into the sky.

Ryumin also spread his black wings and followed suit.


As they were flying, a horn was heard announcing the start of the war.

At the same time, shouts from both sides shook the heavens and the earth.


[Let’s kill! Dirty demon bastards!]

[You damn angels!]

5,000 angels and 10,000 demons clash on the earth.

Looking down at it from the sky, it was nothing short of spectacular.

At that time, I saw players cutting down demons among the angels.

‘We, the Four Gods, are desperate.’

Since your fate is determined by your contribution, you will have no choice but to focus on achieving results.

Minjoo-ri, Christine, Victor, and Russell, who have buffs, will not have to worry as their contribution will increase even if they stay still.

‘Supporters don’t have to worry. I also told you to save yourself as much as possible.’

In addition, I have told you about the appearance and characteristics of the demons you need to watch out for, so they will not die unexpectedly during the war like last time.

[It’s over there.]

Michael, who was flying, nodded and pointed over the hill.

Unlike now, when sulfur fires were raging, an eerie area appeared as if it had been engulfed in darkness.

[That is the Demon King’s Castle.]

Even if you don’t say it, you can see it.

Because there was only one building that looked like a castle.


Ryumin, who followed Michael to the floor, looked back.

The angel and devil who were fighting a moment ago are no longer visible.

It was so quiet that it didn’t even seem like a war.

[My guidance ends here. You can walk alone to the Demon King’s Castle.]

“Can’t I just fly?”

[If you want to be attacked blindly, you can do that, but it is not recommended.]

It seems that unconfirmed intruders attack without even asking questions.

“Let’s walk.”

[This is an excellent choice. Then we’ll meet again later.]

-If you can get out. Kick.

Although Ryumin could hear his inner feelings being different from his outer appearance, he did not show it and nodded.

Anyway, it was Michael that I would meet again in a little while.


Michael, who soared into the sky, returned to the battlefield without any regrets.

‘He probably thinks he won’t see me anymore. The moment he enters the Demon King’s Castle, he will know that it is impossible to get out.’

But Ryumin had no intention of falling into the trap.

I had no intention of giving my soul to the demons.

‘First, shall we go see the demon archduke’s face?’

As I walk through the barren land toward the magnificent castle gate, I hear the sound of a dog barking somewhere.

Cough! Wow!

The three-headed Cerberus is growling inside a cage.

Next to it, demons holding tridents are standing guard as if they will open the iron bars at any time.

It seems that if they determine that it is an enemy, they will immediately open the iron bars and bite them.

At that time, the gatekeeper who was guarding the castle gate approached Ryumin.

[Are you the Black Scythe?]

“That’s right.”

Thanks to the interpretation function, I was able to communicate with demons.

It was even more surprising that a mere soldier recognized him.

[Please come this way. I was waiting.]

Contrary to Michael’s concerns, the treatment was polite, but Ryumin was not surprised.

‘The reputation with the demons is an eternal alliance. There’s no way you can treat me poorly.’

Because I already guessed it based on reputation.


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The moment I followed the gatekeeper into the castle, a message came to mind.

[You left your seat during the round.]

[If the player does not return to the venue within 1 hour, the player will be disqualified.]

[Time remaining until disqualification: 00:59:59]

The same message came to mind as when I entered heaven, but I did not panic.

Because I knew it would happen like this.

However, a slightly different message from Heaven also appeared.

[You have entered the devil’s domain.]

[You cannot leave the Demon King’s Castle without permission from the Demon Prince, who has inherited the Demon King’s authority.]

Of course, you cannot escape without permission.

‘It’s just like I read Michael’s thoughts.’

At this point, it was time to realize that it was a trap and get angry, but Ryumin, who already knew, walked in silence.

As I looked around the huge hall with a worry-free face.


The interior had an eerie and desolate feel, but Ryumin was not intimidated.

Rather, he walked confidently with his shoulders raised as if he were the owner of the castle.

It was the same when facing the demon archduke.

[We have brought you the guest we have been waiting for, Your Excellency the Grand Duke.]

In the burning sprain, there was a giant who could have been over 10 meters tall.

The skin color is so dark that if it stayed still, you would have thought it was a stone statue, but the corners of its mouth moved to see if it was a living thing.

[Good work. Stop going, Chrome.]


When the gatekeeper withdrew, Ryumin looked up at the demon archduke in surprise.

‘Seeing as how he even memorizes the name of the gatekeeper, I guess he’s a tyrant.’

Although he had killed many demons, this was Ryu Min’s first time seeing the demon archduke.

Neither the Archangel nor the Demon Archduke were shown in the previous episodes.

‘But in this episode, there are a lot of developments that I’m experiencing for the first time, perhaps because of something I did. This is how I met not only the Archangel, but also the Demon Archduke, whom I had only heard about through rumors.’

The image of the Demon Archduke was a little different from what I had imagined.

I thought he looked like a devil like the other soldiers, but he even looks a bit handsome.

If I had been of normal height, many women would have followed suit.

However, contrary to his appearance, his speech did not seem to be polite.

[You are the black scythe. I was waiting.]


The corners of Plunictos’ mouth rose at Ryumin’s question.

[why? Did you think I would treat you with respect and respect you like other angels?]

“You demons will be forever allies with me, right?”

[You seem to be talking about the reputation of the system. How can you blindly trust such a fake text? It’s trivial.]

Plunictos let out a sarcastic sneer.

[We demons also know this because we have raised humans. What abilities the player has and what they see.]

Suddenly, Plunictos’s expression became distorted in a vicious way.

[You bastards. Those bastards who are slaves to the system. Stupid people don’t give a shit about that kind of shame. These amoeba-like babies that even their owners don’t recognize.]

Plunictos, who was suddenly rushing forward, frowned as if he had never done that before.

[I’m sorry for cursing you out of nowhere. But isn’t it all true? You humans are less intelligent.]

“… … .”

[Of course, it’s not that I don’t understand. Since I gained such strong power from the system, it is no wonder that I rely on the system.]

Sharp fangs emerged from Plunictos’ grinning lips.

[I am grateful that you killed the archangels. Certainly, from our perspective, you are a noble person who can be considered an eternal ally. But nothing lasts forever. Although the system is a product of God, you should know that there are beings who are not bound by it.]

“Do you want to say that you are God? So, unlike other soldiers, it doesn’t apply to the effect of reputation?”

Plunictos raised his eyebrows as if he was surprised.

[Oh, I thought all humans were stupid, but it seems that’s not the case. Yes. I am a God. At least here in the Demon King’s Castle.]

“Strictly speaking, he is not a god.”

Ryumin chuckled, but Plunictos did not fall for the provocation.

[Stop making trivial provocations. Do you think a great being like me would fall for such a small trick?]

“Don’t change your mind. “Anyway, you’re saying he’s not God, right?”

[Although I am not a god, I am a being close to god. I am Plunictos. Here in the Demon King’s Castle, he has the same status as a god.]

“So you’re stuck in this bleak castle? “Smells like a widower?”

Plunictos said that provocation does not work, but Ryumin did not miss the way his eyebrows twitched.

[It seems you are not afraid of death, you insignificant human.]

“Because you and I are allies.”

[You’re stupid. What have you heard so far? Are you acting so proudly, relying only on your reputation?]

“know. Here, you are a god and the system has no effect. So reputation means nothing and you can trample me to death at any moment.”

[How can you be so confident when you understand?]

“Because I know you won’t kill me.”

Plunictos looked surprised once again.

[Why do you think that?]

“I heard it from Michael. “I heard you asked for me until the end even though you had the authority of the Akashic Records?”

[Did that bastard even say something like that?]

“I said something more. “You demons and Elyos are doing this to raise us humans into mercenaries.”

[Like an angel with a mouth closed. There is nothing that cannot be said to a human being.]

“You are in no position to curse others. You’re just talking to me like this, right? And that too with a scum-like person. If I was going to kill him, I would have stepped on him and killed him right away, so what’s the regret? It’s not like you’re just talking because you’re lonely. is not it?”

[What do you want to say? Do you really think I want something from someone like you? It’s ridiculous, yes.]

“Is there anything you want? Then try killing him.”

[…] … .]

Plunictos was silent, as if he couldn’t actually kill him.

“Look, there’s something you want. So without further ado, tell me what you want. “I will judge after listening.”

[You have great confidence. good night. I liked it, Black Scythe. Since this has come to pass, tell the truth.]

Plunictos spoke with a more serious expression.

[I want your soul.]

“My soul?”

[Human souls are good material for us demons. I won’t tell you what the ingredients are, but it takes a strong soul like you.]

“My soul is mighty? “Isn’t it the same for me and everyone else?”

[I don’t know. Not all human souls are treated the same. I don’t know if you know it, but the player’s system is an ability that comes from the soul, not the body. In other words, if you stand out as a player, your soul can also be used as quality material. Just as the quality of the same product varies depending on the product.]

“Do you feel a little dirty handling things?”

[I don’t really care how you feel. No matter what anyone says, you are mine.]

“Now you’re openly treating me like an object?”

[Did I say something wrong? In return for killing my incarnation, I asked the gods for you and received it before the end of 18 rounds. It was a fair request.]

“Then why are you talking so much about killing me or using my soul as material?”

[The reason is simple. It’s because I’m more of a gentleman than I look. They’re not barbaric enough to beat up a dog they adopted into their home. Well, if you don’t listen, I’ll have no choice but to beat you up.]

“So you’re telling me out of courtesy before you kill it and use it as material?”

[That’s right.]

Although it was absurd, Ryu Min did not judge the other person to be lying.

It was also believed that divine power was exerted in the Demon King’s Castle.

‘Because the proof is that thoughts cannot be read.’

Moreover, the recently acquired eternal item ‘Eye of Insight’ was able to see through the essence of the opponent.


└ Race: Demon

└ Tendency: Evil

└ Status: Demon Archduke

└ Special Note: The ruler of the Demon World is the Demon King, but since the position is vacant, he rules the Demon World as the de facto number one. In the Demon King’s Castle, he exerts godlike influence.

└ Weakness: … … .

‘I guess by my standards, the inclination is evil, right?’

Probably so.

Didn’t they tell you that they would kill you immediately and make you into materials?

Nevertheless, Ryu Min still maintained a confident attitude.

“so? “You’re going to kill me?”

[…] … Seeing that you are still proud, it seems like you really are not afraid of death.]

“Because I have no intention of dying yet.”

[You have no choice. What I am saying is Tongboda. I will kill you, take your soul out, and use it as material to build the demon world. Anyway, in the Demon King’s Castle, no one can escape without my permission. Didn’t Michael know that too, so he couldn’t come in and ran away in front of the castle? So it would be better to accept it meekly. While I was still being gentlemanly.]

“There are three things I would like to correct in your statement… … .”

Ryumin looked up at Plunictos and folded his fingers.

“First of all, Michael didn’t take me there. I came here on my own. Second, I have no intention of running away.”

When I folded two fingers, the middle finger pointed towards the demon archduke.

The statue-like guy’s eyebrows twitch.

“Thirdly, I have no intention of dying.”

[You don’t understand what I’m saying, human? It’s your choice… … .]

“No? know. That’s what you think. “But if you listen to what I say from now on, you’ll think differently, right?”

[What do you want to say?]

A smile leaked from Ryumin’s mouth.

“I want to make you a suggestion.”

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