The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 252

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Episode 252

252. End of round 15

“John Delgado.”

[No. 576 is ‘John ​​Delgado.’]

[All 576 survivors have been determined.]

[The remaining players are automatically destroyed.]

“Now, wait! extinction?”

“I don’t want to die! “I don’t want to die!”

“검은 낫, 이 개새끼야! “I asked you to save me!”

“Fuck you bastard! “You will curse me even when I go to hell!”

“Eat well and live well, this X bar… … .”

The words could not continue.


It has been destroyed at the molecular level, and only the remaining ash is scattered.

‘Seeing as you’re talking about curses, it’s a good thing I didn’t choose.’

Although he incurred the resentment of hundreds of people, Ryu Min’s face remained calm.

I would like to go to the next round with 1,000 people, but it is impossible due to the system.

‘Previously, less than 50 people survived, so there was no one to kick out… … .’

Now, it’s not that it’s not enough, it’s that we’ve lived so much that there’s no room for it, so we had no choice but to cut it out.

It’s like cutting off a branch from a tree.

‘sorry. But it’s inevitable for 20 rounds. There is no choice but to save people who will be helpful in the attack.’

In particular, John Delgado must be saved at all costs.

If you use him, you’ll get another reward, so it’s worth it.

However, the reason I pretended to worry at the end was no different.

‘It’s because I can see Christine’s feelings.’

Ryumin slowly turns his head, and sure enough, Christine is looking at him with a blank expression.

-Black Scythe… … Why John Delgado… … ?

After reading his thoughts, he doesn’t seem to understand why he saved John.

Ryu Min also fully understood her reaction.

‘It’s like saving someone’s life even though you know they’re enemies.’

Thinking that I would have to explain it later, I turned my head and saw Min Joo-ri and Seo A-rin.

-Are you okay, Black Scythe? The pressure must have been no joke… … .

-You have to decide which player will disappear with your own hands… … If it were me, I would never have done it.

They were both worried about themselves, but there was no need to be.

I have already seen the deaths of people around me so many times that it makes me cringe.

‘In a situation like that, it’s like choosing who to destroy with my own hands.’

I knew full well that I couldn’t go against the rules of the system, so I had no choice but to comply.

Ryumin’s eyes this time fell on the followers of the Four Gods Church.

-Phew, I lived. You almost died, right?

-If it weren’t for the Four Gods Church, I would have been the one to disappear, right?

-Joining the Four Gods Church was the best thing I did in my life.

The believers, all of them, were at ease.

He said that his life was saved thanks to joining the Four Gods Church.

[Finally, all 576 survivors have been determined. Congratulations. Everyone who has been chosen by the Black Scythe.]

Ryumin raised his eyes.

For some reason, what the angel says sounds sarcastic.

Angel Millen, who flinched when their eyes met, cleared his throat and looked away.

Even angels know.

The monster that killed the Archangel was the Black Scythe.

[Well, would you like to see the tally results?]

★ 15 round results tally ★

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└1st place. Black Scythe (Lv95 Reaper)

└2nd place. Chrissy (Lv65 Priest)

└3rd place. Democracy (Lv65 buffer)

Once the ranking results emerged, which were formed through personal connections rather than records, the compensation was settled.

[Experience points and gold are awarded to everyone as a reward for clearing round 15.]

[Experience +237.9%]


[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

Ryumin rose 2 levels, but the others rose from 4 to 5 levels.

Most of them are close to level 70.

[congratulations! You have completed the quest as first place in the area!]

[Currently, ‘Black Scythe’ is ranked 1st in the area.]

[An ‘Infinite Material Pouch’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

[A ‘Special Reward Selection Box’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

As a reward, I received an infinite bag of materials.


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An item that produces up to 5 random ingredients when used.

However, Ryumin, who has just achieved his grade, does not really need any materials.

‘But you can’t keep it without using it.’

There is a penalty that if you do not use it until the next round after acquiring it, it will expire, so you have no choice but to use it.

‘I’ll have to try it after I return. ‘I’ll only get ingredients I don’t need.’

When the ingredients come out, I have to keep them and give them to someone else.

Or, make a high-grade item and gift it to a friend.

‘Instead, I should use the special reward selection box.’

When Ryumin uses it, a choice comes to mind.

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

[Please touch the reward you want.]

└ 1. Temporary skill – Sweep (limited to 16 rounds)

└ 2. Temporary skill – Clairvoyance (limited to 16 rounds)

└ 3. Information about round 16

This time there are two temporary skills.

Sweep is a passive skill that is applied as soon as it is learned, and converts the weapon into area damage.

‘It’s a good skill for literally wiping out multiple monsters.’

However, it is a useless skill for Ryumin.

We were already able to expand the weapon’s area with Thanatos’ black scythe.

‘There is only one choice in this situation.’

I chose clairvoyance number 2.

It is a temporary skill that was used in the 11th round, and was put to great use at the gambling house.

‘It’s not as good as then, but it’s still useful in the 16th round.’

There is no other option.

◀ ROUND 15 ends ▶

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└Survivors: 576

[After a while, the soul is transferred to the body in the existing dimension.]

[Round 16 begins at midnight on April 1, 2023. Well then, see you in the next round. Congratulations on your survival.]

* * *

When we returned to reality, ordinary people were shocked to see the article.

[trot! 576 players from around the world remaining after 15 rounds.]

[14 months after the cataclysm, the population decreased from 1.8 billion to around 500… … .]

[Of the 576 remaining players, 174 are Korean players.]

The number of players has suddenly decreased to three digits.

The decrease in the number of players threatening the world may have been good news for the general public, but there were also opposing voices.

└It’s a big deal. As the number of players decreases, there is no one to stop them.

└Now the era of players has arrived.

└If players work together and run wild, no one can stop them, right?

└That’s right.

└Isn’t there something we need to do?

There was negative public opinion, but it was a minority.

Most people weren’t too worried.

Because there was a ruler who commanded the players.

└I have a black scythe. What are you worried about?

└That’s right. Players who committed crimes were severely punished.

└If it were me, I wouldn’t commit a crime. Even if it’s because I’m scared, I live like I’m dead.

└But is the black scythe that strong? What happens if other players decide to attack?

└Whatever happens, it all comes to nothing.

└I heard that the level gap is still large. Everyone else is level 69 at most, but I’m only level 97.

└Anyway, our country has a black scythe, so there is nothing to worry about. There are 174 Korean players, and they are all affiliated with the Four Gods Church, so they will be subject to control.

└Supervisor. What is the Four Gods Church?

└It is a religion created by Black Scythe, but it is a religion in name only. In fact, it is like a group created to unite players.

└Aha, it’s like a cafe or something called Pseva?

└Plseba is now ruined, well.

└But out of 576, 174 are Korean players… … . Surprisingly, our country is a powerhouse of players, right? lol

└The Four Gods Church explained above. If you want to know, know it properly. The Four Gods Church was not created by Black Scythe, but is an organization created by a leader named Heo Tae-seok. And it is not a religion in name only, but a real religion. Black Scythe is revered as a god in the Shinigami Church. After you know something, fuck it.

└Oh, was it really a religion? I didn’t know.

└Don’t do it. What kind of god is the black scythe? It’s human. And what kind of idiot is Heo Tae-seok?

└He’s not a simpleton, he’s a level 69 warlock. He is the leader and founder of the Four Gods Church.

└I’m not curious about Heo Tae-seok, Nabal, and those guys, so you don’t have to tell me.

└Leave it alone. I guess the guy who commented is Heo Tae-seok.

Heo Tae-seok’s hand stopped after seeing the last comment.

I was so stung that I debated whether or not to delete the comment I had made.

“What about deletion? “It’s true, but what?”

Heo Tae-seok sighed as he said that.

His face was also shaded, as if he had been heartbroken by a woman.

Strictly speaking, she was not a woman but a god.

‘No matter how much I think about it, I don’t understand it. What on earth was Black Scythe thinking… … .’

The fact that he sacrificed his whole body in the 15-round mission is truly heartwarming.

Until then, Heo Tae-seok’s mood was so excited that he couldn’t help but feel excited.

But even for a moment.

When I checked my ranking, my excitement quickly cooled down.

“I’m in 10th place… … I’m in 10th place… … .”

I didn’t want to finish in 2nd or 3rd place.

No, to be honest, I was only slightly hoping for it.

After all, isn’t he the founder and leader of the Four Gods Church?

It was safe to say that it was the right arm of the black scythe.

‘no. People are shameless. You have to hope for what you want. What did I do in the 15th round?’

I know that Christine’s Sanctuary, which ranked second, played a huge role in the third mission.

I admit that the first and second missions would have been difficult if it weren’t for the various buffs of 3rd place Minjoo-ri.

Therefore, I will not hope for second or third place.

“But why are you pushed down to 10th place?” … .”

I know it’s meaningless in terms of compensation, but isn’t that how people feel?

The fact that it is ranked later means that it came to mind too late.

Because it means that it has been pushed down in importance.

‘What am I to Black Scythe? ‘Do you even recognize my hard work?’

Although he pledged loyalty to the point of sacrificing his life, the return he received was not much.

At best, the location of the Four Gods Church was prepared from the countryside to Seoul?

‘Umm… … When I think about it, this is a building worth tens of billions of dollars. Moreover, they also provided 100 million won for one year’s operating expenses.’

It seems like I was rewarded for my efforts, but in some ways it doesn’t seem like that.

In fact, it’s not even his own building; he’s just rented the space.

‘Operation costs are nothing compared to working… … .’

In fact, Heo Tae-seok spends very little money on himself.

Most of it goes into the cost of supporting and managing the Four Gods believers and the operating costs of the building.

In some ways, it was like volunteering with only minimal food expenses.

‘I don’t really want material things.’

I’m not expecting much in return.

I just want to thank you for your hard work so far.

At the very least, I just want to be recognized as a religious leader.

“Tsk… … . Should we just be satisfied with 10th place?”

Heo Tae-seok, who was feeling sad, looked back at himself and was surprised.

How dare a creature presumptuously feel sorry for God.


Heo Tae-seok, who corrected his wavering faith by slapping himself in the face, was as if possessed.

“It’s not enough. It’s not enough. You lack faith… … .”

“What are you lacking?”

Heo Tae-seok was startled by the sudden voice.

The person who came in was Cardinal Eom Jun-seok.

“What are you muttering like that? “Master?”

“Hmm, no.”

“Now is not the time to be like this.”

“What’s wrong?”

“There are people who come to the Four Gods Church. “Please follow me.”

After saying that, Heo Tae-seok followed Eom Jun-seok as he left.

I couldn’t help but wonder because it wasn’t even time for believers to gather yet.


When I went out to the front of the Sasingyo Bridge, there were indeed people gathered there.

The number of people is ten.

They are all foreigners too.

‘What are these people here for?’

Did you hear a rumor about the existence of the Four Gods Church and come to see it as a group?

I thought so at first, but then I realized it.

Because several people were wearing the item.


“Is this the Temple of the Black Scythe?”

The interpretation function was only applied to other worlds, so I couldn’t understand it… … .

“Cardinal Um. “What are you saying?”

Fortunately, Eom Jun-seok could speak English.

“wait a minute.”

Eom Jun-seok, who had been conversing in English a few times, said with a surprised face.

“I heard you came here because you wanted to join the Four Gods Church?”

“To the Four Gods Church? “Everything?”


“Could you please ask me why?”

Eom Jun-seok immediately asked in English and came back with an answer.

“It is said that he was able to survive in the last round thanks to being nominated by Black Scythe. Not only that, but I am deeply moved by the sacrifice he made by giving his whole body, and I really want to join… … .”

“haha… … .”

In a situation where there are already few players, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if more believers came in.

Black Scythe also said that believers are welcome to join at any time.

“great. “We have to conduct an interview, so let’s bring in Black Scythe.”

It was good to have ten believers, but Heo Tae-seok didn’t know.

Starting on this day, I had no idea that all 175 players who had been saved by the Black Scythe would flock in.

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