The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 251

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Episode 251

251. Authority

10 seconds have passed.

Ryumin’s blurry eyes opened brightly.

‘Are we finished?’

I didn’t lose my mind at all.

Thanks to the elixir of super regeneration, they were able to protect more than a thousand people.

Ryumin suddenly turned his head.

Hundreds of eyes look at Ryumin with respect.

All of these people would have died if Ryu Min had not stepped forward.

“Black Scythe… … .”

“Ah, my God… … .”

Some believers, including Heo Tae-seok, really look at God.

There are even people who put their hands together and pray.

Christine’s eyes were also full of awe.

As if we were seeing the second coming of God who sacrificed himself for humans.

[Time limit has expired.]

[You have succeeded in the third mission.]

[Survivors are 1,048, deaths are 104.]

[congratulations! You have completed the main quest!]

[The location will be moved shortly for final settlement.]

It was a happy announcement, but no one could laugh.

There were huge blood stains around Ryu Min.

Perhaps because he knows that it is a price of sacrifice, he seems to like it.

Ryumin said calmly, as if he didn’t like the solemn atmosphere.

“Why is it so quiet? “You can be happy without worrying about what others think.”

“But Black Scythe’s physical condition… … .”

“You don’t have to worry about me. Contrary to what it looks like, it’s fine. Even if you get hurt, it doesn’t matter. “I am satisfied just by saving many people.”

“iced coffee… … .”

“Black Scythe… … .”

People who were impressed by his great personality looked at him with respectful eyes.

With just a few words, he instantly created the image of a savior.

‘There’s nothing wrong with having a good image.’

At that time, when I was smiling kindly and enjoying the joy, a happy notification appeared before my eyes.

[There is a hidden sub-quest!]

<Sub Quest>

└Receive the most damage in the third mission

└If successful ▶ Rune of sacrifice provided

[You have completed the sub-quest!]

[‘Rune of Sacrifice’ will be provided as a sub-quest reward!]

[The acquired runes are automatically imprinted on the player’s body!]

‘You came in as expected. Subquest reward.’

Although he went out of his way to protect others, what Ryumin was actually looking forward to was this sub-quest reward.

[Rune of Sacrifice]

-Effect: Designate a target within a 100m radius to receive damage instead.

At this time, the damage received decreases depending on the caster’s defense.

It can be canceled when the caster wants. However, if the target leaves the range, it is automatically canceled.

‘The rune of sacrifice, it’s not a bad rune.’

No, it’s actually better.

So much so that it is included in the list of 18 runes that must be obtained.

‘There is no rune better than this to protect someone.’

It is a rune that takes damage from the desired target instead.

A literally sacrificial rune.

‘If you hang it on someone who plays an important role in the party like Christine, you can protect it perfectly.’

Instead, you will have to take the damage that Christine receives, but there is no need to worry.

Because your defense power is adjusted to your level.

‘If I can hold on, Christine is practically invincible.’

It’s a good rune, but I didn’t beat the subquest just to get this one.

‘Subquests are more important than ever in this round.’

The reason will be revealed by the angel.

After a while, the background flickered and the players returned one by one to the colorless space.

[Hehe, how was the mission? It was harder than I thought… … Right?]

The smiling angel soon looked at the more than a thousand survivors, and then turned to face him with a straight face.

[You survived longer than expected? I thought at most 100 people would survive… … .]

‘100 people was set high. If things had gone as planned, there would have been less than 50 people left.’

Ryumin laughed inwardly and looked around.

It was the first sight I saw in 100 regressions.

There are so many people standing after 15 rounds.


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[Let’s see… … A total of 1,048 people survived? How did so many survive? Is this more than expected?]

The angel’s surprise was the same emotion the people had experienced a few minutes earlier.

Because I never thought that the black scythe would burn my body for us and protect us like a shield.

‘Black Scythe… … .’

‘Black Scythe is truly our savior.’

People looked at Ryumin with those eyes.

With 2,000 eyes watching, Ryumin couldn’t help but feel burdened.

Just think about what you have to do later.

‘Maybe those eyes will turn into hatred in a little while.’

While I was secretly sighing, the angel made a statement that shocked people.

[I don’t know if you know, but there was a hidden sub-quest in this round. It was a quest where the person who received the most damage in the third mission won. It’s not that surprising, right?]

As I said, it’s not that surprising up to this point.

It’s a sub-quest every time except for rounds 1 and 6.

What was truly surprising was what happened next.

[But this subquest is a little different. Unlike other rounds, this time authority is given to the person who completes the sub-quest. What kind of permissions do you have?]

The angel smiles devilishly.

[This is the authority to determine the ranking of players.]

“The players… … ranking?”

“What does that mean?”

For those who didn’t understand right away, the angel smiled and explained.

[Until now, we measured the records and determined the rankings to fill the list of achievers, right? But this round is different. The person who completed the sub-quest can directly designate the achievers from 2nd to 576th place.]


“Direct ranking?”

[In other words, the person who sacrificed the most has the power to control the life and death of other people. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Giggling.]

As the angel said, it was a paradoxical situation.

The person who sacrificed the most can control the lives of others.

People felt like their heads were floating in shock.

[Let’s take a look. The human who received the most damage in the third mission was… … .]

The angel’s eyes grew so big that they seemed about to pop out.

It was a rare reaction.

[It’s a black scythe? Huh, but the amount of damage received is over 2 trillion… … .]

The angel, who couldn’t help but be amazed, lowers his head.

[Now I understand. How were so many people able to survive? Could it be that you took on all those attacks alone?]

“… … .”

There is no obligation to answer.

Because there was a clear intention to ridicule.

[But what about this? Unfortunately, I ended up throwing away half of it.]

It was inevitable since only 576 people could survive.

[Now, black scythe. I will give you the right to take the life or death of another player.]

As soon as the angel finished speaking, a message came to mind.

[The player who achieved the 15th round sub-quest is ‘Black Scythe.’]

[Player ‘Black Scythe’ is given the authority to adjust rankings for 15 rounds.]

[1st place cannot be replaced by Black Scythe himself.]

[Please rank from 2nd to 576th.]

[Second and third place will receive special rewards, and the rest will receive the same rewards regardless of ranking.]

[First, please call the nickname of the player you wish to designate as 2nd place.]

Ryumin quietly watched the message.

The fate of others is in your hands.

When I turned my head, I saw countless eyes looking at me.

It may have seemed burdensome, but Ryu Min designated it without hesitation.

Because I knew it would happen like this.


[2nd place is ‘Chrissy’.]

[Please specify 3rd place.]


Up to third place receives special rewards as before.

‘The 2nd and 3rd place rewards should go to Christine and Min-ri Min, who were the most influential.’

Meanwhile, the rest remains the same.

Therefore, the order from 4th to 576th has no meaning.

The question was whether or not to be in the 576th place.

Because that difference is what makes the difference between going to heaven and going to hell.

[4th place is ‘Seo A-rin’.]

[Please specify 5th place.]

… …

[10th place is ‘Old People No Gay’.]

[Please specify number 11.]

… …

[13th place is ‘Shit Idiots’.]

[Please specify number 14.]

… …

Ryumin called the nickname without hesitation.

Russell, Cho Yong-ho, Victor, Sophia, Yamti, etc.

He added his main strength to the list of survivors.

After that, it was filled with nicknames of members of the Four Gods Church.

‘It goes without saying that I will help the Four Gods believers who believed in me and followed me survive.’

Then, I was able to quickly fill up to the 400th place.

The problem is the remaining 176 people.

‘Who should survive?’

Ryumin, who used to call nicknames without hesitation, became silent for the first time.

A look of distress.

[Please specify number 401.]

The players who saw the message flashing in front of everyone shouted as if it was this time.

“Black Scythe! I! “Please save me!”

“me too! Please add me to the survivor list too! please!”

“damn! “What kind of bastard pushed it?”

“I can’t see you, so get out of the way!”

People flocked to Ryumin like clouds.

People who ran to beg for their lives could not get closer because of Ryumin’s sad eyes.

Just appeal yourself from 10 meters away.

“Please save me. There is a single mother at home. “You will be very sad when I die.”

“Are you the only one with a family? “I have a baby who is less than 100 days old!”

“I’m a father of twins! “If I die, my family will starve to death!”

“I’m a quadruplet!”

“It’s so damn sick!”

In the end, nearly 600 people struggle to survive, even going so far as to grab each other by the collar.

Unlike a player who has overcome adversity, there is no trace of seriousness.

‘Well, since your life depends on it, isn’t it natural?’

Meanwhile, there were some people who didn’t move, perhaps out of pride or personality.

‘That person… … Grand Mage Alex?’

In the past, there were two people, excluding Ryu Min, who survived until the 19th round.

It is none other than Ma Gyeong-rok and Joo Seong-tak, who were competing for second and third place in the entire district.

‘And there were seven people who survived until the 18th round, not including me.’

Two of them are Ma Kyung-rok and Joo Seong-tak, and the remaining five are Min-ri Min, Yamti, Victor, and… … .

‘It was [Alex] over there and [Dorothy] who was revered as a shrine.’

In other words, these two people are among the talented people who survived until the 18th round.

When I looked it up later, I also saw Dorothy.

‘Maybe because I’m a foreigner, I didn’t have a chance to become friends with the two of them.’

All we know is that Alex is of German nationality and has made a name for himself as the only class known as an archmage.

All I know is that Dorothy was also called a shrine of Dutch nationality.

‘I was hoping we’d have a chance to meet each other, but it turned out well.’

Ryu Min’s voice rang through the noise of Dottegi Market.


[400th place is ‘Alex’.]

[Please select 401st place.]

Alex looks shocked, as if he didn’t know he was being called.


The same goes for Dorothy.

Ryumin kept calling me nicknames.

Now that I had chosen everyone I needed, it didn’t matter who I chose.

I just read their inner thoughts a little and, if I felt there were no personality problems, I added them to the Survivor category.

When we filled up to 575th place and there was one last spot left.

The remaining 500 players begged and clung to the black scythe.

“please. “Black Scythe.”

“Please help me, I don’t want to die. please.”

“I will do whatever you ask me to do. I will live like a slave for the rest of my life. So please… … .”

Kneeling is a given, and you can even see people crying and complaining.

However, Ryu Min had already decided on the last survivor.

‘The last one… … .’

Ryumin’s gaze, which had been pausing, turned to one person.

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