Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 309

[Unfortunately…] …there we go.]

The eyes of Themeer were black with spirit.

At the sight, Sarah was also forced to make up her mind. I have to cut off my brother.

The blade of the fire escaped the sword.

There was a firm fighting spirit in Sarah’s eyes. Now that I’ve decided to cut myself, I want to let you go as painlessly as possible.

Painful of grief was the next thing to do.

The blade was fired from the shaking spirit behind Themeer’s back. When Sarah and Padler swung the sword and struck it out, a sword formed in the hands of Themeer.

It is shaped exactly like a barissada, but it was a fake made with spirit, not real.

The sword-wielding Temer was also not the man the party knew. It’s just a monster that even loved ones don’t recognize.

The dark blade of the Temer spilled the golden sword.

Each and every one of them has an enormous power, but it was an unparalleled sword compared to the “real theme.”


When Murakan spread his wings, the terrible spirit of Themeer, who filled the tower, stopped moving at once.

Like a beast hardened against a giant predator.

Dealing with the crazy Temer is Murakan, who had a perfect heyday a thousand years ago.

Even when Themeer was intact, many people said that the power of the two was neck and neck. A reasonless theme can’t be a match for Murakan.

Besides, there was Sarah and Padler.

Flame and epilepsy, the mana of two properties, mixed with oreo, were turning black. The colorful blackness stretched out as if to tear the entire tower apart.

Murakan bound the Temer with Young Gi, followed by Sarah and Padler digging in both directions and pressuring the Temer.

Quagagag, kuck, kik……!

Each one’s energy was mingling with iron. They were all shocked to see the Temer barely backing away and striking the swords of the two men.

It wasn’t just this much. The power of the giant Temer Looncandel.

[Sorry, Temer.]

As if it was the last time, Murakan gathered the freed spirits. The spirits of all sides swept over the Murakan like waves.

At the same time, the entire sky of the Black Sea spread over the tower was filled with spirit.

Far away, the map of the sky over there has become the territory of Murakan.

Even the venom of the Black Sea, which was pouring from the sky, was disappearing under its spirit.

King of heaven, it was a force worthy of the name that people in those days called Murakhan.

[Sara, Padler. I’m going to have to end it now.]

But the moment Murakan finished speaking.

Just in front of Themeer, a steel gate was opened. What popped out of it, was a man in a hazy shape.

A brilliant radiance was flowing from his cloudy body.

With his sudden appearance Sarah and Padler stepped back and took precautions, and Murakhan stopped the attack.

[Fate is sometimes so mean…]…your God. Isn’t that right?]

[……your man, how did you know this place and you jumped out?]

[There’s not much I don’t know in a known, or a world that hasn’t been erased or corrupted. You know?]

He seemed to know Murakhan. Sarah and Padler didn’t seem to know him either.

[Temar. You all want to save this poor friend, right?]

He said, putting his hand on Themeer’s shoulder. Temer stood still, not hostile to him, with the aftermath of being weighed down by Murakan’s spirit, gasping for breath as if great.

Sarah and Padler’s eyes shook.

[What a piece of shit.]

Murakan staring at him.

[Manipulation] “As a lucky man whose well-being is too good to be weighed down, he only wants to do good to the poor orphans.”

[Fuck it and get the hell out of it. Before I kill you, too.

As Murakan’s life turned to him.

Sarah and Padler shook their heads in the way of Murakan.

With a desperate look to listen to the story.

There seemed to be faith. The belief that he could somehow undo the crazy Temer.

[Don’t be so sharp, listen to my suggestion. My old friend. This body has a good future for everyone.]

Chiuijik! PSS……!

The grey sphere was distorted once again.

The video did not look like it would come back. As was the case with the first tomb, the sphere has been crumbling since a single point of view change.

But Jean had no time to feel irritated by the suddenly cut-off video. It was because his heart was pounding in the shock of seeing “he” at the end.

He was the man whom Jean had encountered in person only once.

“The head of the Kinselo……!’

It was definitely him. A dim body, a flash of light, a tone, a voice, and a steel door.

Even saying Murakhan ‘as if he knew’ was the same. You seem to know quite well.

But unlike the day we encountered in the old Oterium, Murakan also acted as if he had met him in the video.

‘What the hell? If Murakhan knew him, why would he pretend not to know back then?’

Up to there, Jean had to straighten her mind.

‘No, you wouldn’t have pretended you didn’t know. The present Murakhan really doesn’t know who he is.’

There is a problem with Murakan’s memory.

a conclusion that can be easily reached

Suddenly, at the end of the preliminary jockey, I remembered what I heard at the Oterium.

[It was me who stopped the friend when Temar tried to kill you in a storm. Murakan. You don’t remember me?]

How dare you sell someone’s name? You look like a nigga, but the theme can’t have matched yours. Besides, there’s a lot of traffic, so you must have heard something from somewhere? The explosion that day…….

[You want to say it wasn’t you, it was the Temer?] Aside from not recognizing me, you remember the fight of the day as the responsibility of Themeer. I can’t imagine how unfair the dead friend would be to know this.]

……pull up the name of Themeer one more time. I’ll kill you right now, and I’ll send all the Kinselon or whatever to hell.

It’s impossible for you in your prime. More than that, I’m so curious. Did you really have a memory problem? Do you really think that Themeer, not you, was driving too hard?]

You hasten death.

[Or did you reconstruct the memory to your advantage?]]

Shut up…!

The conversation between the head of Kinselo and Murakan.

Ever since I heard the conversation, I’ve been curious. What the hell happened between Murakan and Themeer a thousand years ago.

And if there really was a past between the head of Kinselo and Murakan, what was it?

I was confused in my head.

‘Although the video was suddenly cut off, it is highly likely that the theme did not die in the tower.’

The idea was based on Sarah and Padler’s reaction to the appearance of the leader, but another reason was this.

The theme in the video did not have the power to stab and destroy Murakan’s heart.

Even without Sarah and Padler, Murah Khan had been destroyed enough to crush him.

Such a theme could not have left Murakan in his prime in a thousand years of long sleep.

Only for a short peek, Jean immediately recognized how monstrous the spirit Murakan showed in the video.

“If you look at the situation in the video, unlike what the head of Kinselo said, the runaway side is not Murakan, but the theme.” But after that, I don’t know how things have changed. I can’t check it properly because the video was cut off.’

It was frustrating.

If the recording device had not been damaged, it would have been possible to observe the subsequent occult.

The same was true of Shilderay.

When I inferred the empty past, which was omitted whenever the timing changed, I felt my mind was in a muddle.

Missha knows that, right? I’m sure there’s a way to get this recording device back……wait. Recording, recording, recording…….’


Several words and names came to Jin’s mind.

Record magic.

The Hister’s recording magic. And, Valeria Heister, the teacher of previous life.

She would still be wandering around the world to restore the old sorceresses that Hister had lost.

Why did you just come up with your teacher’s name? If you’re a teacher, you might know something about the recording device left by Soldert!’

The recording magic was the unique magic of the Heaster. Although it was confirmed that the Ming and the Soldier also used similar devices, they were not enough to follow the Hister’s.

Record magic was also the biggest cause of Zipple’s thorough destruction of Histerga. For those who wanted to control history at will, nothing was more of an eye-catching than the record magic Hister had.

But how?

How to find Valeria Heister, her old teacher.

That was the problem. I wanted to see her a few times after my return, but I was waiting for the right time for many complicated reasons.

One of the complex reasons was justification.

Now that you’ve become a jockey, it won’t be too hard to find Valeria by placing her on the wanted list. Or it’s possible to give orders to the Seven Colors.

Jean had got through all the hiding places used by Valeria and the usual places she frequented. Even the various aliases she uses.

However, when I visited her and had my own reunion, Jean was only a stranger to Valeria. who came to see him for obscure reasons

Though they shared a deep connection in their previous lives, they were perfect strangers in their present lives.

‘… …Misha once told you the pseudonym of a teacher named Aria Outhart, so you can meet it in the name of it. But I might make a big difference in my teacher’s life.’

If you are the child chosen by the Shadow, Aria is the child chosen by history. If you ever meet him, encourage him. From a large perspective, it’s your ally.

When Missha first visited Tikan, what she said just before she left.

At that time, Missha seemed to be careful about talking about her teacher.

‘Now that my identity has been revealed, my teacher can also be a target of my enemies if I contact her carelessly. You have to think carefully. First, we’d better meet Missha and ask her opinion.’

Not yet strong enough to protect Valeria. That’s why Jean wanted to be more careful about meeting her.


While organizing his thoughts, the subspace began to collapse at a rapid pace.

When I came outside, I saw my colleagues standing on the giant shellfish that had opened. The next thing that caught my eye was two things.

Sarah’s broken sword and new spirit beads.

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