Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 310

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“Are you all right, Master?”

Colleagues approached Jean’s side.

Jean gave a bitter smile as she handed over the broken sword and spirit beads to Jet.

“Yes, it’s all right.”


Young-gi gathered on the palm of Jean. The dark spirit soon became a flower of harmony. Colleagues bowed their heads as Jean laid it down on the floor.

A mourning for Sarah. Murakhan and Quikantel had a hard-pressed temperament to stifling mind.

‘Rest in peace, Ser Sarah.’

Olmango was still standing on the sea waiting for his party.

Olmango powerfully built the intangible staircase, and the party again followed him back the way it had walked.

[Yes, who was the friend inside? Jean Looncandel.]

On arriving at the beach, Olmango asked.

“Sarah Looncandel.”

[Sara, Sarah Looncandel…]….]

Olmango has repeated the name several times.

But even after a long time, Olmango couldn’t recall her memory.

[Something I miss and feel sorry for, but I don’t remember Sarah Looncandel strangely enough…]…because the Zipple erased her from history.]

“Are you sure you knew Sarah? The God of the Clams.”

Olmango nodded at Murakan’s question.

[Yes, we knew each other. Otherwise, it wouldn’t hurt so much.]

“If, by the way, Jipple had wiped him out of history completely. Shouldn’t it not remain in Murakan and Quikantel’s memory?”

Alisa said.

[Gipple’s ability to manipulate history is not perfect. If their fabrication of history had been perfect, I and you would not have met. With my power, it would have been impossible to hide the second tomb of Temer again.]

Murakan and Quikantel nodded.

“That guy is right. It’s always happened, but there’s a limit. So the fact that Looncandel was also a family of horsemen was erased and kept alive.”

Other than that, Chen Mei’s magic book remained in the world, and Shouge Hyster’s Wizard and Valeria were still alive for the same reason.

“But even if it’s incomplete……I too, it was hard for me to think of Sidderay and Sarah until I met the guardians of the grave. It means my memory is also somewhat affected by their magic.”

“Oh, this jet is hard to understand quickly. Erasing history, is that really magic possible? What kind of god is that?….”

“It’s a huge and dangerous force that humans shouldn’t have. We have to fight those who have that kind of power.”

There was a momentary silence at Quikantel’s explanation.

a bystander

Sarah called her that, but now Quikantel was fighting for Jean, unlike a thousand years ago.

That meant her god, “Olta,” was not refusing to be involved in Jean’s fight.

I didn’t get a full explanation.

Everyone understood the guilt Quikantel had on Sarah. As a guardian dragon, she could not have a ‘complete free will’ like a human being.

He had to follow God’s choice no matter how much he hated it, and he could always make blind sacrifices for the sake of the contractor.

That was the guardian dragon.

‘……but Murakhan tried to kill Themeer.’

I couldn’t imagine how painful it must have been for Murakhan.



“So what did you see on the record this time? Tell me about it.”

Then Jean looked at Olmango and his colleagues once.

It was an act of thinking of Murakan.

“……everyone, please excuse us for a moment.”

When Olmango and his colleagues were about to leave without a word, Murakhan waved his hand.

“Those here are all your colleagues, kid. You must have seen something bad about me, but you don’t have to hide it. Tell me everything you saw as it is.”

[Hmm…] Do you want me out?]

When Olmango glanced at him, Murakhan tapped him on the shoulder and laughed.

“You can just listen. I’m sorry that Soldier didn’t leave a word for me, but I guess you were close with my old colleagues anyway. I’ve hidden his second grave well.”

Jean nodded.

“What I’ve seen is what you were trying to kill Themeer.”

All my colleagues opened their mouths at the remark without me knowing it. Murakan and Quikantel were calm reactions.

When Jin began to explain the video in detail, his colleagues’ expressions changed from time to time in interesting and sad old stories.

When the story was over, Murakan sighed.

“… …Temar. Apparently I was stabbed in the heart in the fight with the runaway guy and fell into a long sleep. But.”

As expected, Murakhan had no recollection of ‘the head of the Kinselo.’ About the unidentified tower that existed in the Black Sea. He had no memory of visiting the tower that day with Sarah and Padler.

“I don’t know what the strange bastard and the tower that existed in the Black Sea are. As far as I remember, the theme has never been so weak.”

Murakan’s most curious part was the image of Themer, who almost got overpowered by him so easily.

“Mr. Kinselo, I ran into him a thousand years ago……? I thought you were just a man of some sort. You must have something to do with me.”

Surprisingly, Murakhan was not very confused. He decided to accept that he had a problem with his memory.

Most of all, it was because Solderlet left a recording device.

“My god damn god left me a recording device because I had the possibility of trouble in my memory. No, you must have been sure. If you look back one by one, you’ll be able to face the truth of those days.”

“But Murakan.”

Quikantel said.


“The expression in the video that General Manager Kinselo said. The, the orphan thing.”



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“As a well-to-do, I’m trying to do good to poor orphans. That?”

“Yes. That expression, haven’t you heard of it somewhere?”

“Well, I don’t know. That’s what a poor sort of human being would often say to the relative underdogs.”

“It sounds like a strangely familiar expression.”

“It’s not a day or two to talk nonsense. It’s not a big deal, but if you care, check it out. Do you have a maniac who’s active? I’ve heard that the first sister of a kid cut one before.”

During the storm, the “pendant” given to Jin as a birthday present by Luna was originally the object of Orgal, king of the Masu, and was a trophy she obtained after killing a horse.

Murakan received a spirit bead from Jet.

“Well, really. I hate it. I think I should meet Missha quickly. I need to ask what this bead is for and if you know anything about the video you saw. You still have some time off, don’t you?”

“About a week.”

“Okay, let’s go right away. We’ve got plenty of time to stop by and give Peacon a piece of Sarah’s sword. Look, God of Clams.”


“Thank you for protecting his grave.”

Olmango shrugged as Murakan greeted him with a awkward scratching of his head.

[Okay, it’s Soldert’s request, so of course you’ll do it.]

“But it wouldn’t have been easy. It’s something you might suffer from if you’re caught in a jiffle.”

Then Olmango, clearing his throat, nodded his head.

[That’s right, it was hard. If you’re so grateful, can I ask you a favor?]

“Tell me.”

Olmango glanced at Jin and his colleagues once again.



[Huh, can you get me some more Litra cookies? I’m telling you, it tasted incredible…….]

“Oh, crazy. I’m a god, and I’m sitting on some cookies! So, uh? It’s not me or anyone else who thinks you’re a dead body. Walking on the water, and being able to handle such a great seal. Show your dignity, a little.”

[You should eat only fish and shellfish, too. Not like this.]

“I will send cookies regularly from now on. Mr. Olmango.”

Olmango glittered at the horse.


“Of course.”

[Oh, my God, I’m so grateful. Jogubi, I can feed my contractor enough. I’m sorry inside. I almost ate it all by myself without realizing it.]

Jean smiled and made eye contact with Olmango.

“By the way, Mr. Olmango.”


“Do you know who has the key to the third tomb?”

* * *

Jin and Murakan stopped by Picon and handed over Sarah’s broken sword (he too had nothing else to add to the footage Jin saw from the second tomb), and went straight to Missha.

“Show me your ID.”

The well-dressed waiter said with an expressionless face.

Where the two men came to meet Missha, a high-end bar in the Mila kingdom.

The bar, which is operating under the name of “The Curtain,” is strictly a membership system and was a strange place where one cannot even enter without the recommendation of existing members.

Even the royal family could not enter without permission.

Members of the world’s emergency powers, such as Looncandel, Jipple and Beacon, can enter unconditionally just by presenting symbols or patterns of the family, but Jin and Murakan were now disguised.

“I’m here to see Grace Shields.”

Instead, he said the name of the owner, who knew extremely few of the members.

Then the employee’s attitude changed at once.

“You were your host’s guest. I’ve done disrespect. I’ll take you inside.”

The waiter immediately showed the two to the secret room and returned to their places. A black-haired woman was sitting in the room drinking alone.

“Long time no see, Jean. How have you been?”

Grace Shields, that was Missha’s alias. She is the very owner of the tavern. The shroud was one of her numerous hiding places.

“I’ve been well thanks to Missha. I haven’t seen you since the West Sea battle. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you earlier.”

“If you came to thank me without any work, I would have beaten you to death.”

“Ren, with a temper. If you weren’t here, you’d give up. How many hiding places do we have?”

She spent two days searching through the hiding places she had told her, taking more than 20 trips through the gateway. Therefore, Murakan had a very thin face.

“You’re struggling to get hit as soon as you get here. You? Did you just say you? Come here, I’ll just turn your chin in six directions.”

Puck, puck!

After a rather rough greeting came and went, Jean held out two spirit beads to her.

“Kuhek, khuhek.”

A gargle of blood flowed from the mouth of Murakhan. Missha, who was holding her by the collar, threw the Murakhan and fixed her eyes on the bead.

“Where did you come from?”

“I’ve been to Temar’s tombs.”

“… …tell me in detail.”

From the day I met Picone to the day I visited Olmango. Throughout Jean’s explanation, Missha had a serious look on her face.

She also seemed unaware of the fact that, like Murakan, Solderlet left behind the “an arrangement” that was the Temer’s tomb.


“Yes, Miss Misha.”

“The beads you brought, they’re recorders. I’ve only heard of it, and it’s my first time seeing it in person.”

“These are recorders?”

“Yes, the video you saw would have been the result of the recording device running. The recording was unstable because the device was damaged.”

“Can you fix it?”

To Jean’s question, Missha replied:

“It’s impossible for me.”

“Hey, Missha. What if you can’t fix it?”

“Gin, I don’t think……Aria Outhart. You’ll have to take a look at the child.”

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

I didn’t expect Missha to mention her teacher’s name first.

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