Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 296

While controlling the fires, Veradin’s wand was seen in the sight of Qin.

Apparently, the cane directed at him seemed somehow interested with the intention of killing.

In fact, Veradin was smiling. As if this situation is very pleasant.

But Jean was no longer bitter. It was because he thought that he was only wearing the shape of Veradin, who was pointing a cane at him now, but it was not real.

Besides, I could be sure.

Zipple won’t keep Veradin up there.

If you simply need a combat doll, there are many other people to use besides Veradin. I’ll stay normal. The next housekeeper shouldn’t be just crazy about war and fighting.’

In my previous life, I thought I must have been manipulated like I am now.

‘Unwilling bastards.’

Sparkling run letters were floating towards the Cosek.

Now all the wizards knew that the rune was a sign pointing to the point of attack on the fireplace.

Therefore, everyone was surprised and aimed at the cane in the run letter.

All sorts of magic were poured out to push out the rune letters.

However, the rune letters were so small and constantly moving that it was almost impossible to intercept them, and even if they were to be matched by magic, they were not affected. Like the wind, I just passed the spell and kept coming to my mind.

In an instant, dozens of run letters stuck to the hull of the Cosek.

Then the same number of flame stems stretched out as the letters run from the flame jade of Qin.

Wizards were shocked once again to see chains of fire twisting the project round and tightening like flies.


I mean…!

Several snakes seemed to tighten their prey at the same time.

In an instant there were small cracks all over the hull, and wizards shrieked at the sudden impact.

It seemed that the chains of fire would not be strange to crush the project as it is.

Still alive Red Dragons threw themselves out to cut off the fire that tied the hull.

But with the power of the Red Dragon, the fire was beyond control.

The Red Dragons, who were trying to bite the fire, were either pierced through the torso or cut off their necks by another chain of fire.

Jin’s eyes were cold as he watched the scene.

“Spin the hull!”

“The ship is not moving!”

Only one person, and that’s why the project is tied to the 12th rider of Looncandel. It was unimaginable for anyone here.

The thirty phoenixes were not summoned without leaving a single one. That means that all the sorcerer who is the subject of the summons has died.


With a roar, Tess’ breath shot up toward the Cosek. As the fire of Jin and the heavy pressure of Chunghwa were added, the project shook as if it were about to break.

The guardian knights looked alternately at Jin and Koch, as if enchanted.

Even Barton, the traitor, had his eyes wide open.

‘Is this…… the power of a 12-gear?’

It was hard to believe even with the eyes.

Even he, who reached 10 years of age, could not neutralize the project like that. Even considering that the project is not producing maximum efficiency.

If this continues, the wizard on the side of the Jeeple will be annihilated. I can’t guarantee Veradine Zipple’s survival.’

It was no longer an important matter to encourage the Gipple to secure Ventica.

The situation had to be sorted out in order not to disappoint Kellyak Zipple.

‘First of all, Veradin Zipple seems to be trying something……we’ll have to think about the response accordingly.’

Jean roared, raising the mana and spirit of the flame-hole. At the same time Veradin’s wand was dyed red.

He also ended the ceremony of Mahwang, the first type of rock salt marsupial.

Even Veradin’s body was left with the run letter left by Riol Jipple.

They tangled with the rune letters of Jean, immediately creating a new flame.

Type I was just like the final type, it was in the form of a huge firework.

Flame jade, purely made of mana, took its place in front of the Cosek like a shield. The blazing flames were smaller than the gin’s, but surely possessed more mana.

A streak of blood flowed around Veradin’s mouth. Following the continued use of space explosions, the body is unable to keep up with this huge magic.

‘It’s a symptom of mana reflux. Well, you don’t seem to feel any pain.’

Even as he vomited blood, Veradin continued to add mana to the flames. His eyes were glistening with twisting eyes.


Soon after, Veradin burst into laughter at the sight of Mahwang, the first type of extinct rock salt.

Two suns appeared to be floating. He couldn’t take his eyes off the fact as if he were very pleased.

But unlike Jean’s final form, Veradin’s first type was a magic that moved toward the object. Type I flame jade was falling into the air where the gin was floating.

It seemed to move very slowly.

But the type I flame is so huge that it just feels like that. In reality, it was very fast.

Does the Cosech fail to overcome the final form of power first, or does the Type I flame strike the gin first?….

Only the people around me were burned to the core.

Jean still had a calm look on her eyes, and Veradin had a face full of remembrance.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to learn the magic again from the beginning.”

I wasn’t talking to Veradin.

It was a story about a jipple.

The manipulation of the mind must have been done by magic.

In Jean’s view the magic was extremely inefficient. To lose one’s reason in combat is to close one’s eyes.

What’s the point of turning Veradin into a photoelectric warrior, with such unstable mental manipulation? I don’t even know that my body is broken by the backflow and I just rush at it.


The spirit of painting the sky blackened out.

Jin’s body, which had turned black, also regained its original color.

It was scattered into countless subversive particles of spiritually.

All the particles were sucked into the flame-hole of the gin, which gradually darkened.

It took three seconds for the flames to absorb all the spirit that filled the sky.

Veradin’s type 1 was still quite far from the gin, but the final type was ready to explode.


Tung… …

A white light suddenly appeared in the center of the flame-hole, which had turned into the black sun.

It was a thin, long light as if the blade had passed. When the explosion began shortly afterwards, surprisingly, there was an earthquake on the ground.

The quake was caused by shock waves from an explosion in the sky.

The earth was divided only by shock waves. The sky was creating a more shocking scene, with the corpses of red dragons and wizards splashing around with rocks.

The clouds were tearing apart. As if any giant hand had been ripped away. The entire sky seemed distorted because of the spreading shock waves.

The explosion shook the project like a buoy.

Throughout history, the project has never been more humble than it is now.

Jipple’s decisive weapon is helplessly beaten by the 12th rider of Looncandel.

The explosion shattered the side cannon. The protective film that covered the project had already turned into broken glass and failed to function properly.

Even the chains of fire that bind the cochacs were still the same. Perhaps, it would be possible to defeat the project.

have a clean sweep of the game

But Dipus could not be relieved.

“The youngest…”

a vicious diphthus

Still Veradin’s type I was falling to take over the gin.

Jin was breathing on one knee, and the last type of the emperor, Choi Jong-hyung, was a magic trick that gave him a great burden, just like the Ming and Wang Rimgum.

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo…!

While breathing heavily, Veradin’s flame jade got closer.

“Escape, come on!”

Dipus was aware that Veradin’s magic was also the same as the gin’s. If you get it head-on, even you won’t be able to do well.

But the shock wave prevented Jean from helping.

All the guardian knights had to do was barely put a sword in the ground to fix themselves, and Barton didn’t help Chuck Jean, who was protecting the wounded.

For Barton, Jin’s death was the best development. When the Cosech retreats, he can kill all of the Diffus and the remaining guardians and return to the Sword Garden.

‘That traitor…’s son of a……!’

Suddenly, Dipus clenched his teeth. I could see what Barton was thinking.

Before arriving in Ventica, Dipus was also worried about killing Jean if he had the chance. Not now.

For Looncandel, Jean was a man who should not have died yet.


Jean raised her head to the voice of repeated cries. It wasn’t to look at the Diffus side, but to see the flame of Veradine, which was just around the corner.

It was true that there was no power to avoid.

‘In the Holy Land, I was going to do this magic to protect me.’

Stop. Jean, Dante. You guys go first. Those things I stop.

All right, we’ll get out of here first, Veradin.

Jean! If only we run away, Lord Veradin!

However, you lost heroically trying to stop me.

That day, Veradin had been beaten by Jean as he tried to unfold a form and fell into the mana backflow.

If Jean hadn’t stopped him like that, Veradin would have been a jipple who killed the power for Looncandel in front of everyone.

The first type of mahwang was a magic trick that was meant to be used with that determination.

With a fabricated mind, it couldn’t have been done properly.


Suddenly Veradin’s body bent forward as if to fall.

mana backflow

Although he couldn’t turn his chin around as he did then, Jean was actually convinced from the moment Veradin unfolded the first type.

Veradin now can never fully unfold Type I.

Even if you spread it out, you can’t drag it until it reaches you.

Two spans.

With just two spans left to reach Jean, the flame-hole quickly died down.


a drooping, screaming veradine Not even enough blood to vomit, he had a fit of convulsions, with all the blood veins all over him.

In the blink of an eye, the huge firework reduced to the size of an egg.

The mana lost control was scattering through the air in vain.

Pushcit, pong, pong…….

The flame-hole, barely touching Jean, was catching everyone’s eyes, making a little splash, as it did in Samil.

Jean reached out and clenched the flames.

For a few seconds or so, Jean looked at the soot left in her palm.

Deepus opened his mouth unknowingly at the sight of Jean.

‘You calculated that the magic of Veradine Zipple had to be extinguished because of the reverse flow of mana……!’

Over the top of his head, there was still a firework of Qin smashing the Cosek. However, the hull was slowly spinning, with more power being lost than at the beginning.

“……Fourth rider, pursue. They’ll get away.”

Jean said, wiping out the soot on her palm.

“Okay! Lord Barton, let’s go!”

Deepus grabbed Barton by the shoulder and shouted.

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