Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 295

The heat of dozens of fires seemed to melt the whole Ventica. In particular, the sky was so red that it was hard to find its original appearance.

The Red Dragon, carrying Veradin, was flying on the Cosek to escape Barton.

The Dipus raised the Great Sword.

The cannon of the just-prepared project was in golden color.

The noise of the battlefield was interrupted by the ominous noise of the mana condensed.

Quaaaaa….! There was a binge in the aimed warship.

simultaneously roaring dipus As the Great Sword Volgar radiated blackness with a beam of light, debris splashed along with the warship. Fragments created a shadow like a black mushroom on the ground.

In addition to the Cosek, wizards were also launching a full-scale attack on the ground. The phoenixes of the White Night stopped Barton and roared.

The sky was dizzy. Barton’s sword stood out between fire and magic, and artillery.

The sword, however, continues to miss Veradin by a narrow margin.

Dipus had to control his anger at the traitor’s performance, but it was not bad for Jean.

Huge, puck!

Deepus frowned his face as he struck the debris that flew near Jean and Tess. The aftermath is not yet over, but the Cosek was already preparing for its next warship.

“I don’t know how the jipple guys made that stuff. By the way, Jean. I want to ask you one question.”


“The traitor cannot kill the next princess of the Jipple. I think it would have been better if you asked Lord Barton to take care of you, and then you told me to hit Veradin. As you said, it was my last chance.”

Deepus knew that Jean had been drinking with Dante and Veradin all night long at Cosmos’s footstool when he was a backup rider.

After Jin’s identity was revealed, he looked into his past. At that time, several Belado aristocrats who watched the final were aware of the drinking party of three.

Of course, Dipus did not think that Jean had formed some kind of relationship with Veradin by itself.

However, it was hard to understand that the traitor, Barton, was entrusted with Veradin.

“You sound suspicious of me. Why did the fourth rider follow me?”

“Because I lost my cool for a moment. A little later, the guards were in danger of dying.”

“Fourth rider, what are our missions?”


“The killing of Veradin is not part of the mission. Of course it would be perfect if we could take Veradin’s neck, but the important thing is to secure Ventica and kill the traitors.”

Deepus did not look back at the gin, facing the warship.

“Lord Barton’s assignment to Veradin was based on the judgment that he was more likely to be injured while pretending to attack Veradin. It’s easy for you to shoot Lord Barton in the future. Is that explained?”

Dipus nodded still. Strangely an uncomfortable mind soared, but it was a convincing story.

Again, the project fired a golden mana gun.

The whole battlefield was full of guns, flames, blackness and debris.

The infiltrators were now retreating towards the presence of Dipus because they could not withstand the heat, and Barton was about to fall.

“We have secured the young master!”

Soon after, the Red Dragon, carrying Veradin, touched the Cosek, the wizards shouted.


Upon boarding the Cosek, Veradin launched a space explosion at Barton. The territory of Tess did not reach the whole sky.


Barton began to fall.

Denying the obvious proposition that humans cannot fly, he was struck by a space explosion and cut off two red dragons and more than ten wizards.

The bodies of the shattered enemies were being poured into the rubble.

Without knowing the fact that they were traitors, even Jean and Dipus would not have noticed Barton had deliberately missed Veradine.

Having secured Veradin’s safety, the Jipple had nothing more to go through.

Although Tess had a big limitation on space explosion, it was only a matter of time.

“Fire Jean Looncandel and Tess! Without them, there’s nothing Looncandel can do!”

The phoenixes of the Jipple began to descend. They were still after the crashed Barton, not Tess.

In the sky, ships, magic, and the breath of the Red Dragon poured out.

On the ground, the phoenixes were in flames.

The chaotic landscape of the battlefield is literally reaching its peak.

And Jean, she completed a magic trick she had been preparing for.

“Fourth rider, the war will change from now on.”

Reflexively gin-looking Dipus’ eyes widened. What he saw was Jean’s grotesque figure, her whole body wet with spirit and black.

“The youngest?”

“I’ll start with ventica. When the Cosech retreats, follow with Lord Barton and step down at the right time.”

Retreat? What the hell are you talking about?

I almost asked that question in a flash. Even though he pretended to be desperate, the black knight Barton and himself were unable to destroy the enemy’s huge flying ship.

Jean was so naturally asserting that she would ‘retreat’ him.

‘Wait, why is the sky suddenly……!?’

The sky darkened.

The scene, which had just been frantic with blisters and magic, was drenched black. In the same color as Jin’s body in spirit.

Wizards’ opening of mana is the act of connecting their own mana to the mana that exists in nature. What did I say I was after through it?

Restoration of mana and enhanced magic.

Yes. Use the forces of nature to fill the fallen mana and raise the magical power to unfold next. The same is true of the opening of the spirit. However, there are some differences.

What’s the difference?

Young-gi opening does not connect your power to nature. Connecting nature to you.

The conversation we had when we first learned the concept of spirituality from Murakan.

The reason why the sky turned black was no different.

It was because he was “connected” with Jin, who opened up Youngki.

The moonlit, starless night sky seemed no darker than this.

It wasn’t just Dipus who was embarrassed. Wizards suddenly stopped attacking the dark sky.

Everyone looked like they couldn’t understand.

But everyone felt it intuitively. Something dangerous will happen.

It is no different why such modifiers have been added to the magic of the “flower jade” family.

The legacy of the Riol Jipple was magic based on the power of the Soldier.

It didn’t take much time for everyone on the battlefield to know that the black power that enveloped the sky was the spirit. The fact that there is only one human being who can use spirit on this battlefield.

looncandel and zipple.

The commanders of the two powers made quick judgments.

“Put out the shield, shoot Jean Looncandel!”

“All the knights of the Runkandel gather together and protect the twelve riders!”

Jean was looking up at the project with a calm face.

It was to check out a friend who was in the lead of the ship and was flying white hair.

Through the darkness of the battlefield, the eyes of the two men met.

Veradin gave a kick, a kick, a kick and a laugh.

It was never a smile that came to mind when I had redder eyes than before.

Seeing the smile that was distorted somewhere, Jin sang the final hyung of the mausoleum.

‘I hope you’re not seriously hurt.’

Like a giant beast opening its mouth, a hollow opened in the middle of the sky.

There was a scene of a fireball escaping from the cavity.

The fireball was bigger than the Cosek, so I could believe it was the sun.

Jean’s body rose into space as if drawn into a fireball.

The rune letters left by the Riol Jipple were wrapped all over Jean’s body.

Then, the run letter escaped Jin’s body, leaving glistening marks throughout the battlefield.

A magician reached out his hand unconsciously, looking at the rune text that flew beside him.

At that moment, a command sorcerer, who recalled a record of the extinct rock salt mine, had no choice but to scream.

“Get out of the rune, it’s a sign.…!”

The rune letter, which looked like a glittering petal, was a mark.

A huge sphere floating in the sky for punishment.

I’m so angry!

Before the command wizard finished speaking, a shower of flames began to pour out of the fire.

I couldn’t count how many tentacles of fire there were.

Flames struck along the rich rune letters.

Wherever the letters of the loon, which glowed beautifully, were touched, people burned, shrieked, and ash flew.

Shoot Jean Looncandel.

The command wizard’s command could not be executed. Wizards only managed to spread their shields against the ultimate magic they had never seen before.

But the shield did not have much meaning. Although the power of flame tentacles was close to 10 stars, it was because the spirit that covered the sky was crushing the shield.

Young-ki wasn’t just changing the skylight.

Just as the fireball was throwing out flames, shadows were spreading in the tents of Yeonggi, tearing open the shields.

‘Crazy…… is this really magic? Besides, this is the youngest’s……?’

Diffus swallows dry saliva while looking up at the gin that has risen in the air.

He couldn’t understand magic that even wizards couldn’t understand.

In his view, what Jean unfolded seemed more like God’s power, not magic.

Kellyak Zipple.

Il-soon, the head of the enemy came to mind. I felt the same way when I saw his formidable magic, which I had encountered in person only once a decade ago, I felt the same way as now.

The fact that I felt the same way when I saw my youngest member gave me goose bumps all over my body.

The fire was getting stronger.

More than half of the wizards outside the Cosek have already died. Even the Red Dragons had their numbers dwindled frighteningly fast.

The war situation was overturned in an instant.

But the wizards who looked at the records of the “Liol Jipple” knew.

This is just the beginning. The fact that the fireball doesn’t bring down the rain of flames, but it can break the project at the moment it explodes.

“You must retreat, my lord! The unexpected variable is too large.”

Veradin shook his head in the voice of the command wizard. In the hollow eyes, the hard-to-read emotions were dimly stirred.

“Dear Master…”

Veradin went forward enchanted, looking at the fires of the camp swallowing the battlefield.

Fireworks were also taking place in his grasp. It was a harsh and fierce flame, which was not enough to simply express red.

Ma Hwang, the first type of extinct rock salt house, was also a magic left by the Riol Jipple.

Veradin’s wand was aimed at the gin.

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