Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 294

“I’m sure I’ve given him a chance to take back orders himself. I’m disappointed.”

Barton said with a cold look.

The number of injured has increased. The right-handed guardian was surrounded by wizards and on the verge of death, and the infiltration team was trying to save him, but access to the space explosion was blocked.

“Don’t expect me to defend the fourth term.”

Retreat all the Knights!

As soon as he was about to shout out that, Barton felt Jean near him.

“……12 jockey?”

“Sir Barton, I’m sorry for the late application. I didn’t receive any other orders, so I was just waiting.”

“Why don’t you keep waiting? This mission is a failure. We’re going to retreat, so go back.”

“Why are you retreating?”

Jean’s provocative question made Barton’s eyes wither. I meant, “How dare you do that to me?”

On the other hand, Dipus feels quite strange, so to speak. At the same time, I was feeling both the expectation that Jean would offer something clever and the shame that resulted from her helpless appearance.

“… …because of the explosion of space. That magic completely deprived me of the right to offer. The fight has become difficult.”

The Dipus answered instead.


The three men took a step backward at the same time. Veradin caused a space explosion between them.

“Surely, it’s dangerous.”

a gin looking up at the sky

Veradin did not respond to Jean.

As it has been, it was just flying around in the red dragon and spraying space explosions.

Jin also maintained a calm look.

“Is there any number?”

“Fourth rider, will you show a funny face until the end? What the hell can a jockey do…….”

“All space explosions can be contained.”

Jean cut off Barton.

Dipus doubted my ears, and Barton hesitated and turned his head.

“What does that mean? Twelve horsemen. You can take responsibility for that?”

“Without a space explosion, can we continue our mission?”

Jean looked straight at Barton and said,

Barton, hiding his perplexity, kept silent for a moment and nodded.

“If it’s really possible, do it as soon as possible. I think the guardian knights have reached their limit.”

As Barton knows, “space explosion” was an impossible magic.

“If such a blood mass was a magic that could destroy it, many fighters who have tried Kellyak and died in a burst of blood have done nothing.”’

However, it was difficult for Jin to shake off his ominous mood, as he had caused strange and miraculous events several times since his cadet days.

Barton was the only person in Looncandel to report directly to Kellyak among Zipple’s spies.

Still, he didn’t hear how the Zipple would stop him in Ventica.

The moment I saw the space explosion, I thought it was a trick. It was because there was no such magic to create a cause for him to step down. It was also horrifying that Kellyak handed out the power of fire to Veradin.

‘If a 12-gear really disables the space explosion, the plan will be disrupted. If it’s serious, I’d rather induce the Zipple to return it in moderation.’

While Barton is organizing his thoughts.

Jean was having a drinking party.

As the blue flame spread from the palm of Jin’s hand, the eyes of all the wizards in the sky turned to Qin. Because I felt it. The energy of a heterogeneous blue flame.



The owner of the flame was roaring through the portal.

He was much bigger than before he came back from Laparosa. The flapping of two giant wings was almost like a dragon, but it was hardly comparable to the thinness of the Red Dragon.

As Jin’s mana increased, Tess’s energy became stronger.

The magicians had no time to spare, and the blue flames of medium pressure covered the atmosphere. Thousands of blue flames drew a circle with whirlwinds, and in an instant it almost covered the battlefield.

The air has become heavy. Not just an expression, the battlefield was literally being weighed down by the flames of heavy pressure.

Dragons’ wings slowed down, and wizards controlled their breathing and released mana.

Guardian knights didn’t have to bear the weight of the heavy pressure. Tess is in complete control of even the smallest embers of Chunghwa spread for this wide range. so that our friends in Qin are not hurt.

However, the project was not affected at all even though it was most exposed to heavy pressure.

“It’s over, Lord Barton. We’ll continue with our mission.”

Barton did not ask Jean what it meant.

It was because the space explosion stopped as soon as Tess appeared.

Barton is not a wizard, but he was immediately aware that Veradin did not stop the magic just because of the sudden emergence of the phoenix.

Absolute blue flame domain.

Unless Kellyak Zipple himself used it, no spark of Shunu could penetrate into it.

Rather, there were no major restrictions on the general flame system magic without the power of Xu Nou.

Likewise, the flame of Tess failed to aim for Veradin. Even those who did not know the relationship between the flame gauge and Shunu could recognize that the Chunghwa spread away from Veradin.

Fragments of the sword and the warship were bluishly colored by the flames of heavy pressure.

“The 4th rider, please take care of the wounded guards. And Lord Barton.”

Jean looked up and found Veradin.

The red dragon carrying him was flying towards Cosek. With the advent of Tess, space explosions are no longer available, so Veradin’s safety can no longer be guaranteed outside the project.

Veradin didn’t give Jean a look. The eyes, still shining red, harbored empty hatred.

“Don’t miss the Veradine Zipple. This is your last chance to cut his throat.”

At that moment, Barton had only one option to choose.

Attacking Veradine Zipple with all its might. If he hesitated, he should have taken a leap forward with all his might, as he admits to betrayal.

None of the people here knew Barton was their spy.

‘Sir Barton will never kill Veradin. I’ll pretend to fight with all my might.’

That’s why Jean told Barton, not Dipus, to bring supply and demand for veradine.

Taking care of the life of the guardian knights, at least to the real Looncandel side, Dipus.

Take Veradin’s life to Barton Bichena, Zipple’s side.

“Protect your master!”

“Block the black knight……!”

It was more of an impossibility to curb the leap of a ten-star knight without a space explosion.

While all kinds of attack magic are pouring out like waterfalls, Barton is seen securing the route with only blackness, in a way that is overshadowed by their efforts.

The faces of wizards were getting tired of Barton, who started flying with the sword.

But it was too much for Barton to reach Veradin in the shortest, straight line.

It is not easy to chase after the flight of the Red Dragon carrying him, and the closer he gets, the more desperate the wizards were.

“All phoenix contractors summon phoenixes! Groups 1 and 2 strike Jean Looncandel, and the rest check the black knight! You must not reach the master……!”

When a command wizard on the project shouted, floodgates opened all over the sky.

Following the chunghwa, blackness, blisters, and numerous engravings of them, the phoenix of nearly thirty covered the sky of Ventica.

Colorful energy was swirling and obscuring the view.

The wizards, who did not have good eyesight, literally couldn’t see an inch ahead in the shield, and even the guardian knights couldn’t wield their swords recklessly.


Tess gave a wild roar at the newly summoned phoenixes.

‘If Murakan were here, he would have been sarcasm. But the humans are not afraid to summon the phoenixes to attack the master of the flame.”

A smile came out of my mouth. It didn’t make sense.

Tess was only known among wizards as one of the strongest phoenixes. Not many wizards knew he was the only absolute man in the flames.

In fact, it is information that only those who have been to the flame system, or those who are related to it, can know.

Unfortunately, none of the white-night wizards on the Cosek were on board.

Some of the phoenixes the wizards summoned included some well-known retinas. The phoenixes did not follow the will of the wizards and just wandered around the sky in a daze.

There was a clear air of fear.

Therefore, the phoenixes of the first and second groups, which originally planned to attack the camp, were all headed for Barton.

Given the situation, wizards did not have time to figure out the cause of the phenomenon.

what Jean had hoped for Thirty phoenixes would only be a device that made Barton’s fake threats real.

‘Good luck, Barton could crash with a moderate injury.’

Barton was now swept away by the flames of the phoenixes and could not be seen at all. Veradin also saw only the tail and wings of the Red Dragon, which burned him through the flames.

In the midst of confusion, the project was loading a warship. The target was Tess.

“Fourth rider!”

At the loud call, Dipus jerked his head away.

He was about to return to his place, leaving the wounded guards out of the field.

Jean pointed her finger at the warship.

The 12th rank was not a gesture worthy of the 4th rank, but the Diffus ran without a word of mouth to prepare the defense.

The key to this mission is to recognize that it is Jin, not himself or Barton.

I don’t want to admit it, but that was the reality.

Dipus was not the kind of person who made stupid choices because his pride was hurt.

“How the hell did you stop the space explosion? Is it the power of Tess? If I had this ability, I wouldn’t have come forward.…!”

Although he spoke in a palsy manner, Dipus had never seen his youngest sister as pretty as she did today.

Jean replied this way in a cold tone.

“Why don’t you say thank you first?”

“Because I’m not used to it. Thank you. I mean it.”

“Keep the guns down until Lord Barton returns or falls. As soon as Tess gets hit by a cannon and the summons is lifted, the space explosion will begin again.”

nodding dipus

Jean posed, preparing for a new magic.

Now, it was time to turn the tide.

‘This spell is the first thing you’ll ever use for a jipple.’

the final form of an extinct rock salt mine

Jean’s magic was the legacy of the Riol Jipple.

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