Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 291

“The shell god has the key to the second tomb of Themeer? That’s ridiculous. Me and Missha, who are actually Sooho-ryong, don’t know anything. That’s your moustache. But what made you think you left that precious thing to such a junkie?”

Murakhan seemed quite upset about the fact.

[That’s it. I don’t know. I’m just telling you what I heard from Soldierlet.]

“Do you know where the gentleman is?”

[I don’t know.]

“Whoa, I’m going to be busy looking for you again.”

an irritating Murakan

However, as soon as Jin heard the name Olmango, he called to himself a jubilant. It was because he was a person who didn’t have to struggle to find where he was.

“Murakan, the new contractor for the shellfish is in the Kingdom of Shucheron. That’s what I learned when I checked the function of the compass.”

That’s strange. It seemed to have the ability to navigate contractors. Three days ago, there was a red dot on the side of the kingdom of Sucheron, and this morning there was a small article saying that the kingdom of Sucheron had a man who had signed a contract with the god of shellfish…….

The god of shellfish? Was it called Olmango or Olungo? Anyway, you’re going to mark even those kinds of junk with a red dot? He’s so incompetent that I can’t even call him God.

Conversation with Tikan’s colleagues immediately after the compass was taken.

It was highly likely that the new contractor of the shell would still be staying in the Kingdom of Shucheron.

“Oh! Yes, I remember.”



“I’m going back to my home first, so you go to Tikan and ask Lord Kashmir to send someone to Szcheron to secure the exact location of Olmango’s contractor.”

“Right now?”

“You can talk to Mr. Picone for a while and then go slowly. We’ll only have to figure it out before the Black Knight’s murder mission is over.”

“Okay. Hey, moustache. By the way, you. I heard you used your ability to handle iron, and you made swords. Is that the power of the blacksmith’s god?”

[So you’re God, so you use that kind of power, you ask something obvious.]

“I have a problem that bothers me. You know Kinselo, right? That weird bastard there, the leader, had the power to handle iron.….”

Then Peacon shrugged when Murakan explained about his conversation with Kinselo, his appearance and strength.

[Strange] [Strange] It’s a power you can’t use unless you’re a blacksmith’s god, but……a full-time groller? No, Groller’s dead and the power must have been handed over to me. Next time you see him again, try to get some of the iron he used.]

“Don’t you mind seeing that?”

[Take a look at it. At least when it comes to iron, you can find out when this peconine body is in disarray. We might have a lead, right?]

* * *

It was night when I came back to the Sword’s Garden. On March 4, 1799, four days were left before the start of the mission.

Barton Vichena did not wait in the Sword’s Garden. He was supposed to stay at his villa and join him directly at his mission, Ventica.

“If I had a chance, I wanted to talk to him before the mission started.”

“You mean Barton Vichena, the target of removal? Master.”

“Yes. You’ve never seen Gilly, have you?”

“Yes, I’ve never heard of what it was like to be a warrior. Perhaps Barton Vichena is an alias and used a different name in his heyday.”

“Gilly’s right.”

Jean was in her room reading through documents about ‘Barton Bichena’ given by Rosa.

“My real name is Ligaf Clever. Clever is the brother of the strongest fighter, Lord Lantz Clever.”

“Oh, my God, it was Lord Ligaf?”

Gilly had met him.

“Before I became your nanny, Ju Choi-ha participated in the arena together with 25 of Hufester’s unmanned families. It was only open to the under-20s. Sir Ligaf was the judge at the time, and I won and won the prize for him.”

It was a long time ago.

“How was it then?”

“CLEVER is now known as Lord Lantz CLEVER, but Lord Ligaf was overwhelming at the time. You’ve gone to the next firm place, and about three months after I won, you suddenly passed away. He suffered from an unknown fever and then he…….”

That’s what Gilly knew.

She even took part in the funeral of Ligaf as McLoran’s rider.

But in fact, Ligaf was already scheduled to undergo new training then as a black knight in Looncandel.

So instead of being the housekeeper of Clever’s family, he wore Looncandel’s black helmet after being “deceased.”

“Even the documents say Clever doesn’t know about this. They also think that Ligaf Clever is really dead.”

Of course, not everyone at the time didn’t know that Ligaf Clever was hired as a black knight.

There were a few people who knew. However, they were not alive at the momentarily.

Clever, who noticed the appointment of Rigaf as a black knight, had a heartbreaking sentence written next to the names of the people, “He was killed for security.”

That means no one in Clever Street knows that Barton Bichena is a Ligaf Clever at the moment.

Jean touched her forehead.

“It was not enough to take away the next member of the alliance, and we killed all those who recognized it…….”

Even now Cleverga, unaware of anything, was showing infinite loyalty towards Looncandel.

The bitter taste came up from the throat.

“I think I know how Garif Clever betrayed Looncandel. For him, Clever was taken hostage as a whole, so he had no choice but to be a black knight.”

“I didn’t know the family would pull out black knights like this.”

For a long time Jean’s gaze touched the bottom of the last chapter of the document.

There was the signature of his father, Siron Looncandel.

Naturally, Ciron would have directed the mission himself as a patriarch. Well, if it wasn’t for direct instructions, it couldn’t have been unrecognized.

“I don’t understand. If this is true, I’d be disappointed.”

“You mean you’re disappointed in your family?”

“No, not the family, but the father. The family can do that. The family can do more than this.”

Jean covered the document with backbiting.

“My father is obviously a heartless man. But he’s not a mean man, at least for me to feel. And he’s not weak enough to threaten anyone. But why? I don’t understand why I had to get Barton Bichena this way.”

Gilly agreed with the opinion, but only bowed his head because he dared not comment on the housekeeper.

Jean’s eyes glistened in the light.

“… …Barton Bichena. You’ll know something if you meet him. Gilly.”


“I’m going to the Holy Land tomorrow for treatment until the mission begins.”

Then Gilly breathed a deep sigh.

“I was wondering if there would be a big problem since you went with me, but you came with such a deep internal wound……I’m just around the corner, and I’m upset because you seem upset.”

“Don’t be so upset. Since it’s a mission with Deepus anyway, I’m more likely to succeed even if I don’t do my best.”

The task of killing the black knight was certainly a task to be called a serious ambassador.

“My mother would have assigned someone in the first place who could make the mission successful without me. As it’s an important mission, you must have chosen the most obvious hand. That’s the big brother of Dipus.”

As Jean said, Rosa wasn’t just putting Jean on this mission to put her in a corner.

It was put in to look at the dipus. How will the second son treat the youngest?

Although Dipus was still in the ninth star, he was a man who could make any unusual moves against a ten-star knight as he was Looncandel.

In particular, it was easier for Dipus to deal with Barton if he had to induce death during the battle against the Zipple.

“Baekya does not know that Barton is a spy for Jipple, and Barton does not know that he has been discovered.”

“No matter how hard it is, it’

“You met a teenage knight from the time when Looncandel was the best, and then you came back without a hitch. Don’t worry, have fun with Murakan while I’m away.”

“You’re not taking part in this mission, are you?”

“Yes, you can’t take a guardian dragon from your first mission. I don’t know how much the elders will point at me. Maybe even cadets think of me as a coward.”

“Well, they don’t know who you are. Although I said it as if I were worried, as always. I don’t doubt you’ll prove it in the end.”

Jean smiled.

“Oh, come to think of it. Gilly, I need you to go on vacation after this mission.”

“What? Vacation? What’s all of…… How can you ask me to stay away from you when every day is war upon your return?”

No, Murakan seems to be looking forward to a date quite a bit.

I couldn’t say that.

“Just go. There’ll be a lot of distractions in the future, so let’s cool down in advance. Isn’t it customary for nannies to take a vacation right after becoming a jockey?”

As soon as Gilly was about to refuse one more time, Jean shook her head first.

“I think it’s also important to have a time of Gillie’s own, I think. Sometimes you go out and spend your money, and enjoy your leisure time without thinking.”


Gilly gave up all his youth for Jean.

Not only that, I was ready to give up the rest of my life.

She always says it’s a ‘whole choice’ and always takes it seriously. Jin always felt a deep sense of debt.

She just doesn’t show up because she doesn’t want to.

“Thank you, always.”

“So am I, Master.”

* * *

He entered the Holy Land in secret.

When the family finds out about the treatment, they only expose their weaknesses.

Laney and her loyal subjects treated Jean for two days with sheer sincerity. For 48 hours, more than one saint always stood by Jean, and she was born to receive such lavish treatment for the first time.

When they returned to the Sword Garden thanks to their efforts. Jean was able to recover her form to the point of perfection.

‘I know it’s too much to open the Ming Dynasty Sword, but that’s enough.’

In the first place, the Ming Dynasty Gum was a technique Rosa did not know.

Which means that the mission was not included in the element to succeed.

The force of Jin perceived by Rosa was at the level of eight out of eight.

There were ten Diffus and ten guardian knights standing in front of the gate dedicated to the jockey mission. All the guardian knights were faces that Jean did not know.

About half of them will be promoted to executive knights after this mission.

“You’re here, Twelve Horsemen.”

said Dipus. He was rubbing his own Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Volgar, with a cloth, without giving Jean a look.

“Yes, second-term.”

I’ll kill you if you get in the way, I hope you don’t disappoint me, I’ll give you an outline of the operation even now, so follow me well.….

Dipus did not add such warnings or advice.

In other words, as Jean said a few days ago, he did not demean Looncandel for nothing. On the one hand, he admitted Jean, on the other hand, for Mary’s sake.

a dreadful fellow

That’s how Dipus perceived Jean since that day.

So I was worried.

If I get a chance on this mission, would it be better to kill Jean?

Or would it be better to keep Rosa and Joshua in check by saving them? I couldn’t make a decision easily.

“……Let’s get started.”

said Dipus, burning the cloth up and down. The ash flew.

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