Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 292

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March 8, 1799.

The swords of Looncandel, who gathered to kill Barton Bichena, arrived in the disputed area of Ventica.

Ventica was in the midst of winter. The sky seemed dry and dry, with no bite, and below it a piercing knife wind was blowing and scratching the ground.

It was simply a desert with nothing but soil and stone mountains. Nevertheless, the reason why this place has been constantly stirred up by both big and small disputes over the past hundreds of years has been because of resources.

There were huge holes one by one throughout the wilderness. There seemed to be empty spots, but most of them looked as if sailing boats would go in when they got close.

They are all traces of resource extraction. Strangely rich in burial resources, this place has always been a lucrative source of money for the conquerors.

It was the first time that the ancient fountain was discovered. Each time the mysterious mineral was discovered, it led to a conflict of great powers.

Just like the knights of Looncandel and the wizards of Jipple gathered here right now.

‘Baek, you’re going to go through the power of that annoying ship again.’

There was something shining like the sun in the distance near the horizon.

Cosech, the giant war weapon of Jipple, is revealing its grandeur.

Five red dragons were seen flying close to the white night like a frigate. The vast sky looked stuffy as the giant ship and five dragons took control.

And Chin, only one knight was watching from the back facing them.

‘Is he Barton Bichena?….’

A flying cape, a sword that comes out between it, and a black pitch.

The presence of Barton standing alone in front of Cosek and the five Red Dragon came even greater.

There was a distance of hundreds of meters between them, but they were already within each other’s range.

He seemed to be able to destroy the Red Dragons and destroy the Cosek at any moment if he wanted to.

black knight of looncandel

Wearing a black helmet and being entitled to the title of a black knight is a privilege that only 10 members of the family are allowed.

Jean could be sure just by the energy he spouted. Indeed, Barton is a man who is good at black pitching.

The problem was that he became a traitor.

If Rosa alone was convinced that Barton was a spy, Jean would have found out the truth.

But he was an obvious traitor, since he didn’t deny to Ceron that he was a spy.

The fact that I had to kill him was not comfortable. According to the documents, Barton certainly went through nothing strange with a grudge against Looncandel.

But no hesitation. I just wanted to have some time to talk before I kill him.

“You’re here, Quartet.”

As Qin, Dipus and Guardian Knights approached, Barton opened his mouth first. The voice that leaked out between the pitches was gloomy and overwhelming.

A figure who used honorifics but didn’t even look. Even a rider could not be said to be higher than a black flag.

The Dipus took a seat next to him.

“Sir Barton.”

“I didn’t know the 12th rider would join us in this time. Is it Lord Rosa’s decision?”

Barton, who looked back belatedly, said, looking at Jean.

Jean could read the connotations directly in the calm tone.


It seemed unpleasant. The fact that the black knight, Ja Shin, is on a mission with Jin, who has just become a jockey.

Dipus nodded.

“Yes, Lord Barton.”

“It’s going to be a pretty dangerous battle. Please protect the 12th in the 4th class.”

“Well, I don’t think it’s that level of protection.”

“I have nothing to say if that’s the judgment of the four-term. But please consider that I don’t have much room against them.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Despite Barton’s rather commanding remarks, Dipus showed no signs of displeasure. On the contrary, he seemed to follow it as if it were natural.

Without the fact that Barton was a spy, Dipus was right about it.

There are far more people who cannot go to the “Yeongmyo” because of the death of the rider, but the black knight must be enshrined in the Yeongmyo unless he performs an act commensurate with his treason.

In that sense Barton could not go to Yeongmyo.

“The fourth rider, please take the central front with me. Guardians are the three best men in charge of the infiltration team, and the other seven deal with the enemies who have left the battlefield.”


“Never set a course toward the central front, even if an emergency, or an emergency, requires temporary retreat. Rather, it will increase the chances of being swept away and killed.”

“I’ll be clear.”

Barton finally finished 12th and gave no orders to Jean.

After the first mention, he was treated like a complete stranger.

Apart from betrayal, Barton’s self-esteem could be hurt. He is young enough to carry out his mission with me, who is undermining the legitimacy of his family.’

Jean did not respond differently to Barton’s attitude. It’s his side that makes me laugh when he yells, “Are you ignoring me?” because he’s not too offended in reality.

I didn’t even have any animosity towards Barton. Rather, I felt like I was being considerate. Contrary to Barton’s intentions.

Die, run, fight. It sounded only as if you were told to take care of yourself.

“Over, in their respective positions.”

At Barton’s words the guardian knights began to scatter quickly.

The three, who were determined to be infiltrators, remained in their seats and wore masks. To make it difficult to identify oneself.

The Cosek and the Red Dragon were getting closer quickly. Nevertheless, although it was still quite far away, the Red Dragons spread their shields en masse, forming a huge circle in the sky.


At the same time, the guardians of Barton, Dipus, and Penetrationjo drew the sword.

The battle has begun. The Red Dragons opened their shields to buy time to operate the Cojay warship.

“I wish you good luck, fourth rider.”


Barton galloping through the glare of the eye. Every time he stepped on his foot, rock fragments were splashing, and from the sword that held Orser, a huge sword was already forming like a sail.

Deepus also poured forward after him, and the infiltration team’s guardian knights advanced, predicting the location of the debris that would fall due to the collision of the sword and the warship.

Only two people, Dipus and Barton, could fight without restriction even if debris began to fall. Barton was cognizant of that way.



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‘I’ll back off for now.’

Jean decided to leave first. The first decision is that there is nothing good to waste your energy from the beginning, even when you are not in perfect condition.

The second was to expose his power to Barton as late as possible.

‘I don’t want Barton to figure out my ignorance too soon. You might feel something strange and go through a lot of checks.’

The mission was to secure Ventica only from Barton’s perspective. He was not yet aware that the riders and the guardian knights had come to kill him. If I had known, I wouldn’t have ignored Jean like this.

Thus Qin had to hide as much power as possible.

The best development was to defeat the Jipple side only by the Dipus, Barton and the Guardian Knights, without the need for Jin to participate.

Wharton’s tired after members of the enemy is to die in enemy hands, or don’t notice, the Mission accomplished.

‘But in the end, there is a high possibility that I should step up. Whether it’s a role to drive a wedge in victory, a role to turn the tide, a role to save knights, whatever else.”

The lane was rather a painting of Looncandel’s side losing and killing Barton while on the run.

In this case, Ventica would have to be given to the enemy, but it was more likely that it would be a dipus, not a gin, to take responsibility for it.

‘In the first place, this mission is no loss to me. There’s no benefit. Whether he succeeds or fails, the ball is up to him anyway. My mother really, she’s on this mission to make use of me efficiently.’

Then, as always, you can take care of your own gains.

In that sense, Jean was already able to make decent plans thanks to Barton, who treated herself like air.

“Even if the battle between Looncandel and Jipple ends with a victory for either side, Diffus and Barton will be hit.” At that time, if I had a chance……it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take care of Mr. Dipus.’


It didn’t necessarily mean death. I certainly wanted to instill fear in his mind so that Dipus would never treat himself poorly again.

There was no need to kill Dipus yet. It was foolish to remove the person who could check Joshua.

“You have a lot of work to do alive.’

Jean smiled and watched the front.

It was time to appreciate the battle.


The Cochacs threw up a golden-colored mana gun.

The cannon, which had been experienced in Colon, had the power to destroy the entire ground in the whole area.

Fortunately, it wasn’t stronger than it was encountered in Colon. The ship’s occupants can’t be better than they were then, as the Jipple would not value the ancient fountain more than the mirror.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

The swords of Dipus and Barton were also shooting up into the sky.

When the two forces collided, a roar and shock wave broke out, leading to a scene in which the bleak sky was brightly colored.

Subsequently, debris poured down. A piece, a piece of shrapnel equivalent to a blow from a six-star warrior, was falling on the ground from the beginning.

On the surface, it looks almost the same as when it was a colon.

But then Talaris was unable to attack the Zipple in earnest, and he had to protect the natives.

On the other hand, Looncandel’s articles were not rough. It didn’t have to lead to just a power struggle between the sword and the warship, as in Colon.

Barton didn’t care about the second warship hitting the ground after he shot the sword.

The same was true of Jipple. The White Night Wizards, who were aboard the project, were sitting in the air one by one on the red dragon.

Wizards began to explore all kinds of top-breaking spells in the air, including the Hell wind and the Ice Ranging Sword, and Barton and Dipus continued to leap toward them.

‘The monster is the monster, Barton Bichena.’

Leap, the body floats in the air.

In that condition, the movement was naturally limited compared to the ground. Nevertheless, Barton was moving freely, as if flying, scattering the black in the air.

The reaction to the release of the sword is used as a driving force. Even those swords were breaking the enemy’s shields without wasting any of them.

The Diffus side was a similar painting. However, since he is not yet 10 years old, it is obvious that he wants to use Auror more efficiently than Barton.

In the midst of two warriors stirring the battlefield, going back and forth between heaven and earth, Poong!

A sudden “unprecedented explosion” spread in the path of the two men.

Fortunately, both Barton and Dipus avoided a hit, but the crash was unstoppable.

At that moment, Jean’s eyes were filled with tears.

Deepus and Barton also recognized what magic had just attacked them and looked among the dragons.

It was because we had to identify the wizard who used the space explosion. As far as they know, there is only one Kellyak Zipple in the world that uses space explosions.

Jean was immediately able to infer who had unfolded the space explosion.

Midor Ener, it’s him!

A painful memory came to mind of his space explosion in Colon.

Jindo quickly made fun of his eyes to find him.

But a few seconds later.

Jean was able to realize that the wizard who used the space explosion was not Midor.

White gray hair stood out from afar.


He was riding on the red dragon, looking down at the knights of Looncandel with his flaming red eyes.

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