Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 285

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“Who’s Siddleray?”

Even when he was in the family history education during the storm and cadet days, Qin had never heard of his name. It was because the jipple erased all records related to shilderay.

There was no sign of Silderay yet. I can only feel the enormous energy of not knowing the depth beyond the dark space.

I felt as if I had seen a monster coming up from deep under the sea. I could tell even before I met him. How strong the enemy is.

A sense of fluffyness, accompanied by a little joy. Sreung, the pale blade of Sigmund’s blade, which had escaped the sword, glistened in the dark.

“One of Temar’s teenage knights. You’re the predecessor of the Knight of the Runkandel. His original last name was Zijek, but later he changed his last name to Looncandel following Themeer.”

“Former of the black knight, interesting story.”

Murakan hated Jean’s answer.

“What do you mean interesting, in this situation? You’re going crazy, too. I can’t fight right now. If that guardian is a reproduction of Shilderay’s heyday, oh, I can’t handle it. The odds are bottomless.”

“I don’t know that until I see it. And you don’t have to fight, do you? You asked me if I came to comfort Themer, which would be more favorable than I thought…….”

“It can’t be. That’s not a real Silderay, but a guardian modeled after him. And the guardian exists to kill all the intruders once.”

Slowly, the spirit of the Guardian was drawing near.

Murakan was right. The spirit was clearly harboring speculation.

A fierce and huge speculation as if it were burning.

“How much is it’sir.


“Silderay’s fighting power you remember.”

“Ten stars. One of them is outstanding. Fortunately, he wasn’t a maggots like Runkandel, a pure blood.”

“I hope it’s not a reenactment of my heyday. You don’t think there’s any way to get away from this subspace?”

“Inject the same amount of vigor into the key, or the guardian guides the way. It’s probably one of the two.”

“Okay, it’s an inevitable fight anyway. Let’s play a game and then think about it.”

Jean has taken a pose.

Murakan thought of this when he saw such a gin.

“What, you crazy little……you seem to be enjoying it.’

To some extent it was.

Jean was content to be able to compete with a figure named Silderey, who was almost the beginning of a black knight.

It wasn’t just a feeling of triumph as a warrior, or a sense of satisfaction that resulted from a stroke.

“Solderet’s arrangement, all the tests he left me, were a challenge that I could surely overcome in the end. Besides, the opportunity to mix a 10-star knight and a sword doesn’t come at any time.’

It was only a few days before the assassination of another 10-star knight, Black Knight’s spy, Barton Bichena.

There was no one more suitable than a guardian to raise the sense of practice, what it was like to “fight with a 10-star knight.”

Above all.

Jin did not judge that, contrary to Murakan’s opinion, there was very little chance of winning.

‘Even if the worst comes, you can summon Laparosa’s brothers. I don’t feel like it.’

At last, the guardian was revealed beyond the dim space.

He was dressed in armor similar to the Looncandel Guardians. A grand musculus, explosive muscles that cannot be hidden by armor, and a heavy, sharp look as if piercing steel.

And it was impressive that the sword looked bigger than its size.

The sword, which is heavier than Luna’s axe, was making fun of the fact that Silderei, an unknown nuclear power, had no future existence.

If anyone could wield a sword as big as he would, history would have a name.

The guardian stopped with about twenty steps left with two men.

He was a guardian embodied in the same format as Jean’s ‘Black Singing’.

When certain conditions are achieved, the dead temporarily embodied the dead in the Inse, and Solderet created the spirit and will of Shilderay.

As soon as Qin and Murakan saw the guardian, they could realize the fact.

[I am Shilderay Looncandel, the guardian of this tomb.]

“Hey, Silderay! Don’t you recognize me?”

Moorakan stepped forward and shouted.

The guardian, completely ignoring the voice, fixed his eyes on Jean.

“Why aren’t you answering, Silderay? You bastard. It’s Murakan. Black Dragon Murakan.”

[That scumbag doesn’t know.]

“What, asshole… …!?”

[Shut off, your ass.]

“Ha! Look at him say that. No matter how old this body has lost its strength, it is now exhausted! You think you can talk to me like that? “Silderay. I was your Lord, the Guardian Dragon of Themeer.”

[………If you mention Temar’s name one more time, I’ll cut your throat without warning.]

The guardian seemed to have some resentment towards Murakan.

As a perfect clone made of spirit, he had all the memories of Silderay’s old days.

Murakan looked at the guardian with a hop in his eye.

I’d like to rush in and defeat him right away, but it wasn’t as easy for Murakan in his prime.

Even now, I’m exhausted, so I can’t help but endure it.

[Learn your name, last contractor of solderlet.]

“This is Jean Looncandel.”

Silderay’s eyes deepened.

[……Solderet kept his word. Then it’s my turn to keep my word.]


The shilderay gently swung the great sword. That alone came a heavy black wind, scattering the hair of Jean and Murakhan.

[Silderay Looncandel, teen knights, in accordance with his long-standing commitment to the God of Sword and Shadow, I will let the last contractor carry my will on him.]

transmission of will

What it meant was simple.

[ Contractor, Jean Looncandel, be prepared to fight me.]

“Defender, Lord Shilderay Looncandel. Promise me one thing.”



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The tone was polite, but Jean was looking straight into the guardian’s eyes. As if to give notice, not a request.


“Murakan is currently unavailable for combat. Could you please be considerate of him not to die?”

[That’s a matter for the bastard to take care of.]

“Thank you.”

That was enough. I can’t help but hurt Murakan’s pride.

[Let us humbly accept all consequences that follow.]

Right after the horse is finished.

The Great Sword of the Guardian flashed and shone.

There was literally only a flash of light.

But it was a phenomenon that happened with the movement of the Great Sword, and no one would believe that it was moving so fast unless they saw it for themselves.

Squirt, kwa-a-ang!

When the Great Sword and the Sign Moon collided, a deafening roar broke out in my head.

The floor, which appeared to be made of hard stone, was crushed, and the broken stones turned into spirit and evaporated somewhere.

Shock waves were scratching everywhere.

a gnawing gin

If I hadn’t gotten used to the swords of the Tuwangs in Laprrosa over the past year, or had I never faced Vanessa before, I would have been embarrassed as soon as I got the combination.

‘That’s great……!’

The guardian’s blow contained both the pressure and the sharpness of a broken blackstone.

Murakhan has already flown away. The shock wave of the first agreement was floating and rolling on the floor.

Fortunately, the fatal wound was avoided. After barely landing on the floor, Murakan began to escape the battlefield, spouting all sorts of curses that were close to a curse.

The guardian did not bother to pursue Murakan.

The second and third swords flew in succession.

There was a terrible pain of broken bones and torn skin in every clash. Apart from the pain, however, Qin’s body was flexibly distributing shocks.

‘Your training hasn’t been in vain.’

Ten stars, just before the stage of creation.

It is not known whether the guardian fully recreated the heyday of Shilderay, “out of” among them, but it was clear that the ten-star power was permeated by simple attacks.

The same destructive power as Vanessa, or the Ming Dynasty Tuwangs.

Jin is fighting against such a guardian’s attack with pure swordsmanship.

‘But I don’t see any chance of a counterattack.’

The problem was counterattacks.

He was so busy defending that he couldn’t find a chance to attack. The Guardian’s Great Sword has been under pressure from the camp five or six times a second, flashing lights in all directions.

The guardian, for example, was clearly and far stronger than the camp.

It has always happened to fight a stronger opponent.

When meeting a strong opponent, Qin would always turn the tide through variables. The opponent always responded calmly based on the fact that he didn’t know all the weapons I had.

scintillation, muleta’s rune, Ming dynasty brain-spirited, spiritual, etc. A trick of the spleen had always produced excellent results.

But do those things work for a ten-star knight?

Jin had already experienced the conclusion that it was “impossible” when taking Vanessa’s test. At that time, she simply destroyed scintillation grapes and Ming daggers, treating them as just a little strange techniques.

For a warrior who reached the poles of the sword, variables were no different. At least if it wasn’t as deep a skill as they touched, it was all catch.

‘From the very beginning, you have to spread the thrower. Everything else is useless.’

Of course, it was never a sword lacking in plain-style thunder or oppression.

But Jean could not yet spread them out in ten-star power. To be clumsy or to sell traps with them was rather a number of runners on their own.

“First of all, summon Tess for the least amount of time, and I’ve got my turf covered by the incineration of the throwers…… Damn, the portal won’t open! Was it a dead world here, too?…!’

The gate was not opened even when a summons ceremony was held to open the flame gauge.

Jean has already experienced several times that the portal does not open in the “dead world.”

This subspace, which was made by Soldert himself, was also a dead world.

Inevitably, the same result came from the hurried black call. Any form of summons is not feasible in the dead world.

[Looks like you tried something, but it’s all failed. Still, it’s worth living high that you don’t lose your cool.]

The guardian swung the sword even harder.

By then Jean backed away for the first time. The gap is beginning to stand out.

Strength, accuracy, experience. Naturally, the guardian was overwhelming the Qin in every way.

A ray of blood flowed down the lips of Jou-reuk, Qin.

It was just a tear in the mouth from the impact, not an organ.

“Bad, I never thought this place would be a dead world. From now on, when I arrive at a strange place, I’ll check if I can summon you.’

Jean picked out a breath.

Although the worst-case numbers have been shut down, they are not over yet.

‘For a mission in a few days, I really didn’t want to use it.’

Ps. Ps. Ps. Kasik!

The brain began to vibrate rapidly in the photocardium.

If this had gone down the drain, the only remaining number would be flight and prayer.

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