Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 284

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The dawn light shone on the baolai.

Murakan, who received the key, could not shake off his bitter feelings for a while. Is it just bitterness, remorse, sadness, longing, self-help and helplessness?

All kinds of heavy, dark emotions were pounding his chest.


More precious than anything else.

To Murakan, the theme was such a person. Any fight could have been joined if he wanted to, and if he was on the verge of death, he wanted to save his life.

But I couldn’t.

It was, of course, one of the most painful things in the life of the great Black Dragon, who has lived for over three thousand years.


Shri lapped Murakhan’s shoulder. After a long licking, there was no response, and for a moment a mournful cry went into the enemy prison.


His usual sad appearance left him speechless.

The progress of my previous life, I remembered losing someone who was more precious than anyone else.

On the day he was banished from the Sword’s Garden, Gilly had to endure more punishment than death by being sealed.

The last image of Gilly before returning suddenly came to mind, making Jindo feel dizzy.

Murakan’s hand, holding the key, was shaking.

Soon Murakan held the key in his arms and held it in his chest. The grand musculus somehow looked like a dry branch, and the back was shaking.

Is he sobbing with his shoulders up and down? I felt sorry for my friend who left me after hurting me a long time ago.

Jean came up to Murakhan with a good grace. I felt like I should be comforted.

But the next moment.

“……I, Mr. Shue. What’s wrong with this? Ao.”

Murakhan gave a raspy sound of mourning.

“Uh, um? Murakan?”

“This key, I can’t see the slightest sign of invocation even if I eat a lot of spirit. Everything’s annoying this Murakan……… ha, let’s see who wins. Fucking toys.”

It was not because he was sobbing, that the back of Murakhan was trembling.

I was just shaking hard to push my spirit into the key.

The same was true for pulling the key to his chest.

At first, he lightly injected energy with one hand, and then began to inject a large amount of energy with both hands because there was no response.

” Oh, exercise! I think I’ve already eaten five stars!”

Jean felt rather… …foolish.

Soon he smacked, laughed.

“Stop being so irritated. I’ll be on vacation right away when I get back, so you can go anywhere with me then.”


Murakhan turned his head at the speed of light.


“Yeah, well, it’s hard. Gilly doesn’t have to be careful about his behavior because of me.”

“You’re telling a rewarding story you’ve raised in such a long time, kid. Hahaha, yes. Give me a long one if you know. I had a lot of fun with strawberry pie and…….”

“By the way, the strawberry team, no. Maybe Gilly just refused. Have you ever thought about that?”


“You seem to think, of course, that if you had a vacation, Gilly would have accepted your date request. But if I get rejected again, I wonder if I can handle it. The wound would be huge.”

Murakan, who was about to get angry, sniffed instead.

“Hahahaha, you don’t know anything. Well, since you’ve been in La Prarosa since the end of ’97…… Anyway, don’t change the subject. Because it can’t be.”

It was a strangely febrile answer for Jean.

I don’t think anything’s going on with Gilly. What confidence is that? No, and you two, man, love……a love story? Anyway, why do I care about this kind of problem? Why is it unlucky?’

‘I was just saying whatever it was because I wasn’t a kid, but what if I really got rejected?’

Of course Jean and Murakhan could not read each other’s thoughts.

“Yes, yes. Activate the key, great Black Dragon.”

“Uh, wait. Hmm……!”

Murakan, who began to inject vigor into the key again.

However, even if they poured their energy into their throats, there was no response.

“Solderet, you bastard. Why the hell did you build this device!”

Murakan threw the key to the floor and breathed out hard breaths.

“Isn’t the usage wrong? Or maybe Ficon misrepresented something.”

“Not both. I told you last time that Soldier made a lot of these things. There’s no way Picone would have misled you. This is definitely where Themere was buried. I have a feeling.”

“Then why not?”


Suddenly, when Murakan turned into his real self, Jin looked around him reflexively.

There was nothing to hide the open plain, the Murakhan.

“I’ve come back from the Holla Mountains as far as I can see, and it’s a horse-riding sulfur. Why all of a sudden a transformation?”

I don’t think this key, it’s a device that’s activated when you eat spirit. The spirits available in human form have been crushed.]

Jean looked up at the Murakhan in dismay.

“No, how much spirit do you need?”

[That’s what we’re going to find out from now. Just look around. I’ll just kill them if they pass by the Dark Wizard’s remnants.]

“None, such a thing.”

to one’s shock

It was only eight hours after the key responded.

Fortunately, no one saw Murakhan sitting still in the middle of Baolai and wrestling with a small object.

Hoo-wook, hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo……!

The moment Murakan squeezed out the last remaining spirit.

Suddenly, the key on Murakan’s fingernail began to rise slowly into the sky.

[Oh, it’s working! Ugh, it’s a dead body.]

“Are you done? Finally?”

Murakan turned into a human and stood beside Jin.

He seemed quite exhausted.

No, not just that, but he looked as pale as if he was about to fall.

The key that was soaring into the sky stopped moving.

After a while, the two could experience the darkness around them in an instant. As if the liberation of the spirit had been unfolded.

Indeed, it was the spirit released from the key that blackened his son-in-law.

The spirit from the key covered the entire wide baolai in a hemispherical shape.

‘What is this? More than that, if it’s this big, it could be exposed to anyone.’

Murakan seems like he’s never seen anything like this before.

I’m worried that it would be a waste of time to get back from the Hola Mountains.

I could feel Young-ki’s hemisphere slowly getting smaller, covering the Baolai.

It was as if someone, a giant, was holding a hemisphere by hand outside.

The ever-smalling hemispheric boundary soon reached Jin and Murakan.

And when the hemisphere becomes a point, completely gone.

The Baolai remained the same as before, with the green grass-filled landscape on the hills. But there were no images of Qin and Murakhan standing there.

The two men were sucked into a subspace made of spirit.

“Ha, I thought I was eating too much Young-gi. The subspace. . . . ..”

Murakan gave a false laugh.

Jean looked around, alerted to the sudden movement of space.

An empty, empty, yet vast space beyond guesswork.

This desolate landscape was the first tomb of Temer Looncandel.

“Solderet hid it this far, which means the Jipple pups had found and scratched it.”

Murakhan shook his head, controlling his anger.

“Just make a flower of spirit, kid.”

I’ve never done it.

However, it was not difficult because it was only a form of spirituality.

Jin made a flower called Hohwa with spirit and put it on the ground.

“His body isn’t here, but you still have to let go of a flower.”

He laid down the harmony and paid a silent tribute for a moment’s silence.

Murakan is a friend and Jin is a descendant of Jin’s.



“Thank you.”

The wind blew from somewhere when the silent tribute was over.

The wind gently erased the harmony of spirit and inadvertently flowed.

“You said that the god of the new blacksmith, Peacon Mincee, would be able to meet the will of Themeer here, right?”

“That’s right. I heard you need something here to strengthen Bradamante.”

“I’ve been pondering over this Murakan on his way. I wonder what the first tomb of Themeer would look like, and what would be left of it if it had already been robbed. Things like that. I didn’t have much to guess.”


“This space reminds me of something.”

Murakan paused. He is in a bad mood.

In the meantime, Jin recalled a conversation he had with Pikon Minche.

There is an area called Baolai on the Great Plains of Anz. the heartland of the Anzh Plains Put your spirit into this key there. Then his first grave will be revealed.]

Do you have any precautions?

[He says don’t panic no matter what happens. That’s what Soldier told you to deliver.]

Anything else?

[No. I wish you good luck, Jean Luncandel.]

I’ll wish you luck.

Progress had been on my mind.

Why do we need luck to face ‘will’ was not readily convinced.

“Little, I think it’s a guardian. There is still a guardian in this tomb.”


“Yes. Protecting the grave. And the fact that Soldert had to put this much energy into the key to work, at least meant he had the power to use the key.

I didn’t hear that from Picone.

And Peacon had never heard of it from Solderlet.

In any case, the key won’t work if you don’t have enough spirit.

If there is one problem.

The person who activated the key was not Jean but Murakhan.

Even Murakan used up all his energy because of it.

“……Murukan. Do you think I could have activated the key with the spirit I have?”

“No way. This Murakan spent eight hours pouring the last drop into the water to make it work. Your seven-star leadership is too much.”

“So I wasn’t actually qualified to come here? If that guardian or something comes out, you’re out of spirit, so you can’t fight?”

“Right… …what’s the big deal? Maybe there’s no guardian. Everything will come out in a little while.”

as soon as Murakhan’s words were finished

[Solderet’s contractor has come to comfort Themesh…….]

From far away came a voice with a solemn ring.

And Murakan immediately recognized the owner of the voice and touched his forehead. ‘Cause a thousand years ago, I used to hear that voice every day.

“That’s the voice of the Silderay……!”

Shilderay Zizzek.

He was one of the most prolific figures when Temer started the family ‘Luncandel.’

But an unfortunate article, whose history and legend were all erased by the Jipple.

It was the will of Silderay Zizzek who was guarding the tomb.

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