Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 274

Lava seemed to boil in my head and in my heart. The blood flow quickened, and my jaw tingled as I clenched my teeth.

It wasn’t because he was enduring the pain of an explosion and a piece of metal.

It was because of the sudden surge of anger towards Mary.


He spat out bloodstained spits, burned them and took pieces of clothing that had stuck to his body. The red-hot skin was indescribably hot, but it was nothing compared to the pieces of iron embedded deep between the flesh.

The bones felt a few bumps, but they avoided damaging the intestines thanks to their blessed body and hypocritical blood.

from the ground of one’s heart

Jean wanted to kill her third sister.

Whether or not Mary knew the heart, Mary had a naive face, sweeping her scattered hair with her palm.

“You want to kill me?”


“Where else did you learn to say such pretty words……! Come on, come on!”

Mary was as happy as Chin’s life was.

For some reason, I thought it was a line that could be said, but Mary had never left something like a green rose hidden from Jean.

Except for the fact that he received the phoenix’s heart as a gift, Jin never owed much.

And I’ve almost paid off my debt to him.

“I’ll ask you one thing in advance.”

“What is it?”

“Looking at your sister’s reaction so far, you seem to be satisfied enough. I’ll give you one more chance. Why don’t you give him back at this point and end it?”

Mary looked straight at once, wiping out a pleasant air.

“That’s a no-no. What satisfaction! We still have a long way to go.”

“Okay. Then I’ll assume you’ve paid off your debts. And I’m starting to wonder. Is your sister really crazy or pretending to be crazy? The latter wouldn’t be of any use to beg later.”


Sigmund burned blue, holding his brain.

Mary took a piece of metal out of her body and almost screamed with joy when she saw the new strength that Jean had taken out.

It was only yesterday that Jin was known to the family that he was a contractor for Solderlet, but using an unidentified brain device was already revealed during the Sungguk incident.

So Mary was actually more curious about her brain than Young-gi. How powerful is the brain that coveted both the jipple and the beat until it was revealed who Bamel was.

“I can see it early… ….”

Give it to me!

Before finishing the sentence, a ray of epilepsy fell on Mary’s head.

Plain eclipse of the Ming Dynasty sword.

A sword polished every day in Laparosa, as in the spirit of the sword. The thunderclap also had a darker brain than before.


A hole formed in the spot where the lightning struck. Mary instinctively stepped on the prosthesis to avoid thunderstorms, and extended her chain sword to even try to strike back.

Jean had no intention of doing just the right thing now.

It was Mary who made a vicious move first in a race between horsemen, not a life-or-death battle.

And it was originally Jean’s specialty.

Pazizik, Kurr! Avoiding and smashing the persistent clinging epilepsy. Mary was again preparing to narrow the distance from Jean.

‘Is the youngest one thinking of winning a long distance? Well, if I could handle a lightning like this with an injury like that, I’d choose you. I will continue to strike, and as soon as I have a gap, I will shoot the sword.”

There was one thing Mary had forgotten.

Jean was not just a ‘brain-handling unmanned’ but a horse prosecutor.

What, why are you closing the street all of a sudden? Are you confident of close combat? Or is it too much to handle lightning?’

Since Jin left Tessing when he was a backup rider, his enemies have usually only been conscious of Jin’s magical abilities after experiencing this magic.

A Magician’s non-season, lost ancient light magic, whose name was erased from history by a jipple.

a flash of light



When the light burst from the palm of Jean’s hand out of nowhere, Mary groaned reflexively.

‘The snow seems to be burning! That’s right, that guy. He was a horseman!’

Even that was due to reflexively protecting the eyes as soon as the flashlight exploded.

In Laparosa, the Yeonggum and Myeongwanggum were not the only ones cooked. Mana also trained so cruelly that it fell into reverse several times, and as a result, Jin’s magic was now in the late eight-star phase.

Thanks to this, the power of scintillation has risen to almost the level that Chenmi used to perform in her heyday. Unless you anticipate it in advance and defend it properly, anyone will be in trouble.

The genius of geniuses has returned, gone through countless trials, met with all kinds of eccentricities, and was satisfied with his achievements for not a single day.

That gin should be weaker than Mary.


Naturally Jean did not miss the moment when Mary flinched. Jean, who immediately turns a plainclothes into oppressions and stabs them in her neck.


“Wow, he’s really trying to kill……!’

As the blade brushed past the neckline, Mary realized that it was not just words. Of course, even he was just a joy to Mary as if the lottery she had bought long ago was turning into a huge prize money.


This time, Jin’s lower kick took Mary’s thigh. Mary faltered and again disorganized, and Jean struck again, turning the oppressions into thunderclashes.


A scream broke out at the wrong lightning, but Mary was also the rider of Looncandel.

She punched the side of Sigmund and hit Jean in the head.

The bald head and the rune of Multa clashed.

Muleta’s run is an artifact that even a blow from a seven-star driver is lightly bounced, but surprisingly Jin had to feel the impact that spread to the inside of the pitch.

“Crazy, what a head-butt!”

If I had the same bald head, I’m sure Jean would have suffered more damage.

But that wasn’t all. Even though there was a chain sword, he had to hit the sign with his fist and hit it with his bare head only to prepare for a real effective hit.


The bounced chain sword cut through Jean’s chest. At the same time, Mary was cut off by a sign and almost missed the sword.

To explain that this bloody fight is a duel between a brother and a sister who have not met in four years. Anyone will have an incredible reaction.

But then you may nod your head if you add ‘the two are the flagpoles of Luncandel.’

This was close to the reality of the sequencing war expected by the post-Themeer ancestors expected.


Mary cried out with her eyes fluttering. Her sword only grew more and more fierce after being badly hurt.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. When Mary swung the sword, a sharp piece of ore splashed, and when the gin swung, the brain spread.

The workshop was generally at an even price. Sigmund and the serpent drew the trajectory several times in a second, but rarely succeeded in attacking only one side.

One cut and the other cut. First, the one whose concentration is limited will be fatally wounded and collapsed.

“Hahaha! The edge of the knife is very cold, my brother!”

Of course, each had a weapon he was hiding.

Mary did not use the duel, and Jean did not use the dosing machine.

If you use the transducer…… my sister really dies.’

Perhaps he could have been defeated by his sister’s decisive battle.

The formidable power of the Looncandel duel was a possible development.

However, it was important that Jin’s remaining cards were not everything.

In this training session, there was also Yeonggumdo, which was newly taught by King Tu, Myeongwanggumjeolgi, which was taught directly by Ban, and magic that had not been brought out yet.

To the point where you’ve used all of it.

Do you really have to kill Mary?

It was never.

It is true that the expression was so extreme that I wanted to kill him.

Mary actually only admitted Jean.

From the very first moment when Jin returned to the Sword Garden yesterday, Mary had only recognized Jin as a strong man who would not be lacking even if he fought with his whole body and soul.

So, to fight Jin, he struggled all night to win the first easily and to fight again (not to fly, but to roll his simple head) under the pretext of that, and discovered the trick of a bomb.

Mary, for example, never ignored or hated Jean.

I just wanted to enjoy fighting as an equal rider, as an equal unmanned, and as an equal competitor.

Of course there was no deep, warm affection in it like Luna or Jonah.

It was not a matter to be reckoned with, either, since it was the same.

‘It’s foolish to kill someone just because they feel bad. I have to make myself my own and prepare for a war with my mother.’

While Jean was making such a judgment, Mary was thinking this.

“I want to bring up a showdown and decide the outcome, but it’s crazy to finish this pleasure at once. It’s such a waste.’

For a moment two swords stopped.

“Hey, my brother!”

Jean was not yet, but Mary was already sprouting affection for her brother. That’s why they naturally use the term “my brother” more than the “youngest.”


“I’ll give it back to Bradamante. Instead, promise me one thing.”

“What more appointments do you need? You said you’d give it to me if you satisfied me, already.”

“Yes, as you said, I’ve already been satisfied. By the way, I want this full condition to last a long time. So let’s change the conditions a little bit. It’s not bad for you either, so listen to it first.”

“Then say something.”

“After rubbing the sword, you and I are saying that one side has to die if we’re going to play it right? But there’s no reason for us to even kill each other.”

“There is no reason, but there is justification. It’s part of the sequencing war.”

“Yes, I have a cause. But I don’t have a grudge. So, take the bradamante and fight me every day like this. Until one side can completely overpower the other. That means we’re going to win, right?”

“Has there ever been a time in my family that such a lukewarm attitude was called a competition? If you’re going to fight, it’s right that one side dies. Besides, who was the one who yelled, “Dead,” earlier? What about the bomb?

“That’s true. I just like you, but it’s misleading. I yelled for death because I was so excited. Well…… how can I explain this so that you can understand?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“It’s because she’s getting sick! I’m telling you, I don’t want to end it in one go. You don’t want to fight with your sister?”

I didn’t hate it. If you want to be on your side, you have to give them what they want.

But it was difficult to fight like this every day.

“Okay, so let’s do this.”

“Tell me, come on.”

“First of all, you can’t fight like this every day. She can only fight me if I want.”

“Well…”… again?”

“Every time we fight, victory or defeat is based on fainting. The one who falls down first is the loser, and the loser must carry out one of the winners’ Of course, I’ll write a contract so that it won’t fail.”

“I like it. The contract is a bit cumbersome.”

“And your sister took the bradamante instead of the normal way, right? After you get the sword back, please make sure I don’t take any responsibility.”

“It was intended to do so if you hadn’t said. Instead, you fight with me at least once a week.”

“Once a year.”

“You have no conscience. No, once a month.”

“Five months.”

“Two months.”

“Three months. Let’s settle here.”


Unexpectedly Mary accepted the offer.

In fact, she knew that if she fought like this every day, she wouldn’t be able to survive. I thought at least a month’s rest was needed to maintain the best condition and fight.

Also, you can’t focus on managing your condition because you have to carry out a pilot mission, so it’s only appropriate once every three months.

“Well, let’s finish the contract and write it down, brother!”


The two then continued their blood-splitting blood clots for half an hour.

They had to be taken to the medical center side by side for intensive care throughout the day.

And when the treatment was over, Mary looked ecstatic as if she had a happy dream.

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