Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 273

Degurr……. Porcirac, Porcirac!

Mary’s mana bombs rolled well. It looked like a small blue egg on the surface, but it was an object that could kill dozens of ordinary humans in a single moment.

How many are there?..? You’re telling me you’ve forgotten this.’

at a rough estimate of more than two hundred

There won’t be very many crazy people in the world who want to fight a duel with these dangerous items lying all over.

This place, which had just been a vast open space, has now become a dance hall of death.

“You’re not scared, are you?” If you come all the way here and disappoint this sister…….”


Mary grinned as Jean picked the sign.

Regardless of Mouyu’s confession, it was perfectly natural for the image to give rise to the goose bumps. Fortunately, Jean could hide her embarrassment.

“That’s right, that’s right.”

As Mary slowly pulled up her energy, a slightly chubby bob cut flew in the wind.

His eyes sparkled as if he were looking at his loved one, and he had an unbecoming foreboding and living spirit.

Mary is by no means the strongest in Looncandel.

But she was by far the best in Looncandel to worship and enjoy the fight and victory itself.

“Are you going to yield the first number?”

“Of course.”


“I told you so?”

“Thank you for your help.”

As Jean began to pose with her sword hanging down, Mary felt as if she were going to fly away.

How many years have you been looking forward to this moment?

‘My father himself described it as quite a powerful energy. Well, it’s unusual. This thrill, this pleasure, this thrill! Youngest, one of us today is to go to the medical center and strike until we’re sick.’

While Mary was in control of the excitement, Jean calmly prepared for the attack.

The motion was extremely slow. It was a slow attack that Mary would never try unless she conceded the player.

Jean and Mary, if not as much as Luna, had enough flesh to be called extreme.

However, you can’t expect your body to be healthy even if you fight a duel properly in this field of mana bombs.

‘You’d better finish it in a blow. I don’t want to see the doctors again as soon as I get here.’

What Jean is trying to spread is the first type of sword, the soul-cutting.

For the past year, I have trained every day in Laparosa to cut my soul. Of course, it was still a long time ago to cut off the soul itself.

In this training, however, Jin’s soul-cutting was clearly a step forward.

As before, ‘Benda’ has mastered and become more sharp enough to be used in practice at any time without having to recite the spell.

Also, as before, if you are given enough time to recite your spell and refresh your spirits.

It was able to create an onerous destructive force even for transcendent fighters like Luna and Vanessa.

So assuming Mary would ‘fully’ concede the player, Jean was convinced she could be moribund at a single blow.


The pale blade of Sigmund’s knife was blackened.

Young-ki, that’s the power of solderlet. Compared to the thrill the youngest felt the first time he pulled the sword, it’s somewhat bland. No, it’s not just plain, it’s too feeble. I don’t feel anything.’

It’s been five seconds.

Mary doesn’t seem to feel any threat yet.

After another 10 seconds, I almost got annoyed. I wanted to scream, “What the hell are you doing?”



It is a natural sense as a fighter.

What made Mary think that the spirit gathered in Sigmund was dangerous?

“That’s a curious sword. There’s no pressure at all, but all of a sudden the fuzz is on the edge.…!’

Mary’s persimmons were never wrong.

The persimmon was saying this. If you give me a few more seconds, I might get a blow.


Suddenly Mary narrowed the distance with Jean.

Mary comes close to the door in a blink of an eye and shoots a sword at the bell.


Jean was forced to stop the ready blow and take the attack.

“Sir, I’m sure you’ve decided to give up the first number, didn’t you?”

“Don’t you know it’s enough, you scrupulous bastard! I don’t know what she was trying to do, but I’m sure she’s got a skill she can’t handle.”

“It’s a misunderstanding. I haven’t learned the duel yet. What kind of skill is that?….”

“Well, I don’t want to accept a sword that’s not usable in practice.”

Mary continued her winning streak, shining in the glare of her eyes. The ever-changing yet destructive sword shook Qin’s view.

Come on, it doesn’t work. I’m sure you didn’t measure the power of spirit, did you just feel it?’

At present, Qin’s life had reached seven stars.

Young-gi can exert a force of about two stars higher than ordinary forces such as anorea or mana.

In other words, “Jin” means that only pure spirit can produce the destructive power of nine general energies.

But Young-ki’s superiority was not the end. Unlike ordinary energy, well-refined spirits do not feel ‘existence’.

It was the same logic as having no weight in shadows, no matter how big.

Nevertheless, Mary was wary of the enormous power behind its absence, and Jean had no choice but to revise the plan.

“No, you’re the only one who doesn’t know the right degree. It’s not a life-threatening duel, but how can you put bombs all over the place?”

“Have you ever heard of this sister’s old dog?”

“Woman of Southern Continent?”

“Yes, I’ve been very fond of that name. More than what is now called the gale’s Mary.”

Obviously, the wild woman looks better on you.

Jean swallowed the back horse and regrouped. Fortunately, this case was not completely ruled out, so there was no mishap in which the spirit was overflowing.

Siggy! Squeak!

When Mary sprayed the sword in earnest, Jean stepped down first and focused on defense.

It was because the Mana Bomb was annoying. If the sword is not properly offset, the bomb will go off, and a single explosion will start a terrible chain of explosions.


Mary, who bursts into laughter.

The two men’s come and go were shining frantically in the air. Every time the sword struck, flames erupted, and shock waves broke out.

Still, the bombs seemed to be scattered more and more on the shock wave. Anxiety about when it might explode chilled Jin’s spine.

Mary was indeed a figure to be called the ‘Gwangnyeo’.

While Jean was fighting with a thick shield made of an auror, Mary was just pouring out the attack as if the bomb was invisible. It seemed like he wanted it to explode.

‘Is Mary too strong a kind of girl like Luna?’

Like Luna, who was fine after undergoing the rite of passage in the Cheonga Stone Training.

Will Mary be able to barely get a scratch when she gets a super-class mana bomb?

“Hahahaha! That’s a good stop, it’s a kill!”

Syik, Whirrick, Cham!

Soon Mary’s sword suddenly began to wither like a whip.

Her pet sword “Doksa” looks like an ordinary long sword on the surface, but it became a “saddle” when it was injected with an aura to unlock the inside of the sword.

The sword that had been flying in a straight line suddenly lengthened, bent, and bent, it was quite hectic for Jin.

Whenever the gin avoided or struck, the chain sword naturally hit the floor. The rocks and piles of dirt splashed like flesh, and the bombs were shaking like they were about to burst.

The explosion of the bomb was unavoidable.


The moment when a single bomb placed right under his feet caused a leak, it seemed like a slow screen.

Damn it.

Jean swallowed a sigh and pulled up the auror. Young-ki was not in a situation where he could be liberated by the side effects of failing to cut his soul.

It would have been less burdensome if he was wearing black gloves.

However, he was devastated while enduring the training of Lafarosa. They had to endure with the oler barrier and the loon of Muleta.

“If the bomb explodes anyway, Mary’s sister suffers a lot of damage. First you recover and then you’ll just…… huh?

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

It was because I had seen it. hidden in Mary’s coat, the silver-colored sage!

a silver box

The object, which was made at the same time as the black box, was also one of the masterpieces of the Society for the Performing Arts.


Mary was even sticking out her tongue with a face full of reminders.

She didn’t intend to play fair with Jean from the start. The Mana Bomb wasn’t just laid to enjoy the thrill.

‘You’re not the only one who knows how to make a provocation, the youngest.’

Mary smiled brightly, and Jean clenched her teeth. It’s been a long time since I was pushed back in the fight and provoked in reversely provoked.

‘I didn’t expect Mary’s sister to do this.’

Jean, for example, is careless.

Poong, poong! Qua’ang! Currrr….!

A chain of explosions began with an eardrum-like noise.

In line with the use of “top-notch casualties,” Mary’s Mana Bomb wasn’t just high in destructive power.

Like a cheonga stone, the insides were filled with sharp pieces of iron.

Cheong Ah-seok controlled his power because it was for ‘even’ training, but the Mana Bomb did not.

Bang, bang! Fiying! Ping!

Along with the explosion, pieces of metal were being fired at the gin with the force of shredding it.


Pieces of metal pierced through the protective film stabbed the whole body. If it weren’t for a blessed body, it would have been instant meat.

It wasn’t just him.

Mary’s renewed attack had to be prevented. Her armor makes her move much easier because she protects a relatively small area.

Of course, armor was not all-around. She was also embedded in large and small fragments everywhere. It was accompanied by terrible pain enough to pour out curses.

However, Mary was determined to give flesh and break bones. The youngest is at a disadvantage than he is.

‘You can’t end up like this. But you’ll be seriously injured. Then I’ll work on it step by step and break it down.’

Shh, heh! Even in the blast, the chain-gum serpent poured in without losing his strength.

Although she couldn’t aim only for the vital spot because of the blurred vision, Mary felt the thrill of cutting the flesh once in a while passed down to her fingertips.

The explosion lasted three minutes. After the explosion was long and powerful enough to leave no ordinary people or even a decent uninhabited island.

Mary breathed out her breath and waited for the dust to fade. Looking forward to seeing the youngest become a mess.

As soon as his eyes became brighter, he saw a gin bent over one knee and hardened like a stone statue. His whole body was red with blood, and he was vomiting blood in his mouth.

Are you okay? Was I a little too much? If you think you’re going to die, let’s stop here.

Mary is not the kind of person who says that. It was Mary who immediately overlaid the chain sword with a new one. You didn’t have to let your guard down until you were sure you had beaten your opponent completely.


Mary’s eyes glistened once again at Jean’s call.

“Yes, my brother! You can still do more, right?”

Slowly raising his head, Jean said, “This is how it ends.

“Killing… …it’ll be.”

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