Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 234

What would it be if it weren’t human?

A demon, an animal, or something else. Anyway, the heavy footsteps smeared considerable hostility, and Murakhan glared at the tightly closed door.

“Little one, take care of some religious people.”

Murakan said so, but did not put down the glass he was holding.

“Okay. Whatever it is, handle it as quietly as possible.”

“Come on.”

Boom, boom!

The sound of footsteps stopped in front of Laney’s door.


Then Murakan opened the door first and leaned back, giving a sizzling smile. No, I was going to build it, but…… Immediately after I looked at them, my face was bound to harden.

The owners of the footsteps walked two-legged and two-legged, but they were neither human nor demon.

It would be more like a powerless and unhappy human being if it were to be weighed. He was also once encountered by Jin at the Colon site before becoming a backup jockey.

‘Birth Golem…’!?’

like a bolt out of the blue

The faces of the soldiers whom Murakan had put to sleep passed by. The faces of the two men, who were working as security guards at leisure, were incomparable.

They were people who didn’t have to go through this.

It was like this when I first encountered a biogolem in Colon. The fainting mercenaries suddenly turned into bio-golem and attacked Jin.

The mercenaries who became biogolms at that time said this.

Please, kill yourself.

‘Jipple, you crazy bastards!

The moment Jin gritted his teeth.

The fingernails of the sharp-edged biogoles flew into Murakan’s face.

A quick and bitter blow to see if he has achieved substantial results in the years following Colon.

If it had been Murakan before he regained his strength, he might have allowed a small scratch. But for Murakhan today, it was as slow as a flowing cloud.


When Murakan raised his hand like a blade and swung lightly, four arms were cut off at the same time.

Murakan, whose severed arm reaches out once again before it even falls to the floor.


The place where his hands, dyed black with spirit, were headed was the power failure of the biogolems. Murakhan figured out at once that their core, the heart, was there.

“Chit, I can’t spare you.”

When Murakan lightly clenched his fist, the hearts of the bio-golem burst, and they couldn’t even scream.

As soon as my heart broke, my swollen body began to shrink rapidly. There was no sign of them being human in the blackened remains.

The three looked at the figure in silence for a few seconds or so.

Understandably, it was Laney who was most shocked. She was in vain for a moment, barely calming her trembling body, recalling her identity.

The foster daughter of the king of the castle, the sex knight of the Gyori Suho Daemyunghoe, a believer in a man, and the daughter of Ayula.

Laney took the Bible out of his arms and spread it out and knelt beside them.

“My dear brother, here my poor brothers have come to you in search of peace. Please look after their souls and comfort them with their unjust and vain deaths.….”

A bright yellow light from her enveloped the body.


The light soon became the flame of the holy Ayula, and made the bodies of the dead into ashes. Lani, who suppressed her vomiting and finished a short eulogy, looked sober.

Fragments of the heart that Murakan broke remained on the floor, not disappearing.

“Ha, bio-golem. I can’t believe it. How could there be such a thing in the Holy Land? Did we come to the wrong country?”

said Murakan, picking up a fragment and looking over it. Jean also stared at the fragment carefully. The shrapnel was lumped together with greenish oars.

So there was a creepy sense of deja vu, but it wasn’t something to bring up right away.

“Rani Salome. I think we’d better get somewhere safe first. Soon they’ll send more people.”

Tight strap, closed eyes, and open Rani nodded.

“……okay, follow me.”

Leaving the empty hall, they followed Laney and did not leave the Eastern Temple.

“If they find out I’m gone, there’s nowhere to hide in the Holy Land. This place would be the safest place.”

Rani began climbing the giant statue of Ayula, which is decorating the central wall on the first floor.

“You wouldn’t dare think that I, not anyone else, would have gone over the body of Ayula. Few people even know this secret passage.”

Since childhood, she has been good at hiding or hiding something. Since becoming the foster daughter of King Seong, she has naturally developed her ability as she tries to escape all kinds of vicious harassment and burdensome eyes.


Rani turned the neck of the giant statue as hard as he could.

Then, Ayula’s head was pushed aside, revealing empty spaces inside the statue. I went into it and turned my head back into place, and it was dark.

The interior of the statue was connected by a ‘dual underground’ heading for a ditch at the Eastern Temple.

Soon as he walked for a few minutes to reach the ditch, Laney stumbled and touched the wall.

“Ha, ha, ha……!”

She was now weighed down by the feeling of her lifelong faith being negated to the front.

Father, King of St. Michaelan, was kidnapped by Jipple and Van Kela was depraved enough to no longer be called the “Sungguk.”

“The Holy Land is… .. over.”

Jean made eye contact with her without answering.

‘You’re about to collapse.’

I fully understood the fact that she had collapsed.

However, there was no way to comfort him anyway. How on earth would Jin console those who lose their only family, lose their country, and lose their faith?

Instead, Jin was able to give realistic help.

“Choose, Lani Salome. If you are so tired and tired that you have no desire to avenge yourself, I will send you to a land where you can spend the rest of your life quietly without asking anything. I’ll make sure you’re safe for the rest of your life and give you enough money to stop working. You can leave with us right now.”

Jin then made eye contact with Laney.

“But if that’s not the case, wake up and tell us anything meaningful so we can help each other right now. How many enemies are there, how long have they been holding the Holy Land at their disposal, and whether there are any reliable people in the Holy Land.”

“……it’s true that I helped you in Santel. But I can’t ask you to save my father from now on and to fight with him.”


I can’t speak for a moment.

“You’re risking your life for me and the Holy Land? Really, Looncandel?”

“Yes, I’m Looncandel. Therefore, Jipple is my enemy, and I’m willing to help you, even though it’s to repay you. It is a choice to embrace the Holy Land as the Looncandel. It’s the loss of me and my family to let the Holy Land rule.”

“Uh, um, kid. That’s true, but isn’t it a little cold? A religious man must be so upset right now…….”

“So you move recklessly, too. I mean to make a deal with me. “as heir to the Looncandel, and as heir to the Holy King.”

There was a silence.

When Murakan understood Jean’s intentions, he looked at Laney with a grave look in his eyes.

By the time I got used to the stench of the water in the ditch, Laney opened her mouth again.

“……Please understand that you’ve just been embarrassed, Jean Looncandel. All right, I’ll do as you say. I’ll deal with Looncandel.”

In a short period of time, there were numerous changes in Laney’s inner self before he said this.

Looking much younger than himself, the Looncandel backup would certainly not love the Holy Land as much as he did.

But I was ashamed that Jean was more sensitive to the well-being and interests of the Holy Land than she was to herself.

“Okay, what I’m going to do is either rescue King Seong or drive Zipple out of the Holy Land. What you’re going to take is me and a support group called Murakhan. This one, in particular, has become quite strong, unlike when you first met him, so you can work as hard as you like.”

Jean breathed a sigh of relief into her heart.

If Laney was desperate to leave, he would have had to find out where to start.

If you drive out the Zipple from the Holy Land, you will be able to help the benefactor and make a proper appearance once you return to your family.

“……I’ll first explain the current situation I’ve identified.”

Jipple had already recruited key figures and organizations in the Holy Land one by one for several years.

Among them, the first group to become the dog of Jipple was the Sunggi Division, which belonged to the Gyori-Safe Dawn Society and Rani Salomeh.

“That’s why he sent me to the Gyuri Guardian Dawn. There’s no one else I can trust except me, so you told me to mix them up and look at them. I don’t think he was sure until recently.”

“Then King Seong must have been confident after he was briefed by you on this Santel case.”

“That’s right. Zipple kidnapped my father right after my report. At first, he tried to trick me with that fake. He’s the one who speaks and acts the same way he does.”

However, there was one fact that only some of the closest aides of King Seong knew.

King Seong could not move his left index finger. While Laney felt that the Holy Spirit of King Seong had been lowered, he saw a fake using his left index finger while eating.

As soon as Laney questioned it, Zipple cut off King Seong’s left index finger and sent it to her room. That’s through the same age sex article that Rani believed in.

It was at that moment that Laney fell into despair.

“You’re a bad hobby, pervert children.”

“Did you keep your fingers?”

When Jean asked, Rani shook his head.

“As soon as I checked, it burned down and disappeared.”

“A seal of fire. It’s magic that can’t be used unless it’s related to Xu Nu. Kellyak Zipple, or Kadun.”

In other words, the party’s counterpart is Jipple. Among them, it was Kaliak, a Korean singer.

Murakan is said to have regained his strength, but it is impossible to fight the entire Zipple.

However, the story was different if it was a “public opinion war,” not a physical battle. Although King Seong’s fingers had disappeared, a piece of the heart of bio-golem remained in Jin’s arms now.

‘Birth Golem, and metamorphosis. It’ll tie your guys’ ankles.’

When Jean pulled out a piece of heart, Laney noticed the meaning.

“Do you think you’re going to argue that the evidence is that Zipple made a Sungkuk soldier a biogolem?”


“I’m the only witness.”

“No, I’ve interfered with Zipple’s bio-golem experiments before. We’re waiting for a witness, a big reporter to report it.”


“But that’s not enough. There must be some more solid evidence to remove the mask of the Jipple, and simultaneous bursts of evidence. Who else knows that the real King Seong can’t use his left index finger?”

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