Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 235

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Of course, even if there were Dino Zaglan and the Colon natives, a piece of bio-golem heart alone could not start a public opinion battle.

At least it is worth proving that they kidnapped King Seong and set up puppets to deceive the people of the Holy Land.

“I know that Lord Vittura, the chief of the Knights of the Apostles of Montiano and Conyu.”

“Who is the most reliable of them?”


Laney said the same thing and then went on to the other way.

“Montiano and Cogne were definitely bought. After I found out that he was a fake, I went to him and laughed and told him to be tried well after the festival and to help King Seong. The two were definitely bought.”

“You can’t be sure that’s the buy-off, can you?”

“No, I talked about fingers. He smiled instead of answering. Like you’re in our hands anyway.….”

It was particularly frustrating for Laney that the two were bribed.

Montiano and Cogne were friends who had been with Miklan all their lives since their teens, and those in power right after Miklan in the Holy Land.

“……I thought there was no hope from the moment I was convinced that they were on the side of the Zipple. Montiano is the law of the Holy Land, and Coneu is the administrative deputy.”

In other words, the law and administration of the Holy Land are completely in their hands. It was a hopeless situation because even King Seong was a substitute.

This thought flashed across Jean’s mind.

‘The Holy Land has fallen into the hands of the Zipple, and what is Looncandel doing? Are you leaving it alone even though you know it? Or do you still have no idea what’s going on yet?’

There was a high possibility that it was the latter.

Information about the battle between Murakan and Kadun in Santel is currently unknown.

Moreover, since Santel is the territory of the Shol Empire and Korean paper, Looncandel did not plant people.

Jin also figured out the situation thanks to Murakan being attacked near Santel and meeting Rani there.

Without such coincidences, we wouldn’t have known the status of the Holy Land.

“What about Captain Vittura?”

The last one to know the physical secrets of King Seong.

He was not the only person who knew the physical secrets of King Seong to be a close associate of Miklan.

“I haven’t met Lord Vittura. But he’s been politically hostile to his father for a long time. Every time he insisted on bringing him down.”

“Is that why you haven’t met her?”

“And he insisted every time that we should have a more friendly relationship with Gipple. I thought you just didn’t like him, but I think you’ve been working with him for a long time.”

“The army, the law and the administration are all in their hands. Quite hopeless, kid.”

“Let’s meet Bittura.”

“You just heard me, didn’t you?”

“I heard. Unlike the two surrogate officers, Bittura, you didn’t check it out yourself?”

“My father didn’t like him very much. Even in official appearances, Lord Bittura was enough to grind his teeth. Even at dinners, Lord Bittura was always in a frenzy that he wouldn’t invite me.”

If the leader of a country, and King Seong, was like that, he could not do anything without disliking it.

Rani also did not like Bittura, influenced by King Seong. No, I despised it.

Jean made eye contact with Laney as if she had something in mind.

“What did your father look like when he was dealing with Lord Montiano and Lord Conyu?”

“Of course…… whether it’s a dinner party or a meeting, you’ve always sat right next to them, and you’ve discussed almost everything about governance with them. We took a walk together whenever we had time.”

“What if you were King Seong, Lanny? If the Holy Land has been eaten by the jipple from the roots as it is now.”


“If I were you, I’d be close to the enemy’s spies. So that they don’t doubt I’ve noticed. On the other hand, I will antagonize those who can help me. At least externally.”

Laney blinked her eyes and shook her head.

“That’s possible. But even when he was alone with me, he often said he hated Lord Bittura.”

“I judged that there was an ear in the castle, and he could also interpret it like this. Of course it may be a leap. But there’s nothing wrong with checking.”

“What if I go and get caught? If Lord Vittura is a servant of the Zipple, of course he’ll confine me. Until now, they’ve been holding his life, so I thought I wouldn’t run away, but…… for them right now, I’m going to be running away from killing the soldiers who were biogolated.”

Then Murakan shrugged.

“Why worry you’ll get caught with this body? “Do you think the Holy Knights of the Holy Land can stop me?”

Laney had no idea how strong Murakan had become.

It is natural that Murakhan was saved by Kadun in her memory.

But it wasn’t whether Murakan was able to subdue Vittura and the s*xual knights.

“That’s not the problem. Let’s say you can take down the genitals and escape with me. After then? We’re gonna be high-ranking wanted men, and they’re gonna…… my father.”

I can’t keep up with you.

After Jipple kidnapped King Seong, it was no different that Laney was kept alive.

It was because they wanted to use the symbol of “Seongwang and her daughter,” which the people love.

That’s why Rani was given the role of reading the blessing in the Ayula Gangrim Festival.

If you don’t do it right and cause another accident, you secretly threaten to kill Miklan.

But when you think about it coldly.

It was extremely unlikely that the real King Seong was alive at the momentarily.

In fact, he swallowed up the holy kingdom and did not have to keep it alive because of the perfect band.

Laney had taken a moderate advantage, and gradually, when the people saw her fall, they had to throw her away.

“It’s highly likely that my father… …is not already in this world.….”

Laney was not unaware of the fact either.

I just turned away because I didn’t want to think about it. Laney’s eyes were watery.

“What do you mean?”

Lani wiped away tears and clenched her teeth. There was nothing to cry about.

“As Confucius said, I will go to see Lord Vittura. But promise me one thing.”

“Tell me.”

“I think Confucius intends to engage in a public opinion war, but if Lord Vittura is a spy, it is unlikely that he will be able to drive them out with a public opinion war. That’s why Confucius would like to meet Lord Bittura.”

As Rani said, the possibility is not “totally” absent, but if Bittura is a spy, Jean also had to bring in more forces.

I was going to ask Luna for help in violation of the laws of Bibung or Moomyung or Looncandel.



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The Holy Land’s fall to the jipple was absolutely something to stop even as a Qin.

“So in case of error, please help me normalize the kingdom again after Confucius becomes a rider. Not only Confucius and Murakhan, but also the entire Looncandel.”

Jean nodded.


* * *

It was impossible to call out Bittura separately.

Rani was only a second-degree knight from the Kyori Suho Women’s Association.

After much consideration, the party finally decided to visit his residence in person.

If he was a spy, the result was the same.

“Who is this, Lani Salome! “You are the daughter of the great king of the Holy Father and the problem-maker of the Gyory-Safe Dawn.”

Bittura was sitting arrogantly in the middle of the vast Oval Office, with an outright smile.

Behind him, the eyes of the s*x knights belonging to the Sunggi Division and the Golden Barrier Society were sharp.

“Who are those who came together?”

said Vittura, pointing to Qin and Murakhan.


“What a friend! They must be the ones who killed our soldiers in the Eastern Temple and took you away. Whoo-hoo, Rani Salome. I was looking for you anyway. In a few days, shouldn’t someone who has to read the blessing be gone so suddenly?”

I’m doomed.

Jin and Murakan were forced to think the same thing at the same time.

‘Was Laney’s judgment right, damn it. I can’t believe King Seong hated this man because he was a real spy. Is King Seong really just being beaten by them without knowing anything?’

With 40 percent of Murakan’s power back, it won’t be difficult to escape.

“You wouldn’t have known that acting like that would make your father’s throat fall……you must have come to your senses while you were running away, huh? Well done anyway, sit down.”

Rani sat in front of Bittura with an expressionless face. Jin and Murakan stood still and were agonizing over when to escape.

Swoosh… …

Bittura smiling, filling a teacup.


“Yes, sir.”

The knight, who was called Kane, took a step forward and answered.

“Take them out and put them in a dungeon. They have a lot to ask. And contact Zipple that they’ve got Laney.”


Cain and the other three s*x knights strode to Jean and Murakhan.

Jean and Murakhan had returned their weapons as they entered their official residence.

Even so, there was no problem dealing with them.

‘You must be tired of taking your sword when you go back…… huh?


The sharp sound of a sword being pulled out of the sword’s nest.

However, the Knights of the Golden Shield Society did not draw the sword.

Vittura Velvet, the general manager of the Knights of St.

It was the sound of his sword being pulled out.


And where his sword was headed, surprisingly, it was just too much of a subordinate to himself.

A single blow cut the throats of all four of the Knights of the Golden Shield.

With a clatter of steel, the pitching throats were rolling down the floor.

The Golden Bangpaehoe (Golden Bangpaehoe) was a powerful man of seven to eight stars, as he was his direct penitentiary.

There was no way for the captain of the gun to escape from behind his back.

Even more so if the general manager is close to nine.

The fallen s*x knights’ bodies convulsed.

“Don’t yell, Laney. And really, you’ve come to me well. How hard have you been through?”

Vittura shut her mouth as Laney rose reflexively.

Chin and Murakan were staring at Bittura, somewhat dumbfounded.

Vittura Balthurah, the chief of the Bankela s*x knights.

He wasn’t a jipple’s servant.

“Come near here, Lord Jean Looncandel.”

He even knew Jean’s face.

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