Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 177

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 177

Vincen had felt this same way before.

The first time you won against Kazin.

It was like this back then too.

“older brother!”

Julian shouted in surprise.

The blade of the sword that pierced behind his back was sticking out in front of Vincen’s chest.

‘It’s not a sword!’

It was a spear, not a sword.

A spear with a white thread at the end of the blade.

The white water chamber was stained with blood and turned red.

Julian knew the owner of that spear.

‘Why Sir Ponciano!’

Behind Vincen’s back, Ponciano’s face was visible.

It seemed like he couldn’t escape Daven’s territory safely.

‘The eyes are out of focus.’

It seemed like Daven had taken control of Ponciano’s body.

Ponciano said, ‘No…’ … Okay… … .’ he was muttering.

In his own way, he was resisting Daven’s encroachment.


Vincen coughed up blood.

“Gwae, are you okay?”

Julian hurriedly ran towards Vincen.

Divine power was divine power by human standards.

I had to get treatment now.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Julian could no longer move forward.

It was because Daven was in the way.

Daven pulled Julian’s body slightly, then tripped and knocked him down.


Julian fell down without even being able to react.

“I hate people with godhood.”

“Rain, get out of the way!”

“They all have strange powers.”

Julian tried to stand up, but couldn’t.

Daven pressed one foot to his chest.


I felt the pain of my ribs breaking.

Even though Julian had godhood, it was no use.

Daven possessed a level of stamina that could even destroy that deity.

“Yes, yes, the scream is quite cheerful.”

Daven stomped on Julian’s chest, as if he was stomping on an insect to death.

Julian felt the fear of extinction for a moment.

‘this… … Are you going to die?’

I was definitely prepared to die before Vincen came back.

I actually tried to die.

But as death approached my eyes, fear suddenly arose.

It’s finally been recognized.

Now my mother also sees me as her son.

He hugged me.

‘I don’t want to die.’

However, Daven’s power was too overwhelming.

Julian felt helpless, unable to resist in front of Daven.

But then,

A voice was heard.

“so? “Is this the end?”

It was Vincennes.

Vincennes was walking forward.

I escaped the spear blade that was stuck in my chest.


Ponciano lay unconscious.

“Tongue, brother?”

Julian barely turned his eyes to look at Vincen.

I looked at Vincen’s chest, but the blood had stopped.

‘The bleeding was stopped in that short period of time?’

It’s not like I was stabbed by some kid.

How could he be so fine after being stabbed by the spear king, Ponciano?

Julian realized something.


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‘Doesn’t the wound itself exist?’

It wasn’t recovery.

Vincen’s appearance was as if he had not even been injured.

‘It wasn’t hurt from the beginning.’

Looking closely,

Vincen’s clothes were also fine.

If Ponciano’s spear had penetrated Vincennes’ body, there should have been at least a trace of it left on his clothes.

However, Vincen’s front teeth were clean.

When the situation reached that point, Daven was truly embarrassed.

“how… … Is it done?”

The pressure that was weighing down Julian disappeared.

Daven was taking a step back.

* * *

Vincen grinned.

“Because I’m the type of person who doesn’t get hurt twice when they’ve been hurt once.”

500 years ago.

Vincen met an unfair death.

Although he showed a more resolute attitude than anyone else, it did not mean that he was not unfair.

Even as I was dying in the dungeon, I thought about that day in the gladiatorial arena.

I pictured Kazin cowardly putting his sword behind his back countless times, and re-drawn that day in my head.

I promised myself again and again that I would never fall for the same trick again.

“f*ck it.”

Daven’s body disappeared.

It is a ‘class’ that is not limited by the shape of the body.

It seemed like he was trying to hide himself and disappear somewhere.

Vincen said:

“You will not escape from here.”

And Julian felt something invisible.

It was just as Vincen said.

Although the body was not visible, the ‘polluted figure’ could not leave this place.

Vincen’s words had power.

The very words ‘You will not escape from this place’ were a declaration.

The orders of the ruler who rules this realm.

Daven, who was completely subdued by the territory, could not disobey Vincen’s words.


A soft white light leaked from the compartment.

Julian felt that the space was shaking.

That space must have been where the ‘polluted person’ was trapped.

An enormous presence was felt from there.


Just looking at the ‘contaminated person’ who was tied up made me feel numb.

But I never thought there would be a space to bind that polluted person.

In other words, magic bombs with enormous destructive power were exploding one after another inside there.

However, those indescribable explosions did not leak out to the outside world at all.

‘It’s like something my older brother left behind. And now the level is on a different level.’

There was a big wall between the polluted class and the current Vincennes.

A wall so high and huge that no one dares to jump over it.

Julian shook himself off, stood up, and stuck out his tongue toward the space where Daven was trapped.

‘This is the wall of the fourth dimension that cannot be crossed, you bastard!’

I kept my mouth shut because I was afraid that if I spoke I would disturb Vincenne.

Julian’s ears twitched.

I was curious what Vincen would say.

“First of all, the sword that protected me was created through Nedia’s rank, and was passed down to Vincen Adenka by Aneline.”

Vincen acquired Nedia’s rank and learned the sword.

Aneline gave the sword the name ‘Transcendent Sword Strike’.

“The name of the decisive battle of the Transcendent Sword Strike is Harmless.”


It literally means no harm.

“This was a swordsmanship created by my teacher, Nedia, in memory of me.”

The name of the sword that Nedia and Vincen made together was originally ‘Pasa Sword’.

The sword that destroys Samion.

And the last part of the attack sword was, ironically, a defense sword style.

“I faced the abyss due to the attack of a coward, and it was a sword designed to avoid that hell.”

If you unfold ‘harmless’ with the image of the 7 stars, you will instantly recognize the opponent’s attack coming from behind and gain time.

If you unfold ‘harmless’ with the image of the 8 stars, you will block the opponent’s attack from behind.

If you spread ‘harmlessness’ with the image of the 9 star, you will deflect the opponent’s attack coming from behind.

If you unfold ‘harmless’ with the image of the 10 stars, it will reverse the time of the opponent’s attack from behind.

“So, your attack did not reach me.”

Even if it did reach it, it was turned away by complete inaction.

Because the fact of the attack itself was reversed.

In the end, Daven gave up on running away and took shape again.

He pounded the air as if he were trapped in an invisible prison.

Daven had a pitiful expression.

“Let’s have a good talk again. You are also me. I was born because of you. Please, give me one chance.”

But Vincen was unfazed.

Remnants of the past must remain in the past.

That Daven has harmed too many lives to give him another chance.

Daven shouted wildly, but soon the sound was swallowed up by space.

This was because Vincen did not allow Daven’s voice to leak out.

“The reason I’m still keeping you alive is so you can listen to me.”

I told him to listen.

It had to be considered polluted.

What kind of sword is Vincennes’ current sword?

How it was created and inherited, what power it has, and what this sword will show.

It was to clearly inform Daven.

“Nedia’s sword was a gift for me.”

Nedia did not leave that gift alone.

Aneline helped until it was delivered.

Aslan also helped during the creation process.

Vincen glanced towards Julian.

asked Julian.

“You found special things in Transcendence Swordsmanship.”

“that’s right.”

At that time, Julian said this.

[The simplified dexterity sword technique becomes much easier to combine with other sword techniques. And in particular, it is very compatible with Adenka’s Yeonhwan Sword.]

Nedia’s secrets did not simply create technology to protect Vincen’s last days.

“Nedia’s will was also the will of Aslan, and the will of the heroes of the time.”

Didn’t you already realize this while reading Nedia’s secret?

This monument was not left by Nedia alone.




Nedia was already with them.

And Aneline passed this on, and her bones were reborn as the famous sword ‘Khan’.

“The sword my teacher left me was originally made with Aslan’s sword in mind.”

Vincen stood in front of Daven.

Daven needed to know.

Are you feeling broken by someone right now?

“I say this once again. The name of this sword is Transcendence Sword Strike.”

I said earlier that it was created from Nedia.

But I should have been a little more precise.

“It is a sword that contains the will of Nedia, Aslan, Laenmngo, Besatul, and Aneline.”

I have already been practicing ‘Yeonhwangeom’ for a long time.

I used that difficult brain power, and I also used my spiritual power to handle Adenka’s sword.

“The last sword you will see is Adenka’s true sword type 8.”

Adenka straight sword type 8.

Flying sword flower.

The sword that was used when dealing with Jeron.

A sword completed by Aslan with his final will.

The place where the tip of the sword was headed was that ‘contaminated area’.

“The name is emergency sword painting.”

And this emergency sword painting contains the ability of transcendental sword fighting.

All the legacies left behind by the heroes of 500 years ago stayed in ‘Khan.’

Adenka straight sword type 8.

Skill training.

Extraordinary ability, emergency sword flower.

Vincen’s body became a sword.

White light emanated from his body.

Last time, in the sword fight with Jeron, their bodies were aligned and the shots were fired, but not this time.

All the spaces where Vincennes’ territory was spread were spaces of emergency blackening.

The power of emergency fire permeated this entire space.

Julian ended up covering his eyes with his hands and closing them.

‘Whoa, it’s dazzling!’

I could feel the pressure of the sword that even his godhood could not handle.

This area was the sword.

A world made of swords.

This world was Vincennes’ world.

After some time passed, Julian slowly opened his eyes.

The world was quiet.

The ‘strike’ that was scary to look at was gone.

It disappeared so completely that not even a trace could be felt.

“It’s over… … “Is that right?”

Julian stuttered.

What kind of space am I in?


In the first place, can you call me God?

God is that human?

‘It’s so ridiculously overwhelming that it’s so polluted.’

I thought it would be a really hard fight, but surprisingly it was so bland.

It was not because the level of contamination was too weak.

It was because Vincen was too strong.

Julian, who knew that fact all too well, could not feel reality.

Julian blinked and looked at Vincen.

Vincen was standing with an unknown expression.

“What’s wrong?”

Julian approached Vincen.

“Tongue, brother!”

Julian then remembered what Daven had said earlier.

-10 images are not something that can be handled with human power or skill.

-If you use that power, it won’t be long before you die too.

Blood was flowing from the corner of Vincen’s mouth.


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