Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 178

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 178

Vincen looked at the space where Daven disappeared.

500 years ago, the status he left behind has completely disappeared.

My body was shaking.

It felt like every muscle in my body was being torn apart and screaming.

‘It wasn’t easy.’

Daven was right.

It was close to impossible to handle the power of the 10 stars with a human body.

‘If it wasn’t for the heavenly bone that ate the fruit, I wouldn’t have been able to survive.’

The limit of power that could be safely used by the human body was 9 stars.

Because I used strength that exceeded its limit, my body could not heal.

“Tongue, brother!”

Julian was running towards us.

Vincen just let the blood flow from the corner of his mouth.

I felt a little dizzy.

“Gwae, are you okay?”

“I don’t think it’s that good.”


Julian looked at Vincennes.

I realized that Vincen’s body was in an unusual state.

“Why are you so carefree?”

“If you’re not carefree, what’s the difference?”

“Your body is in pieces!”

Vincen grinned.

“That’s a very classy expression.”

But it was also an accurate expression.

“Is it still painful to get to that point?”

“I achieved everything I dreamed of.”

Although he was reduced to Daven’s lackey, he surpassed Kazin anyway.

He defeated Samion with a force stronger than that of Samion’s head.

Aslan’s wish was fulfilled, and the remains he left behind were also disposed of.

Now there was nowhere else to climb.

I’m crying.

Blood spurted out again.

Vincen felt death there.

‘I won’t have any regrets even if I die.’

The vessel called ‘human’ has already been broken.

If he wanted to live, he could force himself to live longer, but Vincennes wasn’t that desperate for ‘life’.

Because he achieved everything he had to live through.

“Julian. “Do not forget all the things you have seen and heard.”

“Shut up. “Don’t leave a will.”

Tears welled up in Julian’s eyes.

I didn’t want to hear a will or anything like that.

“If I disappear, this area will disappear of its own accord. Take everything you have seen and heard and go back and make everything right. “Your abilities will be enough.”

Many things were distorted.

They had to be corrected.

“In particular, we must not forget Aslan, Raenmgo, Besatul, and Aneline.”

We were able to achieve today because of their dedication.

“Of course, I shouldn’t forget everything I’ve achieved.”

It was enough to be recorded as a devil once.

Originally, it was said that when a person dies, he leaves a name.

This time, I wanted to be recorded as the head of the Adenca family, not as a devil.

“Well, in a way, I like the title of youngest head of the family.”

“… … .”

Julian did not answer.

I didn’t listen to anything Vincen said.

‘I have to survive.’

He possesses unimaginably powerful divine power.

I thought that if I poured all of that divine power into it, I could save Vincenne.

‘That’s not the area of ​​injury.’

So to speak, Vincenne was now in a state of heavenly punishment.

A situation in which a crack is created in the very existence of humans through the use of power that cannot be coveted.

Therefore, this was not an area of ​​healing, but closer to the area of ​​resurrection.

‘To restore that being… … .’

You must pay a corresponding price.

If Vincennes is saved, Julian’s own existence will be shattered.

‘I have to sacrifice.’

Julian thought about many things.


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Vincen said he definitely achieved everything he dreamed of.

But the same was true for Julian.

What Julian hoped for was small compared to Vincennes.

To be recognized by father and mother.

To be reborn as a proud member of Adenka and to become someone who is worthy of the name of Adenka.

All I had to do was add a little lie.

So, I studied in a different way from others, hiding myself and doing my best.

‘I finally achieved all my dreams.’

Then it was the same.

In his mind, Julian debated whose life was more valuable.

‘As expected, my brother should live more than me.’

This was an unavoidable fact.

Vincennes was better than him in every way.

The person this world needs is not a kid like him, but an adult like Vincen.

That’s how Julian felt.

The depth of my thoughts was deep, but the time was very short.

“I’ll tell you straight, brother.”

I stood in front of Vincennes.

Vincennes felt strange.

“What are you trying to do?”

“As you know, I am a logical person, no, I am God, the king of logic.”

Vincennes couldn’t move his body.

The body was frozen, as if it had been hit by a freezing spell.

“No matter how much I think about it, I think it’s more beneficial for my brother to live than for me.”

“you… … .”

Julian did not speak for long.

‘If I talk too long, that monster-like person might work a miracle again.’

It has always been like that.

He is a human being who has turned the impossible into possible.

So I couldn’t let down my guard.

‘Just stay quiet and live with your brother. ‘Because I have now lost my reason to live.’

They say the situation is the same with Vincenne, but the Vincenne that Julian sees is different.

Vincennes will surely find another reason.

A reason to live life.

Reason for existance.

Vincennes will find something new.

Julian was not confident.

Now that everything has been achieved, there is no room left to find something new.

At least at this moment.

I decided to think that way for just this moment.

That way you won’t be afraid of death.

“You shouldn’t record me as the arch-devil.”

It radiated divine power.

To heal existence, he risked his existence.

“If possible, I would like it to be recorded in a very nice way. “It would be better to leave the narrative about me to reporter Maria.”

“… … .”

Vincen still couldn’t move his body.

I knew what Julian was doing.

The divine power absorbed through the body was filled with Julian’s will.

So, Vincen wanted to push Julian away.

‘You want to live now more than anyone else.’

Once upon a time, our minds were connected.

Even now, threads of that connection remain.

Therefore, I was able to know Julian’s psychological state more accurately than anyone else.

‘You want to live!’

Nevertheless, Julian chose this path.

There was more to Julian’s will than the desire to live.

‘Damn, my body isn’t moving.’

A long time has passed.

In the end, Julian collapsed.

Without leaving any last words, I just closed my eyes.

‘yet… … ‘You’re breathing.’

I was barely able to breathe and was panting.

They say he became a god, but he looked different from an ordinary human.

Julian’s body became slightly blurred.

‘Is it going to disappear like that?’

Vincennes couldn’t do anything.

Even after a long time passed, his body did not move and his domain did not clear.

* * *

White Swordsman Jeron frowned.

“Dangerous. “I told you several times to go back.”

“No. Please, Lord Geron. “Let me go.”

“Why on earth are you doing this? Wake. “How are you going to get into that area?”

Jeron could not understand the tax collector.

I’ve been doing well so far, so why am I complaining like this?

“Confucius, no, the head of the family needs help. “I have to go in.”

“So, there is no way to penetrate into that area?”

“You can come in! If Lady Versa, Princess Deia, and Lord Merlin work together to open a path, we can make a gap for just one person to get in! Lord Calback said he would help too!”

“… … So, are you telling me to bring in those three people who are already busy? “For me?”

Jeron trembled.

“Ugh, I can’t do it. I do not know. “If I keep doing this, will you faint?”

“Is it really going to come out like this? “I know you’ll regret it so much!”

“You can’t threaten me.”

Seri clearly felt it.

Right now, Vincen was desperately hoping for someone’s help.

The world was separated by the realm, but she could feel it nonetheless.

The clue to the solution came from a surprisingly unexpected place.

The Chief Chamberlain of Railsa came to see Seri.

“I really did read the matriarch’s presence.”

It was Wilson who spoke to the Chamberlain.

Although he was a coward, he still had his say.

He personally went to Railsa and told Seri exactly what he said, and Railsa came to see Seri.

“that’s right. “I can read the matriarch’s presence.”

“I will tell your wife.”

In the end, Versa made the move herself.

As Versa moved, Deia moved along with her.

And Merlin and Kalbaek were also there.

Bertha said.

“It is very difficult to penetrate this area even with our own strength.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

They did not doubt Seri’s sincerity.

Merlin stood in front.

Since he can handle brain power, which is the best in terms of destructive power, he decided to make the first attack.

“This is the sword that I will deal with. “I will make sure no harm comes to the tax collector, but the others must take care of their own defense.”

Merlin’s sword radiated brain power.

Next was the dragon warrior Kalbaek.


Kalbaek also swung his sword with all his heart.

Next is Deia’s emergency sword painting.

And Versa’s sword followed.

A very small gap was visible.

It felt like a universe qualitatively different from this world.

“thank you!”

Seri threw herself towards the gap.

Deia lifted her sword.

“You really went in, Mother.”

“That’s right.”

In fact, neither Versa nor Deia thought this was possible.

I was just betting on a very small possibility.

Kalbaek laughed haha.

“I absolutely thought it was possible. Because sincerity can reach you.”

Merlin said nothing and looked across the realm.

That ‘area’ that felt like an opening for just a moment was a completely different world.

The pressure of the world that I felt for a moment was beyond imagination.

It was unclear whether Seri’s body could survive.

But Merlin’s thoughts were completely wrong.

‘My body feels light.’

Seri felt light.

This area felt like a world created just for me.

My steps were light and I could breathe easily.

‘I have to find the matriarch.’

She began to move her body as her feet led her.

Although it was an unknown space that could be called outer space, she walked straight toward Vincennes.

Soon, a new scenery came into view.

Ponciano and Julian had collapsed.

And Vincen was standing straight in front of him.


Vincen’s eyes moved again and looked toward Seri.

She had a hunch.

Vincennes was not seriously injured.

“You’re safe!”

It was clear that he would recover as soon as he had time.

Rather, the people who were seriously injured were Ponciano and Julian.

Seri made eye contact with Vincennes.

Although Vincennes didn’t say anything, Seri understood his thoughts.

“all right. “I will try to save them somehow.”

Seri knelt down and checked Ponciano’s pulse and breathing.

Still, Ponciano’s condition was relatively good.

“You have a very strong body, so I think you will be able to recover with time.”

The one who was really serious was Julian.

Julian’s body was blinking.

It was like a candle that would go out at any moment.

It was my first time seeing this as a publican, but I wasn’t too embarrassed.

‘I have to survive.’

She didn’t know exactly what kind of being Julian was.

However, I instinctively felt that Julian was in fact not that different from Vincennes.

For example, it felt like one Vincen was divided into two.

Although his appearance was completely different, I could feel the scent of the old Vincen from Julian.

Times were different from now.

I saw Vincen, who was an ugly person in Adenca.

‘What do we do?’

Julian’s body continued to blink.

It disappeared and appeared repeatedly, and the time it took to disappear gradually became longer.

It seemed like it would disappear completely.


One thought passed through my mind.


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