Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 148

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 148

No matter what institution it is, there is a youngest member.

And the youngest members are responsible for much of the practical work.

The Presbyterian Church in Adenka was no different.

The youngest of the elders was the new elder Taelin.

A message was delivered to him while he was buried in a pile of documents.

“A third-class cadet from the Red Fortress visited the Presbyterian Church?”

“yes. Should I kick you out?”

Teilin already had a lot of work to do.

Even if you pay attention to trivial things like cadet work, even ten bodies are not enough.

Normally, I would have kicked him out without even hearing about it.

‘for a moment.’

I asked just in case.

“What did you say is the reason?”

“Prince Vincent sent me something.”

Taelin thought for a moment.

‘The mission is still being carried out.’

If it is a report, it can be sent through the magic transmission center.

But why did they bother to send someone directly?

“What should I do?”

“Let me in.”

New elder Taelin met 3rd class cadet Cassian who came to the elder center.

“This is Cadet 3rd Class Cassian.”

“We don’t have much time, so just get to the point.”

“All right.”

Cassian was very nervous in front of Taelin, the elder of Adenka.

He took out a wooden box from subspace.

As soon as he saw the wooden box, Taelin frowned.

“Do you know what’s in it?”

Taelin plugged her nose.

He didn’t like the unpleasant smell.

“yes. I know.”

“And yet you brought it?”

“yes. Cadet Vincen told me to make sure to deliver it to the Presbyterian Church.”

“Once you become a third-class cadet, you should have enough insight to distinguish between pranks and non-pranks.”

For now, I nodded.

“Open it.”

“All right.”

As Thaelin expected, there was a head inside the wooden box.

He quickly realized who the owner of this head was.

“Is this the Tamer I know?”

“I know him as Daniel Leoprio.”

“okay. It looks like that to me too. “You said to send this head to the Presbyterian Church?”

“yes. That’s right.”

“i get it.”

Taelin accepted the box.

He was a little confused.

‘Vincen, what are you thinking?’

he asked.

“Do you have some time?”

“of course.”

“Tell me in detail about the mission Vincene performed.”

Cassian told Thaelin everything he had seen and heard.

Based on Cassian’s words, Taelin was able to draw many things.

‘There was a collusion between Daniel and the Presbyterian Church, and an attempt was made to kill Vincennes. However, Vincen actually killed Daniel and sent him to the Presbyterian Church.’

Taelin was at a loss for words.

‘I don’t usually have guts.’

Instead of directly conveying this information to the elders, he gathered various information in his own way.

After making his own judgment, he reported the situation to the elders.

“Vincenten sent this.”

just as expected.

The Presbyterian Church became noisy.

Sending a person’s head to the Presbyterian Church without any explanation.

The general consensus was that a cadet with a normal mindset would not be able to do something like this.

“If it’s not an insult to the Presbyterian Church, what is it?”

“Prince Vincennes must be severely reprimanded according to the family rules and laws.”

Most of them meant the same thing.

Taelin glanced at the four elders.


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‘It seems like they don’t think much differently either.’

Among those elders, there may be some who know why Vincennes did what he did, and there may be others like him who did not know.

However, those around the fourth generation of elders would know why Daniel’s head is here.

‘I’m not even good at defending you.’

He didn’t add a single word.

Vincen had already become a classless brat who provoked the Presbyterian Church.

‘Do you really think I’m a classless brat?’

His thoughts were different.

‘The Presbyterian Church already considers Vincennes an enemy. In the meantime, Vincen’s choice is a reasonable one. Vincen’s choice should be interpreted as a reasonable provocation.’

The fact that it was a provocation was unmistakable.

However, it was not without dignity.

Isn’t this the neck of Daniel Leoprio, who is said to be one of the top ten tamers?

Vincen proved his worth with one action rather than with thousands of words.

This was an extremely Adenka warrior-like method, and it was also what Teilin dreamed of when he was younger.

‘It’s not what I thought the Presbyterian House would look like.’

The elders he admired were nowhere to be seen.

The elders he saw were a bunch of wildcats who were only interested in maintaining power and their livelihood.

‘You see only what you want to see and hear only what you want to hear. ‘You’re interpreting the best choice you can make as a warrior as nothing more than a childish provocation.’

Some of the elders who heard Vincen’s provocation thought to change their minds.

But no.

Vincen showed dignity, but the elders showed patheticness.

“I’m going on a business trip to the Gaia Temple.”

As the youngest elder, he often went on business trips, and no one thought it was strange.

The place he visited was the Gaia Temple.

I met Doolan there.

“Elder, what are you doing here?”

Taelin brought up a story about Vincen.

Although he did not reveal all of his true feelings, he clearly indicated that he wanted to join hands with Doolan.

“Hmm, it is true that I am a friend of Prince Vincent, but in fact, it is difficult for me to blindly trust the elders.”

“I understand. “The Presbytery has already defined Prince Vincennes as a bud that must be cut down.”

“So, would you like to meet someone else instead of me?”

“Are you Lord Merlin?”

Merlin was one of the 12 swords of Sentai Adenka.

He was also the current leader of the Holy Knights serving Dulan.


“then… … .”

“I am a priest named Aiman.”

Just a child.

In the past, he was one of the six assistant priests who assisted Neliuk, and was publicly known as a missing priest.

“The name looks familiar.”

“Yes, there was probably a connection to the Presbyterian Church as well. “He met with the elders as one of Priest Neliuk’s assistant priests.”

“… … Ah, I think I understand. I remember him as one of the assistant priests who was with Elder Delbaek when his arm was cut off by Lady Bertha. He was the only one who didn’t risk his neck… … .”

“you’re right.”

Doolan lowered his voice.

“… … So, to add, Lord Ayman eventually betrayed Priest Neliuk and took my side. He was also the one who helped Prince Vincennes achieve great merit by passing on information about the vagrant camp.”

“If you were Priest Aiman, you would be able to judge me with a more accurate perspective.”

Taelin nodded.

Aiman ​​betrayed Neliuk and sided with Vincennes.

He tries to betray the Presbyterian Church and stand on Vincen’s side.

In other words, it meant testing his sincerity through Aiman.

“You don’t feel offended.”

“I thought it through. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Doolan was silent for a moment.

“If time passes like this, you will be able to gain fame, power, and money. “Why do you have to go down a rough and difficult path?”

“That’s not what I want.”

“Then what do you want?”

He thought for a moment.

Many words came to mind, but I quickly shook my head.

“That will be seen in action.”

Like Vincennes.

* * *

Vincen said:

“He said he saw a very large leopard. A black leopard that is not recorded in the Monster Encyclopedia. “Now that the connection with the Tamer has been severed, the wildness must have returned.”

Mariel’s body stiffened as if she remembered the sight of a leopard.

She couldn’t forget the leopard’s golden eyes.

“You said the leopard thought Mariel was prey, right?”

“I think so.”

“He said he licked his tongue and got the bodily fluids on his senior.”

“… … huh.”

She shuddered and trembled.

He said he was scared and stood close next to Vincen.

She tried to press her body against Vincennes’ body.


Even though it seemed to be in the right place, it couldn’t reach Vincen’s body.

She was able to understand why.

‘There is a significant difference in basic body movements and walking techniques.’

She didn’t have the skill to read Vincen’s movements.

There was a big difference in skill.

“If you think of your senior as stored prey, there is a high probability that you will end up hunting him.”

“W-I’m scared.”

“I wish the pathetic comments would stop there.”

“… … “Usually when I tell someone I’m scared, they just comfort me.”

“It’s worth noting the lax discipline of the third-class cadets.”

“Hey, that’s too much.”

“Our mission is to keep this village safe until its magic barrier is restored, so you should be the bait.”

“… … huh?”

“If a battle breaks out in the village, casualties may occur.”

“So, you want me to become the black panther’s prey?”

“I won’t let you die.”

“Well, Vincen, it’s because you didn’t see the black panther. It’s really, really huge. “That overwhelming feeling was no joke.”

She frowned for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders.

“Still, I think you’re even more amazing. I’ll do something. bait. “Can you do me a favor instead?”

“Is there any reason to place conditions on a cadet doing cadet work?”

“still. “I’m risking my life too, but I can do that much.”

Julian muttered unconsciously as he looked a little grumpy.

-Isn’t it foul to be that pretty even when you’re complaining?


-Your brother must be a eunuch. Oh, no, no, it’s not my body, no, it’s not my body anymore, but I’m not a eunuch anyway. It shouldn’t be.

Mariel said with a bright smile.

“It’s not that difficult. huh? Then I will work hard as bait. “You can work harder because you have strength.”


“Just go on a date with me for one day… … .”

But then,

There was a commotion at the village border.


Mariel clicked her tongue.

Some of the guards shouted that a monster had appeared and people began to evacuate.

“I am completely confused.”

Vincen and Mariel ran toward the village border.

Outside the barrier, a huge head appeared.

– Really, it’s incredibly huge.

‘It would be impossible for such a huge monster to exist naturally.’

If you did,

It would have already been recorded.

– That’s my opinion too. There is a high probability that it is a chimera.


It was a creature artificially created through magic.

“Break down the barrier and subdue them before they invade.”

Vincen felt the artificial energy of the leopard.

It felt very different from monsters that exist in nature.

‘furthermore… … .’

Goosebumps appeared on the back of my neck.

‘I can even feel despair and fraud.’

Although I can’t pinpoint it yet, it seemed like black magic was used.

For black magic to be mobilized, a sacrifice is essential.

And to create that level of monsters, a fairly large number of sacrifices would probably have been needed, and warlocks usually sacrifice humans.

Vincen walked on the snow and closed the distance with the giant black leopard.

Mariel couldn’t keep up with Vincen.

“Rain, Vincen?”

It was too fast.

Vincen climbed up the wall.

It felt like I was stepping on the air and heading towards the sky.

Vincen’s body floated high in the sky.


In his hand was a crimson lotus that glowed red.

“Because of human greed, even if you live, you are not alive, and if you die, you are not dead.”

I raised my mana.

I felt an artificial scent that did not exist in natural monsters.

I had to give rest to that artificial creature that was neither dead nor alive.

On the wall, numerous soldiers were looking at Vincen with their mouths wide open.

Vincen put mana into his voice.

Every inch of the wall, so that everyone here can hear,

“The name of this sword is Transcendent Sword Strike.”

A sword strike that cuts down a supernatural ability.

The name of this sword was given to him by his teacher.

The teacher’s name had to be recorded.

“It is a sword strike named by my revered teacher, Aneline.”

It was the moment when Vincen first showed off ‘Transcendent Sword Strike’ to the world.


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