Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 149

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 149

The basis of transcendental sword fighting is dual skill sword fighting.

The supernatural sword attack had the power to cut through supernatural abilities, and had the power to effectively cut out things that were not natural.

‘Walking on snow.’

Vincen used the principles of walking on snow to lighten his body.

He was floating high and stepped into the air.

Mana was overlapped near the soles of the feet to solidify the space.


Vincen’s body was shot like an arrow.

His movements themselves were simple.

It was just a matter of stepping into the air and launching the body.

It was an extremely simple attack, except that it was so fast that it looked like a ray of light.

“Rest in peace.”

The result of simple movements was also simple.

The people watching from the wall opened their mouths.

“The blood… … !”

“I’m bleeding!”

Numerous soldiers attacked from a distance.

In fact, many magic arrows and magic bullets were embedded in the leopard’s skin.

However, none of the attacks caused significant damage.

“He’s leaning!”


The leopard’s body began to fall sideways.

Vincennes landed next to the giant leopard.

Vincen looked into the eyes of the fallen leopard.

‘There will be no pain.’

The leopard’s eyes were no longer in focus.

On the surface, it was a simple blow, but the power contained within it was complex.

Like Samion’s red and yellow power, his mana shook the inside of the leopard’s body and cut off all the nerves leading to the brain.

“Lord, are you dead?”

The soldiers and warriors were not sure if the leopard was dead.

It is true that his eyes were closed, but he may have fainted.

A little more time passed.

“I think he’s dead?”

“Is he really dead?”

Even as time passed, not a single movement was found from the leopard.

“He’s really dead!”

The monster that destroyed the defense wall and threw the city into chaos could not withstand Vincen’s blow.

“I killed him with one hit.”

Most of the soldiers could not read Vincennes’ movements.

They could only perceive it as ‘a ray of light that was shot out.’

“I never thought I would actually see that level of inaction.”

“That’s awesome.”

The people, who were now convinced that the leopard was dead, began to clap and cheer.

They sensed that a new hero had been born who would lead a new era.


Maria, the chief reporter of The Sound of the Wind, screamed.

“You caught the situation, right? “Please tell me you filmed it.”

“Now, just wait a moment! uh… … Okay, that’s it! It’s recorded!”

“Are you sure?”

In recognition of her achievements, Maria had long since become the ‘chief reporter’, and thanks to this, she had three assistant reporters assisting her.

Maria hurriedly checked the assistant reporters’ footage.

“under… … done. “It was truly captured.”

We succeeded in capturing Vincennes’ appearance.

“Well, it’s not enough compared to what I took and filmed, but… … Still, the fact that filming was successful should be meaningful.”

“Fortunately, the.”

“As expected, the senior reporter’s insight and intuition are excellent.”

“Discerning? intuition?”

“Didn’t you move thinking that Prince Vincent would be here?”

“… … .”

Honestly, that wasn’t the case.

Today was close to luck.

She was secretly doing news coverage related to the Six Magic Tower, but she was only caught because this place was relatively close to the Six Magic Tower.

But then, I heard a voice.

“Chief reporter Maria.”

“Ahh! It’s a surprise! Prince Vincent! “Can you give me some indication?”

“I’m sorry if I surprised you.”

Maria came to her senses and shook her head.


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“No, I guess he knew I was there.”

“yes. “I remember the presence of people who are close to me.”

Maria glanced back.

The three assistant knights were looking this way with envious eyes.

“Did you hear?”

“I heard it too.”

“You really boasted about how close you were, and that was really true.”

For some reason, Maria’s shoulders felt tense.

The fact that Vincen personally acknowledged that they were close friends was no different from a kind of power.

“I have a favor to ask.”

“Please? “Prince Vincent?”

Maria’s eyes sparkled.

The opportunity to grant Vincen’s request is rare.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”


Vincennes below the barrier.

I looked at the carcass of a giant leopard.

“It doesn’t seem to be a naturally occurring monster.”

“You have the chimera in mind, right?”

“I also feel a lot of morale. “It is most likely a product of black magic.”

“… … .”

Maria’s expression became serious.

“Then how can I help?”

“Could you please move the body to a safe place and keep it for a while?”

Journalists do not simply report news.

He was also responsible for securing evidence when an incident occurred.

That was what Vincen requested.

“Why are you asking me to do that?”

“I am still a cadet, so I have very little authority. “It is difficult to safely preserve a body of that volume.”

“That means… … “It would mean that someone wants to hide that body.”

Vincen nodded.

That body is important evidence.

So you’ll want to get rid of that somehow.

“Then wouldn’t it have been designed so that the body would disappear on its own in case of an emergency?”

“yes. That’s why I’m asking the best senior reporter of The Sound of the Wind.”

The sound of the wind.

It is now the best newsletter on the continent, both in name and reality.

They were also the group with the best preservation techniques for the evidence they obtained.

“In the meantime, I will hand over the authority to investigate the body.”

“Well, okay. Let’s do that. Guys. “Quickly request support from headquarters.”

“On our side, Mariel, a third-class cadet, will help. “If you ever need to use your strength, you can use Mariel.”

Mariel, who was now standing next to Vincennes, was slightly surprised.


“Because the senior will have the strongest physical strength among them.”

“… … “Are you really telling me to work hard?”

Mariel had a puzzled expression.

“Usually, you don’t want to use too much force on me.”

And then he chuckled.

Vincenne was quite different from the other cadets.

I don’t know why, but it actually made me feel better.

I rolled up my sleeves.

“okay. “I will help you as much as I can.”

She grinned.

“Instead, let’s go on a date later.”

I started to become seriously curious about this person named Vincen.

* * *

Maria immediately called for assistance from the wind noise.

Soldiers were summoned to prepare for an unexpected attack, and Windsori researchers and technicians were also mobilized to properly preserve the body.

As it was a request from a senior reporter, the sound of the wind moved quickly.

“Can you at least do an interview?”

Maria asked Vincen for an interview, and Vincen agreed to the interview.

Of course, it also included information about transcendental swordsmanship.

“oh my god. I heard that you have a connection with a dragon. Is it real?”

“There is no reason for me to lie.”

“Well, it would have to be a dragon to be able to explain this mysterious growth at all.”

Maria took notes diligently.

“It’s a transcendental sword strike. That’s a really cool name. “You said the name of the dragon, or rather, the master, was Aneline?”


A forgotten name.

‘Aneline’ had to be recorded.

“Can you tell me a little more about Aneline?”

“There are some things that are still unclear. “I’ll tell you later when I get the chance.”

To explain Aneline properly, we have to dig into too many things.

Distorted history.

Forgotten heroes.

Even things arranged for the future.

“all right. Anyway, I’ll make sure to record the name Anneline.”

“Please keep the body.”

“sure. “We are also very careful about wind noise.”

“Even if the Magic Tower formally requests the body, refuse it.”

Maria’s eyes narrowed.

I was able to infer from those words.

‘Prince Vincennes is suspicious of the Magic Tower.’


There were not many groups that had the ability to create chimeras to that extent.

It was perfectly reasonable to be suspicious of the Magic Tower.

“I will pretend that the ownership belongs to Prince Vincent.”

“yes. However, if Lord Vargon asks you to hand it over, please tell him.”

“Lord Vargon? “Are you talking about a mercenary mage from the 6th Magic Tower and currently the deputy fortress of the Red Fortress?”

“Yes, please.”

“I don’t trust the Six Magic Towers, but it sounds like I trust Lord Vargon.”

“yes. That’s right.”

Maria nodded and smiled.

“Lord Vargon would be nice. great. “If Lord Vargon asks for the body, I will give it to him.”

Finished most things.

The names of Transcendence Swordsmanship and Aneline were revealed to the world.

And Vincen’s natural inaction was also shown.

Now, rather than being a ‘cadet strong enough to be a cadet’, his military power was enough to leave his name as a ‘strong warrior’.

Wizards were dispatched from the Magic Tower to repair the barrier.

-The promotion conditions have been met.

The conditions to become a Paseong military officer were also satisfied.

-Are you going to return to the fortress and have a promotion ceremony?

‘no. ‘I am returning to Adenka’s home.’

– So?

‘I’m going to find the Presbyterian Church.’

-What are you going to do? You don’t mean to attack the Presbyterian Church or anything like that, do you?

‘I was promoted easily thanks to the mission they gave me, so wouldn’t it be polite to at least say thank you?’


Julian did not try to stop Vincen.

-Brother, but you know what? My brother seems very reckless and hot, but on the other hand, he is also very calculating and cold?

Vincen shrugged his shoulders.

I didn’t consciously act that way.

-But it feels calculated and cold, like it was created.

‘Is that so?’

-yes. I don’t know what happened 500 years ago, but that’s it anyway.

Julian did not ask any more questions.

If I ask any more, I’ll feel like my whole body is falling apart.

-Anyway, I decided to go to the Presbyterian Church.

Vincen makes the big decisions.

And Julian completes the details that follow that decision.

Vincen grinned.

‘It seems like it’s finally coming together a bit better.’

-I said that last time too.

‘It fits a little better.’

-If you’re going to praise, can’t you be more active and passionate?

Anyway, Vincennes returned to his home in Adenca.

Before and after departure.

Vincen’s status changed again.

The warrior guarding the south gate of Adenka Street recognized Vincen and saluted him.

“With full honor and humble respect.”

“With full honor and humble respect.”

Since Vincennes was still a cadet, he gave the Red Fortress-style salute.

It was rare for military personnel to give a Red Fortress-style salute to a cadet.

Wilson imitated the salute behind Vincen without even asking him to do so.

“With full honor and humble respect… … !”

His eyes, chin, and shoulders were full of pride.

‘I’ve never seen someone show such respect to a cadet!’

It seemed like a good decision to have Vincen.

Vincennes was greeted in a very natural manner, and then Adenca walked towards me.

Jeron of the White Swordsman came running in a huff.

“Confucius! “I saw the newsletter!”


“You proved it perfectly by sparring with Princess Henna for the battle against humans, and with sparring with the giant leopard for the battle against demons. There is a lot of talk among warriors these days. About what level of monster the giant leopard is.”

Jeron smiled broadly.

He could vaguely feel it.

“It seems like you’ve become stronger than me.”

It felt different between Vincen from a day ago and Vincen today.

This wasn’t ‘growth’, but it felt like I was regaining my ‘original strength’.

“If it’s okay with you, could you spar with me?”


“oh! Are you sure? When would be a good time?”

Vincen shrugged his shoulders.


“All right!”

News of a sword fight between Vincenne, who was still a cadet, and Jeron, a 6-star warrior of the White Swordsman, quickly began to spread within Adenka.


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