Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 574

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Episode 574

Should we name the cafe Kkutte Box?

The 99th floor of the Black Tower.

[An honorary full-time employee of the White Tower says that the growth of White Tower is over.]

[An honorary full-time employee of the White Tower asks when he will be coming.]

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

Chi profit.

Sejun busily cooked while answering Ajax’s questions.

Originally, it should have already ended, but

it fluttered. Fluttered.

-Fuhihihi. What does your brother-in-law make?

“pancake. “Ajax likes hotcakes.”

-uh?! Are you going to Ajax?

“huh. “The white pagoda has become a white tower, so I’m going to have a celebration party.”

-I also want to go and have a celebration party with my brother-in-law…

“I can’t do it because my brother-in-law is still young.”

-I think it would be fun to meet Ajax…

“Let’s play later when my brother-in-law grows up.”

Ace was friendly around Sejun and kept telling him to take him too, and Sejun was trying to calm Ace down while cooking, so it took a long time.

-Phew. I also want to eat delicious food and play together…

Ace is in tears as Sejun’s impenetrable defense is impervious to his efforts.

“Brother-in-law, let’s eat this and meet Ajax next time.”

-Phew. What is that?

“This is Eileen’s favorite, so no one will give it to her, but I’m giving it to her especially because she is my brother-in-law.”

Sejun appeased Ace with a 10-layer whipped cream hotcake topped with chocolate ice cream.

-Fuhihihi. really?! Please give it quickly!

A black dragon statue that quickly swallows a hotcake at Sejun’s words.

Thanks to this, Ace became quiet.

“Eileen, eat this.”

Sejun hurriedly finished the food and sent it to Eileen, saying,

“Guys, gather around!”

We put the food and companions in the subspace warehouse and moved to the 99th floor of the White Tower.


Black Tower Administrator Area.


Why does Dad come to Sejun so often these days?

“Our Sejun is annoying.”

Eileen, who was watching Sejun through a crystal ball, became uncomfortable when she saw Anton’s black dragon statue.

In addition, let’s get a 10-layer whipped cream hotcake topped with his favorite chocolate ice cream.

“Why not?”

I can’t stand this!

Eileen got up, left the Black Tower administrator’s area, and went to find Anton.

I was planning on telling Sejun not to bother him.


“was it really that bad?”

“That’s right. My son-in-law has really gotten stronger. In the past…ugh.”

“oh. “How weak was our Park West?”

Anton was chatting with Elizabeth about Sejun’s ultra super sunfish days.

They were able to move the dragon statue while they were talking, but Sejun’s hotcakes, which were crucial evidence, were missing.

So who is this?

Eileen thought as she looked into the crystal ball.

Inside the crystal sphere, Anton’s black dragon statue was searching the kitchen where Sejun had left, gathering food.

“Who is it? Ace.”

Eileen immediately went to see Ace because there was only one person that came to mind.

Hurry to Ace’s room to capture evidence and boom!

I suddenly opened Ace’s door.


“Huh?! Sister…hiccup?”

Ace was very embarrassed and hiccuped.

Hiccupping and lots of whipped cream around my mouth.

Two pieces of evidence showed that Ace was the culprit.


“Ace! “I told Sejun not to bother you!”

“Ugh~! “Sister, you were wrong!”

Eileen’s nagging began.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the White Tower.]


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When Sejun arrived,

“Sejun hyung!”


Ajax delivers a welcome body attack to Sejun.

[You have received a fatal attack.]

[You are invincible.]

[You do not take damage.]

You are invincible for 5 seconds, so you did not die.


Still, I couldn’t help but shed tears.

Then it

hit me.

“Fuhuhuhu. Looking at the great hybrid Chairman Park… Meow?! Chairman Park, what’s going on?! “Your face is seriously rotten!”

Thanks to Theo coming out of the subspace warehouse and clinging to Sejun’s face and giving it a hard squeeze, much of the pain went away.

It’s clear that it was my chest that got hit, so it’s a mystery why I’m massaging my face, but it doesn’t hurt…



Then, Kuengi and Kamangi also ran out of the subspace warehouse and went to their places.

When Sejun and Theo Kueng, including the Kamangi family, came out,

“Sejun is over there!”


Sejun and his companions were guided to the party venue prepared by Ajax.

This time, it was not a lake, but the top of a mountain overlooking the surrounding scenery.

When we arrived at the party venue,

“Hello, Sejun.”

Ogre King Les, who was waiting after preparing for the party, bowed his huge white body and greeted Sejun.


“Huh?! Sejun’s muscle strengthening technique…”

Les is surprised to see Sejun.

“Hehe. “The level of my muscle strengthening techniques has improved significantly.”

Seeing Les like that, Sejun spoke in a proud voice.

It was worth bragging about because the speculative level had increased by two levels.

Of course, that’s Sejun’s idea and

it’s still like that?!

I was surprised that Les had not grown so much.

There are ten stages of muscle strengthening techniques, and each stage must be completed 10 times.

This meant that Sejun had now achieved 3% of the total 100 levels.

Considering that ogres usually achieve three levels in just one month, this is extremely slow.

Of course, ogres cannot continue to learn quickly.

After 5th level, the speed of achievement slows down drastically and stagnates from 8th level.

For reference, in the history of ogres, there were only a handful of ogres who achieved the 9th degree, and

there were no ogres who achieved the 10th degree except for the ogre who invented the muscle strengthening technique.

‘I can only teach you other fighting skills once you have mastered the 3rd stage skills…’

“Yes. Yes. “I have nothing more to teach you.”

Sejun’s level is low and there is nothing to teach him, but even today, Les was lying to survive.

“Hehehe. “Then let’s take out the food.”

Sejun, who was in a good mood after hearing Les’s words, smiled and said, and the group started taking out the food from the subspace warehouse.

Starting with Ajax’s favorite menu item, hotcakes, various foods came out of the subspace warehouse and

“Fuhuhuhu.” “The grilled fish is delicious!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Of course, the barley rice cake dipped in arrowroot honey is the best!]

Kihihihi. Pyeong!

[Hehe. It’s dried sweet potatoes!]

“As expected, it’s Sejun’s brother’s hotcake! “It’s so delicious!”

“It’s really delicious.”

The group enjoyed Sejun’s food.

After a while.

When the meal was over,


[Here’s Dad’s coffee!]

Kueng made coffee and handed it to Sejun.

“huh. thank you.”


“Ugh! Of course, our Cubarista coffee is the best!!”

As soon as Sejun drank the coffee, he frowned in sincerity and praised Kuengi’s coffee.

At first, it was just a reaction to please Kueng, but

at some point, Kueng’s coffee-making skills improved so much that I began to praise him sincerely.

When I return to Earth later, I and Kueng will open a cafe.

Then the money…


Sejun already has enough money to spend his whole life playing and eating, but he is also greedy for money.

‘Should we name the cafe Kkutte Box?’

When Sejun was naming the cafe,


[Les Cueng is coming!]

“Huh? Me?”

Kuengi took Les to a quiet place.



As Kueng released his energy,


Is this speculation?!

Les was embarrassed.

After looking at Sejun, it turned out to be Kueng, who had learned martial arts and muscle strengthening techniques on his own. And at a much higher level than Sejun.

“Gu… Gudanggong?!”

Of course, it was higher than Les, an 8th Dan official.


[Les Kuengi will teach you other fighting techniques!]

Kuengi will learn first and then teach you!

“yes. Then, I will teach you the martial arts muscle amplification technique first.”


While Kueng was learning fighting skills from Les,

it was great.

Sejun, who was waiting for Kkueng, fell asleep and



Theo and Ajax also settled down on Sejun’s body and fell asleep.

At that time, kihihihi. whing!

[Hehe. I have to make my treasure trove here too!]

Kamangi, who was waiting for everyone to fall asleep, took the leftover dried sweet potatoes and looked for a place to hide.

Actually, the subspace warehouse is the best place, but it’s

not possible because you can’t sell the land there!

It failed under the black-and-white standard.

And the Kamangi family asks for dried sweet potatoes in a place they may never come back to.


[Guys, dig quickly!]







The subordinates who received Kamangi’s instructions worked hard to dig the ground.

Hehehe. I’ll eat it later.

The half of the dried sweet potato that Kamangi was holding was buried in the ground.

When I asked about dried sweet potatoes like that, hehehehe!

[Hehe. Now let’s sleep!]


Blackman carries his subordinates on his back and runs quickly

, whimpering!

[Butler! Bring on the great Kkamangi! Raise it!]

He barked hard, touching Sejun’s sleeping hand.


Sejun lifted the black bag with sleepy eyes and put it in his sling bag.

I fell asleep again and

felt relieved.




The Kamangi family also started taking a nap in earnest.

After a while.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I learned everything!]

In less than an hour, Kueng, who had learned all the fighting skills that Les knew, was also clinging to Sejun’s side.

I took a nap.

“He is a dunjae that geniuses follow…”

Les, who was always on guard, looked at Sejun, who was sleeping surrounded by Ajax, in amazement.





Of course, I also saw the Kkamangi family, but are they pets?

I just ignored it.

Did you ignore the great black man?!

If Kamangi had found out, he would have been headbutted.

While Sejun and his companions were happily taking a nap,

something happened.

A huge crack appears in the sky of the level 10 world and a crack appears.

Huge white pillars pierced the sky and began to come down to the ground.

3rd place of Apostles of Destruction. no. It was the tooth of Jormungandr, the world-devouring serpent, now the only apostle of destruction.

“This is the attack of destruction that the Creator God spoke of!”

“Escape to the ground!”

Earth dragons of various colors hurriedly took refuge in the ground.

This is because they were instructed to wait underground until help came from the Creator God.



Jormungand swallowed the huge Earthworm whole.

“Oops. Cough. “Did I eat too much?”

After swallowing and belching, Jormungand moved his bloated stomach and returned to the outskirts of destruction.


White Tower administrator area.

“ruler. “I’m living today, so drink a lot!”

Kelion was having a drinking party with other Saryu Association dragons to commemorate becoming the White Tower.




The crystal ball vibrated strongly.

“uh?! wait for a sec!”

Kelion asked for understanding from the other dragons and quickly checked the crystal ball.


[’s destruction has begun.]

[ is currently 35% destroyed by destruction.]

[If is destroyed by more than 70%, the 10,000 that supports 5192 worlds will perish.]


Not even an hour has passed since we were connected yet?!

I was embarrassed when I checked the alarm on the crystal ball.


[ has been invaded by the nine-headed serpent Hydra, the 10th Apostle of Doom.]

[’s destruction is accelerated.]

[ will be destroyed 3 hours later.]

Panic . I didn’t even have time to do it.

There is no time!

Kelion quickly comes up with a solution.

“Sejun! Help!”

First, I asked Sejun for help.

Sejun was an expert in the field of extermination of the Apostles of Doom, recognized even by dragons.


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