Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 569

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Episode 569

Park Se-jun, you fraudster!

Red Tower 22nd floor.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! Give me more!]

Blacky urged Sejun, sticking his head out through the small gap in the subspace warehouse.



Sejun peeled the mangosteen and put the flesh in Black’s mouth to help Blacky who was in the heat, and he whined!

[Hehe. It’s refreshing!]

Blackman immediately popped his head out of the gap in the door and entered the subspace warehouse, and

salt, salt, salt.

Soon, the sound of a delicious meal with subordinates was heard.

As its name suggests, the cold mangosteen has a cool flesh and has a heat resistance effect that cools the body for an hour when eaten.

“Is everything okay now?”

Sejun and Theo Kuengyi started picking mangosteen again, seeing that Kamangyi seemed to have gained some energy.

After a while.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. The great Kamangi is back!]

Kamangi, who has developed heat tolerance, came out of the subspace warehouse with great energy. But I felt like I had so much energy.


[It smells delicious from here!]

With full of energy, Kkamangi jumped to the basket containing the mangosteen that Sejun had harvested without knowing.


A black bird struggling and crawling into the basket.


[Found it!]

Oh, my, my, my.

With his excellent deboning skills, Kkamangi peels the mangosteen skin and


[Hehe. Let’s eat, guys!]

I ate diligently with my subordinates.

After a while.


[Butler. My stomach hurts…]

“It’s cold…”





The Black Family, who had killed five mangosteens each, came to Sejun with a weak voice and lay down.


Sejun hurriedly patted Kamangi’s stomach.

“My hand is weak. “A black belly is a shit belly.”

Singing a song that makes fun of black people. Still, I wonder if Sejun’s stroking had any effect !

[Hehe. Butler! It’s okay now!]

Blackman soon regained his energy.

“Please take care of me…”

Eomdori then lay down in front of Sejun and said,

“My hand is weak. “Eomdori’s stomach is a shitty stomach.”

Sejun treated the Kamangi family in order.

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s coming this way!”


[It comes this way!]

The treatment ended quickly as Theo and Kuengi, who had finished harvesting the mangosteen, joined us.

After the stomach upset treatment was over,

“Now let’s go to the waypoint.”

Sejun and his group moved to the waypoint on the 22nd floor of the tower.

“Who are you?!”

The boss on the 22nd floor of the tower, Flame Squirrel Yopi, is sending death threats to Sejun and his companions, as if Udon had not told them.

“Memo bomb.”


When Sejun applied his strength to the vacant lot,

“Welcome!” welcome!”

It opened the way right away.


[The waypoint on the 22nd floor of the Red Tower has been saved.]


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Sejun placed his hand on the red crystal to register and asked,

“How is your life these days?”


“I’m doing this to help my brother. “Don’t be afraid and talk about it.”

“oh. Are you really going to help me?! Actually, my favorite squirrel is…”

“It’s unrequited love.” Hehehe. “Yoppi, I think you’re lucky.”

I am Park Se-jun, the love doctor.

We chatted while giving Yopi dating advice. Because I had to wait here until Udon came.

After a while.

“Sejun, are you here!”

“huh. “Have you been well?”

“yes. Here is the land document for the 99th floor of the tower. I told my boss, so all you have to do is register.”

Udon ran quickly from afar and delivered the land document for the 99th floor of the tower.

“thank you.”

Sejun receives the land document.

“Yoppi, confess what I said. Then we will be able to date 100%.”

“yes! “Thank you so much, Sejun!”

“Then fighting!”

Sejun cheered for Yopi and used the land document to move to the 99th floor of the tower.


“Good!” Sejun, the love doctor, said that if you give me delicious food and confess, you will succeed!”

Yopi, who received Sejun’s support, confidently confessed to the squirrel she likes while holding the acorn she received from Sejun.

The result is…

“What is Doctor of Love?!” Park Se-jun, you fraudster!”

They say it was a car.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Red Tower.]

As soon as he arrived, Sejun looked around at the surrounding sky.

“There it is.”

Sejun moved to where the red pillar was visible.

As I got closer to the waypoint,

I saw a red-skinned humanoid monster with a single horn and a thick tail, about one head shorter than the

Ox Demon King.


As Udon said, Balrog opens the way to the waypoint.

Hehehe. After all, free pass.

“thank you.”

Sejun smiled and passed in front of Balrog.



What is your gaze?

Obviously, a pass is a pass, but Sejun flinched without realizing it as he saw Balrog sending a deadly attack at him.

After hearing Udon’s words and letting Sejun go, Balrog, who was dissatisfied with not being able to fight, started an argument.

A battle fanatic who literally risks his life in battle. That was Balrog.

But today I met the wrong person. Because I really had to risk my life. Life too.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Kueng sent his life to his father! I’m going to scold you!]

Kueng, a passionate and devoted son, could not hold back and suddenly swung his front paw towards the face of Balrog, who had sent a murderous attack on Sejun.

good! If you get hit, it’s self-defense.

Balrog is happy to see the incoming attack.




Kuengi’s power was much stronger than Balrog imagined.


The Balrog that was hit by Kuengi rolled hundreds of meters and



I eventually passed out.


“Fuhuhuhu.” Now Balrog is a permanent full-time employee!”

Hold on.

Theo stamped the fainted Balrog’s forehead and Balrog was reborn as an employee of Sejun Company.

So I told you not to attack me.

Udon, who hurried over in fear, sighed as he looked at the cat’s paw imprint on Balrog’s forehead.

Once the surroundings were cleared up,


Sejun placed his hand on the crystal and

[The waypoint on the 99th floor of the Red Tower has been saved.]


[You have achieved the great achievement of clearing all nine towers managed by dragons.]

[As an achievement reward, Obtained “The person who reached the top of the tower”.]

[’s effect connects all 99th floor waypoints of the cleared Nine Towers.]

[ Due to the effect of , the effect of increases 9 times in the tower.]

[With the effect of , you become invincible for 5 seconds after going down the tower. .]

A message appeared saying that I had acquired a tinnitus.

There was no special additional effect.

Maybe it’s not perfect yet?

Because there is only the 10th tower left.

“good. Should we go back now?”

When Sejun tries to return to the 99th floor of the Black Tower, a

message appears [You have proven your qualifications by clearing all towers managed by dragons and passing the test of the 10th tower.]

A message appears.


When Sejun is puzzled, [a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Collect 10 monuments of the Creator God scattered across the ten towers and combine them into one.]

Reward: All stat potential +50,000 All stats +10,100 trillion Top Coins

A quest message appeared.

“If it is the tombstone of the Creator God….”

Are you referring to the stone placed in front of our house?

“Hehe. “Then you have secured one.”

Sejun, who was a little nervous about the huge reward, smiled and came out of the waypoint and looked around.

Since I came this far, I was thinking of taking the monument to the Creator God at the Red Tower.

“uh! “Udon!”

There was also a subordinate who happened to ask a question.

“ah. “The monument to the Creator God is over there.”

Udon guided Sejun in front of a 5m gray rock.


[Three Realms – A pagoda farmer can borrow some of the abilities of the pagoda farmer he has when the number of pagoda farmers he has is two or more.]

There was also unreadable writing on the monument to the Creator God in the Red Tower.

“Udon, what does this say?”

Sejun asked Woodon, and Woodon told Ramter what he heard.


“A. “You already know this.”

The contents of the tombstone were not helpful to Sejun, who already had all the top farmers.

“Mr. Ramtor, can I take this?”

When Sejun, who heard the contents of the monument from Udon, calls Ramter and asks for the monument of the Creator God,

[the manager of the Red Tower says he cannot give it to him because it is a monument made by the God of Creation.]

Ramtor flatly refuses.

“Instead, I will give you 100 bottles of cherry wine and watermelon wine. “Is that okay?”

[…The manager of the Red Tower says that’s still not possible.]

Sejun tried to bargain with the property stock, but Ramter wouldn’t come over.


I was a little worried.

Sejun caught the momentary hesitation.

“500 bottles of cherry wine and watermelon wine.”

I thought there was a possibility and raised the conditions.


[……The manager of the Red Tower says he is in trouble.]

Ramter is visibly shaken. To be honest, the Creation God’s Monument was not something Ramter really needed.

Since it was created by the Creator God, it is just a mandatory thing to have.

“Plus, 100 Transcendence Black Beans.”

[The manager of the Red Tower is an important item, but you need it especially. He says he will give in.]

“Thank you. “I’ll return and give you the alcohol and beans.”

Sejun bowed his head to Ramter and thanked him,

saying, “Put it on.”


I had Kuengyi place the tombstone of the Creator God in the subspace warehouse.


“See you later Udon.”

I said hello to Udon and returned to the Black Tower.

When Sejun disappeared with his group, he said,

“Hey. Sejun is gone. Kuengi too.”

Udon approached the still unconscious Balrog and spoke.



Balrog, who had been lying down pretending to faint because he was so scared of Kueng, jumped up.

There was a blue bruise on the Balrog’s left cheek in the shape of Kueng’s paw, which stood out even more against the blue bruise on his red skin.

And there’s even a cat’s paw print on my forehead.


Udon failed to hold back his laughter at Balrog’s funny face.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]



Sejun returns home.

“Send me the tombstone of Ajax, the creator god.”

[An honorary employee of the White Tower says he understands.]

Ajax, a good younger brother who obediently listens to Sejun’s request.

[The Creator God’s monument has arrived.]


A monument to the Creator God sent by Ajax appeared in front of Sejun.

good. Now I have collected 3 monuments of the Creator God.

“Send me the tombstone of Ophelia, the creator god. Instead, I will shorten your slavery period by 100 years.”

[Green Tower’s honorary full-time employee says it’s good.]


Hehehe. Acquired 4.

Sejun collected the four tombstones of the Creator God without much effort.

“Ramtor, here.”

I went to the fountain and handed Ramter 500 bottles of cherry wine and watermelon wine and 100 black beans.


-Sejun, why are you only giving me a lamp?!

-I’m so sad!

-okay! Give it to us too!

Kaiser Kelion Tear shows off his disappointment to Sejun.

“This is not just a gift; it is the price of a transaction.”

-okay. This is the fair price I received for handing over the Creator God’s tombstone to Sejun.

Ramter said proudly, supporting Sejun’s words.

– Hmm…

Kaiser, who did not have the Creation God’s tombstone to deal with Ramter’s words, swallowed his silence and

– What?! Sejun, then let’s make a deal with me too!

-me too!

Kelion and Tier shouted excitedly, but said,

“I’m sorry. “I received the tombstone in the White Tower through Ajax.”

-what?! Our grandson?!

Kelion soon became frustrated.


– hahaha. Sejun, I ask for 1000 bottles of detox liquor and 100 black beans.

Tier, who can make a deal, presented his conditions in a proud voice.

Detox liquor was popular among the purple dragons because it was a drink made by Se-jun using detox green onions and could purify the power of poison.

“yes. But I don’t have any antidote liquor prepared, so it takes about 10 days.”

-You can wait that long. Then I will send you the Creator God’s tombstone.

After a while.


The monument to the Creator God sent by Tier through Veronica appeared in front of Sejun.

I need to clean it up quickly before it poisons other plants.

The tombstone from the Purple Tower was full of poisonous toxins, so Sejun ate poisonous green onions to help him stay clean.

“Memo bomb.”

Using two skills at the same time, I cleaned the tombstone.

When Sejun collected the 5 tombstones of the Creator God in front of the house,

[4 additional tombstones of the Creator God are placed around the temple.]

[The divine power gained by receiving the Creator’s protection increases tenfold.]

“Oh! As expected, I asked. “Tabak!”



The non-combat gods at the seed store headquarters were thrilled by Munttabak’s inextricable grace today as well.


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