Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 568

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Episode 568

Hehehe. I can’t eat this good food alone.

Sejun, who helped Po-dori’s forced rise to prominence.


I put one of the tree killer’s inner pieces into my mouth.



The inner layer slowly melted away, and my mouth was filled with the scent of grass, as if I was in a forest.

They said it tasted like grass, and it tasted like the green juice my mom used to make me when I was little.

In a word, it was not good.

I ate it knowing it wouldn’t taste good, so it was still worth eating.

gulp. When you swallow

Naedan like that, [You have consumed Tree Killer’s Naedan.]

[Magic stat potential increases by 30.]

[Strength stat increases by 5.]

A message appears.


Sejun gulped down another piece of Tree Killer’s stick and

let out a sigh. I can’t eat this good food alone.

I thought I should share this healthy taste with others.

Who should I feed first?

Sejun searches for something to share healthy taste with.

Lick, lick.

First of all, Theo, who is busy grooming himself, doesn’t touch anything unless it’s grilled fish or churro, so I passed.


Kkueng smiles brightly when he makes eye contact with Sejun without knowing anything…

I pass because he smells amazing.


In the end, only the Kkamangi family remained.

If you just give it to them, they will catch it right away…

Sejun took out dried roasted sweet potatoes, made a gap in the middle, cut the inner edge of the tree killer, and inserted it in between.


“Do you want to eat dried roasted sweet potatoes?”

When I asked Kkamangi

, he quipped.

[Hehe. I want to eat it!]

I took the bait right away.

“okay. ruler. eat.”

Sejun hid his expression as much as possible so as not to show his pounding heart, and gave Kamangi dried roasted sweet potatoes with tree killer cores in them.


salt, salt, salt.

A black dog eagerly eating dried roasted sweet potatoes.


Sejun watched Black Manga, expecting a reaction, but


Sejun didn’t get the reaction he was expecting until he finished eating one dried sweet potato.


When Sejun looks at Black Man in confusion,


What about that?

In Sejun’s eyes, he could see the pieces of Tree Killer’s inner layer that had fallen around the black area.

For Kkamangi, who has , removing the inner stems of the tree killer stuck between the dried roasted sweet potatoes and eating only the dried roasted sweet potatoes was a piece of cake.

Sejun failed to spread healthy taste like that.

Afterwards, I tried it with mushroom ants and poisonous bees, but they all failed. Hmm


The black minotaur Woo Sambaek passes in front of Sejun.


Sejun, who was working hard to spread healthy taste, did not recommend Tree Killer to Sambaek Woo, whose staple food is grass.

It was the moment when my true feelings were revealed.

Just eat it.

Spreading healthy taste. no. Sejun gives up the idea that he can’t eat something tasteless and eats Tree Killer’s naedan.

When I ate the 95th Naedan like that, [I consumed Tree Killer’s Naedan.]

[Stamina stat potential increases by 50.]

[Agility stat increases by 7.]

[Talent: Exploitation blooms.]

A new talent blossoms. .

[Talent: Exploitation]


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This is a talent that allows you to press with great force to squeeze out the juice.

Can you squeeze out the juice well?

“Kueng, let’s squeeze the juice with me.”

Sejun proposed a juice-squeezing competition with Kuengi to test his talent.




Kuengi’s power was too overwhelming to be compared to just one talent.


Sejun quietly ate all of the remaining tree killer and moved to the paddy field where the golden rice was growing well to start the afternoon farming.

At that time

– Sejun!

Ramter called Sejun.

“Hello, Ramter.”

-okay. Sejun, come visit Red Tower sometime.

Ramter brings up his business as soon as he is greeted by Sejun.

“Red Tower? There…”

-Hahaha. Thanks to drinking your watermelon wine, the temperature in the Red Tower has dropped a lot.

“is it so? “Then the lava is gone?”

“okay. So come play now.”

“yes. “Then let’s go!”

Sejun was pleased with Ramtor’s words.

The reason Sejun hasn’t gone to the Red Tower until now is because all of the waypoints on the Red Tower’s land document floor are within the lava field.

Sejun found out about this by chance while chatting with Woodon, and after that, he had no intention of going to the Red Tower.

Of course, I could go if I wanted to, but I didn’t feel the need to go through all the trouble.

If there wasn’t a 10th tower, I would have gone with the goal of conquering the last tower and getting , but I wasn’t in a hurry either.

“Then I’ll just harvest the rice and leave.”

-Hahaha. okay. When you arrive, call Udon and he will give you a land document for the 99th floor of the tower.


So I finished the conversation with Ramtor and


[5619 pieces of golden rice (+2) have been harvested.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. The skill level of 9 increases slightly.]

[Experience points of 674,280 were obtained.]



Sejun is hard at work harvesting rice.



Meanwhile, Kkueng and Kkamang moved the rice that Sejun had harvested.


Mushroom ants grind rice with their front teeth to make white rice.

When everyone works hard at their work like that,

“Nyan nyang nyang.”

Theo, a grasshopper, clings to Sejun’s lap and hums alone.

Of course, Theo was also working.

“Nyan! Chairman Park, I can feel the attraction over there!”

A new type of detector.


At Theo’s words, Sejun hurriedly went to the place pointed to by Theo’s front paw.

“Vice President Te is this?”

Sejun pointed to a rice plant that didn’t look much different from other rice plants.

“Fuhuhuhu. “That’s right!”



Sejun cuts the rice after hearing Theo’s answer.

[3781 grains of golden rice (+2) were harvested.]

[1 grain of golden glutinous rice was harvested.]



“uh?! “If it’s sticky rice…?”

It’s glutinous rice!

Then, first, make glutinous rice cake and glutinous rice red pepper paste…

When Sejun runs the happiness circuit thinking of dishes that can be made with glutinous rice

[He achieved the achievement of creating a new variety in the tower.]



[As a job characteristic, all stats increase by 20.]

A message for harvesting a new variety has appeared.

Since it was hard to tell from the outside, Sejun carefully checked the rice seeds one by one to find the glutinous rice seeds.


“I found it.”

I found Mr. Chalbyeop and checked his options.

[Golden glutinous rice]

The rice growing in the giant pagoda mutated and turned into glutinous rice that has excellent stickiness and is easily digested.

It is grown by a very good farmer and is very effective.

When 100,000 grains of glutinous rice are consumed, the tonic effect of glutinous rice occurs. (When the tonic effect of glutinous rice is activated, the strength, stamina, agility, and magical power stats randomly increase by 150 total stats.)

Grower: Top Farmer Park Se-jun

Expiration date: 180 days

Grade: S

Unfortunately, the golden rice’s two-potency effect disappeared, but its tonic effect was higher than that of regular rice, perhaps because it was easily digested.


If you do lesson 2 here, it will be better than lesson 2 Golden Rice, right?

After checking the options, Sejun smiled happily and placed one grain of glutinous rice into the abundance bag made with utmost care.

[1 day to replicate 100 grains of golden glutinous rice]

Then, text appears on the side of the pocket.


Once you get about 500 plants, plant them.

Sejun checked the writing and harvested the rice again.

After a while.

“Good job guys.”

When the rice harvest was over, Sejun took a break by distributing snacks to the hard-working group members.

When Sejun sat down, he said,



Theo and Kueng naturally settle down on Sejun’s lap and side.


[Butler! Put it up!]

The black dog with dried roasted sweet potatoes in its mouth also barked to be let into the sling bag.


Sejun picked up the black cat and put it in the sling bag

. Hehehe.

Salt, salt, salt.

Kamangi and his subordinates happily eat dried roasted sweet potatoes in a sling bag.

Where should

the group go while they are taking a break and eating snacks ?

Sejun checked the red land land document he had and the plant guide of an experienced farmer and wondered which floor to go to.

The land documents of the Red Tower included the 22nd floor, the 53rd floor, the 78th floor, and the 94th floor,

and the Red Tower crops confirmed by the plant guide included flame beans planted on almost all floors, cold mangosteen on the 22nd floor of the tower, and aloe on the 57th floor of the tower.

“I have to go to the 22nd floor of the tower.”

Since there was only one floor that overlapped with the information in the land document and the plant encyclopedia, Sejun chose the 22nd floor of the tower as his destination.

If there had been something like aloe instead of mangosteen on the 22nd floor of the tower, Sejun would have chosen a different floor as if it were just an adventure.

And conversely, even if I knew what was on the 53rd, 78th, and 94th floors, my destination would have been the 22nd floor of the tower.

Because mangosteen is the queen of fruits.

Sejun decided on his destination like that.

“Kids, go into the subspace warehouse.”

Sejun puts the group in the sub-space warehouse and


He disappeared as he opened the land document on the 22nd floor of the Red Tower.


[Arrived at the 22nd floor of the Red Tower.]

Sejun arrived at the Red Tower.

As hot air rushed into my nose as if I was in a dry sauna, I said,


My nose and throat became hot, with a slight burning sensation.



Heat was transferred to the soles of my feet through the hot sand I was stepping on.

This is too hot!

Sejun instantly became covered in sweat.

I could endure the cold with just my physical strength, but I could not endure the heat.

Then it

hit me.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I missed Chairman Park!”

Theo rushed into Sejun’s face.

“hey! It’s hot…huh?!”

Sejun shouted at Theo, who was glued to his face.

I was taken aback by the unexpected coolness.

“Fuhuhuhu. “The great hybrid Chairman Park can’t control his body temperature with his magic?!”

“uh?! “Is there such a thing?”

“That’s right!”

“How do you do it?”

“Nyan? “Just do it!”


When Sejun was dumbfounded by Theo’s answer,



Kuengi and Kamangi family also rushed out of the subspace warehouse.



[The great Black Man burns to death…]

Black Man was carried by his subordinates back into the subspace warehouse and


I quickly closed the door.

Blackfish had the ability to regulate body temperature, but it had no magic power.

Kueng can instinctively regulate his body temperature, but


[Kueng says he can just do it.]

I couldn’t explain it to Sejun.

When Sejun, who felt a little refreshed thanks to Theo and Kueng, looked around, he said,

“Oh. “It’s mangosteen.”

I saw purple mangosteens growing in clusters on a tree that was almost 10 meters tall.

“Would you like to try one?”


Sejun catches the nearest mangosteen to harvest it.

An ant the size of two fingers was hidden behind a mangosteen fruit.

The ant opened its front teeth to bite Sejun, but

said, “Hehehe. “Do you think it’s ripe?”

Sejun was so excited about eating mangosteen that he didn’t even notice the ants.



Sejun’s bodyguard Theo quickly swung his front paw and killed the ant.


the message that appears

: [Watchman Theo Park has killed the bullet ant.]

[Watchman Theo has gained 50% of the experience gained, which is 50%.]

“Bullet ants?”

I heard that getting bitten by a bullet ant hurts a lot?

“Whew. thank god. Well done Vice President Te. “Thank you.”

Sejun checked the message and sighed in relief. He patted Theo’s head and praised him.

“Fuhuhu.” I, Vice President Te, always do well! So Chairman Park, please thank me a lot!”

When Theo was flattered by Sejun’s praise, he


With an ominous sound, tens of thousands of bullet ants hiding in the mangosteen tree crawled towards Sejun.


[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Eliminate the bullet ant colony that has taken over the mangosteen farm.]

Bullet ants (1/5 million)

Soldier bullet ants (0/5000)

Queen bullet ants (0/1)

Rewards: A land document quest message that appears in front of Sejun, who is

recognized as the rightful owner of the mangosteen farm on the 22nd floor of the Red Tower .

“Kueng, just fry it slightly so as not to damage the tree.”


[I understand!]

It’s a joke.

Kuengi, who received Sejun’s instructions, held up a thunderbolt and slightly released brain energy.

[The bullet ant colony was eliminated.]

[Quest completed.]

The quest was completed with one shot of Kuengyi’s brain energy.

“good. Now let’s pick mangosteen.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”


While Sejun was picking mangosteens at the red tower with Theo

Kuengi [Fireworks, it’s hard now…]

[Open your mouth quickly! There is still a long way to go to become a Dimensional Tree!]

On the 99th floor of the Black Tower, Fireworks, who visited while Sejun was away, was diligently feeding Podori with the Dimensional Tree’s special nutritional supplement.

I don’t want to become a warlord…

What Podori wanted to say came to her throat, but

she swallowed it.

I held back and swallowed one of the nutritional supplements. I didn’t want to be burned to death by the fireworks.

After all, success is not a good thing.

Looking at those grape bushes, I decided that the sausage tree should remain quietly and unnoticed from now on.


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